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Thompson Calls on Supremes to Nix Boies in Florida

 Thursday, 30-Nov-00 12:45:01 writes:

      With Carl Limbacher and Staff

      For the story behind the story...

      Thursday November 30, 2000; 11:16 AM ET

      Thompson Calls on Supremes to Nix Boies in Florida

      The trial lawyer community, unwilling to offend the Democrats
      they depend on for so much business, has been largely silent on
      the ethical breaches of lead Gore attorney David Boies as the
      election crisis plays out in Florida.

      Not so's Jack Thompson, an attorney who, unlike
      Boies, is licensed to practice in the Sunshine State.

      After filing a complaint Wednesday against Boies with several
      legal disciplinary committees in New York (the state where he
      actually is licensed to practice), Thompson is on the warpath

      Today he fired off this missive to the chief justice of the
      Florida Supreme Court:

      Dear Chief Justice Wells:

      As you know, New York attorney David Boies is not admitted to
      practice law in the State of Florida. He is doing so by special
      dispensation of this Court by means of his temporary pro hoc
      vice status. You must revoke that privilege.

      Why? On behalf of the Gore-Lieberman campaign, Mr. Boies put
      before you and the other six Justices an affidavit from a
      participant in Pullen v. Milligan, 561 NE2d 585 (Ill 1990),
      which has been proven false. Mr. Boies used that false affidavit
      to misrepresent to you all the ultimate resolution in Pullen.

      Additionally, aided by the false affidavit, Mr. Boies used
      dicta, or extraneous language, from the Pullen decision to make
      it appear as though "dimpled chads" were counted as votes, when
      in fact just the opposite was the result in Pullen.

      You cite prominently Pullen in your historic November 21 ruling.
      This ruling was relied upon by the Broward County canvassing
      board. You have been hoodwinked. The board was hoodwinked.
      America was hoodwinked.

      Let us be generous and assume Mr. Boies simply did not have the
      time or staff to research Pullen carefully. After all, his
      firm's web site ( links to all the mainstream
      media's articles proving that he is the most brilliant lawyer in
      America, and surely such a lawyer was a victim in all this. A
      man of such reputation would not bend the truth for a client.

      Surely now, however, Mr. Boies knows the truth, now that the
      Chicago Tribune has proven that the affidavit upon which you
      relied is false and that the result in Pullen is the opposite of
      what Mr. Boies has told you.

      I have shared with Mr. Boies directly, in writing, his victim
      status in this regard, and I have pointed out to him his clear
      duty to come to you and admit the "mistake," upon which you all

      Mr. Boies refuses to do so.

      Maybe his refusal is for lack of time. Mr. Boies was tied up in
      front of Leon County Circuit Court Judge Sauls insisting that
      the Judge sign an order on a ruling not yet rendered by Judge
      Sauls, so that Mr. Boies could appeal his non-decision to the
      Florida Supreme Court before there is even a hearing.

      Your Honor, I went to Vanderbilt Law School with Al Gore, and he
      dropped out before taking the mandatory third year course
      entitled "Legal Ethics," so he has an excuse for asking his
      lawyer to engage in the tactics that have made Mr. Boies a

      But I would ask you to ask Mr. Boies what is his excuse for
      failing to admit to you all that you improperly relied upon

      His mistake is no longer a mistake; it is now a calculation. He,
      by his knowing silence, has calculated that you seven Justices
      will not care that the most important judicial opinion of the
      year is based upon a lie.

      I respectfully ask the Florida Supreme Court to begin
      immediately, as you have the right to do, proceedings to revoke
      the pro hoc vice privilege of Mr. Boies to practice law without
      a license in our state, a state he has made the laughingstock of
      the world.

      In doing so, please afford Mr. Boies all the equal protection he
      has afforded the voters in our fair state who were foolish
      enough to live in Republican counties.

      By the way, today's NY Post reports that Mr. Boies is laboring
      under an ethics investigation in New York State, as he is
      presently accused of paying a fact witness to testify. You can
      read the story today at on the
      Internet. A copy of the story is attached hereto.

      Please cleanse your ruling of its false foundation. Cleanse our
      state of Mr. Boies.

      Respectfully, Jack Thompson

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      Jack Thompson -

  Tuesday, 28-Nov-00 14:08:26 writes:

       Lawyer Asks Boies to Explain Misrepresentation

       Monday, Nov. 27, 2000

       John B. Thompson, Attorney
       1172 South Dixie Highway, Suite 111
       Coral Gables, Florida 33146-2750
       Phone: 305-666-4366
       Fax: 305-666-7275

       November 27, 2000

       David Boies, Attorney
       Boies, Schiller, and Flexner
       5301 Wisconsin Avenue N.W.
       Washington, D.C. VIA FAX to 202-237-6131

       Re: False Representation to Florida Supreme Court about
       Illinois "Dimpled Chad" Case

       Dear Mr. Boies:

       It has come to my attention, and I am sure it has come to yours
       as well, that you falsely characterized the court's ruling in the
       Illinois "dimpled chad" case.

       You told the Florida Supreme Court last week that that case
       allowed the hand recounting of dimpled chads. Our state's high
       court seemed impressed with that fact.

       One problem, though. A big problem. The Illinois court ruled just
       the opposite way, disallowing the counting of dimpled chads.
       The affidavit you relied upon is false, and you now know that it is

       You have a clear and mandatory duty immediately to inform the
       Florida Supreme Court of your misrepresentation to the seven
       Justices in this critical regard.

       Any failure on your part is clearly subject to review and discipline
       by the appropriate authorities because such a failure would
       constitute an ethical breach on your part which compromises
       justice and is prejudicial to the opposing parties.

       You have until five o'clock p.m., Tuesday, November 28, 2000, to
       inform me by fax at the above number that you have alerted the
       Florida Supreme Court of your misrepresentation.

       Best, John B. Thompson

       Copy: Florida Supreme Court, Media

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