UK goes on alert, evacuates buildings

UK goes on alert, evacuates buildings
Tue Sep 11 13:52:30 2001

LONDON, Sept. 11 (UPI) -- British and U.S. military installations went on heightened alert throughout the country and major buildings in London were evacuated Tuesday amid concern they could be targeted by terrorists.

Security was stepped up at British civilian airports amid chaos over suspension of U.S.-bound flights.

Ministry of Defense officials said heightened alert was ordered at British and American military installations throughout the country after Prime Minister Tony Blair had an emergency Cabinet meeting to review the security

Most of London's City financial district was deserted and trading brought to a virtual standstill in most of the markets, including the London Stock Exchange. High-profile buildings in the city and government areas in
Whitehall were also evacuated.

At Canary Wharf, Britain's tallest building in east London, there was brief panic when the electricity supply was shut and the fire alarm went off, prompting evacuation of the skyscraper, which houses the Daily Telegraph newspaper office.

Airport sources reported widespread chaos as aviation authorities tried to cope with U.S.-bound flights forced to return after American authorities
closed all airports.

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