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By Michael A. O'Camb

Anyone who saw the televised coverage of the bombed-out Murrah
Building didn't need to be a rocket scientist to realize that the tremendous destruction done didn't come from a single bomb in a vehicle `outside' the building. But, rather, it should have been obvious to any fourteen-year-old boy of average intelligence that the Murrah Building was literally "dropped" by blowing several of the reinforced concrete supporting columns and part of the massive reinforced concrete header supporting the building out from under it. This occurred as Gen. Partin said, "at critical structural points at the third floor level."


Did the bombers plant explosives in other parts of the building as well? Eyewitness accounts `before' the bombing strongly suggest that demolition charges were placed elsewhere. On
the Friday before the bombing several persons at the Murrah building saw three men (they took for maintenance or utility workers) "working" in a reserved area of the underground parking structure.


These men had what appeared to be a set of plans or "blue prints," telephone wire and a large block of "clay." When the three men noticed they were being observed by one of the employees, JANE GRAHAM, a federal government employee of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (H.U.D), situated in the Murrah building, they themselves began to act somewhat suspiciously.


And this is where we get into the importance of Jane Graham. It was nearly a year later, while watching a video about the bombing at a friends' house, Jane was taken aback by two men in the video she'd seen on the afternoon before the bombing and `the very morning of the bombing' inside the Murrah Federal Building each wearing the
blue uniform (shirt and pants) of General Services Administration (G.S.A.) employees. Jane had never seen these two men before or after this two day period, and at the time, had thought it strange that two of the regular G.S.A. employees would have been off on the same day, replaced by two temporaries.


After viewing the video, she began to re-think several incidences she had heard or seen in the two weeks leading up to the morning of the bombing that at the time they occurred didn't seem all that unusual. But, as she began to put them in order, a definite pattern of importance began to emerge. The first incident was a conversation between two women she'd overheard in a coffee shop/snack bar in the Murrah Building about two weeks before the bombing. In this conversation one woman told another that a friend of her's in the F.B.I. had mentioned there was going to be a bombing. Concerned because Jane thought the woman was talking about the F.B.I. building, and she had a relative working nearby, she told her husband that evening what she'd overheard.


Then the three utility workers in the underground parking structure she and others had seen "working" the Friday before the bombing, now began to appear much more significant to her than they had at the time she'd seen them. The thing that really bothered her were these two men - the two she'd seen the previous afternoon and the morning of the bombing - "working" inside the Murrah Building wearing their blue G.S.A. uniforms.


The video Jane was watching had been shot shortly after the bombing and here they were outside the building `in street clothes' accidentally caught on videotape! Why had they changed? The last time she distinctly remembered seeing them it was 8:15 A.M. on April 19th (approximately forty-seven minutes before the bombing). They had just exited a stairwell that comes directly from the ninth floor down to the hallway they now briskly passed her in.


As she turned to watch them they continued down the hallway and exited the building at a fast pace. Jane remembers that one of them was carrying something in his hand but she doesn't remember what it was. It should be noted that neither of these individuals were any one of the three men that she and others had seen "working" in the underground parking structure on the previous Friday. These were two different individuals from the three. Jane had told the F.B.I. about the two men in the G.S.A. uniforms and when she was asked by an agent was either of them Timothy McVeigh or Terry [Nichols], and she told them "No," the F.B.I. wasn't really interested in talking to her further.


The question now becomes: Who is Jane Graham and is she a credible witness? Jane and her family moved from Boston to Oklahoma in 1984. She is a wife, mother and grandmother. After moving to Oklahoma, Jane went to work for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (H.U.D.) [in Murrah building], where she had been employed for 10 years. Active in union affairs for much of her life, at the time of the bombing, Jane was (and still is) president of the American Federation of Government Employees (A.F.G.E.) Union Local Number 3138, in Oklahoma City.


In short, Jane Graham is a very credible witness and deserves to be heard. What Jane Graham felt, heard and experienced, during the bombing also debunks the single bomb nonsense as well. At the time of the bombing, Jane and others were attending a "Windows" software workshop on the ninth floor of the building. As she sat down in the chair and turned on a computer, Jane remembers that the entire building began to shake. Her first thought was that she'd done something wrong with the computer. She remembers the floor "rolling" from east to west.


After the shaking began, the women in charge of the computer workshop exclaimed that it must be an earthquake and for everyone to get under their desks. Jane remembers that at this point she just sat there frozen and stunned for a few seconds. Then she recalls, ...seven...eight...nine seconds later...hearing a very large explosion and feeling it coming "up" toward them on the ninth floor from below, within the building. The last thing she remembers before she was knocked unconscious by debris was part of the roof hanging over and seeing blue sky. Her estimation of a 7-9 second interval between explosions is very close to the 10-second interval recorded by the Oklahoma Geological Survey seismograph at Norman, and should be taken very seriously.


The initial shaking of the building was probably caused by the series of explosive charges placed at critical structural areas (such as those General Partin has spoken of) beginning to collapse much of the east end of the building. What Jane Graham and others experienced during the bombing lends powerful credence to the multiple-bomb analysis of General Partin. Retired F.B.I. bureau chief Ted L. Gunderson and many others also believe there was more than one bomb. Yet the multiple-bomb theory in both trials wasn't even brought up, and when Stephen Jones [McVeigh's attorney] tried to introduce the possibility of a much larger bombing conspiracy, it was barred by the judge!


With the hasty passage by congress of the anti- and counter- terrorism legislation, which would have otherwise gone nowhere, many equate what happened in Oklahoma City with Hitler's burning of the Reichstag in 1933. With much of the evidence being what it is who can legitimately argue against this point? Jane Graham is a courageous lady for coming forward. And other bombing survivors will do the same. This is where each of you who reads this article can help. Jane Graham has given an extensive videotaped interview of what I have written about here. The interview is in a new video titled "Oklahoma Atrocity." Get a copy and show it to your family and friends.


with Congress still refusing to act, it will only be in this way, with many of you helping that the real truth of this terrible atrocity will see the light of day. With thousands or tens of thousands of American's working together--one of the greatest cover-ups of the century can be broken and the truth presented to a jury in Oklahoma City. I cannot emphasize to you, the reader, strongly enough how important the following information is, and how critical it is for as many of you as possible to act on it. A concerted effort (which this article is a part of) is currently underway in various parts of the country to get Jane Graham's videotaped testimony to as many of the bombing survivors and county and city officials as possible in Oklahoma City.


A county grand jury was impaneled last [summer], in Oklahoma City, and is currently looking into the bombing.

DELTA - On April 19, 1995, at approximately 9:02 A.M. (local time) a series of explosions devastated the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City in what was by far the deadliest terrorist bombing in U.S. history. Since then, Timothy McVeigh has been convicted on all counts against him in the bombing and has
been sentenced to death. His alleged accomplice in this horrific act, Terry Nichols, has been convicted of conspiracy and awaits sentencing. Among the various charges; both men were accused of making and delivering a single 4800 lb. ammonium nitrate and fuel oil (ANFO) bomb to the front of the Murrah Building in a Ryder truck, which caused the terrible destruction and carnage, the aftermath of which was later witnessed by tens of millions on network television. During both trials, the prosecution maintained that the devastation to the building and the tremendous injury and loss of life to those inside was caused solely by this single truck bomb.


However, other things which occurred in the two weeks leading up to the bombing, as well as other events seen and recorded that morning, completely contradict this single truck-bomb theory. To begin with, the seismic equipment at the Oklahoma Geological Survey at the University of Oklahoma at Norman, more than twenty miles away, registered "two" distinct ground motions some ten seconds apart at 9:02 A.M. on the morning of April 19th. And the seismometer at the Omniplex Science Museum much closer to the federal building, registered what many experts believe were as many as "six separate air blasts and shock waves," in rapid succession at the same time! Yet the government and the major-media have steadfastly reported only a single explosion!


And some of the most preeminent explosives' experts on the face of the earth have been totally ignored so far. One of these experts is Benton K. Partin, brigadier General U.S.A.F. (Retired), who did extensive analysis and study of the "pattern of damage" to the Murrah Building, and concluded that it "could not" have been caused solely by a truck bomb, parked outside the building, regardless of how much explosives it contained! Because the "asymmetrical" damage pattern to the building was not consistent with a single point of detonation. Who is Benton K. Partin, and what qualifications does he possess to make such critical analysis?


To begin with, General Partin could rightfully be called the "expert's expert," when it comes to high-explosives and bomb-damage analysis for the following reasons: In addition to spending 31 years active duty in the U.S. Air Force, 25 of those years were spent in research, design, development, test and management, of nearly every non-nuclear weapons-device in the Air Force. This included "hands-on work" at the Ballistic Research Laboratories, and Commander of the Air Force Armament Technology Laboratory. His military and professional accomplishments would literally take two or three more paragraphs to list (including: Air Force Systems command, Air Staff and the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD). He has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, an M.S. in Aeronautical Engineering and is a Ph.D. Candidate (academics completed) in Operations Research & Statistics. So, when one refers to General Partin as the expert's expert, concerning high-explosives and bomb-damage analysis, it is done so for a very good reason.


After extensive analysis of hundreds of photographs and much videotaped footage, he released an extensive forensic report on July 30, 1995, entitled: Bomb Damage Analysis Of Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is an incredibly detailed scientific analysis and includes five color photographs (or Tabs). Preceding his analysis, he has a two-page "info copy" of a letter of the same date (July 30, 1995), which he sent to U.S. Senator Trent Lott of the Senate Intelligence Committee. In addition to Senator Lott's letter, General Partin sent "info copies" of this letter to all 535 members of Congress! Due to space limitations here, I will now quote just the first paragraph of this most important letter:

"The attached report contains conclusive proof that the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was not caused solely by the truck bomb. Evidence shows that the massive destruction was primarily the result of four explosive charges placed at critical structural points at the third floor level."

A man of General Partin's military and educational background most certainly doesn't use such terms as "conclusive proof" and "evidence shows" lightly, especially when writing about high-explosives and bomb analysis. As truly incredible as it is, he has been ignored by most of our "representatives," both Democrats and Republicans in Congress!! And the media has continued to tell the American people it was all the result of a single ANFO bomb in the back of a Ryder truck.


General Partin has done extensive investigation and analysis into the World Trade Center bombing, the missile shoot-down of TWA FLIGHT 800, and several other cover-ups in recent years. Each of these, including the Oklahoma City bombing, are available on a 2 1/2 hour video for $29.00 (including shipping). General Partin's, published analysis which I have written about here is only $10.00.

Write to: Benton K. Partin, 8908 Captains Row, Alexandria, Virginia 22308. And the video "Oklahoma Atrocity," with Jane Graham's recorded deposition, is available for $13.00 from Harvestor Tapes, 11668 #244 Gateway Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90064.

The profits from the tapes put out by Harvester will go to provide more tapes which will be hand-carried to those in Oklahoma City. That is why Harvester Tapes is making this special offer to you. For only $25.00 (plus sh&h), you will be sent the video "Reichstag '95" featuring retired F.B.I. bureau chief Ted L. Gunderson and Anthony J. Hilder, discussing the Oklahoma City bombing and "Oklahoma Atrocity" (Jane Graham's recorded testimony). Your purchase of these tapes will help finance the Oklahoma city project. Harvester tapes: (310) 288-6656

This reporter talked to Mrs. Jane Graham this morning. The following are her statements: Congressman James A. Traficant Jr., Chairman--Committee Science, Transportation and Infrastructure, will meet Mrs. Graham when the Committee meets. She will giver her testimony at that time. She does not know when this event will take place. She has not been called to testify to the Oklahoma City County Grand Jury. Representative Charles Key did confirm that Mrs. Graham is on the list of witnesses to testify for the Grand Jury. Furthermore, Mrs. Graham has written to the Foreman of the Grand Jury, in care of District Attorney, Bob Macy, stating that she has important data to impart.


Mr. Macy's office wrote back stating that the letter from the Foreman showed no interest in her testimony at this time, and that those concerned would get back to her "if" they become interested.




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