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From: TWStough

Date: Sat, 21 Mar 1998 19:20:24 EST

I must make this brief because there is so much to do.

As I am sure you know by now, the sparks flew on Monday when four of the defendants refused to come to trial and had to be physically forced to attend.

They had attorneys appointed and were removed from trial. In my opinion, the appointed attorneys have been practically worthless. They either don't know or don't care that the government is planting a bumper crop of false and misleading information in the jury's mind. To date, after the removal of the four defendants, the trial has been less than exciting. However, there are undercurrents which I have learned in talking with one family who is very concerned. I spoke at length with the mother, wife and sister of Edwin Clark. Edwin Clark is the defendant who, after over 600 days of 23 hour a day lock down has refused to be fingerprinted. The government has tried to force the issue but has not been successful.

Cruel and unusual punishment? Take Edwin Clark. He has been able to SEE his wife twice, once at Christmas and once on their anniversary. This despite not having been convicted of a single crime. In the Courtroom on Thursday, a "U.S. Marshal" ordered him to NOT TURN AROUND to keep him from even looking at his mother, his wife and his sister who were in the Courtroom. Here are a couple of facts which were extremely critical but which the jury does not know. First, the Freemen surrendered after an agreement was reached which they thought would assure them a fair trial. The basics of the deal was that the Freemen would place all their weapons (about 100) and all of their documents into a Ryder truck rented by a local government official. The contents of this truck would be totally accessible to both the Freemen and the government.

The truck was loaded and the Freemen even labeled the guns with duct tape to indicate to whom the weapons would be returned (by the way, there were NO weapons violations).

As soon as the government had possession of the truck, they took total possession and would not let the Freemen have access to the records.

The second part of the deal which the government has not honored is that Edwin Clark and others were to be released on bail to allow them to prepare a defense. This also never happened.

Second, the Freemen trial has been split into two parts. The first part is for the "accomplices". It seems strange to try people for aiding "after the fact" a crime which has not been proven. The government must be relying on there to be all sheeple on the jury.

Before I tell you some important facts which have been revealed in the trial, let me tell you about the setting itself.

Outside the Courthouse, you see the first signs of government paranoia. They have placed concrete barricades in front of the Federal Building to prevent an attack. And you can be sure that the building is under 24 hour surveillance.

You enter the door of the Federal Courthouse to see a large "Novus Ordum Secundum" seal by the door. This is the first clue that the Courthouse will be full of New World Order symbology. The Phoenix and the Pyramid are on the security badges. There are numerous groupings of 6 and 13 items throughout the Courthouse.

As you enter, you immediately see the metal detectors. Private guards run the entrance. To get into the Courthouse, you must show photo ID. The guard takes your ID, confirms your address, gets your telephone number and issues a numbered badge which must be worn at all times. I learned from a confidential source that background screens are being run on ALL those entering the building.

Proceeding to the Fifth Floor (Satan's number), a SECOND set of metal detectors is encountered. Visitors are completely reprocessed again at this second check point. At this point, all the workers are wearing badges which say "U.S. Marshall Service". Some have a silver badge while others are just written in block letters.

Acting dumb ( not a far stretch), I went up to one of the "U.S. Marshals" and asked them what the difference was between Marshals with a gold badge and those with a silver or no badge. The guy told me (and I got confirmation later from another one) that NONE of the people wearing the silver badges or the blue tags were government employees. They all are contract security through General Security Services of Minneapolis MN. Imagine that! Inside the Courtroom, there are usually about 8 "U.S. Marshals" -- two in back, three behind the defendants and two up front. There are only TWO defendants in the Court and usually fewer than 8 spectators other than attorneys and the media. That gives them one on one coverage.

On Wednesday, the government made a big deal of presenting all the weapons belonging to the Freemen. There were a total of 106, all legal. They made a big point of illustrating how one set of clips had been duct taped together so that it could be flipped to give double capacity. The government tried to tell the jury that the AR-15s (semiautomatic and legal) were the same as military assault weapons (the M-16). This was one of the few cases where the appointed attorneys set the record straight.

The Freemen set up guard shifts after Leroy Schweitzer and Dan Peterson were captured. The government played exerpts from videos showing Freemen walking to and from their posts. The government kept mentioning the "robbery of the NBC crew". It turns out that the Freemen confiscated their equipment (they did have a lawful government set up in Justus Township -- Justus was the surname of Jesus). It further turned out today that the U.S. Attorney had ordered the media not to enter the township. The crew also saw the "No Trespassing" signs but ignored them also.

The quality of the phone taps was extremely poor but it was obvious that the government had gone to extremes to get information. When people from the township would call others outside the townships, the phone lines of those others would be tapped. This is how phones in several other states were tapped. On one call played for the jury, Steven Hance mentions going to Pete Stern (North Carolina) for help. On another to the home of a Dr. Kasler (to his son Kurt), Kurt specifically states that the phone is "fine" indicating that they have bug detectors installed (which are not picking up the tap).

Steven Hance came from North Carolina to Justus Township to attend a class on getting out of debt using the instruments Schweitzer was creating. The Freemen had proof that these were working. In fact, it took the IRS 10 months to decide that the payments they had received were not valid. However, they NEVER FOLLOWED THE PROCEDURE FOR REDEEMING THE INSTRUMENTS. They can, therefore, not say that they were invalid. My favorite audio clip was of John Hance saying to his girlfriend in NC (whose phone was tapped) "We wouldn't be in this big mess if government was like it was supposed to be." No truer words were ever spoken.

As I sat through hours of government garbage, I kept saying to myself, WHAT IS THEIR POINT? They show guns which the defendants had legally. They talk about "warrant checks" (over FIFTEEN BILLION) they never tried to cash. They showed the citizens of Justus Township guarding their property legally.

The government's case on it's face apparently is full of holes. We can only hope that the jury can see that.

Terry W. Stough

On The Road At The Freemen Trial

Book: by Pat Shannan THE MONTANA FREEMEN--The Untold Story of Government Suppression and The News Media Cover-Up

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