Genesis & History of the Cosmic Conflict

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As we have indicated, there are many who suggest that
Nevada rather than New Mexico may be the 'center' of subsurface
'alien' activity in America. This may be true in the sense that
the major 'conflict' or 'interaction' zone between Evadamic (Govt.-
Nordic) and Draconian (Gray-Reptilian) forces seems to exist
below the Great Western Deserts of southern California, Nevada
and western Utah. The military installations in this region are also,
according to many sources, heavily involved in the alien scenario,
for either good or evil.
Whereas the 'front lines' so-to-speak may exist below the
'test' ranges of Nevada and adjacent states, the 'center' of reptilian
activity itself seems to be Mt. Archuleta, N.M. and the 'Four
Corners' region.
The American Center of the various subsurface human cultures
seems to be the Cascade-Sierra Nevada ranges (especially
between Mt. Shasta and the Panamints) even though some
suggest that, at least in the past -- as in the case of the U.S. Govt.
itself -- 'some' of the human groups below the California region
made the tragic mistake of opting for a policy of 'appeasement'
rather than 'retribution' in dealing with the serpent race. This does
not necessarily mean that this policy continues widespread today,
although the Mt. Lassen region is reportedly a strong center of
current 'collaboration' between exterran/subterran reptilian grays
AND above ground/subterranean branches of the human Illuminati.

The following account which appeared in the Winter '92 issue
of 'FAR OUT' Magazine, in an article by H. Leo O'Neal titled 'THE
an attempt to classify the following tale as 'fantasy' even though the
author of the article does admit that SEVERAL people (witnesses)
have reportedly been in these ancient chambers below the Mojave,
mentioned in the story.
These (more) recent events surrounding the Death Valley
catacombs, mentioned in the article, are as follows. We ask the
readers simply to make their own determination as to the
authenticity of the account based on other similar reports which
we have related earlier.
In 1946, Dr. F. Bruce Russell, a retired Beverly Hills physician,
struck of a conversation with a Mr. Howard E. Hill in the city of
Los Angeles. Russell informed Hill that in 1931, while sinking a
shaft in a claimsite of his in Death Valley, he broke through to an
underground cavern. After finding some lights he entered and
found himself in a cavern with two passages, one heading 'left' and
the other 'right'. Exploring the left-hand passage he came to a
cave-in, some 25 yards from the entrance shaft. The right-hand
path however continued at a steep angle downward for about a
quarter of a mile. Although some of the passages seemed natural,
others appeared to have been expanded by artificial means, but all
of these went off in several directions. One tunnel eventually led to
a large room, and this room also had branch tunnels leading off in
all directions. Laid out in this chamber were 3 'mummies' and
several strange artifacts, some of which appeared 'Egyptian' while
others were more 'American Indian' like in construction. The
strange and shocking thing about the mummies however,
according to Russell, was that many of them were nearly 8 foot
long or tall! He described the underground system as a kind of
'underground city'.
The inhabitants must have been very advanced, Russell
concluded from what he observed, and he was certain that the find
was much more important than the famous King Tut's Tomb itself.
Following the passages he eventually discovered other openings to
the surface, but most of these were in obscure places, yet all that
he explored were within 7 miles of the 'shaft' through which he had
first entered the underground complex.
Eventually, Russell discovered 32 caves in all throughout
the area. Although he could not prove it, since many of them had
collapsed, he supposed that many of them might have at one time
connected with the underground system. These 32 caves were all
within 180 SQUARE miles of each other, and were located in
Death Valley and the extreme southwest region of Nevada.
He also stumbled across a large chamber which he referred
to as the 'ritual hall', and which contained strange markings and
symbols. Another tunnel, according to Russell, went from this
room to another underground hall where well-preserved bones of
dinosaurs, sabre-toothed tigers, mastodons and other extinct
animals were displayed in hollowed areas along the walls.
In 1946, after years of private investigation and secrecy,
Russell decided to exploit the find. After gathering a group of
potential investors he held a meeting in which he displayed
some of the artifacts which he had taken out of the underground
system. Mr. Hill was invited to the meeting provided that he
could help out as an investor. He accepted the invitation and
attended the meeting. The company was called 'Amazing
Explorations', and the 'Investors' meeting took place at a suite in
Beverly Hills, although all of the investors were sworn to absolute
secrecy. Hill and the rest of the investors were taken, after this
meeting concluded, to the underground complex itself, to where
Russell returned the artifacts which he had displayed to the
investors as he was convinced that the protected atmosphere of
the caves would preserve them. The group was taken into the
cavern in which the 'bones' and the 'temple' were located.
According to witnesses, it was "chock full of bizarre artifacts of all
kinds." Russell told them that they could look but not touch, as
he realized the necessity of preserving such a find in its original
condition, both for archaeological as well as monetary reasons.
On August 4, 1947, Howard Hill, acting as spokesman for
'Amazing Explorations', issued a brief statement to the press
announcing the discovery. The story received minimal coverage, to
his surprise, and only appeared in a few newspapers in which the
story was 'balanced' with very derogatory and skeptical statements
from the 'scientific' community.
After this, a live press conference was planned, in which
Russell planned to display a skeleton and/or several artifacts
which would "convince even the most skeptical reporter." And
from that they could discover for themselves the reliability of
the find. For this, Russell had to return once again to the caves
to retrieve the necessary artifacts. He also planned before
leaving or shortly after his return to open a bank account at
Barstow bank to deposit investment capital. Russell left for
Death Valley but was never seen again. His CAR was later
discovered with a busted radiator in a seldom travelled part of
Death Valley. Although some suspect that he left with the
money of the investors, this is unlikely since the investors' money
which he possessed at the time was not nearly enough to warrent
his disappearance, or the discontinuance of plans to commercialize
the site as one of the wonders of the world, and the potential
wealth that this might bring.
The investors attempted to re-locate the underground chambers
that Russell had shown them, but claimed that they could not
remember the exact route since they did not pay much attention
to landmarks on the first trip, and besides this, the shifting sunlight
and shadows and the uniformity of the vast landscape made that
difficult. So ended the brief but interesting events surrounding what
might have turned out to be one of the most popular wonders of the
world, a 'potential' Federally-protected museum invaluable to
archeologist, anthropologist and historian alike, as well as millions
of potential tourists. In spite of the corroborating "circumstantial"
evidence for the existence of these ancient ruins, this "world" (or
perhaps its present for former inhabitants?) seems to continually
resist all efforts of us "outsiders" to probe its secrets in any
dramatic way, at least (perhaps) until its "protectors" feel that we
are ready to discover these historical treasures. Perhaps the
"greed" that such treasures often arouse in human hearts is in
itself the very force that prevents their acquisition. Perhaps when
we set our hearts to search for Truth -- not for our own personal
greed or profit, but for the benefit of all humanity -- perhaps only
then will the TRUTH make itself available to those who are "ready"
to recieve it.

The following letter was sent to researcher Tim Beckley, and
confirms much of the information which has been 'surfacing' in
recent years:
"...I enjoy your magazine very much. Thank you for such a
fine publication. I have seen UFOs, and it seems after you have
seen one you're never the same. I separated from the U.S. Air
Force in December of 1987. In the Air Force I was a 'Security
Specialist.' It was my duty to safeguard Top Secret aircraft,
weapons and equipment. I also guarded nuclear warheads. I
was stationed at David-Monthan A.F.B. in Tucson, Arizona. In
January of 1987 I was training in the desert for a Desert Survival
Course. This area is between Indian Springs, Nevada and Las
Vegas, Nevada. It is known as Silver Flag Alpha. There is a
huge mountain range and on the other side of this range lies the
'Area 52', also known as 'Dreamland.'
"I asked an instructor what would happen if somebody went
over the ridge. he said, 'No one can make it over that ridge,' and
then gave me a foxish grin. One night about 0300 hours I was
sitting in my foxhole gazing at the stars when a white light rose
over the ridge. It performed two vertical loops then shot up
into the sky at a speed you would not believe. Also it didn't
make any noise.
"After separating from the Air Force I stayed in Tucson for
19 months. During this time my best Air Force buddy received
orders for 'Area 52.' I told him to stay in touch. He called one
day and told me he DIDN'T LIKE the assignment. I asked him
about 'Area 52' and he said he wasn't at liberty to discuss it. He
did say he was stationed at Nellis A.F.B. Nevada and forced to
live off base. He said an Air Force vehicle would pick him up and
transfer him to 'Area 52' where he would spend 48 hours in an
underground complex. After 48 hours he was then returned to his
apartment for 48 hours off time. I asked him what kind of things
he had seen. He only said don't be surprised if one day we are
living in space. After this we talked about normal guy stuff. I
never have heard from him since, which is PECULIAR. I wonder
if the Air Force had his apartment phone tapped? - Steve
Blankenship - Somerset, TX."

The January, 1957 issue of FATE magazine, p. 10, carried an
account of the following strange discovery:
"Dear Douglas, Ga., in Coffee County, workmen of the Head
Well and Pump Company were drilling a 145-foot deep hole on the
property of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Meeks, seven miles from Douglas.
They stopped drilling when an unusual noise began to come out of
the hole.
"It was a roaring sound, SOMETHING LIKE AN UNDER-
GROUND RAILWAY. As soon as they heard it, the drillers
stopped. Driller Scott Dinking said he never heard anything like it
before -- not in 27 years in the business.
"Joe Sports of the Associated Press went out to look at the
hole. He found it was making so much noise that the Meeks had
covered it partially by a plank because it kept them awake as
"Sports noticed that AIR WAS BEING PULLED INTO THE
HOLE BY A KIND OF SUCTION. He lighted a match atop the
hole -- the smoke was drown downward. Sports borrowed a mirror
and reflected light so he could see the bottom. He saw water
down there. It all 'looked' quite and peaceful."

The following passages are quoted from the Greek philosopher
Seneca's classic ten-volume NATURALES QUAESTIONES
(QUESTIONS OF NATURE), Vol. II, pp. 99-105, 151-157 (English
translation by Thomas H. Cocoran, PH.D., Harvard University
Press, Cambridge, Mass., & William Heinmann Ltd., London.
1972). Seneca begins by postulating that:
"...rivers are no less existent under the earth merely
because they are not seen. You must understand that down
there rivers as large as our own glide along, some flowing gently,
others resounding in their tumbling over the broken ground. What
then? Will you not equally allow that there are some lakes
underground and some waters stagnating there without exit?
"...Throughout the entire earth, one of them says, runs many
different kinds of water. In some places there are perpetual
rivers large enough to be navigable, even without the help of rains.
"...Moving air in the lower region inside the earth bursts
the atmosphere, which is thick and complete with clouds, with
the same force that clouds in our part of the world are usually
broken open.
"...Now permit me to tell you a story. Asclepiodotus is my
authority that many men were sent down by Philip (i.e. Philip II
of Macedon, 382-336 B.C., the father of Alexander the Great who
according to Diodorus opened several new mines - ed) into an old
mine, long since abandoned, to find out what riches it might
have, what its condition was, whether ancient avarice had left
anything for future generations. They descended with a large
supply of torches, enough to last many days. After a while, when
they were exhausted by the long journey, they (after breaking
into vast cavities - ed) saw a sight that made them shudder: huge
rivers and vast reservoirs of motionless water, equal to ours
above ground and yet not pressed down by the earth stretching
above, but with a vast free space overhead.
"I read this story with great enjoyment. For I realized
that our age suffers not from new vices but from vices that have
been handed down all the way from antiquity, and it is not our
age that avarice first pried into the veins of earth and rock
searching for treasure poorly hidden in the darkness.
"...Even before King Philip of Macedon there were men who
followed after money down into the deepest hiding-places and, of
upright and freeborn spirit as they were, let themselves down
into those caverns where no difference between night and day
"...What powerful necessity bent men down, man ordinarily
erect to the stars, and buried him to the bottom of the innermost
earth so that he might dig out gold, no less dangerous to search
for than it is to possess? On account of this he dug shafts and
crawled around the mud-smeared, uncertain booty, forgetful of
day, forgetful of the better nature of things from which he had
turned himself away.
"...They dared to descend to a place where they found a
strange order of things, layers of earth hanging overhead, dead
winds in the darkness, dreadful springs of water flowing for no
man, and a night other than our own, and perpetual. Then, after
doing these things, they fear the Underworld!"

The following appears on p. 169 of Daniel Cohen's book 'THE
ANCIENT VISITORS' (Doubleday & Co., N.Y. 1976):
"...For centuries hell was a very real and tangible place
found somewhere underground. The 'entrance to hell' has been
located countless times. Usually it was found in the country of
one's enemy.
"There were serious and scholarly speculations about huge
underground caves. One seventeenth-century scholar said that
dragons lived in underground caves, and that is why we saw so
few of them. Siberian tribesmen who found the frozen remains of
woolly mammoths, assumed that they were the remains of
creatures that lived in a subterranean world. The Siberians could
not conceive of extinct animals that had lived thousands of years
ago, but vast underground worlds came quite naturally to them.
According to legend, dwarfs lived in underground caves, and most
accounts placed the realm of fairies under the earth as well."

In reference to the 'caverns of hell' or 'hades', this belief pre-
dates Christianity itself and can be traced back to ancient Greece.
The Greeks spoke of 'Hades' as a vast series of deep caverns,
some containing frozen conditions while others filled with smoking
flames. The real tormentors of hades however were the fallen
angels of ancient tradition, who are said to torment all souls that
enter here. Also traditionally, over the entrance to Hades can be
HERE". Hades is said to be the center of the Satanic Kingdom
established by the fallen archangel Lucifer after his failed coup
de'etat against the throne of the Creator. It is said to contain
vast fortresses created by his infernal followers over the eons,
possibly created of insubstantial or etheric 'matter'.
As one descends through the caverns of Hades, according to
Greek tradition, things only become worse, until at last one
reaches the realm of 'Tartarus' itself. Tartarus, according to the
Greeks, is "as far below Hades as Hades is beneath the earth".
It is a great "chasm" in the extreme depths that is diffused
throughout the entire earth. The Christian Bible refers to Tartarus
as the 'Bottomless Pit'. 'Bottomless' might indicate an absence of
gravity and a sense of eternal 'falling' for those unfortunate enough
to enter therein. Apparently physical life could not possibly exist
there because of the suffocating heat and darkness, and the
lack of oxygen which must instantly be consumed by the volcanic
flames of terrifying realm. The Bible also adds that there is a
third level to 'Hell' called Gehenna, or a 'lake' of boiling magma or
fire... a place almost too horrifying to imagine.
This certainly does not conflict with present geological theory
concerning the interior of the earth, which is said to increase in
temperature as one passes the crust, the moho, the upper and
lower mantle and finally the outer and inner molten core. However
there is another 'theory' as to the configuration of the center of
the earth, one which is steadily growing in popularity. This theory
states that the earth is more like a gigantic "geode" with a hollow
interior. In this case the "hollow" would not coincide with the
"bottomless" pit simply because the "inner surface" pushes out-
ward as opposed to the inward gravitational push of the outer
surface. However, if one were standing on the inner surface they
would not drift off to the center of the planet because they are
attached or drawn to the inner surface, not gravitationally but
through centrifugal force (the same force that one can see at
work in a washing machine as the "spin" cycle pushes everything
against the inner surface, leaving a "hollow" center). Several
people in the past have proposed this theory, among them Edmund
Halley after whom "Halley's" comet is named; Capt. John Cleves
Symmes whose writings actually inspired a government expedition
to the North Pole -- as the theory states that the entrances to the
inner hollow exist somewhere near the north and south poles; and
Cotton Mathers who was a central figure in the "Salem Witch
Trials". Also, countless science and fantasy fiction writers have
used this theme in their writings, some of the more well-known
authors being Edgar Rice Burroughs and Edgar Allen Poe.
If such a concavity exists, then how would the traditions of
Hades, Tartarus and Gehenna fit in to this new cosmography of
a "Geoditic" planet? One possibility is given by Dr. Hank Krastman,
who claims that he was shown an underground city below the
Grand Canyon area by a blond-haired, blue-eyed "Hopi" Indian.
This city was connected to its counterpart on the inner surface of
the earth's (alleged) concavity, a city of Grecian-like architecture
called PALATKWAPI. In 1994 researcher B. Alan Walton sent
Krastman a letter in which he posed the following questions:
"...Have your Hopi sources mentioned anything about the nature
of the earth BETWEEN the outer and inner (hollow) crusts? I am
particularly interested in learning of conditions within the terminal
zone where gravitational "pull" and centrifugal "push" cancel each
other out. My "theory" is that there would be no gravity, and thus
vast cavernous spaces. I would guess that this would also include
a chaotic environment similar to the Greek tradition of Tartarus or
the "Bottomless" (non-gravitational) Pit where earth-material,
magma, various chemicals and gases are being slammed
together in weightlessness by the rotational movement of the
earth itself, causing an inferno-like region where physical life
could not exist, as it (apparently) does on the inner and outer
crusts of this giant "geode" known as earth."
Hank Krastman's response, dated 11-27-94, was as follows:
"...The nature of the Earth between the outer and inner Earth
is molten Lava type rock... When I walked on the inside of the
Earth it was the same gravity pull, no difference, however the Air
machines powered by the eternal Sun, the sky is blue without
any clouds 24 hours a day (Note: the logistics of an internal
"sun" at the center point, as suggested by several earlier
theorists, would seem to violate the laws of physics when com-
pared to the mass necessary for a "sun" or "star" to gain nuclear
fusion ability -- or whatever process is at work. Perhaps the
"sun" that is described is actually a "focal point" of the electro-
magnetic currents passing through the earth, similar to the
pinpoint of light that can sometimes be seen in the center of a
spherical crystal. - Branton).
"The INFERNO region does exist in cavities between the two
worlds. If you saw the Movie STARGATE it is similar going through
the gate to the inner world."
Elsewhere Krastman stated that when he was transported to
the interior surface from the underground city below Arizona it was
at the "speed of light", suggesting that instantaneous travel was
and is accomplished between the two worlds via time-space
windows, or teleportation rather then via tunnels that pass through
the "infernal" zones. Depending on the source, the distance
between the outer and inner surfaces may be anywhere from 500
to 1500 miles!

In the Book of Revelation as well as other sections of Judeo-
Christian scripture there is a prophetic event described which
some refer to as the 'rapture' (the word doesn't exist in the
Bible although the 'concept' does). This event is said to
coincide with the disappearance of deceased Christian believers
from their graves. Since certain (non-human) alien species have
been known to 'counterfeit' divine or 'Biblical' events through
the application of high occult-technology, is it possible that
this prophetical event of the 'rapture' may also be 'counterfeited'
for some psychological or manipulative purpose?
The following incident was reported in the Oct. 1964 issue
of SEARCH magazine, by Will Carson in his column 'PRYING
"A GRAVE MATTER -- J.E. was born in Spain, to which
country her late parents originally had immigrated from what was
then called Bohemia. Their native village has long since been
submerged by the waters of a hydro-electric project -- all of
which pretty well obliterates our chances of pinpointing the
exact time and date. But as J.E. recalls her parents relating
many times, one day all the graves in the cemetery behind the
now vanished village were found to be empty, but there were no
mounds of dirt beside each grave. Upon further investigation
the excavations proved to be apparently bottomless!
"Authorities were never able to solve the mystery, and
finally (since it was impossible to refill the graves) they were
boarded over and sealed with mortar and a high stone fence built
around the area."

The following is from an add describing a book written by
'Michael X' (no relation to 'Commander X'), titled 'WE WANT
YOU -- HITLER ALIVE', published by UFO Review., Box 753.,
New Brunswick, NJ 08903:
FLYING SAUCER? Here is proof Hitler escaped death, and tried
to reorganize his mighty forces at the South Pole in underground
"Here also are clear--close up--photos of Hitler's own secret
flying disks which he hoped would someday enable him to rule
the world.
"Discussed for the first time is the mysterious 'Mr. Michalek'
who had toured Europe telling of his contacts with aliens and the
establishment of the majestic government of the 'World Republic
of Earth,' and how both Moscow and Washington would be 'wiped
out' if they did not 'give in' to other worldly advice. Was he
speaking on behalf of the Fuhrer?"

In reference to any possible International counter-offensive
against the 'Grays', some have suggested that the 'threat' will
be used by the Illuminati as an excuse to unite the world
together in a one-world government. If in fact the Korean and
Vietnam wars were 'orchestrated' by the Serpent Cults as some
have suggested, is it not likely that a United Nations-backed
counteroffensive against the grays will result in the same type
of no-win war with an eventual loss on our side? Especially if
the 'One Worlders' are collaborating with the Grays and Reptons?
Perhaps it would be best for each individual nation to deal
with the reptilian infestation or undermining of their own
countries in their own way, without the help of a 'World Militia', or
keep the battle at a 'grass roots' level? Global COOPERATION on
an ECONOMIC level might be tolerated by freedom loving peoples,
but Global CONTROL on a POLITICAL level definitely will not be!
A world 'Federation' may be maintained without surrendering all
national sovereignties to a one-world political force (namely, the
NEW WORLD ORDER). Those extraterrestrials who profess the
need for a One World Government on earth as a prerequisite to
join their Alliances or Federations should realize that the cultural
diversity on Earth is unique in the universe, and therefore a 'unique'
answer to the problem should be suggested, namely that they
attempt to align themselves with the governments of individual
sovereign nations, and offer them memberships within their
Confederations, rather than wait for the world to turn into a global
police state. The one-world Republic that 'they' so desperately
seek could just as easily become a one-world dictatorship that
would be controlled by despotes, allied to the Grays for instance,
who might bear animosity to the Federation(s). On the other hand
if an individual nation were to become a member of such a Fed-
eration, they could enjoy the benefits of such cooperation. Such
a plan must include the promise of the Federation(s) to come to
the aid of that nation in a DEFENSIVE manner if it is being
threatened by another nation, especially one backed by an
opposing interstellar group. But such an agreement must absolutely
prohibit any type of OFFENSIVE attack on the part of the host
nation across its borders and a strict compliance with an inter-
national non-interference policy. It goes without saying that, for
instance, such a nation would have the right to root-out any
subsurface "base" utilized by parasitical groups such as the grays
that are being used as centers of abduction, mutilation, implant-
ation and other such activities AGAINST the inhabitants of that
nation. The Federation is fully justified in admitting individual
nations into its fold, and this should not be misconstrued as a
violation of their "Prime Directive", ESPECIALLY since the reptilian
grays have already established their own destructive alliances with
various national governments throughout the world. In light of this
such a plan is the ONLY way that the Federations, Alliances, etc.,
can salvage their own interests for the future of planet earth.

Now to continue with the subject of how individual nations are
responding to the reality of alien contact, the Oct-Nov. issue of
NEXUS Magazine related the following information in an article
"...The following is an example of what one can pick up off
the computer networks. The network in this case is called
EarthNet, run by Pegasus Networks based in Byron Bay (P.O.
Box 201., Byron Bay NSW 2481).
** Topic: Aliens from outer space... **
** Written 12:14 am, Aug. 5, 1991 by huw in peg:sci.astro **
"'I recently heard a Radio One program in the UK that
contained an interview with a leading proponent of the popular
'US Government has aliens locked up and is experimenting with
their space planes' conspiracy theory. However this particular
individual sounded very reasonable, did not make any outrageous
claims, and further had some interesting facts to disclose. In
particular he mentioned several verifiable facts which I would
like some follow up on:
"'Rockwell International and NASA were planning a *massive*
joint exhibition of space exploration this year (1991) but it was
delayed inexplicably until 1992. In the *official* prospectus
for this exhibition, one of the exhibits was clearly stated to be
'an extraterrestrial spacecraft'. When asked about this by
various individuals, all enquiries were referred by NASA to the
US DoD. An unnamed Pentagon spokesman speaking off the
record is meant to have indicated that they 'had a number of such
space vehicles to choose from...'
"'The Pentagon also held a press conference to deal with
press inquiries on this matter -- and refused to answer any
questions. In fact reporters later said that the Pentagon had
asked most of the questions, and they all pertained to 'what
would be the public reaction if...'.
"'The guy on the radio program referred extensively to two
NASA consultant engineers who claimed to have worked on alien
spacecraft studying propulsion systems for NASA -- both had high
level security clearances in the States...'"

Tim Beckley's UFO REVIEW [issue #37] carried the following
article by the editor titled 'ET SAUCERS VS. EARTH MADE
UFOS'. We quote excerpts here beginning with a reference to
researcher William Cooper:
"...(William Cooper) will, he says, 'prove once and for all
that the Secret Societies, NOT our [Constitutional] government,
murdered President Kennedy as a sacrifice to the ancient god
Baal in an outdoor temple.' Cooper will also [in future lectures]
'explain the true meaning of the movie 2001 as a message of the
secret societies to their followers, and will show a first-generation
color copy of the Zapruder film with all the previously missing
"...According to Terziski, the Nazi's were building flying
saucers that took them to other planets even before the start of
World War II. Being a Slav, Vladimir says he cannot but have
the 'utmost revulsion towards everything Hitler's racial and
political philosophies stood for,' and it is because of his
revulsion he decided to look into various 'black technologies'
developed by THE NAZIS, whom he now believes were secretly
backed by the sinister Illuminati operating way behind the scenes
(Note: As can be seen elsewhere in this File the 'link' between the
Illuminati and the Nazi's seems to have been the gnostic Jesuit
and Thule Societies - Branton).
"In his vast collection of photos and other documents, Terziski
has many pictures and drawings of the various disk-shaped craft
constructed by the Nazi scientists that were powered by
Schauberger turbines and Kohler TACHYON magneto-gravitic
drives (all based upon free energy or anti-gravity principles).
Actually, Vladimir says that we've known all about anti-gravity for a
long time and that THE BRITISH (Marconi Group) MAY ACTUALLY
"Meanwhile, deep underground at Area 51's 'Dream Lab' in the
Nevada desert, a renegade branch of the CIA -- protected by a
private security SS-like police force that the Illuminati supplies --
is constructing their own fleet of 'flying saucers' utilizing Hitler's
forbidden technology..."

Elsewhere in this File we have written of the alleged 'Federation'
which loosely ties together such human colonies as those in TAU
CETI, EPSILON ERIDANI, the TAYGETA and other systems of the
PLEIADES, VEGA in LYRA, various colonies in the HYADES, the
alleged SOLARIAN Tribunal on the moons of SATURN, ALPHA
CENTAURI, various cultures from the ANDROMEDA constellation,
the KOLDASIAN and other systems from the DAL or antimatter
universe, and the 'UMMITES' in WOLF 424 [all of which have been
repeatedly described by numerous and apparently separate
'contactees]'. One additional allegation is that the 'UMMITES', a
'Scandinavian' appearing race who live on a planet with a magnetic
field much more intense than that of earth, have apparently made
contact with scientists associated with the French and Spanish
governments. It is interesting that M.K. Jessup's annotated version
of the 'CASE FOR THE UFO' contains comments by alleged
members of an ancient terran race who have access to inter-
planetary craft technology.
These have stated that France, for instance, has been the
subject of much interest among certain ex-terran cultures because
of it's unique social atmosphere. The UMMITES allegedly come
from the star system we know of as Wolf 424, a star which they
themselves refer to as IUMMA. Their 'insignia' resembles an 'H'
with an extra vertical 'bar' in the middle and the four corners of the
'H' tapered into an outward curve. This symbol has been
PHOTOGRAPHED on the underside of some UFO's which have
been encountered in the 20th century. Also the UMMITES speak
of themselves as belonging to a large 'Federation' of planets,
possibly consisting more or less of the interstellar regions
described above. They seem to have a particularly strong alliance
with the Oriental-like Vegans, who are a remnant of the ancient
Lyran civilization that gave rise to the present human cultures
in the Pleiades.

The following are several abbreviated excerpts taken from
'THE OMEGA PROJECT', by Kenneth Ring, PH.D. (William
Morrow & Co., N.Y. 1972). The following points were brought
out in the book:
-- Most abductions (possibly between 60%-80%? - Branton)
are conducted by the 'greys' of traditional description.
-- Many state that their experiences are often 'dreamlike'
yet with evidence suggesting real events.
-- The 'greys' (and in some cases black creatures in 'capes'
that act as 'guards' during the painful and terrifying 'medical
operations') have a way of 'blurring' their faces in the minds of
the abductees, so that the abductee cannot later recall what the
aliens' 'face' looked like.
-- Many abductees experience sleeping problems (not to
mention severe social-relational-sexual problems) after being
abducted by the saurian or reptilian grays, and these problems
often last for years afterwards.
-- Some abductees who resist are 'shocked' repeatedly with
an 'electric gadget' which may induce paralysis and/or
--A majority of the 'greys' seem to be of the grey-white
variety, some with opaque 'black' eyes and some with vertically
slit (snake or lizard-like) pupils.
-- Some of the greys are described as 'sinister', and one
abductee stated that when she was taken "one alien was by my
head and attempted to frighten me with his large eyes," as three
other creatures mechanically performed painful operations,
unheeding of her terrified cries to make them stop. She (Clair
Chambers) stated that "In my many encounters where I have
always been kidnapped from my home, the aliens have shown
no compassion. I have several times felt them exhibit FEAR
when I have hit them as they do feel FEAR... their reaction
behavior patterns do NOT indicate an intelligence as high as I
would expect from their technology (Due to their "collective-
consciousness" nature? - Branton)... these experiences have
been dreadful, terrifying, and I would like them to stop!" (Note:
Four separate doctors have confirmed various wounds and
injuries in Clair Chambers which she insists resulted from the
-- Some 'greyish' aliens, with 3-digit fingers, have been
described as being 7 ft. tall (Reptons? - Branton). One woman
who was abducted by them felt as if the creatures wanted her to
have the IMPRESSION that they were 'friendly', but after being
returned to her car from which she was abducted "I then broke to
pieces as my whole body shook uncontrollably. I cried 'OH GOD,
WHY ME?' I couldn't calm myself as I cried like a baby..."
-- A woman with an M.S.W. [degree?] (who was at the time
of this revelation 51 years old), stated:
"...The first experience was when I was a child of about 5.
For years I had a RECURRING 'dream' of standing beside a field
The dream ends with me looking into the hole. I was just
standing there looking at the hole. Under hypnosis I [recall that I]
stepped into the hole and walked down a short tunnel. The tunnel
widened into a small waiting area where there was a bench just
at the right height for a 5 year old. I sat down and waited. A tall
black 'featureless' being came through a doorway, walked to me
and held out his hand. I took his hand and went back through the
doorway with him. He placed me on a table that appeared to be
about 3 to 4 feet high. He laid me on my back and took one big
hand and held my upper body flat on the table. The other beings
were behind him looking at instruments on the wall. I was held
this way for several minutes. When the being turned to look at
the other two, it was as if he lost CONTROL over me and I jerked
out from under his hand, fell off the end of the table and ran
for the door. When I got to the door, I knew I wasn't 'supposed'
to go any further. I stopped and turned around. The being who
had been holding me came to me, took hold of my left arm and
looked into my eyes. I was looking at where the eyes should be
on a HUMAN, BUT I don't REMEMBER actually SEEING eyes.
I feel something was communicated, but I don't know what."
-- The author states that some of the large opaque-black
'eyes' seen by many abductees, after being taken by the greys,
seemed to have been 'coverings' for real 'eyes' which they felt
might have been hidden behind or inside of what might have
been artificial opaque-black visual coverings. At least this was
the 'impression' that some abductees had.

DR. KUEPPERS', by Helga Morrow, also appeared in UFO
REVIEW - issue #37, with the following heading: "He Escaped
From Nazi Germany At The Height Of World War II And Came To
America To Work For The U.S. Military On Top Secret Projects
Involving Invisibility, Time [Manipulation], Anti-Gravity Research
And Teleportation:
"Editors Note: The following is a highly-abbreviated account
of Helga Morrow's recollections of her late father, Dr. Fred A.
Kueppers, a German-born engineer who defected to the U.S.
during World War II...
"[Helga's Story] 'I have learned from various sources that my
father was one of the scientists who worked on the Philadelphia
Experiment; had invented the timing device for the A-bomb; had
been chosen by the bomb scientists to represent them to Harry
Truman, asking him NOT to drop the bomb; had invented the
mathematical formula that brought the astronauts back; had
designed the miniaturized electrical system of Sputnik, the first
space launching; had worked on Project Blue Book/Black Book,
UFOs; had initiated the use of aluminum wiring to replace the
heavier wiring in World War II planes; had worked with mind
warfare, using psychics to communicate with astronauts in case
communication systems failed; and had trained extraterrestrials
to fit into human society.
"'My head spun; in it wheels were turning, and a thousand
things began to make sense. Suddenly the things my father had
told me in my childhood and youth snapped into place. It was as
if nineteen years after I attended my father's funeral, I began
to know him for the first time as only a few others knew him -- a
man who, for obvious reasons, could never be mentioned in public
records, but who had clearly deserved such recognition for the
valuable service he had given the nation. My mind began to go
back to my earliest remembrances...
"'When I was in the second or third grade, I watched him hang
up an award from RCA in his room. I asked, 'Why did you get
this award?' He told me it was too lengthy to go into. I said, 'Try
me!' and he did. He said it was an award for an experiment in
time, and then proceeded to put two ashtrays on his bed, and
through simple gestures and explanations, show how two objects
could transpose in time and return the same way. Then he took
me into the cellar, where he put some steel shavings in a cigar
box with a large U-shaped magnet taped underneath. He gently
tapped the steel shavings, and to my amazement, two distinct
series of concentric circles gradually appeared! He then
simplified this by saying that if one could transpose these circles,
one could transpose time [or 'bend' time such as to speed it up or
slow it down, or even stop it altogether? - Branton]. He said that
alien spacecraft were partly moved by 'reverse magnetism.' He
showed me how to get this effect by holding two opposite
"'I never forgot this lesson. And this was BEFORE anyone
really talked about flying saucers. I was Daddy's confidant. I
never discussed this information with anyone; he had sworn me
to secrecy.
"'My father was not home much -- only several times a year.
He was completely focused on his work, so normal family life
was difficult for him...
"'Daddy was a popular innovator in many fields of science and
technology. All his patents became the property of either the
company that employed him or the U.S. Government [Such
patents, which have been established by various scientists
working in anti-gravity research, allegedly exist in the patent
offices for all to see, IF they only knew how and where to find
them - Branton].
"'The third winter of 1961 before he died (February 12, 1962,
Lincoln's birthday), my father confided many things to me. He
told me that what he was about to tell me was bizarre,
unbelievable and might sound absolutely crazy. I was 27 at the
time, and thought he had gone off the deep-end (my mother had
always thought so). Daddy assured me that by the time I
reached 55 or so, all these bizarre statements that he was about
to make, as well as everything he had ever explained to me when
I was a child, would come back to me and make sense.
"'He told me that he had three months to live. 'They' had
given him three months to conclude his personal affairs, he said.
I asked, 'Who are they?' He said I wouldn't understand. So I
realized that I was taking my last walk with him through Guilford.
He turned around to see if he was being followed, as always,
aware of intrusion. He confided that he had not only been on the
moon but INSIDE it, and that he had both spoken to and trained
extraterrestrials who looked like us to blend into human society.
He had been in spaceships and had traveled in space.
"'He told me of the riots where we would kill or be killed in
a period of racial intolerance that would occur around 1966 --
which is now history. He told me that red-baiting propaganda
was a lie to keep humanity occupied with worry over 'fighting
communism.' And that in reality the two nations were great
friends; Russian scientists got along well with their American
counterparts and worked amiably together. The Russian 'threat'
was nothing but B.S. and a distraction for the public.
"'In the meantime, there were alien bases all over the world
and on the moon. He said that whoever controls the moon can
target anyplace on Earth; no place would be safe. Therefore,
Russians and Americans must remain friends or eliminate each
other. He told me he had worked with Tesla, Einstein, Von
Broun, Von Neumann and many others.
"'My father broke down and cried when I visited him that
Christmas. He said, 'If you only knew the real truth!' But as
long as I didn't I was safe, he said. He seemed a frightened man
alone with his thoughts, afraid to speak out, trusting no one.
He rarely spoke on the phone (our phone had always been
tapped) and always thought he was being followed.
"'My father died in the hospital in the arms of a nun, we
were told. When my mother wanted to send flowers and candy
to this unknown nun, she was told that there had been no nun in
his room (though we had seen her) at the time of his fatal 'heart
attack'. She couldn't be traced. At his funeral, I saw two Secret
Service men at his coffin (wearing the obvious trench coats)...
"'There was something strange about the body in the coffin.
I always remember my father's hairy arms and hands. But there
was NO HAIR ON THOSE HANDS! His face felt like cold stone,
and it had so much makeup that it looked like wax. Was it really
my father in the coffin? If so, why had his grave 'disappeared'
when I looked for it in the family plot in 1985 -- a plot that dated
back hundreds of years? There was no trace that it had ever
existed; there were no grave records!
"'And then on May 30, 1962, several months later, he
materialized before me and told me he was not dead but only in
'another dimension IN TIME!' I felt his suit, smelled his Molle
shaving cream -- and his weight pushed down the mattress on
my daybed. He was wearing his usual conservative grey suit; I
even felt the material as I touched his knee. He told me to
continue his work, but not call on him unless absolutely
necessary, as appearing to me was painful. He said that he
would make himself known to me 'at the crossroads of my life' to
help me (and he has kept his promise).'"
Based on other accounts, "another dimension in time" would
probably indicate that the dimension into which he had been
"phased" was and is a dimensional 'branch' off from the main-
stream multi-dimensional reality that is visible to us. Since time,
space and matter are all integral parts of the unified field, it has
been theorized that another dimension "in time" -- for instance a
dimension in which the time-flow is accelerated (one of 'their'
days may equal one of 'our' hours, for instance) -- would also
include a spacial and molecular shift as well. This could be
perceived either as 'entering' another dimension or simply as
a 'phasing' of an individual to the point that he or she begins to
'perceive' and become part of a dimension that was always there
yet one which they could not comprehend or interact with until
they were 'tuned in' to it on the molecular level. This dimension
would be invisible to most of those within the 'mainstream' of
reality, and we would be invisible to them to some extent
(possibly an extent which is determined by the depth of the
molecular-time-space phasing).

Returning to the subject of alien activity, in particular the
'Grays', there are those who believe that such activity has some
apocalyptic and theological significance. Could such activity
have been prophesied in ancient spiritual texts?
Leviticus 26:22 (in the TORAH or OLD TESTEMENT) relates
a strange warning, possibly directed against those nations who
tend to ignore the command of the Almighty or the Creator to live
together in brotherly love... Could this be a prophecy of a coming
invasion of alien 'beasts' such as the Grays? The Torah describes
the serpent race as 'beasts' in Genesis chapter 3, although it
also makes it clear that these reptilians were by far the most
superior, "subtil" and intelligent members of the entire 'animal'
kingdoms. We quote this passage as follows (see also: Amos

(continued in file Mojave.009)


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