Genesis and History of the Cosmic Conflict

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"As far as advanced bio-technology is concerned, I have no
doubt that a micro-chip implantation technology is being perfected
in which tiny micro-chips could be implanted in our circulatory
systems, vital organs and tissues if need be for whatever purpose
the future may 'require'. It is my conclusion that a large-scale
research has been completed by the government (with possible
assistance from 'outside' sources) within the last 20 years or so
utilizing tens of thousands of cattle in the Southwest to conduct
this covert experiment. Only recently has science proven that
cow hemoglobin could be substituted (by utilizing a special
purification system) with human blood in situations of 'unforeseen
national emergencies.'

Researcher David L. Dobbs of Cincinnati, OH., described the
following 'resume of report received... after the MUFON 40-meter
net on April, 5, 1980.':
"...Mike (DELETED), Iowa (DELETED), stated that during the
period 1961-63 he performed radio maintenance at the atomic
proving ground. He also did some top-secret radio work for the
Air Force at times. The U-2 was developed here.
"'Area 51' was located 60 miles due east of the base camp,
behind a mountain range separating it from Yucca Flat. Here a
secret operation was performed under unbelievable security
precautions known as 'Project Redlight.' A UFO which had
been shipped from Edwards AFB was flown here. It was not
conventionally powered, but was SILENT in operation. Mike
assumed that this was the disc recovered intact and shown in
the UFO movie reported by radar technicians. Security in Project
Red Light was so strict that no one stayed there more than six
months. Mike did not see this movie himself, however.
"While on vacation, he saw a story in Reader's Digest at his
parent's home which told of a UFO exploding over the test site in
1962 while being flown. This would have been a recent story at
the time. Mike is aware of the conventionally-powered disc built
by the Air Force which was publicized. We both feel that this
may have been a cover-up for the real project which he describes.
He also heard the stories about parts from a UFO which could not
be duplicated successfully by aerospace contractors on the west
coast, and many of the rumors about UFOs which have emanated
from Nellis AFB. Incidentally, Nellis AFB operated 'Area 51'
where he says the UFO was flown.
"This information has bothered him for 20 years, and he
wonders if it might be possible for documentation regarding
'Project Red Light' to be obtained under the Freedom of
Information Act."

According to various sources, 'Area 51' in Nevada, where the
S-4, Groom Lake, or Dreamland complexes are located, is the
same area where the Stealth Bomber, SR-71, 'Star Wars' or SDI
Technology, and all manner of aerospace hightech had been
developed and tested; these include CIA experiments and tests.
Other names for the 'Dreamland' complex include: 'The Ranch' or
'The Skunk Works'. This is where Francis Gary Powers, who flew
the ill-fated U-2 spy plane mission which was shot down over
Russia (where Powers was held prisoner for some time), was
trained. Incidentally, there are also rumors that the vast caverns
which have been excavated by the underground nuclear blasts
in the adjacent Nevada Nuclear Test range, have been and are
being connected by underground tunnels and used for top secret
purposes. If this is the case one may wonder how the problems
of radiation residue were solved... [via 'clean' nuclear blasts?]

Referring to the subsurface regions, we quote now from yet
another item that appeared in the N.A.R. newsletter, which was
"An observation has recently been made that most of the
outstanding inner earth researchers have died of heart attack
(Note: Heart attack is reportedly one weapon or method of
psychic attack that is recognized by those occultists who are
familiar with 'voodoo' or 'psychic' warfare. Heart Attacks of this
nature are allegedly induced by the use of intense TERROR that
is 'projected' against individuals by the initiators of such attack.
It is alleged that hominoid non-human beings such as the serpent
races might have the ability to direct psychic attacks against
human beings via the use of black magic, witchcraft or sorcery.
It is interesting that there have been very few if any UFOlogists,
etc., who claim to have taken up a devout 'Christian' lifestyle,
who have physically suffered the 'negative' side of UFO research
-- including encounters with MIBS, abductions, paralysis, heart
attacks or other FEAR-ORIENTED forms of victimization. This
suggests that a deep FAITH in the Creator may neutralize
the FEAR that the aliens seem to depend on as their major
"weapon" in their psychic attacks against humankind, making
the 'believers' impervious to their otherwise destructive influences
- Branton). Surely, this is beyond a simple coincidence. GRAY
Journal] are but a few (also, researcher CHARLES MARCOUX
- Branton). Locally, there are several inner earth researchers who
are very notable in their persistence.
"Lew Tery, who has recently relocated to Utah, was the
foremost local proponent of (the) geomagnetic vortex/UFO
connection theory. Lew was instrumental in the discovery of
underground tunnel networks in the Las Vegas area, one of
them being between the base of Boulder Dam and Jumbo Peak,
where there are two mines whose owners view 200' diameter
disks on a frequent basis. At one point, Lew offered to set up
an interview with these miners. Alas, Mr. Tery is not to be found.
"A local Henderson resident, who shall remain nameless, has
been into inner earth research for years. This person has been
hounded and chased due to intimate knowledge of inner earth
tunnels in the local area.
"There is obviously something here that some people wish
to protect. Something to hide. Many seem to know what it is,
and they speak cautiously about REPTILIAN HUMANOIDS and
the SERPENT RACE, which are two subjects which seem to be
surfacing again. Response to local television and radio programs
featuring JOHN LEAR have been overwhelming. A recent lecture
in Las Vegas drew over 700 people.
"According to some sources, the 'Greys' are the lower level
of a bigger scenario that involves this reptilian race..."

The following is a transcript of a letter which was sent by John
Lear to researcher TAL LeVesque. The letter, dated October 6,
1990, states:

"Dear TAL... Many thanks for your recent, very interesting
letter. I showed it to Bob (i.e. Lazar - Branton) and he thinks
we are both crazy. He does not believe that Dulce exists. Bob
went through extreme brainwashing at S-4 so I can understand
his feelings. About the time that he was brainwashed, maybe
a little before, he told me that Dulce was mentioned up there
once or twice in conversations that he was not part of...but that
he overhead. Since that time he has forgotten even that part.
Since I know Dulce exists, what Bob thinks does not affect me
in the least.
"A source of mine that is a security guard at the test site
tells me that currently there are 5 types of aliens there: The
Greys, the Orange, the reptilians, the ones that look like [the
aliens] in the movie 'V' and the ones that look so ugly that they
take your breath away until you get used to looking at them.
"I now believe that a very large Saucer crashed near Sedona,
possibly 2 years ago and is in the process of being retrieved in
sections, as it is too big to remove in one piece.
"The recent stories in Aviation Week, I believe, are attempts
to buy more time, to mislead the public and to confuse the issue
(Note: Lear is here referring to the article in the Oct. 1, 1990 issue
Advanced Vehicles Demonstrate Technologies For Future Military
Use". The article referred only to the fairly well-known super-
advanced jets being tested in Nevada, giving the impression that
these may explain all of the 'UFO' sightings in the area - Branton).
"Again, I appreciate very much your fascinating letter and
look forward to more information on Dulce... With much respect
and admiration... JOHN LEAR."

In connection with the subject of this File, that is the 'invasion'
of an alien race from above and below utilizing mind-bending
techniques, psychological warfare, mind control and implantation,
we will quote from Brad Steiger's 'THE UFO ABDUCTORS' (1988.,
Berkley Books., N.Y.):
"In 1969 I and my research associates... Loring G. Williams
and Glenn McWane, were bombarded with the claims of dozens
of contactees who said that they had had an implant left
somewhere in their skulls, usually just behind the left ear. These
contactees/abductees came from a wide variety of occupations,
cultural backgrounds, and age-groups.
"We employed private detectives and medical doctors... in an
attempt to learn what archetype had been fed into their particular
group consciousness. We never found any implants that were
detectable to X rays, but our hypnotic sessions turned up an
incredible amount of fascinating, albeit bizarre, information about
underground UFO bases, hybrid aliens walking among us, and
thousands of humans slowly turning into automatons because of
readjusted brain wave patterns.
"...Dagmar and Carl R. have a farm in northeast Iowa about
forty miles from the Mississippi River. One night in August of
1982, Carl observed what he called at the time a 'lantern in the
sky' that hovered over him while he was working late in the
"In October that year, while Carl was working late in the
field preparing for the annual corn harvest, he was startled to
see the glowing 'lantern' return to the sky above him. It
appeared to be the same object that he had seen in August.
"Although he tried to remain oblivious to the object, it
seemed to be hovering above him, even following him up and
down the corn rows. He became nervous and disconcerted
and went back to the farmhouse, where he asked Dagmar to
come out and witness the strange object.
"Dagmar was able to see the object, too, and they stood
and watched it for several minutes before it suddenly moved high
into the night sky and then sped off at a great rate of speed in a
westerly direction.
"About three the next morning, Carl was awakened by the
sound of cattle bellowing nervously in the stockyard. As he got
out of bed and looked out the bedroom window, he saw a disk-
shaped object hovering above the barnyard. It was glowing in a
kind of greenish color..."
Following this, the couple was 'tranquilized' by the object
or its occupants somehow, possibly by some kind of intoxicating,
pacifying or STIM-ulating ray which apparently induced a drugged
or trance-like electrochemical reaction in their brains and bodies,
after which they were taken by some entities. A conventional
'abduction' sequence ensued, similar to that described by so
many thousands of others. Steiger related the couples'
afterthoughts concerning their abduction by 'smallish' large-eyed
beings "with only nostril openings (rather than a pronounced nose)
and with tight, expressionless lips."
Steiger continues: "While the young Iowa couple can
remember no further UFO interaction since that particular autumn,
they both admit to being nervous about having another encounter.
Carl, especially, feels that he was used. Dagmar speculated that
bits of her skin tissue might have been removed in the examination,
and although she does not claim to be an expert in such matters,
she wonders if enough of her body could be cloned in a way to
interact with whatever embryo or fetus might have been fathered
by the semen that was taken from her husband (Note: Dagmar
claimed that during one part of the 'examination' a needle-like
object was stuck into her abdomen. Many believe that this is one
process by which the 'entities' extract ovum from human females
- Branton).
"Not wanting to sound like victims of some science fiction
thriller, the young couple have theorized that they might have
been used in some strange program of creating hybrid beings.
Perhaps, they suggest, Carl's semen was used to impregnate an
alien female or an Earth female, who is somehow influenced by
and under the control of alien beings. In either event, they are
uncomfortable with the experience and with the memory of the
encounter. Both of them feel as though they may have been
used in ways opposed to their normal expression of will.
"Dagmar has gone even farther in her speculations by
suggesting that if bits of her body could have been used to create
a clone and if Carl's semen could somehow be used at a future
time to impregnate such a clone, then alien beings could be
breeding their own brand of humans as part of an organized
program to create an army of human-like robots that would be
totally under control of aliens in their master plan to conquer
"UFO investigator Richard Siefried was told by Pam Owens
that she was taken aboard a UFO on November 25, 1978, while
she was expecting a child. She was nineteen at the time, and
she had no memory of the abduction until she was hypnotically
regressed. Then she was able to give full and fascinating details
of her encounter.
"Mrs. Owens told Siefried that she was paralyzed and able to
move only her eyes. She lay helpless on a table and stared up in
terror at two weird-looking creatures.
"According to Mrs. Owens, their heads were hairless, oversize
domes, their eyes were big and sunk back in their skulls. The
greenish skin covering their bodies was coarse. Each hand had
four fingers that she described as being twice as long as a
human's. And to her terror, one of those strange hands was
holding a long silver needle, preparing to plunge it into her

Dr. Clifford Wilson [M.A., B.D., Ph.D.], in his book "UFOS...
presents his own 'intelligence' or research concerning the on-
going invasion/infiltration of our society by alien powers:
"...Not only have many seen UFOs, but there is also a
growing army of those who claim to have had actual contact
with UFO occupants. An authoritative, and possibly conservative,
estimate is that there are 50,000 silent contactees in the United
States alone.
"It could well be there are thousands of people who do have
information and are not prepared to reveal it because of threatened
consequences to themselves. Possibly many do not know they
have that 'knowledge' because they themselves gained it in a
hypnotic state.
conquered by the infiltration of agents into government seats of
authority, and it is surely more frightening to think that mankind
could be overcome and even destroyed by programmed men and
women from within their own ranks. If there is indeed a final
confrontation approaching, an army of people could be involved.
They could be ready to take action which they themselves do not
even anticipate, but yet with no option but to obey because they
have been conditioned to obey, at a given signal.
"We are not alone in suggesting this dreadful possibility. To
quote John Keel once again:
"'We have no way of knowing how many human beings
throughout the world have been processed in this manner, since
they would have absolutely no memory of undergoing the
experience, and so we have no way of determining who among
us has strange and sinister 'programs' lying dormant in the dark
corners of his mind.
"'Suppose a plan is to process millions of people and then at
some future date trigger all of those minds at one time? Would
we suddenly have a world of saints? Or would we have a world of
armed maniacs shooting at one another from bell towers?'
"If Armageddon, to which the Bible points, is indeed a final
battle in which human and nonhuman forces alike wage that
dreadful conflict to the death, this sort of 'programming' is a real
possibility, and it appears to be proceeding at breakneck speed
across the whole of the world. It is reported that the term
'Armageddon' has been used in a message to a contactee and
other 'end of the world' messages have been given. Is there a
desperate preparation for a last-ditch stand by the forces of evil, a
final attempt to thwart the plans of the Holy God against Whom
they have rebelled? Bible history gives many examples where
Satanic forces have attempted completely to destroy God's plans
that would result in total blessings for man. There has continually
been a diabolical scheme to bending minds by deceitful
assurances and 'brainwashing.' Post-hypnotic suggestions, with
in-built commands for action to be triggered at a given signal,
would fit the general pattern of rebellion consistently seen in the
Bible records.
"A FRIGHTENING PROSPECT - The prospect if frightening.
It is entirely possible that by post-hypnotic suggestion a whole
army of people could suddenly find themselves willing slaves of
intelligent beings who care nothing for the welfare of those slaves,
or of the world itself as we know it. If there is some great super-
plan of a spiritual counterattack to reach its culmination in
Armageddon, it could well be that (this) army of slaves will be
available to obey orders, without even knowing beforehand that
they have been inducted into the armed forces of what the Bible
refers to as the principalities and powers.
"The indications are that even children are at times utilized
for the implementation of the plans of these evil powers. That
possibility is illustrated by the following incident.
"On December 12, 1967, Mrs. Rita Malley was driving along a
public highway to her home at Ithaca, New York, with her five-
year-old son Dana in the back seat of her vehicle. At about 7:00
P.M. she suddenly realized that a red light was apparently
following her, and as she was moving above the speed level, her
first reaction was that she was about to be pulled over. She
looked through her window and found that it was not a police car
behind her but an eerie flying object, moving along above the
power lines at the left of her car. Then she found she no longer
had control of her vehicle, and shouted to her son to brace
himself. However, he remained motionless as though he were in
a trance.
"A white beam of light flashed down from the vehicle overhead,
then she heard voices that sounded weird, broken, and jerky.
She herself became hysterical, but through it all her son took no
notice whatever of her cries. The radio was not on, but she heard
those voices tell her that at that moment a friend of hers had been
involved in a terrible accident some miles away. The next day
she found that this was indeed true. The voices also told her that
her son would not remember anything that had happened. The
ordeal was terrifying to Mrs. Malley herself, and for some time
afterward whenever she remembered the episode she would break
down sobbing.
"...It would seem possible, then, that pliable children are
especially useful for the purposes of these beings. Many
children have been used as tools so that men and women would
believe in these beings who have a plan whose totality has not
yet been revealed.
"...These incidents are not limited to children. Mrs. Ralph
Butler was watching flashing lights outside Owatonna in
Minnesota one night in November, 1966. She was with a friend,
and suddenly her friend became immobile, with her head dipped
down. Mrs. Butler herself heard a voice talking to her, but soon
the ordeal was over. However, when the two friends tried to
discuss the incident later, both found they immediately suffered
blinding headaches. Mrs. Butler also told of hearing strange
voices on her radio, and of having peculiar visits from 'air force
officers.' This pattern is reported by many who claim to have
been contacted by UFO personnel.
"The Butler family have experienced various poltergeist
phenomena since that 1966 experience -- glass objects moving
around and breaking without any known cause, strange noises
being heard throughout the house, even telephones and television
sets being strangely interfered with (Note: Such activity often
occurs during UFO encounters where there seems to be a
COLLECTIVE involvement of paraphysical 'Poltergeists' or
'Infernals', Reptilians, and possibly 'controlled-cybernetic' Men
In Black -- such activity as is typical of the malevolent powers
that have allegedly established bases or 'empires' in systems
such as Alpha Draconis, Epsilon Bootes, Altair Aquilla, Zeta
Reticuli, Bellatrix Orion, and Rigel Orion as well as their
Solarian-subTerran counterparts - Branton).
"This sort of activity has followed many other supposed
saucer sightings. The similarities between the stories are of such
a nature as to cause surprise at first -- someone temporarily in a
trance, men posing as air force or other officials, those men being
slight in stature with dark olive skins and pointed features, and
the contactees having dreadful headaches, hallucinations, and
nightmares. Some of them have gone into trances and have
temporarily become mediums through whom strange voices could
be heard...
"A TAKEOVER ATTEMPT? -- Is there to be an attempt at a
takeover? There surely are limitations to the life-giving powers
of these UFO creatures... Man is the master of the ANIMALS,
and despite seemingly way-out theories, such as monster
INSECTS waiting to attack us, in fact man is still able to control
the LESSER creatures... (Note: That is unless man accepts the
propaganda and lies of the such lesser 'beasts' as the serpent
races, etc., such as their claim that they created us genetically
and are therefore our 'gods'. IF man believes such trash then he
WILL NOT try to resist and appropriate the God-given dominion
over these 'beasts' which the Creator has given to MAN-KIND.
Not all, but MUCH of the power that the 'aliens' wield over
humanity is the power that WE ourselves have capitulated or
yielded to them, if we are to trust the Judeo-Christian version of
history as a reality - Branton).
"EVIL FORCES ARE REAL - Even apart from my strong
Christian beliefs, and my acceptance of the Bible as the revealed
Word of God, I would have no doubt whatever as to the fact of
spiritual beings, evil forces, and phenomena that cannot be
explained by purely physical, psychical, or psychological
"If there is truth in this hypothesis, preparations would be
going on -- just in case these overheard futurist interpretations
happened to be correct..."

On July 30, 1992, radio announcer and reporter for RADIO
FREE AMERICA, Anthony J. Hilder, sent the following letter to
Patty Cafferata., Lincoln County District Attorney., Pioche,
Nevada 89043., 775-962-5171. Several dozen copies were sent
by Hilder to other researchers as well as several activist, political,
legal, media, patriot, congressional, and (real) 'National Defense'
"Dear Mrs. Cafferata: I am calling on the Attorney General
of the State of Nevada to initiate an immediate 'FULL SCALE'
Grand Jury Investigation into the activities of the Wackenhut
S.S., your office and the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department.
The reason for the urgency of this action is because of the
rapidly increasing number of 'LIFE THREATENING' situations
CREATED by unidentified paramilitary personnel who operate
under the color of law to harass, intimidate and suppress the
constitutional rights of many hundreds of American citizens and
Japanese nationals who come to view the Unidentified Flying
'Saucer-Shaped Disks' being tested over your county.
"It is my prayer that with the prodding of the people and
the press that the Attorney General will launch 'this investigation'
in time to avert one of these innocent individuals from being
murdered by that paramilitary mob or winding up as a permanent
prisoner in one of the 'strange' underground 'experimental
laboratories' below Dreamland and S-4 within the Nellis Test
"During my conversation with you on the afternoon of June 6,
I made repeated attempts to acquire the names of six individuals
who were arrested last month by the Lincoln County Sheriff's
Department somewhere in the Tickaboo Valley. As a reporter, I
sought your professional cooperation. I did not get it.
"Not only did you refuse to reveal the names of those arrested
and their 'alleged' violation of law -- you continually badgered me
for my home address, phone number and specifically just what
radio stations would be broadcasting the story. Could it be that
you wanted to 'cover-up' the story? As I stated, I simply wanted
to cover the event.
"I am curious as to the reason you would attempt to prevent
the media from reporting the arrest. Obviously you didn't want
me to contact those people for their side of the story before
their arraignment. Is there something you fear from honest
disclosure? What is it that you don't want to know? Could it
be that these arrests were illegal?
"Did the Sheriff's Department violate 'the constitutional
rights' of these citizens, Mrs. Cafferata? Has it become the
policy of Lincoln County Sheriff's Department WITH YOUR
APPROVAL and under the color of law, to 'HARASS AND
INTIMIDATE' the curious onlookers who come to your county
to sit beneath the stars in the high desert, hoping to see and
possibly photograph the strange and 'alien lights' in the night
sky for which that region has now become famous? Is this a
crime in Nevada? One might wonder if Lincoln has now become
the first county in a 'Hitlerian Superstate' of a NEW WORLD
ORDER -- where freedoms are suppressed and terror tactics
are 'public policy'?
"...It's definitely not a TOP SECRET that what's going on
within the bowels of those underground bunkers at S-4 and
Area 51 in the Nellis Test Site is 'ABOVE TOP SECRET'.
Obviously there's something very strange going on out there
that the 'BLACK PROJECT BOYS' have to hide regardless of
what it costs. If the public were to become aware of what these
'Dr. Strangelove's' were 'creating' in those underground
laboratories -- I believe the world would be shocked and horrified
beyond all belief.
"Need I remind you that it is your responsibility as District
Attorney of Lincoln County to UNCOVER -- NOT COVER UP
crimes that are being committed in your county. Other questions
arise. Is there a dereliction of duty by the District Attorney's
office? Do you have a conflict of interest? And for whom do you
"I am deeply concerned as is the American Civil Liberties
Union in seeing that the constitutional rights of all Americans
who live in or pay a visit to Lincoln County are PROTECTED
-- NOT VIOLATED by the WACKENHUT S.S. (Security Service),
your Sheriff's Department, or anyone else.
"Correct me if I am wrong, but at one time or another did
you not take some sort of oath to uphold and defend the
Constitution of the United States? Or is the Lincoln County
District Attorney EXEMPT from upholding such 'antiquated
trivialities' as the United States Constitution?
"Would you be willing to share with me information as to how
and why the Wackenhut S.S. is ALLOWED by your office under
the color of law to STOP, INTIMIDATE AND HARASS 'sightseers'
on PUBLIC land? Are they 'ABOVE THE LAW'? Are they
"What law is it that allows the WACKENHUT S.S. to drive
unlicensed vehicles on county roads in the state of Nevada at
speeds far exceeding the posted limit? Does your office now
allow them to search sightseers' vehicles without warrants?
Maybe some judge in Lincoln County issued them 'POCKET
WARRANTS'? And if so, what judge has the legal authority in
this country to issue such 'invisible warrants' to the WACKENHUT
S.S. or any other PARAMILITARY MOB? What law gives you the
legal authority to allow the WACKENHUT S.S. to stop, interrogate
and intimidate sightseers, tourists, campers and naturalists? Or
for that matter, do they need ask your permission at all? Are they
a law unto themselves?
Project', U.N. or paramilitary personnel? Just where is the law in
Lincoln County? Asleep? Or do you simply WINK YOUR EYE at
all those Orwellian incidents?
"The obvious collusion between Wackenhut and the Sheriff's
Department necessitates that these questions be asked. It has
become EVEN MORE NECESSARY to prevent our freedoms
from disintegrating -- that these questions be answered.
"Who are these men who stand behind LOADED FULLY
camouflaged clothing, DISPLAY NO BADGES, wear no emblems,
drive unlicensed vehicles and who show no warrants when they
stop and interrogate American citizens on American soil? They
demand to see identification, social security cards, driver's
licenses, take pictures of the sightseers, record their conver-
sations, search their cars and write down the license plate
numbers for 'zher files' just like in Nazi Germany. They have even
on occasion drawn their weapons and aimed them at American
citizens -- with what can only be described as INTENT TO KILL --
should the 'sightseers' not instantly obey their commands.
Surely you must be aware that all this is taking place on public
'tax-payer owned' land in your county. Why are you allowing this,
Mrs. Cafferata?
"Who are these paramilitary people that you seemingly
protect from prosecution? Under whose authority do these NEO-
FASCIST FORCES operate? Yours? MJ-12? Some cryptic
banking cartel? The Skull and Bones? The Jason Society?
Global 2000? The Tri-Lates? I know it's not the Boy Scouts, Mrs.
Cafferata. Just who is running the show?
"I doubt seriously that the average citizen of Lincoln County
who pays your salary has any idea what's going on. I feel quite
certain that the residents of Rachel, Pioche and Alamo haven't
secretly met with you in some obscure smoke-filled back-room to
persuade you to make sure that the WACKENHUT S.S. remains
'immune' from criminal prosecution.
"I don't quite understand why you're doing what you're doing
or rather NOT DOING. Does somebody have some sort of hold
on you? Does some 'secret society' pay for your co-operation?
or are you and the Sheriff's Department just working with the
Wackenhut S.S. VOLUNTARILY, without pay?
"In Nazi Germany, Hitler had a quasi-government group called
the S.S. Beyond their borders, they called the collaborators
WAFFEN S.S. They were authorized by the Fuhrer to operate
'BEYOND THE LAW'. Is this the case in Lincoln County? Has
the Wackenhut S.S. replaced the WAFFEN S.S.?
"Under what law have you allowed unmarked black helicopters
to buzz, harass and threaten the lives of tourists in Lincoln
County? If these aircraft are not, by the law, allowed to threaten
the lives of people who come to Tickaboo Valley 'to see the
sights', then why hasn't your office prosecuted these criminals?
Are they above the law? Or has 'SELECTIVE PROSECUTION'
replaced CRIMINAL JUSTICE in Lincoln County?
"Are you ready to testify in a court of law that you are
'unaware' that BLACK HELICOPTERS have been swooping down
upon innocent travelers -- in an attempt to scare them or try to kill
"...If you don't recollect any such incident, let me remind you
but one. Norio Hayakawa, Gary Schultz and a party of sightseers
were buzzed by an unmarked helicopter -- in a LIFE-
"Under what law do you allow such outrage to occur over
Lincoln County roads? Have you bothered to even so much as
'discuss' this attack with those who authorized it? Why haven't
they been brought to court to explain their OFFENSIVE ACTION
taken against those innocent, unarmed people? Did you make
NO ATTEMPT WHATSOEVER to prosecute the perpetrators of
that crime? Might I remind you that it occurred over a Lincoln
County road, which is under your jurisdiction?
"...On March 26 of this year Norio Hayakawa and Shinichiro
Namiki were stopped by Undersheriff Gary Davis and Deputy
Sheriff Doug Lamoreaux, at which time their camera equipment
was 'FORCIBLY CONFISCATED' on public land by these TWO
ARMED MEN. In years gone by this was considered HIGHWAY
ROBBERY. Under what law do you justify such outrage now?
or is theft now legal in Lincoln County?
"Is it not incumbent upon you to at the very least bring
Lamoreaux and Davis up before a judicial hearing in front of
an unbiased judge? In case you've lost their numbers, Mrs.
Cafferata, you can reach Undersheriff Davis at 775-725-3447 and
Deputy Sheriff Lamoreaux at 775-725-3645 in their off-hours when
they might be more inclined to give some straightforward answers
about this outrageous behavior.
"I realize that you are at the very least angered by my
inquiries. If your arrogant attitudes towards this reporter is
any example of how you slip, slide, duck and hide from inquiries
by others in the Fifth Estate -- you must hold those of us in the
media with very deep disdain. Your attitude reminds me of
Richard Nixon. He had a similar attitude towards the free press,
but you are in good company -- so did Adolph Hitler.
"This country has been very good to me, Mrs. Cafferata. I
owe a great debt to our forefathers who had the courage to stand
up and speak out against tyranny imposed upon them by King
George. They had to fight for the freedom we enjoy in this
greatest nation on earth. So I am not about to remain silent,
turn my back and do nothing as you would prefer me to do while
I see our constitutional rights that they FOUGHT and died for
twisted and turned by the knaves of Lincoln County law
"I realize that you are paid handsomely to do and say what
you do, Mrs. Cafferata. I have no problem with you making
money, just as long as you don't 'sell out' our freedoms to obtain
your fortune. Our freedoms are not for sale and we are not willing
to see you surrender them to some 'Neo-Fascist' NEW WORLD
ORDER. I fear that if your belligerent behavior is allowed to
remain UNCHALLENGED in Lincoln County, Nevada may well be
on its way to becoming Nazi-ized.
"I thank God that we still have freedom of speech and
expression in this country. In the Commu-nazi nations of this
world I would be investigated and subject to arrest for daring to
make such inquiries of even a tank-town backwoods bureaucrat.
Up until recently in the Soviet 'SLAVE SYSTEM' the KGB would
concoct evidence against individuals like Solzhenitzen who dared
to bring to light the grizzly Hitlerian horrors happening in the
Gulag Archipelago.
"As deeply as you might be in 'COVERING' for those who are
'COVERING UP' the Nightmares at Nellis, I believe that you will
soon discover that the overwhelming majority of those who receive
this letter are far more dedicated to 'UNCOVERING CRIMES'
being committed against American citizens in your neck of the
world -- than you will be in prosecuting crimes committed in
Lincoln County.
"Incidentally, irrespective of how 'new' you might think that
President Bush's NEW WORLD ORDER is, his 'presidential
proclamation' is definitely not new. Adolph Hitler used the
exact same words to describe 'his plan' for Global Government
some fifty years ago. Now Bush claims he wants to accomplish
it 'IN A KINDER AND GENTLER WAY.' But that's just on TV --
for the mindless masses. For your edification THE NEW WORLD
ORDER is the title of Hitler's second book......the first one was
MEIN KAMPF. It served the Fuhrer and his Fascist followers who
justified the INHUMAN WRONGS of 'HUMAN RIGHTS' committed
throughout Europe. This included justification for Dr. Joseph
Mengele's monstrous 'MEDIAL EXPERIMENTS' that were
performed on the unsuspecting population in order to develop
"Of course there's a difference between Bush and Hitler's
phraseology. Hitler talked about a THOUSAND-YEAR REICH.
Bush talks about a THOUSAND POINTS OF LIGHT.
"I know that it shatters your senses for someone like myself
to suggest that 'GENETIC ENGINEERING' and 'MEDICAL
EXPERIMENTS' could be going on in the miles of tunneled
underground facilities at S-4 and Groom Lake -- and that history
could be repeating itself, yet this topic has come up repeatedly
over the past year -- from 'several sources'.
"I recall one case in point when the Lincoln County Sheriff's
Department picked up a young black woman named Trassie
Wingfield who was wandering about in the Tickaboo Valley one
night near the perimeter of the base. As I understand it she's
in the Navy and is stationed out of Hawaii. She claimed to have
been abducted and brought to 'the facility' twice for 'medical
experiments'. Did your office investigate her charges? And if
not, why not?
"According to the FBI and Department of Justice records,
well over 300,000 children end up MISSING AND UNACCOUNTED
FOR in this country every year. Where do you think these 'MILK
CARTON KIDS' disappear to, Mrs. Cafferata? Certainly they can't
all get swallowed up in the inner cities or wind up in shallow
graves off lonely backwoods roads or served up on the table of
some psychopathic cannibal.
"In Bill Hamilton's book 'COSMIC TOP SECRET' there may be
an answer to this question. In it is described a literal Hitlerian
'hell under the earth' which was created at a TOP SECRET-
BLACK PROJECT base called Dulce. That one is located in New
Mexico, not far from the Los Alamos National Laboratory. I have
enclosed two pages from Hamilton's book for your review. Though
I suspect you will -- I pray that you don't -- take these murderous
matters lightly.
"I have recently heard stories of people who, under hypnosis,
have described in nightmarish terms what goes on in these
God-forsaken underground facilities like DREAMLAND. Based
upon what I have heard, I can only describe the 'HELL-HOLES' as
'FRANKENSTEIN FACTORIES'. According to my sources, these
laboratories are run by a small army of I.G.O.R.S. (the Invisible
GOvernment's RobotonS) who follow 'the party line' as did their
Nazi predecessors who ran the Hitlerian Hospitals at Auschwitz
and Dachau.
"I don't know what Hitlerian horrors are happening out there
with PROJECT REDLIGHT but I feel it's imperative to ask the
Attorney General of the State of Nevada to appoint a special
(independent, non-government) investigative team to uncover just
what kind of 'experimentation' is going on in the underground
facilities at S-4 and Groom Lake (if these biogenetic experiments
are taking place in United States territory, should not they be
subject to the same Federal regulations that all of the other
Medical Institutions are subject to? - Branton). The country has
the right to know if the missing 'MILK CARTON KIDS' are being
used for 'genetic engineering' and if adult 'abductees' are used for
mutation experiments and body parts.
"I would think that if you refuse to cooperate with such an
investigative team or to even address this issue -- one might
conclude that you, like your predecessors, are following close
to 'the party line'.
"A final question about 'THE FINAL SOLUTION', Mrs.
Cafferata. As you know, Adolph Hitler was reported to have
ordered HIS I.G.O.R.S. to gas millions of innocents in 'death
camps' like Auschwitz and Dachau 'TO CLEANSE' the world of
the Jewish problem. Did you ever ask yourself what happened
to those atomic scientists in Germany who were developing the
A-Bomb and the dozens of doctors who conducted those
medical experiments on human beings? Is it merely coincidental
that there exists many thousands of Malthusian Minded Men
who openly accept 'MASS MURDER' as necessary to bring
about a NEW WORLD ORDER? These Orwellian ONE
WORLDERS working within the Bush 'Black Projects' believe
that the world's population has to be reduced by 1,2500,000,000
people by the year 2000 (25%). If you don't believe, there are
madmen with this mind-set... Read GLOBAL 2000's MASTER
"These Malthusian men have the minds of monsters. They
use 'controlled conflicts' (war), 'bacteriological warfare' (AIDS),
sterilization, mandatory abortion and 'weather modification' to
create droughts that result in mass starvation. To achieve their
'end objective' for global government upon the ashes of all
national-sovereignty they are willing to mass-murder millions.
That requires, of course, the 'cooperation' of officials like you,
Mrs. Cafferata, to follow 'the party line'.
"I know it's very hard for you to accept, even in your wildest
thoughts, that an AMERICAN AUSCHWITZ could exist UNDER
American soil. I bet it's even harder for you to conceive that
it could be fully functioning in Lincoln County. Are you willing
to testify in a court of law that it doesn't exist there, Mrs.

(continued in file Mojave.007)


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