Genesis and History of the Cosmic Conflict

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Coscon "Branton Files 8 of 13(continued from file Mojave.007) 7/1995

"One possible scenario is that John Lear found out about
this Top Secret project -- perhaps while eavesdropping -- and
this is his way of 'spilling the beans' without implicating his
father or anyone else as the source."

In 1990, researcher Val Valerian released a peculiar
document which was sent to him by another researcher.
The document is actually a list of several military personnel.
However, the strange thing about this document was the
Some researchers believe that within the deepest levels
of the government is an on-going 'covert space program'
utilizing some very remarkable aerospace and propulsion
technologies. However, the very nature of this program, the
clandestine (and possibly illegal) means by which it is funded,
as well as the possible means by which they came across this
'technology', has apparently led the 'Secret' Government into
keeping these activities one of the world's top secrets, and
apparently they have enforced this cover-up, as John Lear says,
with 'deadly force'. Perhaps one of the most important reasons
for the secrecy, according to some, is that SOME groups
within the secret government have allegedly -- in the face of
'superior alien technology' -- 'surrendered' to a malevolent alien
race and have become their 'agents' on earth.
Is it also possible -- as many researchers and prominent
military, government and industrial personnel are actually
confirming -- that the 'secret government' is utilizing this
advanced super-technology (which they have hidden from the
public) to carry out a clandestine space program involving not
only manned FLIGHTS to the moon, but also manned BASES
on the moon and, some claim, even Mars as well? There
appears to be enough mounting evidence to cause the public to
at least consider the possibility of these claims. Actually, if one
carefully examines all of the various claims and how they merge
together in synchronicity, and if one studies the various theories
and arguments concerning Einstein's 'unified field' theory and
the apparent underlying connection between electromagnetism,
gravity waves, and other 'unified field' forces, such a scenario
involving a fleet of top secret government antigravity craft would
not be outside the realm of possibility.
The document referred to above contains in the title heading
both the terms 'Starfleet International' and 'United Federated
Planets'. Why would such a statement appear on a MILITARY
document? Could it be that, although perhaps somewhat
presumptuously, a secret group of 'astronauts' constantly travel
back and forth from ultra-secret bases on or below the earth, the
moon, and mars; and have in anticipation of an ever-growing
interplanetary network named this organization 'Starfleet
International' and/or the 'United Federated Planets'?
Val Valerian gives the following 'introduction' and story
behind the document:
"...Researcher George Andrews forwarded this puzzle to us.
From the introduction, it might seem that this thing was complete
bunk. There it might have stayed, except that WE TRACED 11
What does it mean?"
The following introduction is given by George Andrews:
"A friend who wishes to remain anonymous, who lives in
a large city, recently woke about 3 A.M. with a strong but
apparently irrational impulse to get dressed and to go to an all-
night photostat place. As she was entering, she noticed a man
dressed in a Navy officers uniform who was just leaving, who
threw some papers into the trash barrel near the door. She
made her copies and was about to leave and had another
impulse to retrieve what the Navy officer had thrown away. She
came up with these pages. Under normal circumstances, the
news that the United States Navy has a flying disk named the
U.S.S. Excalibur (and U.S.S. Concord? - Branton), operated by
a crew of four, would be cause for celebration... however (unless)
this achievement is the result of the collaboration of the
Andrews goes on to suggest that they might, because of
their collaboration with the 'Greys', be forced to take part in
offensive attacks against the 'Blonds', who have allegedly had
ancient conflicts with the Greys.
The introduction goes on to state that those names which
appear with an (x), are people who have actually been traced to
the military. Take special note of names like Ferguson, Caskey,
Taylor, Burrall, Stevens, and Miller -- which are repeated more
than once throughout the list. Possible signs of Nepotism?
George Andrews suspects that 'Starfleet International'
consists of human-military personnel only, while the 'United
Federated Planets' may somehow tie-in with the non-human
entities' such as the 'Serpent Race' or the 'Greys'. However,
Andrews' theory that THIS particular Governmental establishment
has collaborated with the Grays is yet to be confirmed.
There is a possibility that the UFP involves interaction with
the 'Federated' human cultures in this small corner of the galaxy.
Let us hope that this is the case, IF the following information is
true. There is evidence in fact that certain 'Constituted
Government' officials (who are loyal to the American-
Constitutional 'Republic') -- as confirmed by Guy Kirkwood and
others -- have secret 'alliances' with the 'Nordics'; wheres the
'Secret Government' collaborators (who are loyal to the Bavarian-
Roman 'Empire') tend to collaborate with the saurian Grays, etc.
Below is a reproduction of the document:



ENS. REBECCA BURAND (SFC) SEP. 1989@ SCS-8902-0004
LT. KATRINA CASKEY (SFC) NOV. 1989@ SCE-8906-0005
2LT. BOB BURRALL (SFMC) NOV. 1989@ SCMC-8906-0003
CMDR. BOB TOMPKINS (SFC) DEC. 1989@ SCE-8906-0002
SGM. RAY CHAMBERS (SFMC) DEC. 1989@ SCMC-8903-0008 (x)
ENS. RON CASKEY (SFC) JAN. 1990@ SCSY-0906-0005
LT. DEBRA MCCLARY (SFC) JAN. 1990@ SCSS-8906-0004 (x)
MSG. IVAN GOODMAN (SFMC) JAN. 1990@ SCMC-8904-0001
CS. CRYSTAL FERGUSON (SFC) JAN. 1990@ SCM-8906-0011 (x)
A-ENS. EVERETT NEW (SFC) FEB. 1990@ SCE-8906-0007
MSG. JOHN HIGGINS (SFMC) FEB. 1990@ SCMC-8906-0010 (x)
WO3. DOUG TAYLOR (SFMC) MAR. 1990@ SCMC-8906-0001 (x)
CS. ROSE TAYLOR (SFC) MAR. 1990@ SCS-8906-0012
SP1. AMANDA TAYLOR (SFC) MAR. 1990@ SCMC-8906-0001 (x)
A-ENS. KELLY MADDOX (SFC) MAR. 1990@ SCSS-8906-0008
RADM. ANNE MILLER (SFC STAFF) MAY 1990*@ SMC-8901-0006 (x)
WO4. CHUCK GRAHAM (SFMC) MAY 1990@ SCMC-8906-0001 (x)
PO1. DEAN KING (SFC) MAY 1990@ SCO-0906-0015 (x)
PO. CHUCK STEVENS (SFC) MAY 1990@ SCE-0906-0015
SP1 WILLIE STEVENS (SFC) MAY 1990@ SCE-8906-0017
LTJG. JASON MARRS (SFC) JUN 1990@ SCO-8906-0018



(Note: In the original document, 4 of the above names were
indicated as being members of the crew of the 'U.S.S.

PEA Research (105 Serra Way., Ste. 176., Milpitas, CA.
95035) made the following comments in one of their 'Files' (which
consist of collections of large amounts of documents and research
related to UFO's):
"...Ramifications of MJ-12.
"If the U.S.A.F. test-flew a disk and was successful, what's
to prevent them from using the same saucer to transport men and
materials to the moon and mars? They would also be in a position
to exploit the archeological artifacts of the pyramids and sphinx
in the valley of Illysium on Mars. Also they could recover artifacts
of previous races on the surface of the moon. With the aid of
NASA satellites they could map and mine the rare earth (Moon,
Mars) minerals at the expense of the tax payers while at the same
time claim that we have nothing better in our technology than
space shuttles (rocket power).
"If the Canadian Geomagnetic project was successful with
their free-energy geomagnetic motor, then why haven't we seen
free-energy engines for the home and auto instead of hearing
about oil shortages?
"If the President of the USA is allowed only certain appointed
staff by the Constitution and Congress - are the members of
MJ-12 outside of the limits of the Constitution or did Congress
give the President the power to set up a Secret Government
(non-elected) without the public right to vote on this choice of
the governing of the various military and non-military branches
of the united states?
"When the MJ-12 use non-appropriated funds for their Secret
operations are they using money from the Black Budget? If
so, when did we cast a vote stating that ANY branch of the
Government can use the taxpayers money without giving an
account or being held accountable for it?
"When MJ-12 refuse to grant FOIA requests because of
National Security reasons, is it because the USA won't be
secure against foreign earthly powers, alien powers or against
the wrath of a misled and deceived United States public (the
"Can laws be passed to Guarantee that various branches
of the Government will be held accountable for (the) shredding
of classified documents? How about passing laws to guarantee
stiff jail sentences for underlings (secretaries, lower rank
personnel) that carry out the command to shred confidential
"If the top of the mountain is corrupt, what about the foundation
that was later raised under it. If a Secret Government is illegal,
what about all of the secret projects it started and maintains
control of? It's one thing to classify advances in technology as
SECRET, but it's quite different to classify non-elected government
as SECRET. When that non-accountable Government (non-
accountable by reason of being SECRET) passes military laws
that affect all branches of Government (military and non-military)
are the laws legal or non Constitutional?
"If the JMP (Justice for Military Personnel) letter is true, are
the actions of the CIA legal as used AGAINST citizens of the
USA? Isn't the purpose of the CIA to protect citizens AGAINST
foreign threats?
"If the MIBS exist according to the documents, what has
happened to the Conscience of the Military Personnel that carry
out false ID missions against private citizens? Why are Military
Personnel carrying out higher up orders to impersonate branches
of Government they neither represent or have Rank in? Is this
patriotism or blindness?"

In the April, 1963 issue of SEARCH Magazine, Will Carson
and Jeannie Joy, in their regular column 'PRYING INTO THE
UNKNOWN', related the following incredible story, which involved
an apparent encounter with an unknown race below the MOJAVE
Desert region:
"It has always been a mystery to us in the first place how Mr.
and Mrs. P.E. can find and afford the time to do the sort of things
most of us only dream of doing. After knowing them for more than
fifteen years, it is inconceivable to suspect their integrity or sanity -
and yet they impose the following excise upon our credulity...
"While exploring for petroglyphs in the Casa Diablo vicinity
of BISHOP, CALIFORNIA, Mr. & Mrs. P.E. came upon a circular
hole in the ground, about nine feet in diameter, which exuded a
sulfurous steam and seemed recently to have been filled with hot
water. A few feet from the surface the shaft took a tangent course
which looked easily accessible and, upon an impulse with which
we cannot sympathize, the dauntless E.'s, armed only with a
flashlight, forthwith crawled down into that hole.
"At a depth we've failed to record the oblique tunnel opened
into a horizontal corridor whose dripping walls, now encrusted
with minerals, (and) could only have been carved by human
hands, countless ages ago - of this the E.'s felt certain. The
end of the short passage was blocked by what seemed to be
a huge doorway of solid rock which, however, wouldn't yield.
The light of their flash was turned to a corner where water dripped
from a protuberance - which proved to be a delicately carved face,
distorted now by the crystallized minerals, and from whose gaping
mouth water issued.
"As Mr. and Mrs. E. stood there in silent awe - wondering
what lay behind that immovable door - the strangest thing of all
happened...but our chronology will not be incorrect if we wait
till they return to the surface before revealing this, for now
the water began gushing from the carved mouth and from other
unseen ducts elsewhere in that cave and rising at an alarming
"They hurried to the surface, and in less than half an hour
there was only a quite ordinary appearing pool of warm mineral
water on the desert floor.
"'Do you know,' Mrs. E. said to her husband, 'while I stood
down there I heard music - the strangest, most weird music I'd
ever heard. But it seemed to come from everywhere at once, or
inside my own head. I guess it was just my imagination.'
"Mr. E. turned pale. 'My God,' he said; 'I thought it was
MY imagination, but I heard it, too - like music from some other
"Why do they call that rock formation near where the E's had
their strange experience Casa Diablo - the Devil's house? And
why did the Indians name that area Inyo - dwelling place of the
great spirit?"

The following is a quote from Matt Spetalnick's article "IS
in REUTERS Magazine, Oct. 5, 1992:
"At least 70 times scientists have picked up radio waves
that bore the marks of communication by beings from other
worlds, but they were never verified, [Frank] Drake said."
Through proposed projects such as SETI [Search For
Extraterrestrial Intelligence], which involves large arrays of
Radio Dish receiving mechanisms to 'tune in' to cosmic radio
waves, Drake and others hoped to contact outside intelligences.
However, if the incidents related by Forest Crawford earlier in
this File are correct, this has already occurred. If our tax dollars
are going toward other SETI type 'experiments', chances are that
the public will NOT and NEVER be officially told of the outcome,
if they [once again] receive signals from other nearby stars. Such
a disclosure might threaten the psychological "control" which the
(secret) government has imposed on the nations. THE SECRET
OF HUMAN WORLDS, as the Federation policies would certainly
condemn the horrendous power-games which the Illuminati has
used for centuries to keep mankind in its stranglehold of slavery.
The Illuminati will only ally themselves with aliens (such as the
REPTILIAN/GRAYS and some branches of the ASHTAR/ASTARTE
network which has collaborated with the ILLUMINATI, NAZIS and
GRAYS in the past) that share their desire to wield absolute god-
like empirical control of the planet. It is very likely that Frank
Drake was somehow sold-out to the Bavarian-Roman-Gray
(Illuminati "Serpent Cult") Combine, when we consider his
complicity with the Inter-national UFO coverup.
Incidentally, another possible use of radar-dish antennas has
been suggested by K.S. of Salt Lake City, Utah, who allegedly
talked to a man who was involved in setting up top secret
underwater radio dishes for secret government projects. He
claimed that many of these dishes were used to communicate
with "our" bases on the moon and mars. If this is the case could
the SETI program be, to some extent, an extension of this?

Death Valley, California and the Mojave Desert region, as we
have indicated earlier, has been the sight of numerous UFO
sightings in the past. Some regard it as no less that a doorway
into another world.
The Paihute Indians as we have also related, tell of a race
of Grecian or Egyptian-like people with white robes, sandals, and
long dark hair held back with a band, who thousands of years
ago arrived in North America in large rowing-sailing vessels. The
Paiutes say that when Death Valley was still part of an inland sea
connected to the Pacific ocean through the Gulf of California, these
"Havmu-suvs" discovered an underground cavern system within the
Panamint mountains adjacent to the west edge of Death Valley,
and within these vast caverns they built their civilization. To briefly
review the Paihute account:
The legend says that these ancient people landed their ships
near or just below large 'quays' or 'doors' high up the eastern slope
of the Panamints. However after centuries the lake eventually dried
up and disappeared, and as a result of this they developed new
methods of reaching the world beyond. This, the Paiutes say, was
when they began to experiment with the construction of silvery
'flying canoes'. Whether there is any connection with the following
account is uncertain, but in 1905 an 'airship flap' was observed
throughout southern California. On August 2, 1905, J. A. Jackson,
"a well-known resident of Silshee," was out at 1:30 in the morning
when a bright light appeared in the sky and headed for him.
According to an account published in the Brawley, California,
NEWS on Aug. 4, 1905:
"He watched it closely until behind the light there appeared the
form of an airship, apparently about 70 feet in length, with a
searchlight in front and several other lights aboard. The mysterious
machine appeared to be propelled by wings alone and rose and fell
as the wings flapped like a gigantic bird. Apparently there was no
balloon attachment as is usually the case with airships.
"Mr. Jackson, being close to the home of W.E. Wilsie, woke
him up in time to see the lights of the machine before it
disappeared.... The same night, H. E. Allatt, postmaster at
Imperial, was awakened from sleep by a bright light shining into
his room. There was no moon, the light was thought to be fire,
and Mr. Allatt rose to investigate, but no fire was found. Looking
at his watch, the time was discovered to be 1:30 o'clock (a.m.),
and it is believed that the brilliant light was caused by the
searchlight from this mysterious airship."
A craft of almost identical description was reported only 4 years
later in the Dec. 15, 1909 issue of the Arkansas GAZETTE:
"A. W. Norris of Mabelvale, road overseer of District No. 8, is of
the opinion that an airship passed over his residence at about 10
o'clock Monday night (December 12). Mr. Norris states that he
was standing in his doorway when a strange light appeared,
apparently about 300 feet above him, traveling south at a rapid rate
of speed and disappeared a moment or two later in the darkness.
He said that the light had the appearance of a searchlight similar to
those used on automobiles, and IT ROSE AND FELL like a bird in
flight. The night was cloudy, which precludes the possibility of the
light having been a star or any atmospheric phenomena."
Air ships of this description were apparently common following
the turn of the century, but few if any of this particular type of craft
have been reported after the period just described (1900-1910, etc.).
Just because an 'airship' appears over California or Arkansas
does not necessarily indicate that the airship was native to either
one of those areas. However, there are nonetheless many
evidences, as indicated elsewhere in this File, that the Mojave
Desert--Panamint Mountains -- Death Valley areas were apparently
(in ancient times) a 'cradle', possibly one of many, for an early
civilization which later developed an advanced form of technology;
and having done so in relative secrecy, they were unhindered by
the 'uncivilized' tribes outside of their domain who continued in their
relatively ignorant lifestyles.
Perhaps the most remarkable confirmation of this appears in
Bourke Lee's biography 'DEATH VALLEY MEN' [MacMillan Co.,
New York. 1932], which also dealt with alleged caverns WITHIN the
Panamint Mts. region. If indeed the Panamint mountains are an
ancient 'doorway' to an advanced and hidden HUMAN civilization,
then one must recognize that it--as well as any of it's 'NATIONAL
TREASURES'--should be (as should be ANY NATIONAL BORDER
ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH) considered the legal territory of
those who have possessed it since ancient times. "Borders" need
not be entirely horizontal, but they can be vertical as well. Un-
welcome intrusions into such an 'undiscovered country' might be
dealt with as in ANY OTHER nation on earth, and one should
approach such territories with caution. UNLIKE other areas where
subterraneous and malevolent anti-human or 'reptilian' activity is
alleged to exist, the independence and national sovereignty of
those subsurface regions where hidden HUMAN colonies reside
should be honored as one would honor ANY national border on the
face of the earth.
Even if an archeological discovery is found which belonged to
the ancestors of an ancient culture which STILL EXISTS, that
discovery should be the property of that culture alone. One of the
arguments FOR making public sensitive information on various
exterran and subterran cultures would be to protect those HUMAN
cultures from the secret governments machinations, by bringing
international public support in favor of that hidden culture and its
right to maintain their sovereignty and independence (if the secret
government knowingly violates another "countries" rights, every
other independent country in the world would feel threatened as
well). And in the case of the various hidden underground centers
utilized by the reptilian grays, the public knowledge of this would
be necessary to maintain the "national security" of each
independent nation which might otherwise be "infiltrated" via
implantation, or other forms of mind control (which inevitably leads
to other forms of control -- political, spiritual, educational,
economical, etc.). Even IF various subsurface human cultures
were driven out of their underground homes by non-human
malevolents, AND if those territories are somehow regained in a
possible future counter-invasion against the reptilian incursions,
then those territories should STILL rightfully and legally belong to
or returned to the human cultures who formerly possessed them.
Supposing there IS a counter-invasion in the future, there would
no doubt still be much territory left over once the reptilians are
driven out and/or destroyed, territory which might NOT be 'claimed'
by a cave-dwelling tribe, colony or culture. Such underground
systems could then be claimed by an outside government if they
felt the need to expand their own 'territory'. According to some
accounts, the U.S. government does know about many such
underground systems and having found many of them unoccupied
in past explorations, have claimed them for their own.
Unfortunately, even in the case of smaller underground
repositories of ancient artifacts, there are indications that many
ancient treasures have been 'melted down' by prospectors, tomb
robbers, etc., in order to gain the metal value of the gold, silver and
other precious metals, out of which the ancient artifacts were
formed, in order to PREVENT the state from taking 'their find'
away. In doing so, such plunderers have destroyed the immense
historical and archaeological value of such treasures in exchange
for the 'relatively' pitiful metallic value. Many of the ancient
Egyptian treasures fell prey to such vandals and 'grave robbers'
in ancient times. Even if one does not agree with the religious
symbolism's behind such artifacts, their historical and archeo-
logical value makes them nevertheless worthy of preservation.
The only reason that 'King Tut's' treasures have made such an
impact (even though he was a minor 'king'), is that these
treasures were among the VERY FEW which were not
discovered by grave robbers and melted down for their metal
There is no telling how much HISTORICAL INFORMATION
about ancient cultures has been forever lost by such careless
actions. Hopefully humankind has reached the point of maturity
where the discovery of such treasures in the future will result in a
cooperative scientific study of the ancient artifacts for the benefit of
all, rather than the violence, death and betrayal which has often
resulted in the past through the mistakes of selfish treasure
hunters fighting each other for the 'booty'. According to some
accounts many of these ancient sites still await discovery, finds
which may make King Tut's Tomb look insignificant by comparison.

As we have implied, just as one should honor the ancient
archaeological SITES of existing cultures, in the same way one
should honor the national sovereignty of another human CULTURE
itself. To fail to do so would be in essence to THROW AWAY any
'legal' argument a nation might have FOR the protection of their
own national sovereignty (CASE IN POINT: the reptilian or
'Draconian' Empire with it's major earth-center in the "Bhoga-vita"
complex below India, and the human 'Illuminati' empires on and
beyond earth -- which apparently have a secret alliance with each
other -- have so interfered in the sovereignty of nearly EVERY
nation on earth, and have done so to the point that they can no
longer legally claim any rational defense against ANY nation which
would decide to abuse THEIR 'sovereignty'. The Reptilian empire
is of course a problem in itself, having been at war (via overt
attacks or covert manipulation - against the majority of humanity in,
on, and above earth) since ancient times and apparently, from the
accounts given throughout this and other files, does not even
acknowledge humankind's right to this planet, nor even their 'right'
to exist).
Paihute Indian legends say that the 'People of the Panamints'
long ago left their ancient city within the mountains of California
and moved most of their civilization into still deeper cavern levels,
AND (according to still other accounts) to colonies beyond the
confines of planet earth itself. Although these 'Havmusuvs' may be
'benevolent' in comparison to some cultures inhabiting the surface
of the planet, they nevertheless -- according to the documentation
in this and other databases -- have the ability and technology to
defend their 'borders' and their loved ones from any potential enemy..
In his chapter 'OLD GOLD' the author of 'DEATH VALLEY
MEN', Bourke Lee, relates the allegedly-true account of two
prospectors who claimed to have discovered this ancient,
abandoned 'city' within huge caverns inside the heart of the
Panamint mountains. Take special note of the INCREDIBLE
similarity between this account and the one given to the Navajo
Oga-Make by an old Paihute sage, as recorded in the article
up the story where two Death Valley residents by the name of
Bill and Jack are having a conversation with two prospectors,
'Thomason' and 'White', from whom the author 'apparently' learned
the details of the following discussion, if not present at the
discussion himself:

...Thomason looked from Jack to Bill and asked, 'How long
have you men been in this country?'
Jack spoke before Bill had a chance. 'Not very long,' said Jack
quietly. Bill glanced curiously at Jack but said nothing. If Jack
thought that 30 years was not very long, that was all right with Bill.
Thomason said, 'I've been in and out of the Death Valley
country for 20 years. So has my partner. We know where there
is lost treasure. We've known about it for several years, and we're
the only men in the world [?] who do know about it. We're going to
let you two fellows in on it. You've been good to us. You're both
fine fellows. You haven't asked us any questions about ourselves,
and we like you. We think you can keep a secret, so we'll tell you
Jack blew smoke and asked, "A lost mine?"
"No, not a mine," said Thomason. "A lost treasure house. A
lost city of gold. It's bigger than any mine that ever was found, or
ever will be."
"It's bigger than the United States Mint," said White, with his
voice and body shaking with excitement. "It's a city thousands of
years old and worth billions of dollars! Billions of Dollars! Billions!
Not Millions. Billions!"
Thomason and White spoke rapidly and tensely, interrupting
each other in eager speech.
Thomason said, "We've been trying to get the treasure out of
this golden city for years. We had to have help, and we haven't
been able to get it."
"Everybody tries to rob us," put in White. "They all want too
big a share. I offered the whole city to the Smithsonian Institution
for five million dollars -- only a small part of what it's worth. They
tried to rob us, too! They said they'd give me a million and a half
for a discovery that's worth a billion dollars!" he sneered. "I had
nothing more to do with them."
Jack got up and found his plug of tobacco. He threw away his
cigarette and savagely bit off an enormous chew. He sat down and
crossed his legs and glowered at White as he worked his chew
into his jaw.
Bill's voice was meek as he asked, "And this place is in Death
"Right in the Panamint Mountains!" said Thomason. "My
partner found it by accident. He was prospecting down on the
lower edge of the range near Wingate Pass. He was working in
the bottom of an old abandoned shaft when the bottom fell out and
landed him in a tunnel. We've explored the tunnel since. It's a
natural tunnel like a big cave. It's over 20 miles long. It leads all
through a great underground city; through the treasure vaults, the
royal palace and the council chambers; and it connects to a series
of beautiful galleries with stone arches in the east slope of the
Panamint Mountains. Those arches are like great big windows in
the side of the mountain and they look down on Death Valley.
They're high above the valley now, but we believe that those
entrances in the mountain side were used by the ancient people
that built the city. They used to land their boats there."
"Boats!" demanded the astonished Bill, "boats in Death Valley?"
Jack choked and said, "Sure, boats. There used to be a lake
in Death Valley. I hear the fishing was fine."
"You know about the lake," Thomason pointed his blue chin at
Jack. "Your geology would tell you about the lake. It was a long
time ago... The ancient people who built the city in the caverns
under the mountain lived on in their treasure houses long after the
lake in the valley dried up. How long, we don't know. But the
people we found in the caverns have been dead for thousands of
years. Why! Those mummies alone are worth a million dollars!"
White, his eyes blazing, his body trembling, filled the little
house with a vibrant voice on the edge of hysteria. "Gold!" he cried.
"Gold spears! Gold shields! Gold statues! Jewelry! Thick gold
bands on their arms! I found them! I fell into the underground city.
There was an enormous room; big as this canyon. A hundred men
were in it. Some were sitting around a polished table that was
inlaid with gold and precious stones. Men stood around the walls
of the room carrying shields and spears of solid gold. All the men
-- more than a hundred -- had on leather aprons, the finest kind of
leather, soft and full of gold ornaments and jewels. They sat there
and stood there with all that wealth around them. They are still
there. They are all dead! And the gold, all that gold, and all those
gems and jewels are all around them. All that gold and jewelry!
Billions!" White's voice was ascending to a shriek when
Thomason put a hand on his arm and White fell silent, his eyes
darting about to the faces of those who sat around the table.
Thomason explained quietly, "These ancient people must have
been having a meeting of their rulers in the council chamber when
they were killed very suddenly. We haven't examined them closely
because it was the treasure that interested us, but the people all
seem to be perfect mummies."
Bill squinted at White and asked, "Ain't it dark in this tunnel?"
"Black dark," said White, who had his voice under control
again. His outburst had quieted him. "When I first went into that
council room I had just some candles. I fumbled around. I didn't
discover everything all at once like I'm telling you. I fell around over
these men, and I was pretty near almost scared out of my head.
But I got over that and everything was all right and I could see
everything after I hit the lights."
"Lights? There were lights?" It was Bill asking.
"Oh, yes," said White. "These old people had a natural gas
they used for lighting and cooking. I found it by accident. I was
bumping around in the dark. Everything was hard and cold and
I kept thinking I was seeing people and I was pretty scared. I
stumbled over something on the floor and fell down. Before I could
get up there was a little explosion and gas flames all around the
room lighted up. What I fell over was a rock lever that turned on
the gas, and my candle set the gas off. That was when I saw all
the men, and the polished table, and the big statue. I thought I
was dreaming. The statue was solid gold. It's face looked like the
man sitting at the head of the table, only, of course, the statue's
face was much bigger than the man's, because the statue was all
in perfect size, only bigger. The statue was solid gold, and it is
89 feet, six inches tall!"
"Did you measure it," asked Jack, silkily, "or just guess at it?"
"I measured it. Now you'll get an idea of how big that one
room -- the council room -- is. That statue only takes up a small
part of it!"
Steady and evenly, Jack asked, "Did you weigh the statue?"
"No," said White. "You couldn't weigh it."
Bill was puzzled. "Would you mind telling me how you
measured it?" asked Bill.
"With a sextant," said White. "I always carry a sextant when
I'm on the desert. Then if I get lost, I can use my sextant on the
sun or moon or stars to find myself on the map. I took a sextant
angle of the height of the statue and figured it out later."
"A sextant," said Bill, frowning heavily.
Jack said, "It's a part of the church, Bill. Never mind that....
Tell us some more about this place. It's very interesting."
Fred Thomason said, "Tell them about the treasure rooms."
"I found them later." White polished his shining pate with
a grimy handkerchief. "After I got the lights going I could see
all the walls of this big room and I saw some doors cut in the
solid rock of the walls. The doors are big as slabs of rock hung
on hinges you can't see. A big rock bar lets down across them.
I tried to lift up the bars and couldn't move them. I fooled
around trying to get the doors open. I must have been an hour
before I took ahold of a little latch like on the short end of
the bar and the great bar swung up. Those people know about
counter-weights and all those great big doors with their barlocks
-- they must weigh hundreds of tons -- are all balanced so that
you can move them with your little finger, if you find the right
Thomason again said, "Tell them about the treasure."
"It's gold bars and precious stones. The treasure rooms are
inside these big rock doors. The gold is stacked in small bars
piled against the walls like bricks. The jewels are in bins cut
out of rock. There's so much gold and jewelry in that place that
the people there had stone wheelbarrows to move the treasure
Jack sat up in sudden interest. "Wheelbarrows?" he asked...
"We don't know how old they are," said Thomason, "but the
stone wheelbarrows are there."
"Stone wheelbarrows," marveled Jack. "Those dead men must
have been very powerful men. Only very strong men could push
around a stone wheelbarrow loaded with gold bars. The
wheelbarrows must have weighed a tone without a load in them."
"Yes," said Thomason, slowly, "the wheelbarrows are stone
and of course they are very heavy--"
"But they're very easy to push around even with a load in
them," White explained. "They're scientific wheelbarrows."
"No," objected Jack in a low tone of anguish.
"Yes," insisted White, pleasantly sure of himself. A small
boy could fill one of those stone wheelbarrows full of gold bars
and wheel it around. The wheelbarrows are balanced just like the
doors. Instead of having the wheel out in front so that a man
has to pick up all the weight with his back, these wise people
put the wheel almost in the middle and arranged the leverage of
the shafts so that a child could put in a balanced load and wheel
the barrow around."
Jack's heart was breaking. He left the table and threw his
chew out the door. He went over to the stove with his cup.
"Anybody want more coffee?" he asked. No one did.
Bill studied Thomason and White for several minutes. Then
he asked, "How many times have you been in this tunnel?"
"I've been there three times," said White. "That's counting
the first time I fell in. Fred's been in twice; and my wife went
part way in the last time we was in."
Mrs. White stroked her blond hair and said, "I thought my
husband was romancing when he came home and told me what he
found in the mountains. He always was a romancer. I was sure
he was just romancing about this city he said he found. I didn't
believe it until they took me into it. It is a little hard to believe,
don't you think?"
Bill said, "It sure is." Jack stirred sugar into his coffee
and sat down at the table again. Bill asked, "Did you ever bring
anything out of the cave?"
"Twice," said Fred Thomason. "Both times we went in we
filled out pockets with gems, and carried out a gold bar apiece.
The first time we left the stuff with a friend of ours and we went
to try and interest someone in what we'd found. We thought
the scientists would be interested or the government. One
government man said he'd like to see the stuff and we went back
to our friend to get the gold and jewels and he told us he'd never
seen them; and dared us to try to get them back. You see,
he double crossed us. We were in a little trouble at the time
and the loss of that stuff just put us in deeper. We couldn't
get a stake because we were having hard work making anyone
believe us. So we made another trip out here for more proof.
That time we brought out more treasure and buried it close to the
shaft entrance to the underground city before we went back to the
Coast. I persuaded some university officials and some experts
from the Southwest Museum to come out here with me. We got
up on the Panamints and I could not find the shaft. A cloud-burst
had changed all the country around the shaft. We were out of luck.
The scientists became unreasonably angry with us. They've done
everything they can to discredit us ever since."
Jack watched Thomason and White across the rim of his
coffee cup. Bill said, "And now you can't get into your treasure
tunnel. It's lost again. That's sure too bad."
Thomason and White smiled. "We can get in all right," said
Thomason in a genial voice his cold eyes did not support. Mrs.
White smiled confidently and her husband bobbed his head.
Thomason went on: "You've forgotten about the old boat landings
on the Death Valley side of the Panamint Mountains. All we have
to do is climb the mountain to the openings where the galleries
come out of the city on the old lake shore. Do you know the
mountains along the west side of Death Valley?"
"I've been down there," said Bill.
Thomason turned to White: "How high do you think those
galleries are above the bottom of Death Valley?"
White said, "Somewhere around forty-five hundred or five
thousand feet. You looked out of them; what do you think?"
"That's about right," agreed Thomason. "The openings are
right across from Furnace Creek Ranch. We could see the green
of the ranch right below us and Furnace Creek Wash across the
valley. We'll find those windows in the mountains, all right."
"You goin down there now?" asked Bill.
"That's it," said White. "We're through with the scientists.
We tried to make a present of our discovery to science because
we thought they would be interested. But they tried to rob us,
and then they laughed at us and abused us..."
Saying thanks and farewell the treasure hunters left, promising
to return, and drove in their car down to Emigrant Canyon towards
Death Valley. Later that same afternoon Bourke Lee, the author
of DEATH VALLEY MEN, allegedly met the three of them on the
floor of the valley. Their car was parked beside the road between
Furnace Creek Ranch and the Salt Beds. The men were patching
a tube. They did not need any help, so he wished them well and
said goodbye and went on towards the southern part of the barren
valley. He never saw Fred Thomason, Mr. White nor his wife
again, and ten days later when he again visited Bill Cocoran and
Jack Stewart they told him that they hadn't seen them since either.
When another week went by and the proprietors of the 'lost city'
did not appear, the author and Bill made a trip down into Death
Valley in their car and took along a pair of field glasses, hoping to
see some sign of the explorers or of the 'windows' or 'quays'
allegedly hid among the shadows of the eastern slope of the sun-
blistered Panamints. They failed to find any sign of either.


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