The War on the Christian Middle Class

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Sent: Thursday, November 04, 1999 9:50 PM
Subject: The War on the Christian Middle Class

I just finished watching the video "Arlington Road". It left me with
chills; a good movie. But it kinda pales when compared to the REAL LIFE
story of the war against biblical Christianity. What war is this? Well,
churches have been burned to the ground (Waco), churches have been chained
shut (Kansas), churches have been ripped apart by unjust and malicious
prosecution for invented crimes (Wenatchee), and the Biblical church in
general just maligned in numerous ways, like was done in "Arlington Road".
Biblical Christians are the stated idiots of the country (Washington Post),
and we are suspected as enemies of this country (Janet Reno). We are blamed
for virtually every bad thing to happen to mankind (any college history
course) from the collapse of the Roman Empire to the genocide of the Jews
(Pius XII) by the Nazis regime; and the latter only 40 years or so after
Golda Meir claimed that religious Christians in Europe had come to Judaisms
aid in its darkest hour. Hundreds of thousands of trees were planted in
Israel in honor of Pius XII and his efforts to save Jews from secularist
Nazi slaughter, but now we are the "enemy of all that is good", and a cross
cannot be displayed at Auschwitz, despite the fact that tens of thousands of
Catholic Polish priests were massacred there, while the Bergen death camp was
itself actually miles down the road.

We cant even put up our symbols on public property any more, even to honor
our dead (Columbine HS), even though thousands of Christian crosses dot the
map of US graveyards in Europe and the US (Arlington National Cemetery).
Why is there such irrational hatred of the Cross? Our Founding Fathers
honored the Cross, and the Bible, but both these are being bleached from our
public life. We cant open a High School football game with a prayer? Why
not?, the Supreme court does, as does the Congress. We cant display the
Bible in courtrooms locally? Why not?, when the oath of office for our
highest offices from the Presidency on down is taken on the Bible?

We are called "haters" now. We state that homosexuality is wrong, and we
are damned as haters, like the Winan sisters (Village Voice), who
unknowingly ran afoul of the black community's political allegiance with
the Homosexual lobbies. Since when did speaking your conscience become a
crime in this country? It was that same conscience that led thousands to
march with Martin Luther King for civil rights, but that was then, I guess.
When Matthew Shepherd was killed (for money, not for being homosexual) the
national media went nuts, accusing Biblical Christians of spawning a war
against "gays". Now, why is a statement on private morality equated with
active hatred? On Sept 26th, two homosexual men kidnapped and raped a 13
year old boy, named Jesse Dirkhising in Prairie Grove Arkansas. Why wasn't
that a homosexual attack on Christianity? Why don't the two equate? Because
it doesn't fit someone's agenda, but whose?

In most white collar jobs on the East Coast, Biblical Christians are
generally thought of as naive or as idiots, but the rest of the elite do as
well across the country, on the East Coast its just prevalent even down to
the working class level. I have seen many Christians get shelved for no
reason other than their religion, but they wont sue, because their ministers
counsel them to "forgive and move on". I have heard from many people that in
most humanities departments across the country, a Biblical Christian need
not apply for any teaching position; we are too stupid to teach. A friend of
mine lost his teaching job when it was discovered that he was a creationist
(Old Earth), similar to an editor at a popular science journal, just for
being a creationist. Both these men believed that evolution was well
established as scientific fact, but that God had used it to produce this
Universe, life, and mankind. But that isn't good enough these days. The
chairman of philosophy dept at the University of Texas at Arlington was well
known (1985) for having said in his philosophy classes that one cannot be a
Christian and still be an intelligent and educated person in the 20th
century. Why is there this vitriol?

Well, one word; money. You see, we American Christians believe in justice,
fairness, and fighting for it. And we did too, and spurred the Founding
Fathers, the Abolitionists, Union movements, populist movement and various
governmental reform movements around the end of the last century. Then,
William Jennings Bryan was our champion and best defender. Later on, when he
humiliated Clarence Darrow in the Scopes Tials (yes, the jury voted in
Bryan's favor) the major press covered the story in such a way that most of
the country thought that Darrow had won the trial! Bryan wasn't attacking the
scientific theory, he was attacking the philosophical position that the
universe, life, and mankind's development were unguided. As he stated, "I do
not care about the age of rocks; I care about the Rock of Ages!" To Bryan,
the wrong committed was in a professor taking state money and teaching an
atheistic philosophy in state classrooms, and basing it on erroneous
speculations of the "meaning" of modern biology. Since then, every time some
atheist gets up and makes preposterous attacks on Biblical Christianity (not
all atheists, but some), they get press coverage fit for some mythical hero!
Why? Who owns our press?

And who would attack W J Bryan? The urban financial interests, criminal
syndicates, and secular fanatics that saw their cause championed by radical
socialists like Eleanor Roosevelt and her husband. After Roosevelt, the
labor movement became divorced from the religious partnership of the church,
and the churches grew more political, except in the South. The secular
church reached its high point in the eighties with the "Liberation Theology"
movement, that essentially replaced the spiritual salvation message of the
Gospel, with a secular utopianism that ignored God except as a propaganda
ploy. And with the secularization of the working class, and its churches,
these mentioned Eastern interests saw their profit margins grow, as American
labor became less connected to community, and more jobs were shipped over
seas. Now, the average American family earns only 75% in real dollars, of
what it earned in 1970, and that's with two working spouses now. And their
taxes are incredible (52% in 1990, compared to 2.5% in 1950). I look at my
white-collar colleagues and see them putting in hours that their fathers
would have thought suicidal and regressive, but my colleagues hardly ever
consult their fathers for any advice these days. Why those old guys don't
know anything!

The enemy of the biblical church is the money-makers that wish to exploit
the working class in this country, and they see the church as rightly an
obstacle in that effort. And they know that eventually the working class in
this country might start to fight back, ergo the drive to disarm us all.
There is absolutely no sense in disarming law-abiding citizens unless you
intend to alienate them, and fear their wakening. And I think that this
effort to disarm the public will greatly succeed, at least initially. But,
with their perceived success in disarming the public, the secular fanatics
will next pursue the Biblical churches more directly, and then things will
begin to change around. Unlike common criminals, biblical Christians will
fight back when cornered. For now, many are facing death unarmed, and
unwavering, like the children at Columbine, or the single church member in
Ft Worth, who, unarmed, confronted an armed and murderous lunatic. Christian
Identity has posed the most serious threat to LEO's across this country
precisely because they are willing to die for their beliefs, unlike the skin
heads, Aryan Brotherhood, or other secular racist groups. Even the
relatively up-to-then peaceful Branch Davidians fought back, and could have
wiped out the ATF on the day the were initially assaulted. I doubt the next
group will be so kind, seeing how it ended for the BDs. But the CI is small;
they haven't one tenth of what the Biblical church has in resources.

But the secularists in this country cannot crush the Biblical church. At
best, they will only drive it underground, and each new stupid Federal
regulation (3.6 gal toilet tanks, and freon) gives moral men a new black
market to participate in and derive untraced incomes that they dont have to
explain. The biblical church will adapt here as it did in Jerusalem, Rome,
Paris, Moscow, and Berlin in ages past. And, in the end, it will triumph.


From: Richard G Cheek

There is NO Statutes of Limitations on the Crimes of Genocide!


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