by Ralph Epperson -

I have found evidence that this entire Presidential election has been planned years in advance by those who want to abolish the Constitution. If I am right, then this article of 12 pages is one of the most important you will ever read.

Notice that I said I have found "evidence" because this evidence is not proof that this "election crisis" will be manipulated in such a way as to abolish the Constitutional Republic our Founding Fathers created for us. The information that I discovered could be "disinformation."

But there is reason to believe that this is exactly their plan, and the
evidence that I have found will follow in the article I have written.

If I am right, the only way we can prevent them from bringing their plans
into fruition is EDUCATION! WE MUST MAKE THIS AS PUBLIC AS WE CAN. Therefore, I am asking you to send this to everyone you can think of, including the media. I am hoping that the planners will read this and then say: "Postpone the plans, Epperson has figured it out!" In fact, that is the only hope we have!

The evidence is strong that I am right!

If I am right, we will have saved a Constitutional Republic. If I am wrong, I will have at least provided you with the information that there are people in the United States that wish to abolish our Constitutional Republic. And that will make us all a little more alert to just such a scenario being played out on us in the future.

Thank you for your interest.

MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!                Ralph Epperson

I am an historian who has researched THE CONSPIRATORIAL VIEW OF HISTORY for 37 years. I have written three books, nine booklets, and produced a variety of video tapes, totaling 56 hours, on the subject. Jim Marrs in his "best-selling" book entitled RULE BY SECRECY quotes from my research quite liberally.

But I am not here to sell books, I am here to discuss the possible motives
for this Presidential Election Crisis of 2000.


Let's pretend that you didn't like the Constitution of the united States of
America because you believed that it was "outmoded" because it was "written for an agrarian society," and that it couldn't "respond to modern problems" anymore.

You would want to make your views as public as possible to gain popular
support to get America ready for the changes you envision as being needed to replace the document.

You would obviously need to create a popular following and to do so, you
would  need to you create an organization of like-minded people to make your views known to the world. You would gather these people together to let America know that you are people of importance and power, not some "vast left wing conspiracy:" (If Hillary Clinton can create a pretend "vast right wing conspiracy," I can certainly create a pretend "vast left wing conspiracy!")

Those fellow believers would have to be:

     "prominent citizens such as present and former senators and
repre-sentatives, cabinet members, officials of national and state
political parties, governors, l awyers, scholars, journalists, and business
leaders" (page xiv of the book REFORMING AMERICAN GOVERNMENT) so that the people would believe that your concerns were valid when you made them public.

You would need to give that organization a prestigious title like;


And to fund your activities, you would need to secure donations, and the
easiest way to secure large amounts of money is to convince prestigious
foundations such as "the Brookings Institution, the Ford Foundation, the
Rockefeller Foundation, The Dillon Fund, and the Hewlett and American Express foundations" to support you and your "prominent citizens." (page xvi)

You would certainly wish to use some of that money to publish a 334 page book entitled REFORMING AMERICAN GOVERNMENT that would tell the American people of your concerns and solutions.

Then you would need to create a "crisis" to convince the people of America to change their Constitutional government because "such a significant shift in our Constitution is unlikely to come about except as a result of a crisis that is very grave indeed."

Now, let me say that all of the above has been accomplished.

I was not pretending.

All of the above is real.

There is a "vast left wing conspiracy" that was created to share its concerns about the Constitution of the united States of America, and then to offer its solutions. (Yes, Hillary, there is a "VAST, LEFT WING CONSPIRACY," a real one!)

(One of the reason I know it is real is because your husband, Bill Clinton,
told us it was real on national television in 1992!

It was during his nationally broadcast "Acceptance Speech" after he accepted the Democrat Party's nomination as their candidate for the Presidency. (If you want to read it, Bill Clinton put his acceptance speech in his book entitled PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST, ISBN 0-28129-2193-3, starting on page 217.)

He praised two men who had gotten him into politics: former President John Kennedy and Dr. Carroll Quigley, a professor he had at Georgetown University between 1964 and 1968.

The Professor had written a book entitled TRAGEDY AND HOPE (ISBN: 0-913022-14-4) while Bill was a student there (1966) in which he says this (we know that Bill read the book. It was "required reading for Quigley's students") :

     "The business interests [in another part of the book, Dr. Quigley called
them "an I nternational network"] expected to control both political parties equally.

    Some of them intended to contribute to both and allow an alternation of
the two parties in public office in order to conceal their own influence,
inhibit any exhibition of independence by politicians, and allow the
electorate to believe they were exercising their own free choice." (page 73)

It is presumed that if this "international network" wanted a "crisis that is
very grave indeed," they could create it!

Yes, Hillary, there is a "VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY!")

They have gathered together such a list of "prominent citizens."

They have raised the necessary funding from "the foundations."

They have published such a book.

Now all they need to do is to "create the crisis."

And it is my contention that they just did: THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF THE YEAR 2000!

I am convinced that THE ELECTION CRISIS OF 2000 is a well conceived plan by these "prominent citizens" to accomplish a very specific goal:


The COMMITTEE was formed in 1982, and the 200 "prominent citizens" met "in Washington and in regional settings around the country to examine the political system and to search for ways to improve its performance."

They published such a book as this entitled REFORMING AMERICAN GOVERN-MENT, (ISBN 0-8133-7114-7), a review of 40 articles written by 29 of its members.

This book was published in 1985 by a group calling itself THE COMMITTEE ON THE CONSTITUTIONAL SYSTEM, just such a group of 200 "prominent citizens" (page xiv.)

These articles expressed their "concerns and solutions," and a review of what they have written is very revealing, because their conclusion is that THE CONSTITUTION IS OUTMODED and needs to be replaced!!


I will try and detail their concerns just as briefly as I can so that the
reader can see that this election of the year 2000 might be the very one that they were claiming was necessary to accomplish their goal.

The following is a statement, drafted by the COMMITTEE in 1983:

"Except in times of great crisis, the government is now unable to act in
a timely manner -- or at all." (page 69)

Let me start by quoting the article written by Lester Thurow, a professor of economics at MIT:

     "Fundamentally, America must alter its structure of government. The men of 1776 [called this nation's "founding fathers"] may have de-signed a set of checks and balances that succeeded for the nation's first 200 years, but they did not anticipate the dilemmas of the 1980's." (page 37)

It certainly could be said that whatever "dilemmas of the 1980's," a series
of unspec-ified Constitutional crises that did not materialize in "the
?~80's", were nothing at all compared to the crisis of the 2000 year election.
But it is certainly clear that Prof. Thurow believed that something must
happen to "alter America's structure of govern-ment."

Professor James Burns, a professor of political science at Williams College, saw that only "a series of national and worldwide crises" could cause the "American people" to "feel an urgent need for a change." (page 59)

He furthered his concerns with this statement in another of his articles:

"I doubt that Americans under normal conditions could agree on the
package of radical and 'alien' constitutional changes that would be
required. They would do so, I think, only during and following a stu-pendous national crisis and political   failure." (page 162)

Another who wrote about a "crisis" was C. Douglas Dillon, the co-chair of the Com-mittee on the Constitutional System. He was the Secretary of the Treasury during the Kennedy Administration (his name is on your 1963 paper currency.) (The book entitled REFORMING AMERICAN GOVERNMENT failed to mention that Mr. Dillon used to be the Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, called
"America's Invisible Government!") (Obviously an oversight!)

This is how he saw it:

     "Such a significant shift in our Constitution is unlikely to come about
except as a result of a crisis that is very grave indeed." (page 29)

James M. Burns, again:

     "The framers [of the Constitution] have simply been too shrewd for us.
They have outwitted us. They designed separated institutions that cannot be unified by mechanical linkages. If we are to ?~turn the founders upside down' -- to put together what they put asunder -- we must directly confront the
constitutional  structure they erected." (page 160)

So these "prominent citizens" believe the Constitution is outdated, and that it must be eliminated if this nation is to handle some sort of unspecified "crisis."

Mr. Dillon  then offered his solution to the Constitutional "crisis:"

     "That can only be remedied by a truly significant shift -- a change to
some form of parliamentary government that would eliminate or sharply
reduce the present  division of authority between the executive and
legis-lative arms of government."   (page 29)

Lloyd Cutler, a counsel to President Jimmy Carter, and co-chair of THE
COMMIT-TEE, zeroed in on just what the "parliamentary government" would do with the Con-stitution: IT WOULD REMOVE IT!

     "A parliamentary government may have no written constitution, as in the United  Kingdom." (page 13)

And Mr. Cutler told us that they needed to create a way to change the form of our government:

     "We need to find a way of coming closer to the parliamentary concept of forming a government,' under which the elected majority is able to carry out an overall  program and is held accountable for its success or failure." (page 16)

Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., served as Special Assistant to President John
Kennedy, defined the new governmental form:

     "The parliamentary system is to be defined by a fusion rather than by a separation of powers. The executive is drawn from the legislative majority and can count on automatic enactment of its programs." (page 51)

That means to me that our next President will come from the Legislative
branch of our government, not from direct popular vote.

So, if the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 2000 was created to give the American people "a very grave crisis" to change our form of government to a "parliamentary form," this is how they did it:

America has gone to counting its votes in computerized counting machines. I can remember the election of 1964 because I believe it was the last one that was counted manually.

I was a member of the California Young Republicans during that campaign who were assisting Senator Barry Goldwater win the California Republican Primary.
His opponent in this election was former New York Governor Nelson
Rockefeller. We were concerned that the rumors of vote fraud all over
California could be true, so many of us volunteered to visit the precincts
where we felt a miscounting of the ballots could take place. We announced our purposes to the vote counter in charge after we arrived, and then informed them that we had legal authority to be in presence of the vote counters while the votes were being counted.

We were allowed to watch the actual counting of the paper ballots.

I am not sure but I believe that this was the last time any ballots in
America were counted by hand.

Now if the "vast left wing conspiracy" is real (I am providing you with the
details of its existence) wants to elect a candidate that was not the choice
of the electorate, all they would have to do is to rig the computer boxes
that count the vote to physically certify another candidate as the winner.

These voting machines sit in warehouses for about 23 consecutive months while they wait for the election every 2 years or so. They could easily be rigged so that they would give the candidate of choice a rigged result.

I have been told that the counting machines are tested before they are used by some sort of official ballot count where the machines count a
predetermined ballot run before they are used to actually count real ballots. It would be no problem to rig the counters to give an accurate count on the trial run, then a rigged count on the actual count, to the election officials.

The question that must be asked is how do we know that the machines are not rigged? In 1964, we could physically watch the votes being counted. We cannot watch these ballots being counted in the year 2000.

Now, lets examine how they would rig a nationwide election.

The voter in a Presidential election does not cast his vote for a
Presidential candidate. He votes for delegates to the Electoral College, a
Constitutionally required check on the democracy. It was the intent of the
Founding Fathers who created this nation to place the last "check and
balance" on "the will of the majority."

It will be remembered that it was not "the people" who created the federal govern-ment, it was the "united States of America." And to protect the smaller states, they provided them with a slightly weighted advantage in the electoral college: each state is assigned one elector for each U.S. senator and representative. Since each state, no matter what it's population, has two senators, they get one vote for each senator, and this provides them with a small advantage over the bigger states.

The electoral college is then required to meet in December of the election
year to cast their ballots for the President of the United States.


This is the final check on "the democracy."

These electors can cast their votes for another candidate if they should ever question the results of the election, or if they question the honesty of the candidate receiving the majority of their respective state.

Now, let's pretend that one candidate is announced as "the winner of the
Electoral College" prior to the vote of the Electoral College, but the
candidate elected by that College in December IS NOT the candidate previously announced.

This election would certainly be challenged in court, and this entire process could take months, if not years, to finally declare a new President.

A prolonged election such as this one of the year 2000 certainly could seem to fit the needed "crises that is very grave indeed."

In fact, one of the two major political candidates in the 2000 election has
already told us about the "crises" that is coming.

This candidate's name is Al Gore, the Democrat Party candidate for President, who wrote a book in 1992 entitled EARTH IN THE BALANCE, (ISBN: 0-395-57821-3)
in which he also wrote about some needed changes in our civilization. This is how he phrased it on page 48 of his book:

"Our challenge is to accelerate the needed change in thinking about our    
relationship to the environment in order to shift the pattern of our
civilization to a   new equilibrium.

This change in thinking will also follow the pattern described in Chaos
Theory, with little change evident until a threshold is passed, and then, as
key assumptions are modified, a flood of dramatic changes will occur all at once."

He continued with this quote on page 355:

"The model of change we use in designing and implementing our strategy
should  be based on the assumptions that there is a threshold we must cross and that     not much change will be apparent and obvious until we reach that threshold, but  when it is finally reached, the changes will be sudden and dramatic."

So, Al Gore is telling the American people that there is a "needed"
"threshold" com-ing, that will lead to a series of "dramatic changes" that
will "occur all at once."

Notice in that quote on page 355 that "WE" are using a "strategy" that we "designed and implemented." That confirms the fact that whatever "THRESHOLD" we are to cross, it has been planned and this nation WILL cross it!

So, this election crisis of the year 2000 is not an accident! It was

So the only thing we need to locate is a date for this "threshold" to appear, and I believe this date has been set for us.

President George Bush Sr., while President of the United States, spoke to the United Nations on October 1, 1990, ten years before the election of 2000. (Source: New York Times, October 2, 1990, page A6.) This is what he said as he gave us a probable date (actually a year in time) for the "crisis" to occur. This is what he said:

"The year 2000 marks a turning point" towards a "new world order."So,
George  Bush supplied the American people with the year that this
"threshold," this   "crisis that is very grave indeed" will occur:


They have told us:

    1.  Their concerns.
    2.  Their solutions and
    3.  The date of their "needed crisis that is very grave indeed" to give us
        their solution.

Now, what must we do about it?

The only practical answer I have is that we need to make this information
just as widely known as possible!!

The one thing that a "CONSPIRACY" cannot stand is the light of the truth.

I will be trying to make this as public as possible.

I am hoping that you will do all you know how to assist.

If you want to discuss this, I can be reached at or through my mailing address:
    Ralph Epperson
    P O Box 536
    Tucson, Arizona 85730

Oh yes, one more thing. If you read about my "jumping off of a 16 story
building" because I wanted to fly, I DID NOT DO THAT! I get a nosebleed when I climb a ladder!

May God bless America!

Ralph Epperson -

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