Waco cover-up: "The FLIR Project"

Film Resurrects Waco

Pat Shannan

Waco cover-up: "The FLIR Project"

Sun Apr 8 14:01:14 2001

McNulty on Sunday Show

Mike McNulty, nationally known for his indefatigable research and reporting
of the Waco cover-up, has done it again! This time he has exposed the
cover-up of the cover-up.

Followers of the story will be remember that Janet Reno hired John Danforth
as an independent "investigator" last year in order to "clear up the
matter." Danforth cleared it up for the news media by finally concluding
last fall that " . . . we are 100% certain that the FBI did not fire a shot
that day (April 19, 1993)."

The dispute had begun brewing a couple of years before when Mike McNulty et
al. produced a documentary video which included the FBI's own FLIR (Forward
Looking Infrared) tapes shot from an airplane at 4,000 feet during the
massacre. FLIR reflects heat, and the hotter it is the whiter it appears on
the film. With the hundreds of white spots appearing from three sides of the
building, the researchers believed they had the video evidence of a planned
government execution of the Davidians.

The government based its "final conclusion" that this was not so largely on
the point that the the white blips on the screen were of "too long a
duration" to be gunfire and decided that they were simply reflections of

McNultey's new video, "The FLIR Project", destroys this hoax and makes one
100% certain that the FBI and Delta Force ground troops DID fire hundreds of
rounds that day. With new and different technology, McNultey was able to
pull up magnified images of men in uniform moving and firing around the
Davidian church home. The men, women, and children were brutally murdered in
the doorways as they attempted to escape the raging inferno.

Mike McNulty will be our guest for the full hour this evening and will
welcome your call-in questions.

This 34-minute piece of irrefutable evidence is available through the
website below for $22, shipping and handling included.

SEE: www.patshannan.bizland.com
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live every Sunday evening, 8:00pm EST,
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Wed Apr 4 12:12:26 2001

Neal Knox Report

Film Resurrects Waco

By Neal Knox

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 2) — The Danforth Special Counsel
investigation of the FBI's final attack on the Branch Davidians at Waco
— and Danforth's claim "with 100 percent certainty" that the FBI never
fired on Mt. Carmel — seemed to have buried that story forever.

It just got resurrected. Maybe.

"The FLIR Project" is the third Mike McNulty film about the fire that
killed 80 men, women and children April 19, 1993.

It examines the "evidence" that caused Danforth to declare that the
staccato flashes visible on a Forward Looking InfraRed (FLIR) video are
not gunfire, as several prominent infrared experts have claimed.

The flashes, which show up as hot spots on heat-sensing infrared film,
were captured by an FBI aircraft at the time of the final fire. Special
Counsel and former Senator John Danforth (R-Mo.) found that the
flashes were merely "reflections" or "glints" from glass or trash, lasting
too long to be gunfire.

Those seeming gunflashes were among the most damning evidence in the
two earlier McNulty films, the award-winning "Waco: The Rules of
Engagement" (produced with Dan Gifford) and "Waco: A New

Sen. Danforth (who professed to be a defender of gun rights until he
announced his retirement, when he "courageously" blasted NRA), was
appointed by Attorney General Janet Reno to investigate the FLIR
evidence. His deputy was former U.S. Attorney Ed Dowd, who had used
his office to oppose Missouri's 1999 concealed carry initiative, and is now
Danforth's law partner.

The Special Counsel's office set up a test at Ft. Hood, near Waco. It
would supposedly "exactly replicate" the conditions at Mt. Carmel church
in 1993 — same weapons, ammo, and uniforms, and similar climatic
conditions and infrared camera,

(When such a test was first proposed, Justice Department claimed it
would be impossible to exactly duplicate necessary conditions such as the
soil temperature; they also falsely claimed the type of FLIR camera used
no longer existed and could not be duplicated.)

The Ft. Hood test was shot from a British military aircraft using a nearly
identical FLIR camera. It clearly showed the heat signatures of people on
the ground, unlike the 1993 video, in which no "shooters" can be seen.

There was an obvious reason: McNulty's new video reveals that not only
was the Ft. Hood test conducted on a 65-degree day, the test area was wet
down and covered with a tarp the night before, resulting in even greater
temperature differences between soldiers and soil.

"The FLIR Project" conducted its own test using a high crane-mounted
FLIR camera on an 85-degree morning last September. Wearing the same
type IFR-suppressed Army BDU uniforms worn by the FBI Hostage
Rescue Team (HRT) and in the Ft. Hood "replication," McNulty's testers
are invisible unless moving.

The government claims the Waco FBI FLIR flashes aren't gunfire
because they last as much as 133 milliseconds, as measured by the
number of video frames, while flashes from military ammo in an M-16A2
last only 8 milliseconds.

As shooters know, the shorter a barrel, the greater the muzzle flash.
Propellant in military 5.56 ammo is coated to produce minimum flash in a
standard 20-inch barrel M-16A2, the combination used in Danforth's Ft.
Hood test.

But FBI photos from Waco, obtained under the Freedom of Information
Act, shows HRT agents carrying CAR-16 or M-4 carbines with 14
1/2-inch barrels. Other FOIA photos show they were carrying Federal
commercial ammo.

Although the flashes in the FBI FLIR appear to be bursts of full-auto fire,
the Ft. Hood tests were fired only semi-auto.

"The FLIR Project" test shows that an M-16 with GI ammo produces an
almost imperceptible flash, but an M-4 carbine with Federal ammo
produces a flash four times longer — though still shorter duration than
flashes on the FBI film.

However, when testers threw dust into the air to simulate the fine dust
resulting from tank treads and the building demolition, the FLIR camera
recorded M-4/Federal flashes almost identical to those on the FBI film.

McNulty's film shows a frame by frame view of a three-round burst in
dust lasting 11 fields of continuous video footage — about 173

That's critical, for duration of the flashes was the "scientific certainty"
that Federal Judge Walter Smith cited in dismissing the Davidian
survivors' wrongful death lawsuit against the government.

Using the wrong gun and ammo in Danforth's Ft. Hood test could have
been a simple goof, the 20-degree cooler day could have been a fluke of
nature and bad timing, but watering down the test area — cooling the
ground and killing the dust — was deliberate.

So was the decision to shoot only semi-auto.

Danforth's Ft. Hood tests weren't botched; they were rigged.

Advance copies of "FLIR Project" are available for $19.95 from
Neal Knox


The Latest Waco Fireball
Thu Apr 5 14:36:19 2001

The Latest Waco Fireball

by James Bovard

The Waco ghost may be rising from the grave once more to
place its ice-cold hand again on the neck of the Washington
establishment. A new film and a new book by top Waco
experts achieve the miraculous -- further shredding
government credibility on the FBI's April 19, 1993 attack on
the Branch Davidians.

Back in September 1999, Attorney General Janet Reno
hand-picked establishment eminence and former U.S.
Senator John Danforth (R-MO) to put the wooden stake in
the heart of the Waco issue once and for all. Danforth,
operating supposedly as an independent counsel, did his
pious best -- and raced to release his report last summer just
as rumor had it that he was a top prospect to be Bush's vice
presidential candidate. Danforth basically exonerated the
feds, saving his scorn for low-life Americans who dared
criticize the government tank assault and gassing of the
women, children, and men in the Davidians' home.

A key issue in Danforth's investigation was whether FBI
agents fired on Davidians during the final attack. Rhythmic
patterns on Forward Looking Infrared ("FLIR") tapes made
from an FBI plane strongly suggested automatic weapons
fire came from positions near the FBI tanks. Danforth
persuaded federal Judge Walter Smith to conduct a
re-enactment last year of the final day's action. Danforth
then proclaimed that the film from the re-enactment proved
beyond a doubt that federal agents did not shoot at
Davidians -- in large part because the muzzle flashes on the
re-enactment were much shorter than the shots from the
April 19, 1993 tape.

A new film, entitled "The F.L.I.R. Project," produced by
Mike McNulty (one of the masterminds behind the 1998
Academy Award finalist documentary, "Waco: Rules of
Engagement") reveals fatal flaws in Danforth's re-enactment.
(The film is available at www.flirproject.com)

On April 19, 1993, FBI agents relied on a commercial,
off-the-shelf ammo -- the type that would be used by any
hunter or shooter. For the March 19, 2000 Danforth-FBI
re-enactment, however, the FBI used military-issue
ammunition that had a special chemical coating on the
gunpowder to reduce muzzle flash (helpful in preventing
soldiers being detected in combat). The military ammo thus
had a built-in flash suppressant.

Since a key issue was the length of the muzzle flashes, using
flash-suppressing ammunition ensured that the re-enactment
would be a farce.

The Danforth-FBI re-enactment further biased the test
results by having the FBI agents use weapons with a 20-inch
barrel -- instead of weapons with 14-inch barrels which
agents carried on April 19, 1993. The longer a weapon's
barrel, the less muzzle flash will be shown from each shot.

Again, this is a tricky way to do an accurate re-enactment.
But the re-enactment produced the result that Reno and
Danforth sought -- and Danforth proceeded to denounce the
American people for thinking bad things about their federal

No doubt Danforth, the FBI, and others will continue to
insist that there was no gunfire by FBI agents on April 19,
1993. But if the feds are innocent, why have they gone to
such absurd lengths to fix the jury? The $12 million in tax
dollars that Danforth spent for his Waco investigation should
have been categorized as part of the public relations budget
of the FBI and Justice Department -- or perhaps as a line
item expense in the Clinton Legacy Project.

These revelations come on top of information that has
already surfaced showing the Danforth investigation to be a
sham. Danforth personally chose Vector Data Systems to
carry out the tests, with U.S. military assistance, and to
evaluate the results. Danforth repeatedly identified Vector as
independent British company. But Vector is actually owned
by Anteon, a large American corporation that on its webpage
boasts of contracts with 50 federal agencies, including the
White House Communications Agency.

A new book by former federal attorney David Hardy further
batters the government's Waco fairy tale. This Is Not An
Assault provides fascinating inside details on how private
investigators squeezed out damning information on Waco --
how federal judge Walter Smith stifled lawyers at the trial
last year to prevent jurors from learning of over a hundred
items of evidence embarrassing to, or potentially
incriminating, the federal government -- and how Republican
congressmen (such as Dan Burton) and aides cowered and
effectively aided the Clinton administration cover-up.
Hardy's skill in hammering federal agencies with Freedom of
Information Act requests was a decisive factor in making
Waco a hot political potato in 1999. (Hardy's book will be
soon available at www.Xlibris.com)

If President Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft want
to restore the faith of the American people in the federal
government, they must open the vaults on Waco. The
cover-up continues -- almost eight years after the final fire of
Waco. Neither Bush nor Ashcroft should have any incentive
to cover up the outrages of Reno and other Clinton
administration officials. On the other hand, if Bush and
Ashcroft do not have the will or gumption to force the FBI,
the ATF, and the Justice Department to come clean about
Clinton era abuses, what hope can we have of their honesty
regarding any abuses occurring after January 20?

James Bovard is the author of "Feeling Your Pain": The
Explosion & Abuse of Government Power in the
Clinton-Gore Years (St. Martin's Press). To purchase the
book, click here.

(Posted 4/5/01)

ho was responsible for the deaths of the Branch
Davidians on April 19, 1993 at Waco? The
government claims the Davidians committed mass
suicide by gunshot and by fire. But in two acclaimed
documentaries "Waco: The Rules of Engagement" and
"Waco: A New Revelation independent experts saw
gunfire pouring into Mt. Carmel from the outside,
gunfire that would have prevented the Davidians from
fleeing the burning building. Janet Reno appointed a
Special Counsel to discover the truth. His conclusion:
allegations against the government are false; no
federal agent fired a weapon on that fateful day.

In "The F.L.I.R. Project" Emmy Award winning
investigative journalist Michael McNulty proves that
the Special Counsel was wrong! This powerful film
demonstrates beyond a reasonable doubt that federal
agents fired into Mt. Carmel as men, women and
children were burning to death inside the building. It is
an unflinching indictment of the government and its
continuing cover-up.

Michael McNulty

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