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Vice President Al Gore's Jr.'s daughter Karenna Gore, was recently married
to Andrew Schiff. Andrew Schiff is a descendant of JACOB SCHIFF.

Jacob Schiff was the Jewish New York City banker and traitor to America
who financed the communist revolution in Russia in 1917.

newanm.gif (3972 bytes)Election 2000 Update:

Congress to establish
voter-fraud task force

Nationwide investigation will 'put
people in jail,' says top GOP leader


Lawyer Asks Boies to Explain Misrepresentation


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George W. Bush (Red)             Albert Gore (Blue)

MILITARY DIDN'T GET BALLOTS Plan Class-Action Suit (see below)


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The Florida Impasse
Sunday, 12-Nov-00 13:36:18 writes:

The Florida Impasse

© 2000 WorldNetDaily.com

On Tuesday night, America's voters experienced an
unbelievable -- and, frankly, inexcusable -- roller coaster
ride as the networks initially proclaimed Florida for Vice
President Al Gore before changing their minds and
casting Florida -- and seemingly the election -- to Texas
Gov. George W. Bush. And, then, the unthinkable
happened. Mr. Bush's apparent victory had been a
media-induced mirage. Millions of Americans stayed up
into the waking hours, dismayed by the manipulation of
the networks. Four days later, the nation still awaits the
outcome of this fateful election.

Today, following the recounts, Mr. Bush has maintained
his lead in Florida. He should be declared the president
based on his Electoral College victory that Florida
secures. However, Democrats are alleging that voters in
Palm Beach County were confused while casting their
votes and are calling for investigations and lawsuits to
search out any possible way of sweeping Al Gore into
the White House.

"This is the argument of the desperate Democrats around
Al Gore," stated the ever-wise Wesley Pruden, editor in
chief of the Washington Times. "Based on the revised,
recounted votes, 268,945 Palm Beach County voters
didn't have any trouble following the arrow to the right
punch hole to cast their votes for Al, but a few -- nobody
knows how many, but it may be as many as a few dozen
or even a few hundred -- say they couldn't follow the
arrow, and accidentally voted for Pat Buchanan."

Hence the two lawsuits filed by members of the throng of
Democratic lawyers who have flocked to the Palm Beach
County Courthouse to defend what Mr. Pruden calls
"public dumbness." Already, eight lawsuits have been
filed in state and federal courts to challenge the Florida
results, including six in Palm Beach County and two in
Tallahassee. This is how the Democrats are seeking "the
will of the people." But Rush Limbaugh -- and thank God
for the judicious Mr. Limbaugh! -- reminded listeners on
Friday that when Democrats mention the will of the
people, they really mean the will of the Democratic Party.

Mr. Gore, vainly attempting to appear statesmanlike, has
dispatched his campaign chairman, William Daley, to
Palm Beach to brandish the Democratic version of
fairness. Remember that this is the William Daley whose
father stole Cook County, Ill., for John F. Kennedy in
1960. Mr. Daley's daddy wrote the book on voter fraud
and I'm pretty sure that the son is well versed in the
modern applications of his father's dirty work. He and the
rest of the Gore team will continue to sniff and lurk for
any loopholes or legal ambiguities that enable them to
project a victory.

Even the typically liberal New York Times reported that
the legal wrangling of the Democrats is disconcerting. "It
is worrying," wrote the Times, "that Mr. Gore and a legal
team led by Warren Christopher, the former secretary of
state, would announce their support for a lawsuit while
the mandatory recount is still going on and while seven
days remain for the arrival of overseas absentee ballots.
It is doubly worrying that some Gore associates are using
the language of constitutional crisis and talking of efforts
to block or cloud the vote of the Electoral College on
Dec. 18 and of dragging out the legal battle into January.
The CNN political commentator Bill Schneider picked
apt language when he spoke of the "'treacherous path'
that would-be leaders choose when they talk of
unraveling the finality of elections." In powerful words,
the Times added, "It will poison the political atmosphere
if presidential elections, in particular, come to be seen as
merely a starting point for litigation."

The current proceedings are indeed the actions of
desperate and devious men who are working to reverse
history prior to next Friday's deadline for absentee
ballots. But this is to be expected. Prior to the election,
Al Gore showed us of what he is capable. He illegally
used African-American churches as a major part of his
get-out-the vote effort. We have now learned that Mr.
Gore, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Al
Sharpton -- and dozens of other Gore surrogates --
relentlessly entreated America's black pastors to help him
win the White House. (While I am known for my own
political activism among the so-called "religious right,"
and I diligently support conservative and pro-life
candidates, I have always conducted my efforts within
the laws and regulations imposed by the Federal Election
Committee and the Internal Revenue Service.) Mr.
Gore's colleagues totally ignored the law and urged
church parishioners to vote for him. Subsequently, the
black turnout surpassed all records. On the other hand,
had it not been for the commensurate huge turnout of
pro-life religious conservatives -- probably 30 percent of
the total vote -- Al Gore would be our president today.

Mr. Gore also utilized deplorable scare tactics to recruit
senior citizens. He and other Democrat apologists falsely
coerced seniors into fearing that a Bush presidency
would jeopardize their Social Security benefits. Further,
Mr. Gore co-opted the union bosses to illegally utilize
millions of dollars in tax-exempt union dues -- without
union members' permission -- to promote his candidacy.
In Michigan, the unions actually shut down the plants and
factories on Election Day to ensure their monolithic vote
for Gore. I point out these consistently unscrupulous
actions by the Gore team to reveal how recklessly frantic
these people are to remain in power.

This is why we should have right-minded sentinels on the
scene -- fully aware that the Gore campaign will break
and stretch laws in their favor. If the Democrats do
somehow win the right to have a new vote -- and I truly
doubt that they will -- Republicans will almost certainly
seek recounts in Iowa and Wisconsin, two states where
Mr. Gore won by razor-thin margins. In addition,
Oregon, which is still counting their ballots (99 percent
are in), was so close that the secretary of state told the
Associated Press the likelihood of an automatic recount
was "pretty high." (If there were, by the way, a re-vote, it
should take place in the entire state of Florida. Some
have estimated that over one million Bush supporters in
the panhandle -- which is west of the Eastern Time zone
-- did not vote for Mr. Bush after the discouraging
network announcements that Florida, Pennsylvania and
Michigan had gone for Mr. Gore. This jump-the-gun
reporting left the indelible impression in these
predominately Republican voters' minds that Mr. Bush's
campaign was doomed. This careless and, perhaps,
biased network behavior thus probably prevented Mr.
Bush from obtaining a very large majority of the total
popular vote from across the western part of the nation.)

In addition, Florida Rep. Joe Scarborough, R-Fla., has
written to the House Armed Services Committee to
request an investigation into why numerous military
personnel -- many of whom are Republican supporters of
Mr. Bush -- did not receive requested absentee ballots in
time to vote in the presidential election. Rep.
Scarborough, in a letter to Rep. Floyd Spence, R-S.C.,
said an investigation is warranted due to "numerous
reports that our military men and women were unable to
vote due to delays in receiving absentee ballots."

And finally, in a blockbuster story in the Pensacola News
Journal, the discovery of forged ballots in northern
Florida has set off a probe of what may have been
widespread absentee ballot fraud in the state. According
to the story, the Escambia County state attorney's office
is heading an investigation into whether the forgery is part
of a larger scheme to redirect mailed ballots to someone
other than the person for whom it was intended who then
filled out the ballot and forged the real voter's signature.

In other words, this is a mess and there are hundreds of
possibilities here. Anything could happen! However,
when all this political dust has settled, I am convinced that
George W. Bush will be the 43rd president of the United
States. And I am convinced that this spiritual man -- a
man who cherishes his relationship with God -- will be a
magnificent leader who can draw our nation together and
ensure our future. In addition, I think he will be an
honorable and principled leader -- a stark contrast to the
recent moral depths we have witnessed in the Oval

The role of Christians

Even in desperate times, it is terribly important that
Christians remember that God is in control. Our God is
bigger than any man-made crisis and the only true peace
we can experience in trying times like these is in Him. My
friends, I believe in the inerrancy of Scripture and the
perseverance of the U.S. Constitution. But most of all, I
believe God remains true when all else fails. Philippians
4:6 reminds us there is never any need to worry: "Be
anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and
supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made
known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses
all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds
through Christ Jesus." I urge all of you to be in earnest
prayer for our nation.

Rev. Jerry Falwell, a nationally recognized Christian
minister and television show host, is the founder of
Jerry Falwell Ministries and is chancellor of Liberty
University in Lynchburg, Virginia.


Jerry Falwell



Actual Bush Complaint as Filed
Sunday, 12-Nov-00 18:19:15 writes:




GOVERNOR GEORGE W. BUSH and DICK CHENEY, as candidates for President and Vice President of the United States of America,



THERESA LePORE, CHARLES E. BURTON, CAROL ROBERTS, JANE CARROLL, SUZANNE GUNZBURGER, ROBERT LEE, DAVID LEAHY, LAWRENCE KING, JR., MIRIAM LEHR, MICHAEL McDERMOTT, ANN McFALL, and PAT NORTHY, in their official capacities as members of the County Canvassing Boards of Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Broward and Volusia Counties, respectively,



Plaintiffs, by their counsel, seeking declaratory and injunctive relief against defendants, state the following:

1. This lawsuit is brought to preserve the integrity, consistency, equality, and finality of the most important civic action that Americans take: their votes in an election for the President of the United States. It is brought reluctantly, because the election of the President is properly left to the people, not the courts. But it is necessary because the current course of events threatens to undermine that democratic process,

2. The Constitution and laws of the United States and the laws of Florida prescribe a process for selecting electors of the President and Vice President of the United States. Pursuant to those requirements, the people cast their votes on November 7, 2000. The votes (other than the overseas absentee ballots) were counted in Florida and Governor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney received the most votes.

3. Because the margin was less than one-half of one percent, Florida law required an automatic recount. After completion of this automatic recount, Governor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney again received the most votes.

4. There is no allegation or evidence of voter fraud, or of coercion or corruption. There is thus no basis for further recounts.

5. Not content, however, with the results of the first and second counts, certain individuals and groups have now launched a series of legal and administrative actions to delay and ultimately attempt to change the electoral result. This action could nullify the first and second ballot counts and alter the results of those counts by means of a third round of manual counts. Those manual counts would not be universal, rather they would be limited to selected ballots in selected counties.

6. Though perhaps carried out with the best intentions, the manual counts would not be more accurate than the automated counts - indeed, they are less fair and accurate. Human error and individual subjectivity would replace precision machinery in tabulating millions of small marks and fragile hole punches. If this recount does not yield the desired result, perhaps another, in yet another county, might. Indeed, the process appears to permit repeated counts. And no uniform procedures or standards govern when or how it might happen.

7. The problems of inherent unreliability and subjectivity of manual counts are magnified in this case where the shifting of a few votes could determine the outcome of this Presidential election.

8. At some point, Florida voters - indeed all Americans - areentitled to certainty and finality. If enough human hand counts are conducted, with enough potential human error, the result could presumably change - and perhaps even change back. But the changed result would not be the most accurate result, simply the most recent one. The official count, on Election Day, yielded a final answer through a counting process that was untainted by fraud or misconduct. The official rccount, two days later, confirmed that result.

9. Both counts have been by the most accurate means available. Further recounts, by human hand until the results are different, will not further the interests of the voters or of the naion. They will not further, but rather will undermine, the integrity of the election. This court's intervention is necessary to protect the integrity of the constitutional process for selecting the President of the United States.


10. This is a civil action for dcclaratory and injunctive relief under the First and Fourtteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution, and 42 U.S.C. § 1983. This action now seeks to prevent further and needless recounts of the ballots in the statewide election of November 7, 2000 and to require the certification and release of the twice-counted vote tallies. Absent a showing of fraud, corruption, or coercion in the voting process by Defendants, such remedies should be ordered to avoid the debasement of Plaintiffs' votes and the voting process in the State of Florida.


11. This is a civil action for declaratory and injunctive relief under Section I of the Civil Rights Act of 1871, 17 Stat. 13, 42 U.S.C. § 1983, and the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.

12. The jurisdiction of this Court is based on 28 U.S.C. §§ 1331 and 1343.

13. Venue is proper in this Court because at least one of the Defendants resides within the Southern District of Florida and all of the Defendants reside within the State of Florida. 28 U.S.C. § 1391(b).


14. Plaintiffs Governor George W, Bush and Dick Cheney arr the Republican candidates for President and Vice President of the United States. Plaintiffs Bush and Cheney have a substantial constitutional interest in having the votes certified and released without further delay, as Defendants' decision to permit further recounts violate the due process rights of Governor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

15. Plaintiff Ned L. Siegel is a resident of Palm Beach County, Florida, and is a registered voter in Florida. In the general election on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, Plaintiff Siegel sought to cast his ballot for Governor George W. Bush for President of the United States and Dick Cheney as Vice President of the United States.

16. Plaintiff Georgette Sosa Douglas is a resident of Broward County, Florida, and is a registered voter in Florida. In the general election held on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, Plaintiff Sosa Douglas sought to cast her ballot for Govemor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as President and Vice President of the United States.

17. Plaintiff Gonzalo Dorta is a resident of Miami-Dade County, Florida, and is a registered voter in Florida. In the general election held on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, Plaintiff Dorta sought to cast his ballot for Govemor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as President and Vice President of the United States.

18. Plaintiff Carretta King Butler is a resident of Volusia County, Florida, and is a registered voter in Florida. In the general election held on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, Plaintiff King Butler sought to cast her ballot for Governor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as President and Vice President of the United States.

19. Plaintiff Dalton Bray is a resident of Clay County, Florida, and is a registered voter in Florida. In the general election held on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, Plaintiff Bray sought to cast his ballot for Governor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as President and Vice President of the United States.

20. Plaintiff James S. Higgins is a resident of Martin County, Florida, and is a registered voter in Florida. In the general election held on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, Plaintiff Higgins sought to cast his ballot for Govemor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as President and Vice President of the United States. 21. Plaintiff Roger D. Coverly is a resident of Seminole County, Florida, and is a registered voter in Florida. In the general election held on Tuesday, November 7, 2000, Plaintiff Coverly sought to cast his ballot for Governor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney as President and Vice President of the United States.

22. The above-named Plaintiffs, Siegel, Douglas, Dorta, Butler, Bray, Higgins and Coverly (the 'Voter Plaintiffs'), are typical of Florida voters who were registered and eligible to vote in the November 7 statewide election. Their validly cast ballots have now been counted twice. The Voter Plaintiffs have a substantial constitutional interest in having those votes certified and released without further delay. The Voter Plaintiffs also have a substantial constitutional interest in not having these votes debased by further recounts that are in no way linked to any showing of fraud or material irregularities in the voting process. The Voter Plaintiffs' claims are typical of those of all voters.

23. Defendants Barton, LePore, and Roberts are the members of the Palm Beach County canvassing board. Defendants Leahy, King, and Lehr are the members of the Miami-iDade County canvassing board. Defendants Carroll, Gunzburger, and Lee are the members of the Broward County canvassing board. Defendants McDermott, McFall, and Northy are the members of the Volusia County canvassing board. Defendants are all residents of the State of Florida and are sued in their official capacities only.


24. On November 7, 2000, the State of Florida held a general election wherein Florida voters cast ballots for several offices, including to choose electors of the President and Vice President of the United States.

25. On Novcmber 8, 2000, the Division of Elections for the State of Florida reported that the Republican Party presidential ticket received 2,909,135 (48.8%) votes and the Democratic Party presidential ticket received 2,907,351 (48.8%) votes (the 'initial count'). Other candidates on the presidential ballot received a total of 139,616 votes.

26. Under Florida law, at the close of a general election the election boards for each precinct are to open the ballot boxes in the presence of the public and count the ballots. Florida Statute 102.061. The election boards for each precinct must then deliver to the supervisor of elections for each county the ballots and ballot boxes, as well as a certificate of the results of the election. Florida Statute 102.061.

27. Pursuant to Florida Statute 102.112, after each county's canvassing board has certified the returns, the returns for the election of federal or state officers must be forwarded to the Florida Department of State no later than 5 p.m. on the seventh day following the election, Otherwise, the returns may be ignored.

28. Florida Statutes 102.111 and 102.121 provide that the Elections Canvassing Commission of the State of Florida must then certify the results of the election and issue ccrifficates of the results of the election.

29. Florida Statute 102.141(4) provides that if a candidate is defeated or eliminated by one-half percent or less of the votes cast for an office, then the Elections Canvassing Commission shall order a recount of the votes cast with respect to that office.

30. On November 8, pursuant to Florida Statute 102.141(4), each of the canvassing commissions of Florida's sixty-seven counties began a recount of the returns. Media reports indicate that the recount has confirmed the outcome of the election.

31. The multiple counting of the returns has raised several issues. For example, in at least one county (Gadsden County), the ballots were not merely recounted but rather 'interpreted' - or reinterpreted - by the county's canvassing board. This resulted in additional ballots being counted. This recount calculated a result different from that of the original count, resulting in a net gain of 153 votes in favor of the Democratic presidential ticket. See Exhibit A (Statements of John M. Leace and Edgar E. Stanton).

32. It is also clear that the repetitive counting of ballots - especially manual counting diminishes the accuracy of the counts.

33. On November 8, 2000, while the automatic statewide recount was continuing, three local Democratic Party operatives filed an action styled as Fladell v. Palm Beach County Commission in the Circuit Court for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida, contesting the presidential election returns in Palm Beach County. This action sought to void the presidential election results in Palm Beach County and requested that a new election be conducted in that jurisdiction for that race. See Exhibit B.

34. In addition to Defendants' conduct, upon information and belief, numerous lawsuits and other litigation have been commenced across Florida purporting to challenge the result of the election in Florida or otherwise delay the certification and release of those results.

a. On November 9, 2000, while the automatic statewide recount was still continuing, an action, styled as Rogers v. Elections Canvassing Commission of the State of florida was also filed in the Circuit Court for the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida, also contesting the presidential election returns in Palm Beach County, and seeking the same relief as that of Fladell. (Exhibit C. b. On November 9, 2000, while the automatic statewide recount was still continuing, a complaint styled as Miller v. Harris was filed in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, West Palm Beach Division. This action also contested the presidential election results in Palm Beach County and sought a new election in that jurisdiction. (Exhibit D).

c. Media reports have indicated that as many as five (5) additional lawsuits relating to the results of the election have been filed. Plaintiffs have not been able to obtain copies of these suits.

35. The gravamen of Fladell, Rogers, and Miller is that the presidential election ballot used in Palm Beach County was 'deceptive, misleading and/or confusing,' and that the results of the election werc therefore invalid.

36. On November 9, 2000, again while the automatic statewide recount was still continuing, media reports indicated that either the Gore campaign, the Democratic party and/or some other entity or individual had filed requests for manual recounts of ballots in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Volusia counties.

37. Florida Statute 102.166 provides that any candidate or his party may file a written request with a county canvassing board for a manual recount within 72 hours after midnight of the date of the election or prior to the time the canvassing board adjourns, whichever occurs later. Florida Statute 102.166 further provides that a county canvassing board need only make a 'reasonable effort' to notify each candidate whose race is being manually recounted of the time and date of the recount. The statute does not require that an opposing candidate or party be notified of the request for the manual recount or the canvassing board's ruling as to the request, and/or the time and date upon which any manual recount will take place.

38. Florida Statute 102.166 requires that the request for a manual recount 'contain a statement of the reason the manual recount is being requested.' Florida Statute 102.166(4)(a).

39. Florida Statute 102.166 neither requires nor suggests that an opposing candidate or party be given the opportunity to be heard as to whether a manual recount should occur. The statute apparently gives the county canvassing board complete discretion in making that decision, and it sets forth no standards for the determination of whether a manual recount should take place.

40. The canvassing boards of Palm Beach and Volusia counties have consented to the request for a manual recount. Both Volusia and Palm Beach Counties will begin manual recounts by Saturday, November 11, 2000.

41. The canvassing boards of Miami-Dade and Broward counties have received requests from the Gore campaign and/or others to conduct a manual recount of the election results. Upon information and belief, those canvassing boards have not yet determined whether they will consent to a manual recount.


42. If Defendants' threatened manual recounts are allowed to proceed, Plaintiffs will suffer irreparable injury. If an unlawful recount occurs, in violation of the First and Fourteenth Amendments, and a changed result happens to occur (however unlikely), that tainted result will be broadcast to the nation. Any subsequent invalidation by this Court will not be able to cure the serious damage to the legitimacy of the presidential election. Any such taint, and the perception of multiple reversals in outcome, will interfere with the orderly transition of constitutional government.

(Violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and the Fourteenth Amendment)

43. Plaintiffs repeat and reallege paragraphs 1-42.

44.Defendants' actions have violated the Voter Plaintiffs' rights under the Fourteenth Amendment by arbitrarily denying them the effective exercise of their right to vote and to have that vote counted in an equal and consistent fashion with all other voters in this election. The citizens of Florida cast their votes on November 7, 2000. These votes were counted according to the processes prescribed by law, with no allegation of fraud, error, or other misconduct in the conduct of the counting. In accordance with a vote count conducted pursuant to the laws of Florida, Governor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney were determined to have received the most votes. Pursuant to Fla. Statute 102.141(4), an automatic recount was conducted with the participation of local officials of both political parties. Again, there was no allegation that the counting was infected by fraud, error, or other misconduct, and Governor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney once again received the most votes. Pursuant to requests by certain individuals and voters, county officials in Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, Broward, and Volusia counties have begun or will shortly begin yet a third count of the ballots cast, this time manually.

45. Florida law, as applied to these circumstances, threatens to inflict irreparable injury on the Voter Plaintiffs and on all similarly situated voters by arbitrarily denying full effect to the votes that they cast on November 7, 2000. It does so in the following ways. First, the provisions of Florida Statute 102.166 provide no standards to guide the discretion of the canvassing board in determining whether a manual recount is warranted in the first place or, if so, what the scope, nature, manner, and method of such recount should be. For example, one county canvassing board has been asked to and has apparent discretion to grant a recount for three precincts only; three others have been asked and has(?tense) discretion to grant a recount for the entire county. There is nothing in the statute to constrain the county canvassing boards' discretion as to how many precincts (beyond a minimum of three precincts) to recount. There is no rational basis for distinguishing which counties or precincts to recount, other than the unconstrained determination of the applicant that he may get more votes from those precincts selected.

46. Second, Florida Statute 102.166 establishes no criteria to limit the discretion of the canvassing boards in determining how to conduct the tally of votes. One canvassing board may decide to count votes that are not fully punched; another may not. One canvassing board may decide that a stray mark indicates an intent to vote for a particular candidate; another board may not. One board may try to determine the intent of voters who marked multiple candidates on a ballot; another may not. Florida Statute 102.166 authorizes the county canvassing board to determine the subjective 'intent' of a voter, without setting forth any standards for determining how to discern that intent. This creates arbitrariness in the implementation of a process that concerns the fundamental right to vote.

47. Third, if a manual recount gives effect to partially punched ballots, or counts ambiguous ballots based on the canvassing boards' subjective interpretation of voters' intent, it has the effect of unconstitutionally diluting the votes of the other voters both in the affected county and in the counties not subject to recount. 48. Because of this arbitrary and unconstrained decision-making authority conferred upon the county canvassing boards, a disappointed candidate in a close election can seek rccounts in successive favorable jurisdictions until he is satisfied with the results, and thereby arbitrarily deny the force and effect of the votes cast and validly counted (and verified on recount) for the winning candidate.

49. There is no reason to believe that a recount is more accurate than the initial count, or that subsequent recounts add any further accuracy. In fact, empirical evidence indicates otherwise: that recounts diminish accuracy with each recount. Ballots are degraded, and human error is common. Thus, without any guarantee of increased accuracy, and at the virtually certain risk of increased inaccuracy, canvassing boards are given unbridled discretion to affect the results of an election through individual subjective decisions.

50. And natural human error and subjectivity are not the only risks. In an ordinary presidential election, where all votes occur on the same day and are tallied simultaneously, no one election official perceives his or her actions could materially affect the outcome of the election. In these unique circumstances, however, the incentives for favoritism or worse - in the hopes that a small swing of votes could determine the President - are grossly magnified in a manual recount where individual counters have direct and subjective contact with the ballots.

51. This potential for delay and uncertainty inherent in the above-described scheme is compounded by its interaction with Florida Statute 102.168. That statute creates a means to carry on contests of election in the relevant circuit courts. Such contests may be filed by any candidate, any voter, or even any taxpayer. Such contests threaten to further delay the effective implementation of the ballots cast by Florida voters and increase the uncertainty that now exists with respect to the result of the election. Different challenges may be filed in different courts. There is a virtual certainty that different courts will react differently to similar claims.

52. As a result, the process of selecting and certifying the decisive electors of the President and Vice President of the United States may be tied up in trial litigation and appellate litigation indefinitely, casting doubt on the integrity and legitimacy of the process for selecting the holder of the highest office in the land. This circumstance, when combined with the arbitrary discretion vested in the canvas boards - if allowed to proceed unchecked - threatens to prevent the smooth and clear transition of Presidential power, a matter of paramount national interest.

53. This unbridled discretion, as applied in the circumstances of this case, results in the arbitrary deprivation of the Voter Plaintiffs’ right to vote under the Fourteenth Amendment.

(Violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1983: Equal Protection)

54. Plaintiffs repeat and reallegc paragraphs 1-42 and 44-47.

55. Because, for the reasons discussed, the statutory scheme produces arbitrary and capricious decision-making by state and county officials as to whose votes will count, and whose will not, in different precincts and counties, the scheme also violates the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. If a manual recount gives effect to partially punched ballots, or counts ambiguous ballots based on the canvassing boards’ subjective interpretation of voters’ intent, it arbitrarily subjects voters in other counties to unequal treatment in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment. Because a fundamental right is at issue here - the right to vote - the state’s action is subject to strict scrutiny.

(Violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and the Fourteenth Amendment)

56. Plaintiffs repeat and reallege paragraphs 1-42.

57. Because the recount begun or about to begin by Defendants is limited to portions of only four counties, the Voter Plaintiffs who are not residents or voters in those four counties are being deprived of rights accorded to voters of those counties and/or will have their votes diluted in violation of the Fourteenth Amendment.

(Violation of 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and the First Amendment)

58. Plaintiffs repeat and reallege paragraphs 1-42.

59. The right to vote in a democracy is among the most precious of all individual rights, and is the crux of the democratic system. The right to vote is clearly established under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

60. By their votes, the Voter Plaintiffs and all the other voters expressed a political message regarding their choice of candidates for the Presidential election. That message will be delivered only when their votes are counted and certified for release by Defendants, such that government can act on the Voter Plaintiffs’ votes. In this particular case, that message includes selection and direction of electors to the Electoral College under the United States Constitution. Voter Plaintiffs’ votes are a means for orderly change of government under the United States Constitution. The message of the Voter Plaintiffs’ votes, therefore, is at the core of political speech and is entitled to the highest protection under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

61. The state’s action in this case arbitrarily denies and burdens the Voter Plaintiffs’ votes and political speech. Due to the standardless nature of the recount and contest scheme, government officials are vested with arbitrary power and authority to deny the vote and thus thwart political speech. Such schemes are presumptively violative of the First Amendment.

62. Defendants’ actions and conduct are in willful disregard of the Voter Plaintiffs’ constitutionally protected rights, and were committed with the intent of depriving the Voter Plaintiffs of their constitutional rights.

(Section 1983; Violation of the Fourteenth Amendment)

63. Plaintiffs Governor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney repeat and reallege paragaphs 1-42.

64. Under the Due Process clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, candidates for public office are entitled to due process in election procedures, including with regard to the fair and timely counting and reporting of the votes cast for that candidate.

65. This Court should declare that Defendants’ refusal to certify and release those votes that they have now counted twice since November 7 and their performance of any additional recounts violate the rights of Plaintiffs Governor George W. Bush and Dick Cheney under the Fourteenth Amendment.

WHEREFORE, Plaintiffs pray for a judgment and order:

(a) Declaring that Defendants may not subject any vote totals to manual recounts;
(b) In the alternative, declaring that Florida Statute § 102,166(4) is unconstitutional to the extent it does not limit the discretion of Defendants to conduct manual recounts in this case;

(c) Declaring that Defendants should certify and release forthwith all vote totals that have been the subject of two vote counts since November 7, 2000;

(d) Declaring that the form of ballot used in Palm Beach County was valid;

(e) Declaring that any ballot punched or marked for two Presidential candidates not previously counted cannot now be counted;

(f) Consolidating or removing to this Court any and all actions filed across the State of Florida purporting to challenge the results of the November 7 statewido election or otherwise delay the certification and release of those results; and

(g) Granting such other and further relief as this Court shall deem just and proper.

Respectfully submitted,
Barry Richard, Esq.
Tallahassee, Florida

Theodore B. Olson, Esq.
Washington, D.C.

Benjamin L. Ginsburg, Esq.
Washington, D.C.

- and -

Attomeys for Plaintiffs
Suite 4900
200 South Biscayne Boulevard
Miami, Florida 33131-2352
Telephone: (305) 371-2700
Facsimile: (305) 358-5744

Marcos D. Jimenez
Florida Bar No. 441503

Of Counsel:

George J. Terwilliger
Timothy E. Flanigan
Washington, D.C.


ELECTION-News Release: Statement By Former Secretary Of State James A. Baker, III
Friday, 10-Nov-00 21:49:11 writes:

Friday, November 10, 2000
Statement By Former Secretary Of State James A. Baker, III

The American people voted on November 7.  Governor George W. Bush won 31 states with a total of 271 electoral votes.  The vote in Florida was very close, but when it was counted, Governor Bush was the winner.  

Now, three days later, the vote in Florida has been recounted.  Over two-thirds of the state election supervisors overseeing the recount are Democrats.

At the end of this recount, Governor Bush is still the winner, subject only to counting the overseas ballots, which have traditionally favored the Republican candidate.  No evidence of vote fraud either in the original vote or in the recount has been presented.

Now the Gore campaign is calling for yet another recount in selective and predominantly Democratic counties where there were unexplained large vote swings in their favor in the recount.

It appears that the Gore campaign is attempting to unduly prolong the country’s national Presidential election through endless challenges to the results of the vote here in Florida.

Furthermore, the more often ballots are recounted, especially by hand, the more likely it is that human errors, like lost ballots, and other risks, will be introduced.  This frustrates the very reason why we have moved from hand counting to machine counting.

Let me say a word specifically about the Palm Beach ballot.  There is a rule of law to be followed for elections.  The state of Florida has established legal procedures to design, approve, publish and, if need be, to protest ballots before the election.  The ballot was designed by a Democratic elections supervisor.  She approved it.  The Democratic Party did not question it before the election.  This “butterfly”-type ballot was used in recent elections in the same county under the same rules.  Again, the Democrats did not complain.  The overwhelming majority of voters who used the ballot understood it and cast valid votes.  Our lawyers have confirmed the legality of this ballot, and we have copies of the relevant Florida statute available for you to see.

The Gore campaign has also tried to make a lot of the fact that double marked ballots are not counted.  A key principle in America is one person, one vote.  If we have ballots with two votes, of course we cannot count them or guess about them.  Ballots that are double-marked can’t be evidence of the voter’s intent to vote one way or another.  No jurisdiction in the United States would accept such a ballot as a valid vote, and Florida law specifically does not.  It happens in every precinct in every election.  And the procedure is clear:  These ballots must be disregarded.

We understand, and I understand personally, that it is frustrating to lose by a narrow margin.  But it happens.  It happened to the Republican Presidential candidates in 1960 and 1976.  Both Vice President Nixon and President Ford put the country’s interest first.  They accepted the vote for the good of the country.

It is important that there be some finality to the election process.  What if we insisted on recounts in other states that are very close?  For example, in Wisconsin, Iowa, (and if we don’t win) New Mexico.  

Let the country step back a moment, pause, and think about what’s at stake.  This may be the last chance.  There is no reasonable end to this process if it slips away.

The purpose of our national election is to establish a “Constitutional government,” not unending legal wrangling.  We will therefore vigorously oppose the Gore campaign’s efforts to keep recounting until it likes the result.  For the good of the country and the sake of our standing in the world, the campaigning should end, and the business of an orderly transition should begin.




Saturday, 11-Nov-00 14:49:37


If George Bush is President, will Clinton be 'pardoned' for 'filegate'
and many things NOT covered by the impeachment??? The ONLY thing that
makes sense is that WE are being again led down to DESTRUCTION!! In
California, the 'results' of the 'election' were given at 8:03 PM on
election day. NO VOTES HAD BEEN COUNTED, but Gore 'WON' California!
HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN-- with over 31,000,000 people in this State???
Even IF all the ballots were at one super-computer it would have
been impossible!!

According to Larry Klayman, Clinton is facing years of court
battles that will probably be close to 40-50 years in federal
prisons. So...you can see why the Votes have been SO CLOSE!

The book VOTESCAM authors both died in automobile accidents.
They wouldn't pull the 'book' off the shelves?

Gore WILL 'PARDON'... will Bush agree to a 'Pardon', [to finally
win?] either way WE will be toast and the LAWS of America will
be there to gather dust!



Non-citizens to Choose Next President Says U.S. Border Control
Monday, 13-Nov-00 11:52:30 writes:

PR Newswire

Non-citizens to Choose Next President Says U.S. Border Control

MCLEAN, Va., Nov. 9 /PRNewswire -
"Whichever candidate wins the electoral vote in Florida
and goes on to become President of the United States
will have won his margin of victory by the votes of non-citizens
and illegal aliens, voting in mass numbers in South Florida,"
charged Edward Nelson, President, U.S. Border Control.

"We have asked legal counsel for U.S. Border Control to
review the Florida election results carefully to
determine how a challenge can be made to the votes cast
in certain Florida precincts in order to document once
and for all the scope of voting by non-citizens."

"Thanks to the National Voter Registration Act,
commonly known as the Motor-Voter law, millions of
non-citizens and illegal aliens are being invited to
register to vote as they apply for their driver's
licenses or welfare benefits."

"In Florida, as in most other states, the Motor Vehicle
Department has been advised not to ask if applicants
are citizens because this would somehow violate their
civil rights. As a consequence, this 'don't ask --
don't tell' policy is wittingly or unwittingly handing
out voter registration cards to tens of thousands of
ineligible voters, more than enough to effect the
results of a close election."

"Our efforts have absolutely nothing to do with helping
one candidate or another win the election as we have no
idea whom the non-citizens may have favored. Our
interest is in defending the voting rights of American
citizens whose votes are being canceled out by

Mr. Nelson continued: "We believe that the national
average for non- citizen voting is about 2-4 percent
with it spiking up to 10-15 percent in places like Dade
County, Florida, and in major cities that have large
current immigrant populations."

USBC Legal Counsel William J. Olson stated, "Arizona
Congressman Bob Stump (R-AZ-3) has introduced
legislation to repeal the Motor-Voter law as the best
way to stop the process of registering non-citizens."
(H.R. 38, 106th Congress)

In 1996, the "Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant
Responsibility Act" was enacted, confirming expressly
what everyone already knew, that it was illegal for
non-citizens to vote and made voting by non-citizens an
offense punishable by deportation. Unfortunately,
Congress failed to provide a mechanism by which state
and local election officials could check on citizenship
so that the law could be enforced.

A year later, Rep. Steve Horn (R-CA-38), observing a
rapid increase in non-citizen voting, introduced the
Voter Eligibility Verification Act that would have
given voter registrars the ability to eliminate
non-citizen voting. Although the bill was voted upon
and received a majority of the votes cast, the Rules
under which is was brought to the House floor required
a two-thirds majority and so it failed to pass. (H.R.
1428, 105th Congress) (Voter Eligibility Verification
Pilot Program Act of 1998, H.R. 3485, 105th Congress.)

Mr. Nelson said, "Unless American citizens don't mind
the fact that their votes are being canceled out by the
votes of illegal aliens and resident aliens, they
should demand the immediate passage of both of these
bills (motor-voter repeal and voter eligibility
verification act)."

Additional information relevant to these issues follows:

Motor-Voter Fraud

According to the Wall Street Journal, "voter fraud has
become a bigger problem since the 1993 federal Motor
Voter law required states to allow people to register
to vote when they get a driver's license; 47 states
don't require any proof of U.S. residence for
enrollment. Motor Voter has added some eight million
people to the rolls...."

John Fund's Political Diary, Wall Street Journal,

The Changing Florida Electorate

Data provided by the Florida Secretary of State
demonstrate the efficiency of the Motor Voter Law in
registering new voters. From 6.56 million registered
voters in 1994, to 8.22 million voters in 1998, an
increase of 25 percent.

At the same time, these data show more than a six-fold
increase in the number of "other race" registered
voters, from under 100,000 to over 650,000. (Florida's
Registered voter data are reported in categories of
white, black, and other -- including primarily
Hispanic, but also Native American, Asian, and others
-- with the category race not identified being added in

A comparison between the rate of growth of "other race"
versus "white, black and unidentified race" voters
during this four year period is even more stark. While
"other race" voters increased 660 percent, 39 times
faster than "white, black, and unidentified" race
voters which increased only 17 percent.

No one knows how many of the 550,000 new "other race"
voters were newly naturalized citizens under the
"Citizenship USA" program of the Immigration and
Naturalization Program, Al Gore's program to add more
than 1 million immigrants to the U.S. voter roles in
1996. Indeed, Miami, Florida was one of the five cities
specially targeted for "Citizenship USA."

On the other hand, no one knows how many of these same
voters are not citizens at all, but non-citizens and
even illegal aliens who were nevertheless were invited
to register to vote by Florida motor vehicle and
welfare state employees doing what they were required
to do under the federal Motor Voter law.

Source: Florida Secretary of State's office

Deluge of Legal and Illegal Immigrants

* INS has naturalized more than 1.7 million resident
aliens in the past two years.

* 463,060 in GFY 1998

* 872,427 in GFY 1999

* 898,315 in GFY 2000

* INS naturalized 1,044,869 new citizens in 1996

* No fingerprint checks on 180,000 of the applicants

* 80,000 had criminal records; 6,300 "had committed
serious crimes."

* Number of resident aliens naturalized in 1990s
increased four-fold over 1970s

* Since 1994, 1.6 million aliens have been naturalized
in California alone

* Voter registration by Latinos has doubled in
California since 1994

* 1 million new Latino voters have registered in
California since 1990

* Chicago INS office holding 2 swearing-in ceremonies a
day to accommodate the crush of newly minted citizens
-- 85,000 in Illinois in past two years

* Number of resident aliens naturalized annually in
Washington State has increased five-fold since 1991

Walter Robinson, "Immigrant Voter Surge Seen Aiding
Gore," Boston Globe, 11/4/2000, p. A01

Politicization of Immigration and Naturalization
Service ("INS")

* INS Deputy Commissioner Chris Sale pressured by
National Performance Review (Al Gore's vehicle for
Reinventing Government) "to delegate broad authority to
the managers in "New York, Chicago, Miami, San
Francisco and Los Angeles. NPR official Doug Farbrother
sent Mr. Sale a fax reiterating how important this
delegation was in order "to get the results the Vice
President wants. "In the fax he also commented, "I need
you or Doris (Meissner) to sign something like the
attached," referring to a memo giving those INS
district directors "full authority to waive, suspend,
or deviate from DOJ and INS nonstatutory policies,
regulations, and procedures provided you operate within
the confines of the law."

* On March 21, Elaine Kamarck in the Vice President's
office sent an e- mail to Farbrother saying, "THE

PRETTY DRASTIC MEASURES." (Emphasis original.)
Farbrother responded, "I favor drastic measures."

* In a March 26 e-mail to the Vice President,
Farbrother reported that Chris Sale had indeed
"delegated hiring authority to the five cities and
increased their budgets by 20%." But, he wrote, "I
still don't think the city directors have enough
freedom to do the job." (Emphasis added.)

* By the end of March, Doris Meissner capitulated. In
time, Newark, N.J., and Houston, Tex., would be added
to the list of targeted cities, and in all, more than a
million aliens would be naturalized in time to vote in
the 1996 election.

* In our investigation we developed sources inside the
INS with specific knowledge of the facts who revealed
that FBI arrest records that were being sent to the
Chicago INS office simply were not being inserted into
the aliens' files. As a result, aliens with criminal
records were being granted citizenship. Our sources
also disclosed that, just prior to the 1996 voter
registration deadline, a box was discovered in the
Chicago INS office containing nearly 5,000 FBI arrest
reports -- reports that had arrived on time but had
been ignored.

* One criminal was actually in jail at the time he was

David Schippers, Sellout: The Inside Story of President
Clinton's Impeachment, Regnery Publishing Company, 2000.

Link to excerpt from Sellout:

Eliciting Votes from Resident Aliens Using Government Databases

* A Guatemalan housekeeper has a daughter who just
turned 18. The immigration status of both mother and
daughter has been pending for years. Papers have been
filed with the Immigration and Naturalization Service.
Hearings have been held. But they are not citizens. The
daughter has not registered to vote.

* The 18-year-old got a very attractively packaged
"Dear friend" letter from Bill Clinton, paid for by the
California Democratic Party.

"Congratulations on your decision to register.
Registering to vote is a basic responsibility of
citizenship that far too many people ignore.

"Now that you are registered ... Can I count on you to
vote Democratic on November 7th?

"Remember Your Vote is Your Voice.

"Sincerely, President Bill Clinton"

* Below that letter is a P.S. that explains, "Here is
your personal Voter Identification Card. Sign your
name, then detach your card. Bring your card with you
to your polling place on Election Day. It will help
your voting go more smoothly."

* As my friend points out, only the U.S. government
knows her age and pending residency status, and,
obviously her Latino background. How did this
information wind up in the partisan political hands of
the California Democratic Party? And what kind of
impact will a mailing like this -- obviously utilizing
a government database for political purposes -- have on
the California legislative races? How widespread is
this fraud?

~From Joseph Farah's commentary "Voter Fraud, Again!"
WorldNetDaily, November 7, 2000..

Something smells
in St. Louis

More reports of voting
'irregularities' in Missouri

By Julie Foster
© 2000 WorldNetDaily.com

Combine abandoned voting machines, unguarded ballot boxes, confusion over poll closing times, accusations of criminal collusion and throw in a misleading phone-banking message by Jesse Jackson and you end up with election practices that have thrown St. Louis, Mo., into chaos during what is proving to be the most hotly contested election in American history.

It all started the day before the Nov. 7 election when now-congressman-elect William Lacy Clay, son of the incumbent Democrat William Clay, announced polls would be open late on election day. Then, Tuesday evening, Democrats went to St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Evelyn Baker, alleging that up to 33,000 registered voters had been improperly removed from voter registration rolls. As a result, voters faced significant delays attempting to prove they were eligible to vote. In St. Louis, registered voters who do not participate in the previous year's election are automatically removed from rolls if they do not respond to notices sent by the election board.

Baker ordered the polls to remain open in St. Louis until 10 p.m. to ensure the delays did not prevent voters from casting their ballots due to time constraints. Polls across the state are legally supposed to close at 7 p.m.

Just minutes after Baker issued the order, a phone-banking effort by Jesse Jackson commenced, indicating the Democrat activist had pre-arranged the activity. Jackson had recorded an automated message explaining that polls would remain open until 10 p.m. and that votes could be cast even later at the Board of Election Commission -- until midnight. But this latter part of Jackson's message was not included in Baker's order.

Attorney Thor Hearne represented Republicans in the appeal of Baker's decision, which was granted by a three-judge panel at 7:45 p.m. the same day. The new order required that polls be closed at 8:15. However, locals report voting continued until after 10 p.m. and Jackson's automated phone message continued to be sent to residents after the 8:15 deadline, Hearne said.

At 7 p.m. Tuesday, judges at 29 of the city's nearly 400 precincts walked away from their posts, leaving ballot boxes unattended, Hearne added. The next day, St. Louis police located an abandoned voting machine in a vacant lot in the 3900 block of Olive Boulevard. The attorney's investigation into the chaos also revealed that 300 or more unregistered people voted after they were given court orders allowing them to do so. Hearne does not know how the individuals received the court orders.

Democrats insist the voters had been mistakenly removed from registration lists and, therefore, were rightly given the court orders allowing them to vote. Yet, Election Board Chairman Floyd Kimbrough defended the accuracy of the rolls.

Yesterday, Sen. Christopher "Kit" Bond, R-Mo., called on the FBI and the U.S. Attorney to investigate the situation in St. Louis.

"What I saw and heard on Tuesday night is an outrage," Bond said at a news conference at his office in Clayton. "This is the future of our system. This is the integrity of the ballot box." He added that anyone participating in what he calls the attempt to "defraud" the voters should be charged with criminal voter fraud.

Hearne also fears criminal collusion accounts for the election-day chaos.

"Our concern is that everyone deserves a fair election," he said, "and the concern that this raises is really that this was a systematic effort to try to tamper with the conduct of this election as a way to influence the results for the Democratic Party and create opportunity for vote fraud."

Clay says the accusations are baseless.

Related stories:

Congressman calls for military-ballot probe

Clinton term extended?

Fraudulent absentee ballots cast in Florida

More questions arise in Florida

Bacon denies WND military-ballot report

It's Bush! ... Or is it?

Non-citizens vote with 'Clinton card'?

California in frenzy over voter fraud

Julie Foster is a staff reporter for WorldNetDaily.

Order "Votescam: The Stealing of America":
Voter News Service:
Citizens For A Fair Vote Count (Jim Condit Jr):
RADIO SHOW ON LINE ALL THE TIME: Listen anytime to the
'Votefraud vs Honest Elections' crash course radio show
over the internet (Real Player Required):
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The plot thickens.

Apparently, the Goring Gang (I do NOT want to include the
rank and file Democrats, most of whom - like most of
the population IN general - are decent people) have focused
on a policy of counting till you drop, or rather, until you get
the "right" result.

Now, a manual recount, as I observed yesterday, will produce some
additional votes, as some punch cards that were thrown out by the
card readers will be "fixed up" by hand.

This process suffers from many flaws. Aside from many technical flaws
(such as that the cards accepted by the machines are NOT re-examined for
possible double punches detectable by hand, etc ad nauseam) but primarily
from the systematic flaw that recounting almost by definition produces more
valid votes than the machine count, as the machine rejects are being

To be fair, this would have to be done in the entire state, as the counties
a recount are heavily democratic. This is assuming that the resurrected votes
do not themselves have a neutral or Republican flavor, against a 2/3s
majority Democratic vote in these counties, an assumption borne out
by some precinct sampling. Now, the problem is, in much of the rest of
the state of Florida, motsly Republican, the election was done with voting
machines. Clearly, it is possible to mess up in the voting booth whether
cards or voting machines are used. The difference is that with a voting
machine, there cannot be a re-do. At best, the total amount of missing
votes might be estimated, but this does not work either; somebody might
enter the polling booth to vote for e.g. the Congressional race, and
NOT vote for president.

Another tidbit: The judge who ordered the hand count (state judge) is married
to a Clinton judge (federal jugge appointee), and they contributed to Gore's
campaign. UNLIKE THE STATE GOVERNOR, the judge did not have
the good grace to recuse herself (Sw. "jävigförklara sig själv"). Thanx, Ulf
for this one, explained on the Fox network but not on the CNN (Clinton
News Network).

So now we get a re-recount and a resurrection of bungled votes in four
counties but not in the rest of state. Neat way to steal an election.

What the Republicans did:

Maybe not really good public relations. Trying to stop the re-recount is
to succeed, and plays very badly in the court of public opinion, although
it is formally not problematic.

The Florida Secretary of State is standing firm on having all the counts in
(except overseas votes) by Tuesday the 14th. She is a Republican
(but NOT AFAIK a campaign worker and contributer, unlike the
Democratic couple). Not great public relations either. This may not
stand on appeal. Additionally, it turns the election into a horse race in
a sense of garnering votes, not voters. Maybe she should have recused herself.

Nils Andersson

Sunday, 12-Nov-00 23:20:31



A few years ago (1992) a co by the name of Fiddler & Chambers was furnishing
the program that DuPage County Illinois used to count the votes in the
elections, by A FUNNY COISADENCE that same Co sold/sells the state of
Florida the same program for counting the votes in their elections. In 1992
there was a freedom of information filed for a copy of that program. This
case went through several courts and was appealed by DuPage County when they
lost. This case went on and on and on until finally the DuPage County
"fathers" sent one of the people to jail on a trumped up charge and found the
other participant in the FOI demand guilty of perjury in a case where the
prosecutor in the case acted in the stead of a court reporter. That case was
just appealed and a judge that Is supposed to be beyond reproach found
against this man even though another appellate judge, who was also hearing
the appeal, said that the decision turns jurisprudence on it's ear.
The theory is that, this program changes after it counts the ballots. If you
check it out after it's been used it doesn't have anything wrong with it but
if you get it prior to being run it miscounts ballots.
VOTE S.C.A.M. (Secret Computer Aided Manipulation) By E3XIBIT "A" was a
program screened on Naperville Public Access TV Naperville Illinois, after a
2 year investigation into the "VOTE COUNTING PROGRAM" in DuPage County
Illinois. The DuPage County Board of Election Commissioners (DBEC) was
Invited to appear Nov 94, COVERED ON THAT PROGRAM: 1. the legislation
that created the only county Board of Election Commissioners in the State of
Illinois 2. That the (DBEC) is not answerable TO THE VOTERS, THE
3. That the Board is made up of (2) Republicans and (1) Democrat all of which
are actually Republicans in their voting record. 4. Under the direction of
the (DBEC) one man Christ LaBianco manipulates vote results through the
above noted program. 5. (DBEC) has repeatedly used public funds to defend
against attempts to place referendums against (DBEC) on ballets.
Now look for a reason why the Bush Boys wanted to keep the programmed count
and the hand count of votes in Florida a secrete. Couldn't be something wrong
with the vote counting program could there? Look at case # in the DuPage
County court records if you want to confirm this.

Thursday, 16-Nov-00 19:17:11 writes:



Class Action Lawsuit Being Filed on Behalf
of Military Personnel Who Didn't Get to Vote

For Immediate Release
16 November 2000

KeepAndBearArms.com -- The widespread failure of
various governmental agencies to provide absentee
ballots to U.S. military personnel in time to cast
their votes is resulting in a class action lawsuit.

KeepAndBearArms.com has formed an alliance with The
Law Firm of Campbell & Jones of San Antonio, Texas
on behalf of military servicemen and women worldwide.
Our primary role in this lawsuit is to assist in the
process of connecting military members with the law
firm filing the lawsuit.

We are involved in this matter because we believe
an Algore presidency would be dangerous to the
rights of free Americans. Mr. Gore -- who is
surrounded by armed bodyguards -- believes a woman
should submit to a knife-wielding rapist. We believe
she should shoot that miserable piece of trash where
he stands. We also support our military brothers
and sisters in having full and equal access to the
voting process.

Because this lawsuit is being filed in Texas, our
first order of business is to call for military
personnel whose records show their home state as
Texas. Once we have several confirmed Texans who
agree to join lawsuit as plaintiffs, military
members showing residence in any state will be
invited to join the lawsuit.

This afternoon, at the announcement of this class
action lawsuit, KeepAndBearArms.com Founder and
Director, Angel Shamaya said,

"It is time to call attention to the fact that
U.S. military members have not been allowed to
vote for their President. It is time to hold
the appropriate people accountable for their
shortcomings, and it is time to produce a
long-term, successful solution to this problem.
If any one group of people should have complete
access to voting for the Commander in Chief of
the U.S. Armed Forces, it is most certainly our
own military members."

"The fact that members of the Army, Navy, Air
Force and Marines didn't get to vote in the
2000 Presidential election is an embarrassing
blemish upon the American political process and
the good will of our nation's defenders. We praise
The Law Firm of Campbell & Jones of San Antonio
for taking a proactive stand for the rights of the
people who leave their families and their lives
behind in order to protect American interests at
home and abroad."

Calling All Military Members Who Didn't Get to Vote

If you serve in any of the armed forces for the
United States of America, and if you were not
provided access to voting in the 2000 Presidential
election, we are asking you to fax AND email your
story (the facts) to The Law Firm of Campbell & Jones
in San Antonio, Texas. Please be as specific as you
can about your situation.

Fax the account of your not being able to vote to
(210) 227-4229.

And please also email PhilipEJones@Earthlink.net .

We are most in need, initially, of Texans who were
blocked from the voting process. And we are also
requesting that all military members of any state
who are willing to act as plaintiffs in this lawsuit
please step forward by faxing AND emailing the above
contact points. Please provide all means of contacting
you, including via telephone.

The phone number for The Law Firm of Campbell &
Jones is (210) 224-1923. Their address is:
126 E. Main Plaza, San Antonio, Tx 78205

For additional information about military members
missing out on the voting process, the following
links will assist you in getting up to speed:

Lost Military Votes -- Monday Report
(14 Nov 2000)

Weekend Update on Lost Military Votes
(11 Nov 2000)

Lost Military Vote Tallies Climbing
(10 Nov 2000)

Reports of Blocked Military Votes Still Coming In
(9 Nov 2000)

Pentagon addresses question of troops not
being able to vote (9 Nov 2000)

First Report from Okinawa Showing Missing
Military Absentee Ballots
(8 Nov 2000)

Help Us Find Lost Military Votes
-- Survey for Soldiers to Take
(8 Nov 2000)

Military Absentee Ballots Missing
-- U.S. Military on Assignment Won't Get to Vote
(4 Nov 2000)


KeepAndBearArms.com is a member-supported
grassroots organization. Become a member at:



Thursday, 16-Nov-00 22:26:52

The American Flag is flying upside-down as a symbol of distress
Voter fraud, again!
James & Kenneth Collier: Votescam

Al Gore - FOR a One World Church and UN Dictatorship
The slide into dictatorship
William Jefferson Clinton & Hillary Clinton
The United Nations plans to CONFISCATE your profit and ---.

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