United Nations Children's Fund Seeks to Usurp Parental Rights
Monday, 08-Jan-01 14:28:11

Strip Search of 8 Year Old
Friday, 02-Mar-01 10:54:00 writes:

    Here is yet another example of people being "Profiled". An 8 year old boy strip searched by "Profilers". Will YOUR child be "Profiled"? Will YOU? Will you set back and wait until it happens to you? Maybe YOU waited too long and YOU are already "Profiled", you just haven't seen it, "YET"!
    joe 6pk Amer I CAN/see "PROFILING PERVERTS"
    * Caution authorities may alter my email
    Parents Outraged After Son Strip-Searched At School

    Wednesday, February 28, 2001 - 01:32 PM ET

    (KCNC) Parents of an eight-year-old Fort Collins boy say they are outraged that teachers strip-searched their little boy at school. The school claims it was looking for signs of child abuse, but the search turned up nothing. NEWS4 Investigator Brian Maass tells us more.

    The parents have no criminal record in Colorado and say they have never been contacted by any child protection agency. But based on a complaint, Jim and Kim Tassitano's eight-year-old son Nick was strip-searched at school.

    Nick Tassitano likes what most eight-year-olds like, but he doesn't like what happened at Odea Elementary School in Fort Collins.

    It was December 1st. Nick was in 2nd grade at Odea. A teacher and vice principal pulled him into an office.

    "They pulled down my pants and one of them, Mister Grote took my underwear and looked if there were any scars or scratches," remembered Nick.

    Brian Maass asked, "Do you remember what they said to you?"

    "We're just going to see if you have any scars or bruises they said that. "I just pulled my pants down and Mister Grote went and just looked," answered Nick.

    "How'd that make you feel?"


    Nick says another adult at the school talked to him after the search.

    It didn't take long for Nick's parents to find out what happened.

    "To remove his underwear to look at his genitals and buttock area that was uncalled for. This wasn't Nicholas removing his underwear. This was a male teacher with no supervisor removing his underwear," said Nick's mother Kim Tassitano.

    "I think what they did was outrageous. I'm very angry that they feel so justified in this," said Jim Tassitano.

    The school confirms teachers searched Nick for signs of bruises, apparently after an unsubstantiated report of abuse.

    The school's attorney says, "The district has done nothing wrong. This examination was done in the utmost reasonable good faith and nothing inappropriate or indecent was intended or occurred."

    But what triggered the strip search? The school's not saying. But according to a Fort Collins Police report, "social services had not requested the search."

    Nick's parents have moved him to a private school. They insist the only time Nick was ever abused, was when he was strip searched at school.

    Colorado law says teachers have an obligation to report suspected child abuse to police or social services. The law says nothing about school officials conducting strip searches. Not only did Larimer County Social Services say they did not request the search, but an employee there says they would not suggest teachers investigate on their own and do a strip search.

    Finally, the Tassitanos say on occasion they spank Nicholas, but they say that's as far as it goes. The Tassitanos have notified the school district they may sue for half a million dollars.

    joe 6pk

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