Re: Photo Debris & Not Convinced...yet


Re: Photo Debris & Not Convinced...yet
Thu Mar 7 16:09:39 2002

Some are saying "where is the plane?" I don't think the debris field should be the issue here. Flight 77 was supposedly flying somewhere between 200 and 450 mph, depending on which story is read. At that speed, we are going to have a great deal of forward momentum. When Flight 77 hits the Pentagon, momentum will carry the fuselage, wings, tail section…into the Pentagon. The plane will virtually collapse on itself; thus, your debris field becomes compressed inside the building. Very little debris will be seen outside the building.

I believe the focus should be directed at witness reports and the damage to the Pentagon itself. The wingspan of a 757-200 is approx. 124 feet. The damaged area of the Pentagon is approx. 70 to 80 feet. Inspecting photographs of the damaged area shows only superfluous damage to the right and left of this 70 feet damaged section. The million-dollar question becomes "shouldn't the damaged area be wider?"

At first I said, "yep, it should." But after taking a second look, I'm saying, "well maybe not." It is conceivable to me that the wings upon hitting the building collapsed inward. The momentum will still carry them forward into the building. This would cause only superfluous damage to the lower section of the Pentagon outside of the major damaged area. This seems to be what the photos reveal.

I am more concerned with the inconstancy of testimonies relative to the size of the plane. Some say big, some say small, some say two planes, and some do not reference any size. I believe a plane hit the Pentagon, but I'm not too sure what kind of plane.

Another factor that baffles me is the degree of precision necessary to fly a 757 somewhere around 450 mph into the lower two floors of the Pentagon. It is my understanding the plane initially flew over the Pentagon at 7000 feet, initiated a tight spiral turn of around 270 degrees, and decreased in altitude of some 7000 feet in about two minutes before hitting the Pentagon. Can a two bit terrorist pilot flying Cessna's having some simulator time pull that off? Any commercial pilots out there care to respond?

The last factor that makes me suspicious is the failure to play the video. If in fact the video corroborates the official story, I would think it would have been played at least as many times as the WTC video. But, we the public see nothing.

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