Clinton Mentally Ill

[WorldNetDaily] TUESDAY AUGUST 25, 1998

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Psychologist-author says Clinton mentally ill Says president needs help, cannot remain in office

By David M. Bresnahan
Copyright 1998,

President Bill Clinton is mentally ill, and he will get worse before he gets better is the conclusion
of a clinical psychologist who has studied him and written a book on the subject.

Dr. Paul Fick, clinical psychologist and author of the book "The Dysfunctional President," is in an "I
told you so" position now that Clinton has admitted his sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.
Previously criticized for his diagnosis of the president, Fick is now being deluged with calls from talk show hosts for interviews.
Fick says Clinton is a pathological liar and addicted to sex. He lies about everything, not just sex, and he is so compulsive that he is always thinking about sex -- a distraction preventing Clinton from doing his job, says the author.

"Whether it's drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, or sex they engage in the behavior compulsively and they think about it obsessively as a way todistract them from the emotional problems that they have. Dolly Kyle Browning (high school sweetheart) in 1988 said that Clinton told her he's a sex addict. Attorney Joseph Purvis (close personal friend of Clinton) said in 1994 that his problems are because he is the adult son of an alcoholic," said Fick.

People display the symptoms from very mildly to very severely, and the president exhibits them on a very severe basis, according to Fick. There is
treatment available, but the first step requires the same first step an alcoholic must take to recover -- full acceptance and admission of the problem. Once treatment begins recovery can be
expected in 18 to 36 months.

"There is no way he can remain in office and receive the treatment, and for that treatment to be effective," said Fick, who does not expect Clinton to admit his problem.

His admission that he lied about Monica Lewinsky has brought all other allegations he has denied into question.

It is expected that the more than 500-page report being prepared by Kenneth Starr will provide significant evidence to show a consistent pattern of untruthful behavior, according to a source in a position to know. The report will document a significant number of lies by Clinton, lies that involve the various women he has been accused of having sex with, and lies regarding the China connection, Vince Foster, John Huang, Whitewater and much more.

The focus of the Starr report will be on Clinton's many lies, not his sexcapades, according to the source. Contrary to other reports, Monica Lewinsky does not appear in the Starr report until page 400. Some reports have claimed that the report will deal only with the Lewinsky affair, however it has been learned that the real focus of the report will be on the many instances in which Clinton has lied.

Sen. Bob Kerry once said Bill Clinton is "an incredibly good liar." He is such a good liar that now many are asking, "When is he telling the truth?"

"I always wanted to ask Sen. Kerry if he voted for Bob Dole or if he voted for an incredibly good liar," said Paul Fick.

The lies began as a way of covering up the difficult situation in his home as a child, but
they quickly became a way of life for young Bill Clinton, according to the author. He had to perfect his ability to live the lies he told to avoid being caught in the lie.

Over the years, Clinton did become "an incredibly good liar" because he has been able to keep track of his lies and "remember who has been told what," according to Fick. Clinton is not living in a fantasy world, however. He is conscious of his lies, and is in fact very calculated.

Fick predicted in 1994 that Clinton would have the problems he is now encountering regarding his sex life. A report over the weekend in the "Drudge Report" about the perversions engaged in by Clinton was no surprise to Fick who says he already knew about them -- and more. Rather than become addicted to alcohol like his stepfather, Clinton developed a compulsive addition to sex, according to Fick.

"If he doesn't get intervention at this point in time, and say he's reinforced by the public to stay in office, I firmly believe he'll act out again before the end of his term. I wouldn't be surprised if during the course of the investigation he's already acted out," predicted Fick in a weekend interview.

Steve Jones, husband of Paula Jones, claims there are at least 100 women who are prepared to testify under oath that they had sex with Clinton. Fick says that based on the interviews he has done for his analysis he is certain the list is at least that large. He said he knows of one woman who was an Arkansas state employee who regularly had sex with Clinton in the governor's office.

Various polls continue to show that many Americans do not seem to think that the personal sex life of the president matters. Fick says they believe that because they do not know the actual facts regarding Clinton's condition and the effect it has on his ability to fulfill his duties.

"We are not observing a man who had an affair and is remorseful for hurting his spouse. We are observing an individual who is consumed with thoughts and behavior related to sex in much the same way that a drug abuser is consumed with thoughts and behaviors about his compulsion. He seeks out fulfillment of his compulsion in much the same way the drug abuser engages in drug-seeking behavior. This is pathological behavior that requires effective treatment," said Fick in his book.

The condition will get worse before it gets better, says Fick. It has a major impact on his ability to devote his time and attention to the presidency because he is either satisfying his compulsive urges or he is thinking about satisfying them.

"Such urges serve to avert his attention from the underlying conflicts of the compulsion and distract him from functioning fully as president," Fick explained. "America's credibility in the foreign policy arena is eroding because of the president's credibility problems."

David Bresnahan hosts "Talk USA Investigative Reports" and is the author of
"Cover Up: The Art and Science of Political Deception." )

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Sex, Lies and Cruise Missiles

Is it possible that sex, lies and cruise missiles fit into the same equation that would help us make any sense out of Bill Clinton's
conduct for the week of August 17, 1998?
From: Washington Weekly 
Date: Sunday, August 23, 1998 7:53 AM

Did Prosecutor's Mystery Question Send Him to M.D.'s Office?

By Carl Limbacher

OYSTER BAY -- On Wednesday, The New York Times included a curious tidbit in their front page report on President Clinton's grand jury testimony two days earlier. And if the Times account is accurate, it may indicate that even Clinton himself now realizes
that the legal predicament which now confronts him is extremely perilous.

Was the shock enough to make Clinton physically sick during his Monday grilling? The Times report certainly begs that question, in two paragraphs buried deep inside their story. Astonishingly, this account has prompted absolutely no comment among rival

Published in the Aug. 24, 1998 issue of The Washington Weekly
Copyright 1998 The Washington Weekly
Reposting permitted with this message intact
Subject: Media Manipulation for Political Purposes

Government and media have been buddies for ages. All governments do it for their own survival. It's just that the U.S. media is more blatant about it and more educated than any other group when it comes to mass persuasion.

Quoting from the article -

"``Newt and I are on the same page here,'' said Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts, a senior Democrat on the Judiciary Committee that would review Starr's report."

"``It shows the Republicans understand while they have a right wing that wants the president impeached, the country as a whole doesn't,'' Frank said."

Aug 25 Gen. DeGaulle leads French forces into Paris, 1944

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From: "Lar-ree"
Subject: the sex maniac article......
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 20:46:20 -0700

There is a sex maniac article that says Bill Clinton is wacko.
It needs to be speaks of the starr report in the
future.....and we know it is available today......and if it only speaks
about a lying president......I think the author of the book he wrote
about the Prez, he oughta read the report and then rewrite the
webpage........because it is out of date.......
The Prez is a man with power. A politician.......we dont expect them
to always tell the truth....that is absurd. And they lead lonely
The wife is always going somewhere else.....and the emotional load
is heavy....when the UN people were bombed and killed......friends
died there, his one else carries such a wide stretched
burden for people.
Yah sure, he like to over power women....who say YES,,,is that his maniac........if they were not any sex maniacs, there
wouldnt be children in the world........ Men are supposed to want sex.
I suppose the cure involves taking his testicles away........

Some people are so nosy.......others get the government to pay them
to be nosy..........
Give the guy a break.
Let him finish out his term of office.......then watch him
be reelected by the people.........
what will you say then, HUH ?
William Jefferson Clinton & Hillary Clinton
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