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Genesis & History of the Cosmic Conflict

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In order to understand the COSCON1 files more fully, it is recommended that you read first the MOJAVE files in order. The COSCON1 database is the first supplementary batch of files which are intended to serve as a compliment for the MOJAVE database. At this writing the COSCON2 database is in production... HISTORY: I received a package in Aug. 1995. The cover letter was dated 8/21/1995.

Dear Kenneth, Up until now I have been somewhat reticent in my desire to send you the information that is enclosed with this letter, information which concerns the New World Order - Gray Alien connection. However, since your acceptance of the Val Valerian MATRIX II information, and the revelations that Phil Schneider has made (my information goes far "deeper" than Phil's in regards to the joint Bavarian-Gray base below Dulce, etc), I've decided that the time is now right to pass the information along to you with the hopes that you will spread the information that you deem useful throughout the faxnet.

The document that I am sending is a synopsis of the combined research and experiences of myself and others who have been involved in all of this, yet who also have a determined desire to defend "truth, justice and the American way".... I am what you might refer to as a "sleeper" agent of military intelligence. I actually possess two alternate "personalities" -- a normal "waking" personality which is the one writing to you now, and an alternate hypno-electronically-induced alternate "personality" that has been programmed as an agent in the Black Projects and has security access to "the underground".

Once one has passed the security levels necessary to gain access to the subnet where the tube-train and Alternative 002 underground cities are located, they are usually not questioned since the rest (both humans and aliens) assume that he or she is "supposed" to be there. This does not mean that everything is always nice and peaceful down there, as there is now an escalating "civil war" taking place in the "underground empire" as a result of a growing resistance to the way things are being run down there - and it is this resistance which I am serving in this as well as in my "alternate" life.

Apparently these secret Government fascists in the underground basements have such a god complex that they cannot help but try and enforce their tyranny - even on their own king. The revelations in the enclosed document are no Joke! You may at first recieve the information as being similar to a complex plot for a science fiction-drama-adventure novel, but I assure you that it is true to the best of my knowledge. I am also sending you the core files of WINDOWS-PC database which you can peruse (in addition to the Val Valerian and Phil Schneider information that you already possess).

The database has more than enough documentary information to convince all but the most naive skeptic that there must be something to the scenario as related in the enclosed "Cosmic Conflict" document. I am unable to give you my return address at this time, nor my true name, as I am walking on thin ice as it is. True, I wish to help preserve this great nation as our founders established it through the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, etc., but I also wish to LIVE to see the final victory as well! Yours in the Resistance.... /s/ Branton

Ken Vardon: I received additional letters from Branton from time to time. But I have not received anything for a couple of years. I have been on the move since shortly after receiving this information. I copied about twenty disks and sent them to APFN Advisors that could remark and give some feed back. All told me that the information supplied was true. That is all but one Bo Gritz, said it is dis-information and that it is meant to talk patriot off the mark of the battle. He could very well be Right.

The information was put into a book by others and sold, but I have not had any feed back From the two sources that I gave the information to, to publish. The synopsis is a twenty-six page document that was not on disk and has not been typed on disk yet. It is called; "THE GENESIS AND HISTORY OF THE COSMIC CONFLICT" It will be posted to the APFN web as soon as it can be typed. American Patriot Friends Network a/k/a American Patriot Fax Network Email: apfn@apfn.org URL : http://www.apfn.org/apfn/apfncont.htm Watch for forthcoming selection: "Branton Files" A sleeper agent from the underground.

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The Phil Schneider Story

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