Genesis and the History of the Cosmic Conflict

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The following letter appeared in the July, 1964 issue of
'SEARCH' Magazine, and was written by a Mr. Ervin M. Scott of
(at that time) 536 12th St., Denver, Colorado. Mr. Scott's
references to the origin of "dreams" is interesting. There are
theories that the brain acts like a biological electrochemical
"radio" transceiver at some levels. It is a proven fact that the brain
sends very subtle neuro-electrical transmissions into the atmos-
phere, and that these "brain waves" can be recorded by electro-
encephelograph machines. An even more daring theory is that
neurons can interact and affect other particles-waves in the
Unified Field and that the brain has the ability to "focus" these
waves as a transmitter or a receiver. Of course the success of
long-range communication between minds is minimal when
compared with radio waves, because of the thick morass of
'psychic static' that must be penetrated and the minimal energy
output. Others claim that certain "alien" cultures have machines
that are capable of electronically magnifying and focusing
thought waves for transmitting or receiving. As for "dreams", some
believe that they take place when the mind tunes-in to a "deeper"
mental states wherein the mind is able to tap into the thought-
forms of a "collective unconscious", explaining the "universal
dream symbolism" which has been reported by psychologists.
One symbolic explanation that has been used to explain this
process is that of islands that appear to be separate and distinct
when seen above water -- symbolic of individual conscious
minds, yet the "deeper" one goes below the "surface" the more
they connect with other islands at the underlying levels --
symbolic of the increasing levels of the collective unconscious
mind(s). Mr. Scott describes his unusual experiences as follows:

"Dear Ray: ...Congratulations on another excellent issue of
'SEARCH' Magazine.
"I was especially interested in your article, 'Faces in Your
"Having had many strange, puzzling dreams over the last few
years, I have become quite interested in any clues that might point
towards origin and cause of dreams. I recognize a good many as
probably having the subconscious as the source. However, there
is an occasional dream, that is so vivid and unusual that it causes
one to wonder.
"I have no connection one way or the other, on the Shaver
Mystery, but, I will briefly describe... dreams that are interesting in
relation to that subject.
"On Nov. 30, 1963 while in a light sleep I heard a woman's
voice coming as if from a distance and she spoke urgently as
follows: 'This is from a stolen farm beneath the Salt Lake flats
in Utah. (I was living in Wichita, Kansas at the time.) There
was a woman abducted almost three weeks ago in Boston, Mass.
and taken underground. Reports indicate that an abbey in North
section of the city is being used and that cellars underneath the
abbey connect with tunnels leading up from caverns below. This
is a continuation of the Evil one's War against Mankind.'
"Another voice broke in, 'Don't believe her. Don't you see
this is a lie - a trick? (Then, warningly) Keep quiet about this.'
"I have never been in Utah nor have had no thoughts about or
desire to visit, so if this was caused by subconscious, it is
certainly puzzling, as is the reference to 'a stolen farm'..."

This letter suggests that a conflict of sorts has been and is
taking place in cavernous levels below Utah, as in other states.
Earlier in this file we revealed an incident which was originally
described by 'Commander X', from a source in Dulce, N.M., stating
that a certain chemical was secretly (via certain 'doctors' tied in
with the aliens) being injected into individuals via sulfa drugs which
in turn lodged in the bone-structure of the victim. This chemical
allegedly makes their bodies extremely sensitive to ELF
(Extremely Low Frequency) radio waves, which can be 'tuned in'
to the deep encephalographic wave bands of the human brain, and
these transmissions could apparently be used to subliminally
control or at least influence human minds from a distance.
Perhaps some individuals, such as the writer of the letter just
quoted, are naturally sensitive to these extremely low frequency
waves, in that their brains to some extent act as an electro-
chemical biological ELF radio receiver. Certain accounts suggest
that various subterranean groups utilize ELF radio transceivers
capable of penetrating many miles of solid rock.
The letter just quoted might "suggest" that another group, more
malevolent, utilize a similar form (of ELF radio wave transceivers?)
such as the one through which the woman apparently sent out the
'distress' or warning call.
Could this 'other' voice be tied-in with a subterranean group
similar to the 'Horlocks' mentioned earlier in this File? Or could it
have originated from the Reptilians? The 'Horlocks' are, as we've
suggested earlier, a group of human 'mind-slaves' who are possibly
manipulated and kept under reptilian mind-control via implantation,
technosis, and so on.
Various sources have described many strange subsurface
phenomena associated with the Salt Lake or Great Basin subnet.
Some of these include:
1) A reference to a system of tunnels and catacombs allegedly
existing below the Salt Lake Valley, which were said to exist long
before the first settlers moved in. Unusual stories have made the
rounds to the effect that early construction workers in downtown
SLC broke through into these underground tunnels. Some of
these passages were later expanded by early polygamists who
entered them to take refuge from government prosecutors. Others
who entered certain of these tunnels never returned. Additional
"rumors" say that "Lizard People" have been encountered in some
of the deeper tunnels, as well as unusual footprints of creatures
with three toes. There are also reports of seemingly "bottomless
shafts". Also huge passages "large enough to drive a truck
through" are said to lead southwest from downtown Salt Lake City
to other chambers below the western Rockies, especially below
the Cottonwood Canyons. It is interesting that the Mayan-
Telosians claim to have a large base under Big Cottonwood
Canyon, The Mormon Church has a huge underground storage
shelter below Little Cottonwood Canyon, and the tunnels in down-
town SLC are also said to connect with the basement of the
Masonic Temple there. ALL THREE groups possess an initiatory
order of "Melchizedek" within their structures... interesting! Also,
there have been reports of encounters with NORDICS as well as
abductions by REPTILIANS near these canyons. One witness
swore that at night she was taken out of her house in Salt Lake
City by a blond man in a black "astronaut" uniform, who showed
her a "Star Wars" scenario taking place above the Cottonwood
Canyons. She saw [cloaked?] disks emerging from Twin Peaks
only to fire beams of energy at incoming UFOs. The beams hit
what appeared to be the force shields of the incoming craft and in
"Star Trek" like fashion the energy crackled around the UFOs,
many of which seemed to lose motive power and drift away. Could
this area be one of the "Stand-off" zones between the Benevolent
Ones and the Reptilian Grays that John Lear, Agent YF and other
sources have referred to? Aside from these mountain bases, other
underground systems are said to run southwest under Trolley
Square [where workers also reportedly "broke in" to underground
catacombs in years past] and also the old Sugerhouse Mall
district. At least two individuals have reported "abductions" from
this area. One man stated that he was taken underground just
north of Sugerhouse, and was "operated on", his right leg removed
and reattached. Although the experience seemed "dreamlike",
when he found himself at home once again he stood up and his
right leg gave out under him. Another person, a woman, reported
being abducted and taken into huge underground chambers by way
of a maze, just west of Sugarhouse Mall. She was placed in an
altered state -- it also seemed to be "dreamlike", but she did
experience "missing time". She reportedly encountered a tall,
dark haired man who was in the company of a "Gray" alien, and
he gave her and several other people in the chambers different
instructions -- which she cannot consciously remember. One
other incident was reported by a woman who was part of a night
cleaning crew in the multi-levelled Crossroads Mall. She claimed
that one night a creature came around a corner, wobbled up to her,
and snarled viciously as it went past. She could only describe it
as a "demon", however the apparent physical tangibility of the
creature may suggest that it was one of the so-called "lizard
people" or reptilians that are rumored to stalk the lower tunnels
below the Mall. One worker who had gone into the tunnels
reportedly placed his hand against one tunnel wall at which point
his arm went THROUGH the wall -- an extremely unnerving
experience. The next time he was there he attempted the same
thing, but the wall was "solid". Could the "aliens" temporarily
"phase shift" the molecules within an underground passage in
order to pass through to hidden chambers beyond? Others have
reported passing rooms from which an unusual greenish
luminescence emanated. Others speak of tunnels that have been
sealed or locked by wooden doors that seemed to be ancient, or
by metal doors or gates. There are also reports of people entering
the sewer or drainage tunnels under downtown SLC, peeking into
huge chambers, and seeing "men in suits" carrying uzi machine
guns. Could these be Mormon Church security officers protecting
the basement levels of "Temple Square" from unwanted alien
intruders from BELOW?
2) Certain geologists state that the Great Salt Lake has an
underground counterpart deep below it, and that a certain type of
earthquake could 'conceivably' empty the entire contents of the
lake into it's subterranean counterpart. There are vague rumors
of underground streams or rivers which allegedly flow from HUGE
caverns in the heart of the Wasatch Mts./Western Rockies
(caverns which can supposedly be entered by following the right
path through the underground maze), and westward below the
valley floor, possibly to the underground 'counterpart' of the Great
Salt Lake.
3) A former worker in Utah's 'Dougway Proving Ground' (where
former Dulce Base worker Thomas Castello alleges there is an
'entrance' to the underground systems) reported that he
witnessed 'people' working at the base-facility who were NOT
human. He could not explain, but he did state that he learned of
top secret robotics and even 'Philadelphia-Experiment' like
teleportation research that was being conducted at the base. Also,
there have been reports (similar to those at Dulce, NM; the Nevada]
Test Site; the Madigan Medical facility in Washington State, and
at Deep Springs, CA), particularly from a former hairdresser at the
Dougway base whose name was Barbara, that there were several
reptilian beings working at the base who were masquerading as
humans. She stated that even one of the base commanders was
NOT human -- she saw him momentarily transform before her
4) There are many accounts of various alien 'bases' throughout
Utah occupied by the Nordics, the Grays, secret societies, the
large 'EL' humans, possibly the 'Orange', and of course the
'hubrids' -- and possibly even natural-born humans who are being
held prisoner in 'reptilian' strongholds.
This latter possibility was confirmed by Val Valerian in 'THE
LEADING EDGE' Newsletter, in which he stated his belief that,
based on the numerous accounts that he had gathered:
"...Scores of underground installations hold citizens of virtually
every country on the planet in captivity."
Valerian is of course referring to the Dulce facility, as well as
other such facilities throughout the world where permanent
abductees' reportedly end up. This may also include other people
who have disappeared in other ways.

One possible subterranean 'abduction' was described by
researcher John Grant. In his book 'GREAT MYSTERIES'
(Chartwell Books., Secaucus, NJ., 1988), Grant records the
following frightening incident: "...In 1975 Mr. and Mrs. Jackson
Wright were driving to New York through blinding snow; in the
Lincoln Tunnel they agreed to pause and wipe snow from the front
and rear windows. Jackson Wright never saw his wife, Martha,
People just don't 'disappear' without a trace, never to be heard
from again, especially in a place like this unless SOMETHING
intentionally causes such a disappearance to take place. There
have, incidentally, been reports of 'UFO' like objects and/or alien
creatures being seen in connection with 'abductions' which took
place in underground tunnels, some 'deserted' by our standards
and others not. One case involved some teenaged boys in
Europe who swore that their abductors (grays) took them to a
base underground via a long-abandoned World War II railway
It is uncertain just how many human casualties the human
race may have suffered as a result of the Da'ath or Dah'ath wars
over the centuries (Da'ath is the Hebrew name of the 'tree' where,
tradition holds, the human and serpent races first came into
conflict), yet based on the various accounts which we have
covered in this Fil, we can assume that the victims have been in
the tens of thousands AT THE VERY LEAST.
In the meantime, the abductions of humans, an integral part of
the 'evil ones' warfare against God and men's souls, are still taking
place. Whether the victims are taken to underground or off-planet
areas is difficult to tell in any given case, although there is reason
to believe that both possibilities are a reality.

There have, believe it or not, been abductions which have
occurred in connection with 'UFO' activity that have involved not a
few, not dozens, nor hundreds but THOUSANDS of people who
have disappeared without a trace, or been abducted, en masse.
Such is the case with the following well-known and documented
incident that has baffled the many researchers who have
mentioned it in their writings:

"In the Winter of 1930 a profoundly disturbing incident took
place in Canada. Trapper Arnaud Lauret and his son observed a
strange light crossing the northern sky. It appeared to be headed
for the Lake Anjikuni area. The two trappers described it as being
alternatingly bullet-shaped and cylinder-shaped...
"Another trapper named Joe LaBelle had snowshoed into the
village of the Lake Anjikuni people, and been chilled to discover
that the normally bustling community was silent, and not a soul
was moving in the streets. Even the sled dogs, which would
normally have bayed welcome, were silent. The shanties were
choked with snow, and not a chimney showed smoke.
"The trapper found the village kayaks tied up on the shore of
the lake. Inside the shanties the trapper found a further surprise:
there were meals left hanging over fires, long grown old and moldy,
apparently abandoned as they were being cooked. The men's
rifles were still standing by the doors. This really frightened the
trapper, because he knew that these people would NEVER leave
their precious weapons behind.
"He reported his discovery to the Royal Canadian Mounted
Police, who investigated further. They discovered that the town's
dogs died of hunger, chained beneath a tree and covered by a
snowdrift. More disturbingly, the town graveyard had been
emptied. The graves were now yawning pits. Despite the frozen
ground, the graves had been opened and the dead removed..."

Whitley Strieber, who claimed to have had several abduction-
type experiences since a young age involving different types of
beings -- both apparently physical and paraphysial -- does not hold
to the idea that these creatures are originally from deep space. He
believes that some of them MAY come from the nether regions of
the earth, and may have been here for millennia, being part of an
ancient conspiracy to occultically control or manipulate the human
race. He is not certain exactly what the creatures behind his
abductions were, but he did suggest that the ancient (fallen?)
'elementals' might be involved. Strieber had some comments of
his own concerning the strange mass abduction near the Lake
Anjikuni area. In his book 'MAJESTIC', he stated:
"The RCMP continues the case opened to this day. A check
with the records department indicated that the matter remains
unsolved, and despite a search of the whole of Canada and
inquiries throughout the world, not a single trace of the MISSING
found." Strieber related still another incident in this same book, of
a mysterious abduction (apparently) to underground regions:

"...The first seemingly related case of disappearance in the
U.S. history (that is, 'related' to cases given by Strieber earlier in
his book, concerning people who were allegedly pursued by
unknown objects and experienced NEAR abductions yet managed
to escape -- and others who were captured in the full sight of
witnesses and never seen again - Branton)... took place on 23
September 1880 near the town of Gallatin, Tennessee. At
approximately three-thirty on that sunny afternoon, Mr. David Lang,
a farmer, dematerialized in front of five witnesses, including his
wife, his two children, his father-in-law and a local judge.
"The father-in-law and the judge had just pulled up in a carriage.
Mr. Lang moved toward them across a field followed by his family.
Without warning, he simply ceased to exist. There was no cry, no
sign of distress. Mrs. Lang, distraught, rushed up and pounded
the ground where he had been walking. All that afternoon, and into
the night the field was searched. Subsequently the county
surveyor determined that there were no hidden caves or sinkholes
in the area of the disappearance.
"The subsequent April, seven months later," Streiber writes,
"the children heard their father crying distantly UNDERNEATH the
field. He seemed desperate and tortured, and was begging for
help. His voice gradually died away and was not heard again.
Where he was last seen, there was a circle of WITHERED yellow
grass twenty feet in diameter.
"The family moved away from the farm.
"It can be surmised that Mr. Lang was not removed above
ground, but rather was taken INTO THE EARTH and kept alive
there for some months," Strieber continues, "judging from the cries
that were heard the next April. What the poor man suffered during
that time, and what finally put him out of his misery, can scarcely
be imagined...
"He was apparently left to languish in some subterranean
prison, presumably dying when his food and water ran out."

Evidence is beginning to mount that many of the human and
animal organs from mutilation victims are being used by an entirely
different 'alien' group than the reptilians-saurians, although the
sauroids are apparently working in full cooperation with this "other"
group by assisting in the construction of physical-biological 'forms'
which can be 'possessed' and animated by an insidious group of
SUPERNATURAL non-physical entities, the 'infernals' or 'polter-
giests'. Whitley Streiber stated that he encountered some of
these entities during an abduction, and noticed an area on their
craft where these malevolent, fearful creatures stored these
'bodies' when they were not in use. These energy beings, he came
to realize, used such physical shells to operate in the physical
dimension, much like a human being enters a diving suit in order to
operate under water.
The LEADING EDGE Magazine for March, 1990, quoted one
'inside' source as saying that: "These beings... have a PHYSICAL
presence generate biological structures that function as
CONTAINERS for them... the aliens manufacture containers for
themselves... fabricate their own bodies -- using biologicals gained
from humans and cattle..."

A publication titled 'AMERICA'S MISSING & EXPLOITED
CHILDREN' (published by the U.S. Department of Justice, Office
of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Washington D.C.)
made the following statement: "Even the most conservative
estimates suggest that SEVERAL HUNDRED THOUSAND
children are missing within the course of the year." (in the United
States alone). Also: "...In 1983, the U.S. Dept of Health and
Human Services put the number at 1.5 million a year -- a figure
that has been widely circulated by private organizations. But
experts say roughly 95 percent of these are runaways -- many of
whom return home within days and are counted repeatedly if they
run away more than once a year." This would apparently put the
number of those who are 'abducted' in one way or another to AT
'Commander X', from his apparent though guarded vantage-
point within the Intelligence Community, claims to be privy to
much 'deep-level' inside information, as we have seen in earlier
writings. One of the reports that crossed his desk involved the
experience of a woman who was 'abducted' and taken over 1000
miles to the underground facility below Dulce, New Mexico:
"...One woman I have spoken with was abducted from the roof
of a New York City apartment building and apparently held
underground at the Dulce facility. She was taken to a cabin in the
desert which was being used as a camouflaged entrance to the
'alien' base. She was eventually escorted to the laboratories to be
used as a test subject, but at the last minute managed to escape
thanks to the aid of one of the Nordic-type, tall aliens, who
befriended her and showed her a secret way out, down an
unguarded shaft.
"Back in the desert, she was rescued by members of the Blue
Berets, and eventually flown back to Manhattan. During a de-
briefing session with the military, she was warned to remain silent
about her experiences. Anyone hearing such a bizarre tale would
certainly think she had gone insane. It was inferred she could be
committed to a mental institution at any time should she refuse to
go along with the cover-up conspiracy, which she was told was
being conducted 'for the sake of the country, and the sake of the
world!'" (if you believe that excuse, then I have some beachfront
property on Mercury that you might be interested in! - Branton)

William Cooper stated at the MUFON symposium in Las
Vegas in 1989 that over 3,000 children disappear yearly in one
section of Manhattan alone. Could there be some connection!?

The accounts of disappearances around underground tunnels
and caverns are seemingly endless, as we see in the following
incident recorded in Harold T. Wilkins' book 'FLYING SAUCERS
"June 7, 1954: Three German tourists who entered the vast
Lamprecht Cave, near Lofer, in the Salzburg mountain region of
Austria have never been found. Their automobile was left locked
outside the cave.
"...The above may very well be merely a case of amateur
speleologists getting lost in labyrinthine caves, although it is
unusual for THREE men to vanish in this fashion. But I must risk
the charge of being accused of fancy and moonshine, when I say
that both in England and the United States, there are regions of
limestone caverns and mountains from which...queer phenomena
associated with white lights descending to ground level from
great altitudes have been reported!"

Similar disappearances were recorded by John Keel in his
book 'OUR HAUNTED PLANET', pp. 202-208:
"...There are periodic waves of disappearances which create
brief sensations in the newspapers and are quickly forgotten. No
one ever manages to find out where these people have gone. In
1912 five men, all unrelated, disappeared unaccountably in a single
week in Buffalo, New York. Montreal, Canada, had a wave of
missing persons in July, 1883, and again in July, 1892.
"Children vanish MORE FREQUENTLY than any other group.
We're not talking about ordinary runaways. In August, 1869,
thirteen children vanished in Cork, Ireland. No sign of kidnapping
or foul play. The same month there was a wave of disappearing
children in Brussels, Belgium. Another group of youngsters
melted away in Belfast in August, 1895. And again in August,
1920, eight girls (all under twelve years of age) disappeared forever
in Belfast...
"Actually, children have been disappearing in large numbers
for centuries all over the world, and most of these cases have
remained unsolved. In the Middle Ages it was popularly believed
that fairies and leprechauns frequently stole children away. The
Indians of North and South America also have many myths and
stories about children being kidnapped by little people. The notion
that parahumans kidnap children is deeply entrenched in every
"The celebrated Pied Piper of Hameln, Germany, is more than
just a charming children's story. A stranger actually did appear in
Hameln in the Middle Ages, and he lured away 150 children never
to be seen again. The event is still commemorated with an annual
festival in Hameln (one of the old versions of the story says that
the children were taken to a subterranean cavern - Branton).
"In A.D. 1212 a teenaged boy in France, Stephen of Cloyes,
BEGAN TO HEAR VOICES which inspired him to collect together
fifty thousand children for the pathetic Children's Crusade. They
marched off to do battle with the infidels and disappeared EN
MASSE. The popular explanation is that they were all seized by
"...Ufologist Jerome Clark uncovered an extraordinary item from
an old 1939 newspaper. 'On a day in the late summer, 1939, a
military transport left the Marine Naval Air Station in San Diego,
California, for a routine flight to Honolulu,' Clark wrote in FLYING
SAUCER REVIEW. 'About three hours afterwards several urgent
distress signals sounded from the plane and then silence. Later
the craft came limping back to execute an emergency landing.
When Air Station personnel entered the plane, they found every
man of the crew, including the copilot who had lived long enough to
pilot the craft back to its base, dead of unknown causes.
"Each of the bodies carried large, gaping wounds, and the
outside of the ship was similarly marked. Air Station men who
touched parts of the craft came down with a mysterious skin
"One of the most puzzling aspects of the whole affair was that
the .45 automatics carried by the pilot and copilot as service
FLOOR. A smell of rotten eggs pervaded the atmosphere inside
the plane... Mysterious skin infections and rotten egg odors
(hydrogen sulfide) are phenomena familiar to all UFO researchers.
It would seem that the transport was attacked -- apparently without
provocation -- by some sort of strange aerial intruder."

The following account, taken from the May, 1946 issue of
AMAZING STORIES magazine (pp. 171-173) seems to contain
information which would explain many of the 'missing pieces' of the
overall 'Men In Black' phenomena. At least some of the 'MIB' have
been variously described as oriental or 'androidal' like beings,
although as John Keel has stated, others seem to portray reptilian
characteristics. Abductee Christa Tilton allegedly encountered
some 'MIBs' in a black automobile within Boynton Canyon, near
Sedona, Arizona (a reported base site). She described them as
follows: "The men did not look right. Their faces had no expression
on them whatsoever. They looked like they were wearing chalky
tan makeup. Their movements were robot-like and unearthly." The
AMAZING STORIES letter, which was quite lengthy and excerpts
of which we quote below, was submitted by a Mr. Edward John of
(at the time) 475 Fell St., San Francisco, CA.:

"Sirs... I have enjoyed your stories for many years as I have
read AMAZING since the first issue back in 1928 if I remember
"...I think I can show you an entrance to this subterranean city
that he (Shaver) has written about several issues back. Here is
what happened to me and you may judge for yourself. In 1931 my
mother and I took up a section of land as a cattle raising home-
stead from the U.S. Government and naturally it was not a choice
piece... a person who turned out to be our nearest neighbor gave
us some hints and as the place was only six miles from his we
stayed at his ranch until we built our house. Then we moved into
our own and all in all we stayed there about two years before we
quite; and now I will relate the things that caused us to quit, which
at the time I did not know much about, but since Mr. Shaver wrote,
now I know and marvel that we managed to stand two years
without getting killed by these things from below.
"As a note of interest I have had to use 30,000 rounds of
ammunition in the period and perhaps that is why we are still here.
At night I would sit up fully dressed all night with a rifle in my
hands, ready, and an extra one by my side. In about five hours
after dark I would hear things moving outside the house and after a
while something would try to open the door quietly and I would wait
until I saw the knob turn, then let go a clip right through the door
and then pull it open and look around outside and there was
nothing to be seen. After a couple of nights like that, that
performance would stop and something new would be tried.
"There are too many incidents to be told in one letter, the best
one was the two disappearing automobiles, which happened at
about ten at night over at the neighbor's place. It was as follows:
the neighbor and we were sitting on the porch after supper when he
saw headlights come over the hill to the fence then along the fence
for about half a mile, then go out and that was all that night. So
next morning we went to the trail along the fence and there were
tire tracks of seven inch width tires and they went along the fence
into the box canyon and right up against a smooth boulder about
20 feet in diameter and ended there. Now the car could not turn
around anywhere in that place because the road is a trail five feet
wide and one side is against our neighbor's fence, which was not
damaged and the other was a steep hill that no car could even
make in compound low. You know, we have a few mountains here,
and as far as backing out I tried that myself in the daytime with
help and I could not steer a straight enough path without crossing
my other marks so they did not back out or we would have trailed
them as my neighbor has lived around there since 1848 and he
sure knew his tracking. We never did get an answer to the
question of where did the cars go.
"The cars were very large and black and very heavy and now
that I compare them they were about twenty years ahead of
anything I have ever seen anywhere and I had worked in the auto
business for about five years before we took up the land. They
were silent, smooth, no wavering of the lights and the trail is
extremely rough; in places it has hollows a yard deep, but these
cars went through at about 25 mph, and it would even wreck a jeep
to do that, so you figure it out and let me know the answer if you
can. By wavering of lights, I mean that the beams were steady
and not flashing up and down as an ordinary car would do when a
rough road is traveled.
"I have been away from there since 1933, but just about three
months ago, I drove through with a friend for safety and my place
is razed to the ground and everything that was made by human
hands has been carried off -- even the old tin cans, and the place
would not be noticed unless you knew where is was. The Coast
and Geodetic survey had a marker near my house in the front yard
and even that is gone; who would want to take a concrete marker
and carry it away?
"...after two weeks, you can hear insects running on the
ground, (also) forest fires will not burn there. They burnt 250,000
acres, then burnt all around this area; and that stopped the forest
rangers. They never could understand because most of it is on the
slope of a mountain and it should have gone, but they saw that the
wind came down and blew from the top down and blew North,
South, East and West at once and that was the only time that the
wind ever blew there.
"Also you can detect an ATMOSPHERE of FEAR within 30
miles of the area and you will not get a statement from anyone
who lives around there and the people in the valleys are afraid of
the people in the hills. One farmer erected 20 foot barbed wire
fences and a heavy gate across the road that leads to my old
place. The gate would take a tank to knock down, so maybe there
is something there, after all. (Note: Richard Toronto reprinted a
news article in his SHAVERTRON newsletter concerning a Krishna
Sect temple that had been built on a mountain BETWEEN
Hopland and Lakeport, California -- the same area that Edward
John refers to. This sect had come under Federal scrutiny when it
was discovered that they had been stockpiling weapons for some
unknown purpose. Interesting... - Branton)
"It is located 110 miles north of San Francisco in Mendocino
county and is directly on the old Pieta toll road that ran between
Hopland and Lakeport in Lake county of which Clear Lake is quite
a summer resort. If you care to look it up on a map get a good
auto road map and look due south off the road midway between
towns and you will note an area with no roads bounded by Sonoma
Lake and lower Mendocino counties and there is it. If you wish to
go there, be sure that enough people know where you went.
Maybe they will be able to find you. There have been several
disappearances along that stretch of road, even trucks have
vanished. All the U.S. Government's.
"The U.S. Government has noted the area as rough,
unsurveyable and UNEXPLORED...
"Personally I do not care to go near the place, but if there is
some way of driving the things out I would help if I can so that
someone else could live there safely.
"...Also I forgot to mention there is a cave on the property that
has steps leading down and there is no sound when a rock is
thrown in. I have never seen it, but I understand that it is there...
Also, several people (in the area) have died of heart failure and
some have gone insane, I found out later.
"I think the thing that saved us was the fact that I am not
surprised at anything and that I am quick to shoot and I can shoot
without sighting and by ear and not having the THOUGHT of
shooting fixed SO THAT the things would be warned. After that
place, I was able to outshoot U.S. Marine sharpshooters. I tried
competing in a match and I just never missed any target at any
range. If I could see it, I could hit it, 5 out of 5. I have tried
practice machine guns at plane models and I hit 3 out of 5 at
speeds up to 700 mph scale without using the sights. So the old
ranch gave me something worthwhile after all.
"Due to my physical condition, I cannot get into any armed
forces, so that talent is wasted, for you see I have a bad leg and
cannot walk more than a mile at a time. Since I left the ranch I
have been in the radio business and have not owned a gun since
'34, because as long as I stay away from there I don't need one..."
An interesting post-script to this story. Several years following
this incident, some people who had befriended Edward John stated
that he claimed to know of an man who was not from this planet.
He was a radio expert in the Navy and, according to Mr. John, he
was born on a world with no temperate zone but where the tropics
and the arctic regions were almost adjacent to each other. Still
later, others made references to Mr. John as having actually met
up with the 'space brothers', essentially becoming another
'contactee' like those who frequented California during the late
1950's and early 1960's.

Aside from the area referred to by Edward John, there are
apparently other "danger zones" in different parts of the world that
have been associated with underground phenomena. The 'I.N.F.O.
JOURNAL' (box 367., Arlington, VA, 22210), a publication devoted
to 'Fortean' research, in it's Vol. IV, No. 2 issue related one of the
most frightening and disturbing accounts of subterranean
abduction that we have come across yet. The article, titled
'MOUNTAIN OF DEATH', was written by David D. Browne, and
originally appeared in the June 1972 issue of WALKABOUT,
published in Sydney, Australia:

"Black Mountain comes almost as a shock when you see it
"Traveling by bus just south of Cooktown, North Queensland
(Australia), a bend in the road suddenly discloses it and the visual
impact can bring an involuntary exclamation, as you see it -- black,
bare and sinister, a 1,000 ft. high pile of enormous boulders two
miles long, rearing out of the rain-forest.
"This is 'the Mountain of Death.' Aborigines will not go near it.
An ancient legend warns them of danger. White men fear it too,
because of the numbers of men who have gone there and
disappeared without a trace, as if the earth -- or the mountain --
had swallowed them. Birds and animals shun the area.
"The rocks give off a curious metallic ring when struck, and the
only sound is the croaking of countless frogs sheltered in the
depths where the great granite boulders lie against each other.
"In Brisbane's Public Library, a yellowing newspaper cutting
tells some of the story:
"'Grim tragedy has been associated with the mountain ever
since it has been known to white man.
"'Three men with horses completely disappeared at the
mountain. They vanished as if the earth had opened and swallowed
them up, for absolutely no trace of them has ever been discovered,
although police and backtrackers and hundreds of local residents
scoured the mountain and surrounding country.'
"Then following (were) the names and occupations of several
others who disappeared, and the dates of their disappearance.
The cutting continues:
"'This constitutes one of the most amazing stories in the police
history of the far north, for not one of the mysteries has been
solved and probably never will be.'
"Another newspaper cutting, signed Nancy Francis, reads:
"'The formation of these mountains is unique; their appearance
grotesque. They are mountains of huge boulders full of chasms
that go down to unsounded depths. Only a few rock wallabies and
a few turkeys live near these grim, forbidding hills. The Aborigines
regard the Black Mountains with dread.'
"In the files of the Cooktown police, dating back 25 years,
there is a report made by a Sergeant of Police who discussed the
mountain with a man whom he refers to as Mac. Mac began:
"'Know anything about Black Mountain, or so-called 'Mountain
of Death'? Its aboriginal name is Kalcajagga.'
"'What does it look like at close quarters?' I asked.
"'Just a mass of tumbled granite blocks; hardly any vegetation.
The only living things there are black rock wallabies and enormous
pythons 16 feet or more long and able to swallow a wallaby whole.
The ridge is honeycombed with caves, nearly all unexplored. They
dip down below ground level but nobody knows their extent or what
they contain.'
"The latest fatalities, he reported, had occurred only a few years
earlier when two young men set out to solve the riddle of earlier
disappearances in the caves. They were never heard of again.
Two black trackers who tried to trace them disappeared too.
"Then Mac went back to the beginning of the mountain's grim
"The first-known fatality was that of a carrier named Grayner, in
1977. He had been searching on horseback for strayed bullocks
when he, with his horse and bullocks, vanished without a trace.
Thirteen years later, Constable Ryan, stationed at Cooktown,
tracked a 'wanted' man to the scrub at the foot of the mountain.
Other trackers followed his trail to the entrance of one of the caves,
but he was never seen again. Nor was the 'wanted' man.
"More recently a gold prospector named Renn was added to the
list of mysterious disappearances.
"Well-organized police teams with trackers combed the whole
area for weeks without finding him.
"Then there was the case of Harry Owens, a station owner from
Oakley Creek. One Sunday morning he rode over towards Black
Mountain looking for strayed cattle. When he didn't return on time
his partner, George Hawkins, alerted the police then went out to
look for him himself. But by the time the police joined in the
search, Hawkins had also disappeared. Two of the native police
trackers entered one of the caves. ONLY ONE OF THEM CAME
OUT. He was so unnerved by what seemed to have been an
experience of terror that he could give no clear account of what
happened to them both.
"Mac even knew a white men who had penetrated the caves
and lived to tell the tale, and produced a newspaper cutting of his
story. It read:
"'Armed with a revolver and a strong electric torch I stepped into
the opening. Like other Black Mountain caverns it dipped steeply
downwards, narrowing as it went.
"'Suddenly I found myself facing a solid wall of rock, but to the
right there was a passageway just large enough for me to enter in
a stooping position. I moved along it carefully for several yards.
The floor was fairly level, the walls of very smooth granite. The
passage twisted this way and that, always sloping deeper into the
"'Presently I began to feel uneasy. A huge bat beat its wings
against me as it passed, but I forced myself to push on. Soon my
nostrils were filled WITH A SICKLY, MUSTY STENCH. THEN MY
"'I was in total darkness. It was inky black. From somewhere
that seemed like the bowels of the earth I could hear faint moaning
of bats.
"'I began to get panicky and I groped and floundered back the
way I thought I had come. My arms and legs bleeding from bumps
with unseen rocks. My outstretched hands clawed at space where
I expected solid wall and floor. At one stage where I wandered into
a side passage I came to what was undoubtedly the brink of a
precipice, judging by the echoes.
"'The air was FOUL and I felt increasing DIZZINESS.
"'Terrifying thoughts were racing through my mind about giant
rock pythons I have often seen around Black Mountain.
"'As I crawled along, getting weaker and losing all hope of ever
getting out alive, I saw a tiny streak of light. It gave me super
strength to worm my way towards a small cave mouth half a mile
from the one I had entered.
"'Reaching the open air, I gulped in lungfulls of it and fell down
"'I found I had been underground for five hours, most of the time
on my hands and knees. A king's ransom would not induce me to
enter those caves again...'
"Such are some of the weird stories told of the mountain.
"These and the extraordinary structure of the mountain itself
give rise to many questions, scientific and otherwise.
"On the scientific aspect, the following comments come from
a member of the staff of the James Cook University of North
Queensland, Dept. of Geology, Associate Professor P.J.
"He says, 'I have visited and climbed the mountain concerned.
It is composed of huge granite boulders covered with black lichen.
The complete black surface coating may be uncommon but the
boulder pile is less so. Near Chillagoe and at several other
localities in north Queensland similar phenomena exist.
"'The occurrences are somewhat puzzling because of their
relative rarity. However, they must have been produced by rapid
erosion of the 'skeletal' soil profile. Many soil profiles contain fresh
rock 'kernels' in them and removal of the soil component would
produce a boulder pile. But such removal takes place so slowly
the 'kernels' also weather completely...'
"There are still some practical questions to ask, however.
"What really did happen to those people who at various times in
the last hundred years, have been said to disappear, vanish without
a trace?
"...Any party that decides to unravel the mystery of the
mountain will need to be very carefully organized and equipped to
meet any hazard, likely or unlikely -- not forgetting the possibility
of meeting a very real python. CR: Simpson."

At this point we will diverge from the subject of underground
disappearances and re-enter the realm of conspiracy... In apparent
relation to William Copper's allegations concerning the connections
between the Kennedy assassination, MJ-12, UFO's and so on, we
have the following very interesting yet very disturbing 'connection'
which was related by John Keel in his book 'OUR HAUNTED
PLANET' (1968., Fawcett Crest., Greenwich, Conn.):
"In his detailed report on the Maury Island UFO (incident) of
1947, Kenneth Arnold also describes meeting a small, dark foreign
looking man who was tinkering with the motor on a beat-up boat in
in Chicago, had commissioned Arnold to investigate the puzzling
Maury Island affair, which began when a 'donut-shaped object'
(according to other sources, one of six such craft seen at the
time - Branton) had rained 'slag' onto a boat near Maury Island.
Pieces of that slag had killed a dog aboard the boat and slightly
injured a boy, the son of Harold Dahl, who was piloting it. Early
the next morning, according to Dahl's story, a 1947 Buick drove up
to his home and a black-suited man of medium height visited him.
This man, Dahl said, recited in detail everything that had happened
the day before AS IF HE HAD BEEN THERE. Then he warned
Dahl not to discuss his sighting to anyone, hinting that if he did
there might be unpleasant repercussions which would affect him
and his family. Since Dahl and the others had not yet told anyone
of their sighting, and since UFOs were still publicly unknown
(Arnold's sighting over Mount Rainier and the attendant publicity
did not occur until three days later), Dahl was naturally nonplused
by his strange visitor. This was the first modern MIB report
(although Edward John might disagree... - Branton).

(continued in file Mojave.012)


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