Genesis and the History of the Cosmic Conflict

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According to Val Valerian, newspaper accounts in the state of
New Mexico in the years before the beginning of World War II indi-
cated that the Germans were "all over" the state exploring caves
and mines, buying up land, and engaging in other activities suggest-
ive that they were preparing for something big. Could this have had
some connection with the underground sub-net beneath New
Mexico, particularly the Dulce facility near the 4-Corners area?
Some sources indicate that Aryan or Nazi activity might have
a part in the scenarios taking place BELOW the Nevada Military
complex, although possibly not a major part. It is said that there
is a Nazi saucer base near Reno, and at least one individual
reported that he was approached by a man who was tied-in with
a group of (ex?) Nazis who were now at odds with the Grays,
although they still used the swastica on their craft, etc. Other
sources claim that the main "Nazi" fleet in Antarctica is still in
collaboration with the reptilian Grays and that they are working
with the aliens in a joint effort to control the minds of influential
persons from all nations via abduction and implantation. Also
other sources indicate that Germans occultists themselves were
involved in 'alien' things long before the rise of the Nazi Party. One
source accuses them of sabotaging early expeditions to the North
Pole, as if there were something there that they were trying to hide.
Could they have been trying to hide a secret city populated by
a race of ancient hi-tech Germanic-Aryans like the one described
by Dr. Harley Byrd? John Lear stated that such 'aliens' backed
Hitler's effort -- by suggesting that he kill off a few million people in
a war, apparently as part of alien 'concerns' about overpopulation.
Harley Byrd claims that his uncle did meet with ancient Germanics
during one of his post-World War II South Polar expeditions, and
that they expressed concern over America's military might and
especially it's nuclear weapons. Just how this may have played-
in with Byrd's reputed military engagement with entrenched Nazi
forces during OPERATION HIGHJUMP is uncertain. The master of
the city that Byrd allegedly found "beyond" the South Pole referred
to their craft as "flugelrads" (which is an ACTUAL German word
meaning "wing-wheel". Could these "flugelrads" be the so-called
"Adamski" or "Venusian" type craft?). The "master" also expressed
concern over incidents in 1945 when American fighter jets fired on
their craft. At that time, of course, America was on edge and sus-
picious of anything unusual in the skies. For all they know the
UFO's could have been a "Nazi" secret weapon. Although the
"Aryanni" may not have condoned Hitler's genocidal policies -- or
did they? -- they certainly did little or nothing to discourage them.
These "Aryanni" -- possibly tied-in with the Aryans who intruduced
Hinduism to ancient India -- actually bid Byrd and his radioman
farewell with the words "AUF WIEDERSEHEN!!!!"
Dr. Harley Byrd, in an interview featured in the FALL, 1993
issue of FAROUT magazine titled "Harley Byrd; From Dreamland
to the Center of the Earth" by Jim Brandt, said that his famous
uncle "went down into the intercontinents where he sat down with
who he called the FUGELRODS, blonde people who we're finding
out now are the lost Aryan race, the super race... they took him
into an inner chamber and he met with a lot of aliens." Some
mentioned were SASQUATCH people, DRACOS, GRAYS, and
"HUMANOID PEOPLE from (the) PLEIADES". Being that the
Pleiades cluster consists of over 200 stars, it is possible that some
of them would reject NON-INTERVENTIONISM and ally themselves
with other INTERVENTIONIST species such as the serpent races.
One unusual theory is that planet Earth may actually be a
geoditic sphere, being hollow within and with funnel-like openings
at the poles. The Nazi's who escaped Germany supposedly enter
and interact with the 'hollow earth Aryanni' from their secret bases
below New Schwabia, Antarctica. It is interesting that native
American contactee Paul Solem claims contact with beings who
say that they are descended from the 'Lost Tribes of Israel'. Their
ships reportedly appeared en masse over the Hopi Indian reserva-
tion years ago -- inciting a division between the Hopi contemporaries
and the Hopi traditionals. Since the Apocryphal book of II Esdres
[ch. 13] says that the Lost Tribes went BEYOND a far northern
country called "Arzareth" which had never been colonized by man,
could "they" have passed through the northern vortex into the
theorized inner concavity? And if so, are they in conflict or at peace
with the "Germanic-Aryans" who dwell in the southern concavity?
As we've said, much of this is merely speculation, at least until
new evidence turns up which can confirm or refute some, most or
all of the above.

Another possible confirmation of a Nazi-UFO connection comes
from W. A. Harbinson, who in his book 'GENESIS' (Project Saucer,
Part II)., -- Dell Books., 1980., -- reveals some remarkable
information about top-secret German developments in 'flying disk'
technology during World War II. The bulk of his book, although
based on the authors' own research into the subject, is admittedly
written in fiction or novel form. However, near the end of the book,
aside from an extensive bibliography of Nazi-saucer-research
literature, Harbinson adds an appendix containing many actual
facts concerning the German-saucer experiments around which he
built his novel.
According to Harbinson, one of the most dangerous leaders of
the Nazi Party and founder of the Order of the S.S. (an organization
that was admittedly based after the militant structure of the Jesuit
Order, which supplied it's own advisors for the S.S. movement
according to Himmler -- see: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE
JESUITS, by Edmond Paris., c/o Chick Publications., P.O. Box
662., Chino, CA 91710), Himmler, was initially involved with the
'saucer' projects. These projects were allegedly carried out in top-
secret underground 'factories' or installations.
In his novel Harbinson, based on various hints and indications
that he gathered throughout years of in-depth research, concludes
that Himmler desired to establish a 'New Order' which involved an
elite society of 'pure bred' Aryans; vast underground facilities
constructed within hollow mountains; secret interconnected
colonies based entirely on the pursuit and development of science
and technology as a means to bring about the 'New Order', yet
rooted in occult societies and philosophies such as Theosophy and
Rosicrucianism which taught of the imminent resurrection of the
lost Atlantis and Lemuria; massive projects involving the study of
the brain and how to manipulate it -- including electronic implant
technology whereby the envisioned subterranean master-slave
colonies could be operated; the use of hundreds of thousands of
sub-human slaves (or rather those whom the Nazi's supposed to
be sub-humans and who they believed were inferior to the 'master
race', themselves), controlled by 'implants' and other mind control
techniques, who would be used as slave laborers -- these including
the Poles and Chzeks. These would be taken to the concentration
camps (where massive mind control and brain-related experiments
were being carried out) after their usefulness had worn out, where
they would be killed so as not to reveal to the outside world their
knowledge of the underground facilities, etc.
Harbinson's scenario also includes the alleged development of a
blond-haired/blue-eyed race which would be integrated with the S.S.
and the subterranean societies as the masters, whereas the sub-
humans would be the slave-workers; and so on.
Harbinson presumes that there are indications that many of the
slave-laborers used to build the 'underground cities' were among the
many who mysteriously 'disappeared' during the war years. Also,
he concludes that German men, women, and children who were
deemed suitable for the breeding experiments were abducted as
well. Harbinson also gives in his postscript section many remark-
able evidences that all during the war Hitler was sending out
expeditions to Antarctica where they discovered vast areas of
iceless terrain beneath the Queen Maud Land region, and began
constructing huge underground bases. All during the war, as the
'saucer' projects were progressing and as new components were
developed, the new components were allegedly shipped via U-Boat
to the secret Antarctic base, where saucer research and develop-
ment continued.
As the Allies continued to encroach upon Germany, the saucer
program (directed by genius scientists -- one or two of which
allegedly equaled or even surpassed Einstein) continued at a mad-
dening pace. At least one prototype disk or flying airfoil -- capable
of speeds of over 1000 MPH and altitude climbs of up to 40,000
feet -- was successfully flown and later stripped of the most import-
ant saucer components and the shell destroyed, along with the
underground facility at Kahla where it was built, so that they would
not fall into the hands of the Allies. As the war was coming to a
close, American and Russian as well as British forces began to
overcome German forces and discovered many of the underground
saucer and aerospace research factories, where they apprehended
many of the lesser components, documents and scientists (von
Braun, Schauberger, etc.), who later became the basis of the
rocket and even 'saucer' projects which were later implemented in
Canada, the U.S. and other countries. These have not been able
to catch up with the German/S.S./New Order/Hidden Society tech-
nology until just recently, if we are to believe the reports coming
out of the Nevada Aircraft Test Site (Nellis AFB, Nuclear Test Site,
Groom Lake, etc.) of advanced disk-craft being flown by the Military.
This German secret society hidden in Antarctica, as well as
below certain parts of South America and other countries according
to some sources, apparently was and is a branch of the Third Reich,
the very same forces the Allies fought during the war (and, some
allege, following the war as well).
The documents, minor components, etc., which survived, as
well as those scientists apprehended by the Allies, were of far less
'importance' than the components, plans, diagrams and scientists
which allegedly escaped to the top-secret Antarctic base. One
source claims that as many as 2000 S.S. [scientists and
"breeders" included] and 1,000,000 Germans mysteriously dis-
appeared during World War II and ended up in the top secret under-
ground bases below New Schwabenland/Queen Maud region of
When the Nazi's realized that the invasion by the Allies was
imminent, they knew their fate was sealed as a nation, but the
secret core involved in the sophisticated aerospace-disk research
nevertheless had time to escape before the Allies reached Berlin.
According to Harbinson (as well as certain post-war records and
other sources including quotes from captured German scientists
and other researchers), as Berlin was being bombed top-secret
saucer components and plans for massive underground facilities,
etc., were moved by train transport to the Baltics and loaded onto
two German U-Boat submarines, the U-530 and U-977. These
U-Boats were allegedly taken from their docking-sites in the Baltics
and to the Antarctic base, and unfounded rumors state that Hitler
and Boorman may have escaped to Antarctica on these.

Previously we referred to the DRACO, an alien species that
was reportedly encountered by Admiral Richard E. Byrd as well
as former head of Dulce Base Security Thomas Edwin Castello.
What may well have been the most notorious of all 'scares'
involving these reptilian beings, according to researcher John Keel,
involved a combined 'invasion' of pterodactyloid-hominoid 'Mothmen'
(Winged Draco) AND 'Men In Black'. These creatures have been
referred to as the Mothmen, Winged Dracos, and Winged Serpents,
depending on the source involved. They reportedly terrorized a
particular area in West Virginia, according to John A. Keel, in the
mid-1960's. Keel is convinced that these malevolent entities were
involved in the tragic 'silver bridge' disaster in which several UFO
witnesses and hundreds of locals perished, this conclusion being
based on certain strange circumstances surrounding the event. In
his book 'THE MOTHMEN PROPHECIES' (Signet Books., N.Y.)
Keel reveals the following:
"...According to her story, Connie (Carpenter), a shy, sensitive
eighteen-year-old, was driving home from church at 10:30 A.M. on
Sunday, November 27, 1966, when, as she passed the deserted
greens of Mason County Golf Course outside New Haven, West
Virginia, she suddenly saw a huge gray figure. It was shaped like
a man, she said, but much larger. It was at least SEVEN FEET
TALL and very broad. The thing that attracted her attention was
not its size but its eyes. IT HAD, SHE SAID, LARGE, ROUND,
"'It's a wonder I didn't run off the road and have a wreck,' she
commented later.
"As she slowed, her eyes fixed on the apparition, a pair of wings
unfolded from its back. They seemed to have a span of about ten
feet. It was definitely not an ordinary bird but a MAN-SHAPED
THING which rose slowly off the ground, straight up like a heli-
copter, silently. Its wings did not flap in flight. It headed straight
toward Connie's car, its horrible eyes fixed to her face, then it
swooped low over her head as she shoved the accelerator to the
floor-boards in utter hysteria.
"...North American Indians have extensive legends about the
Thunderbird, a huge bird said to carry off children and old people. It
was accompanied by loud noises, hums, buzzes and, apparently
rumbles from the infrasonic and ultrasonic levels. Known as (the
dragon-like - Branton) PIASA to the Indians of the Dakotas, it was
supposed to have terrifying red eyes and a long tail..." a monstrous
demon with "bat's wings, and a body closely in human form."
Many of these so-called 'Mothman' sightings occurred near
some old concrete domes or buildings which led to several miles
of (now sealed) underground tunnels which were used during World
War II to store explosives. It was known as the TNT area and John
Keel reports that at one particular spot he felt an almost physical
sense of "terror" which left when he walked out of the "circle". This
induced terror was reported by many witnesses, and at least one of
the pterodactyloid creatures reportedly disappeared into one of the
dome-entrances in the TNT facility after being chased by curious
witnesses, who searched the dome but could find no sign of the
"...At 7:15 A.M. on November 25, a young shoe salesman
named Thomas Ury was driving along Route 62 just north of the
TNT area when he noticed a tall, gray manlike figure standing in a
field by the road. 'Suddenly it spread a pair of wings,' Ury said, 'and
took off straight up, like a helicopter.
"'It veered over my convertible and began going in circles three
telephone poles high.'
"He stepped on the gas as the creature zoomed down over his
vehicle. 'It kept flying right over my car even though I was doing
"Mr. Ury sped into Point Pleasant and went straight to the
sheriff's office thoroughly panicked. 'I never saw anything like it,' he
confided to Mrs. Hyre later. 'I was so scared I just couldn't go to
work that day. The thing had a wingspan every bit of ten feet. It
could be a bird, but I certainly never saw one like it. I was afraid it
was going to come right down right on top of me.'
"The old familiar symptom, unreasonable terror, took hold of him.
'I've never had that feeling before. A weird kind of fear,' he said.
'That fear gripped you and held you. Somehow, the best way to
explain it would be to say that the whole thing just wasn't right. I
know that may not make sense, but that's the only way I can put
into words what I felt.'
John Keel related still other incidents of encounters with these
fearful pterodactylons...
"'Look at that crazy character coming downwind in that plane,'
Eddie Adkins commented. He and four other men were standing
on the field of the Gallipolis, Ohio, airport, just across the river from
Point Pleasant on Sunday, December 4, 1966.
"At 3 P.M. that afternoon a large winged form came cruising
majestically along the Ohio River, just behind the airport. The pilots
later estimated that it was about three hundred feet in the air and
was traveling about seventy miles an hour. As it drew closer they
realized it was not a plane but was some kind of enormous bird
with an unusually long neck. It seemed to be turning its head from
side to side as if it were taking in the scenery (Note: Scientists
believe that the saurian-reptilian pterodactyls used their heads and
neck as a 'rudder' while in flight, moving them from side to side
constantly as a means of maintaining flight - Branton). The wings
were not flapping.
"Everett Wedge grabbed his camera and sprinted to his small
plane. By the time he was airborne the giant creature had vanished
somewhere down river."

In the Alien scenario, basically three groupings have been des-
cribes as interacting with Earth in some form or another. These
include the NON-INTERVENTIONISTS who are mostly humans who
adhere to a policy of honoring another worlds personal sovereignty
and independence; the INTERVENTIONISTS which include the
reptilian Grays which are notorious for their deceptive manipulations
of unsuspecting human cultures; and the opportunists which include
both humanoid and saurioid cultures that often collaborate in order
to carry out a common agenda although with different end-goals.
Often these inter-species "collaborations" eventually fail as mistrust
grows and the delicate negotiational balance is lost within the
growing chasm of conflicting interests. In fact some of the most
vicious species wars have reportedly occurred as a result of past
collaborations which have failed. There have apparently been
several humanoid cultures who have passed through the stage that
planet earth is now going through (that is, a process of accepting a
technology-trade alliance with the Reptilians/Grays with the motive
of expanding their own technological power base -- even through
the Grays are evil, they are not stupid. They will NEVER allow the
'recipients' of one of their joint-interaction ventures to come out
ahead of themselves -- and ultimately finding out that the saurian
Grays were offering nothing but a "Trojan Horse").
One such culture that has reportedly interacted with the Grays
in the past [just as earth-governments are doing NOW] and have
since come into conflict with the same, are the SIRIANS. It is
believed that the Sirians are en-route to the SOL system with a
large contingent or armada of warrior-vessels to wage war against
the Grays who have infested our system. Apparently the Sirians
have their own "interests" to protect in this system, including large
underground bases that have been operational for centuries if not
millenia. Their race has reportedly interacted with earth-cultures,
especially those of Africa, since ancient times. Let us hope that
this is their ONLY motivation for bringing their fleets into our system,
because if they have an ulterior motive of capturing planet earth in
the process they may find themselves fighting a double-front war
like the Nazis when they challenged the two super-powers of
America/Britain and Russia. If that were the case the Sirians might
find themselves directly in the line of fire between the human vs.
reptilian conflicts that seem to be escalating throughout the SOL
system. This is not intended to be a premature judgement of the
Sirians' intentions, but merely what we believe to be a justified
expression of caution.
Researcher Val Valerian, in his LEADING EDGE newsletter,
quoted from an article which appeared in the "CONFIDENTIAL
stated that the 'reason' why Hubble supposedly 'failed' (some work-
ers on the multi-billion dollar project apparently ordered the wrong
size of mirror, so goes the excuse) is because it did not 'fail' at all.
The article alleges that Hubble has seen things which most people
would not believe unless they saw it for themselves. Quoting from
"...In our history, whenever an inferior culture has been exposed
to a superior culture, it has languished and faded away. This is
supposed to be proof that our world cultures will suffer the same
fate, if exposed to a vastly superior extraterrestrial alien culture. In
the past, that may have been true of cultures in stasis, people who
were satisfied with their way of life and didn't want to change it.
Today, we are in a vastly different situation... there is more techno-
logical progress in a day now then there was once in a thousand
years before. We are not now of a nature to bow down humbly to
alien entities as 'Our Masters.' Give us some credit!
"At least, that is the firm conviction of DR. HANS MARKOWITZ
and the 'Secret College,' of top scientists the world over. They don't
accept the politically fictionalized history of man, but instead see
man as capable of holding his own. And deserving of the truth!
"The big picture, the reason for the big lie, is this: We may be
facing the greatest war, an interstellar war, that the universe has
known. Far out in space, in the general direction of Sirius, the 'Dog
Star,' a monstrous cloud of vessels is moving through space. All
information obtained to this point has been subjected to computer
analysis. The indications are that this is a space flotilla that will
intercept Earth in approximately 12 years (Note: That is, shortly
after the turn of the century. Sirius, an AO spectrum class star
being 8.7 light years distant from earth, would have been a very
likely choice for ancient Terran cosmonauts to explore, as suggest-
ed by the fact that the Dogon tribe of Africa is aware of various
aspects of Sirius, including it's 'black hole' companion. Also the
ancient Egyptians of Africa, according to Richard Hoagland, not
only interacted with the "monuments" of Mars and the Moon, but
also gave the star SIRIUS a central place in their cosmology -
"These vessels, though huge, do not give the impression of
enclosing vast amounts of useful space, as would be the case with
freighters, or passenger craft. They are up to five hundred miles
long, sleek, apparently all technological muscle, and are assumed
to be military in nature, and therefore likely hostile. Such a con-
glomeration of power would not be put together to pay us a friendly
visit! We must assume the worst!"
A more reasonable philosophy might be: "Hope for the best, but
prepare for the worst."

In his article 'ALIEN INVADERS', researcher 'TAL' LeVesque
reveals additional facts concerning the ancient Evadamic-Draconian
conflict above, upon, and within the earth:
"The 'DRACONIAN' Group is a Confederation. They are Reptilian
Humanoids, with sub-groups (The 'Serpent Race', from Sirius)...
They set up Bases inside Venus, the Earth, etc...
"AN ANCIENT CONFLICT -- The Indians of the South-West
U.S.A., have legends of tall, fair-haired Beings. They also have
legends about the 'Little People'. Both are said to have 'Sky Craft'
or 'Saucers'. American Indians speak of Underground Races,
Surface Races and people living 'Above', in the Heavens. The
Navajo legends state they once lived Underground (together with
the Coyoteros and the White people) below a mountain near Silver-
ton, Colorado. NOTE: Mt. Hesperus (meaning 'VENUS') is sacred
to them. After coming to the surface they went south and settled
in the canyons of the Dinetah area, (near Navaho Dam, between
Aztec and Dulce, New Mexico).
"They then set up defense sites and expanded south towards
Mount Taylor and west into Arizona. Built atop high mesas were
fortresses and towers consisting of three or more stories.
"The Pajaritan Pueblo Indians have a Legend that they emerged
from the INNER EARTH, near the Great Sand Dunes (National
Monument) in Colorado. They then traveled down the Rio Grande,
setting up Pueblos. The area now known as Los Alamos, was
considered evil. The home of Underworld 'Little People', from which
would come the curse of 'The Gourd of Death'! (and so it did) 'The
Greys' are 'Deros'.
"According to New Mexican Folk Myth, Montezuma was born
near TAOS and trained by beings who lived in Caverns, inside
Pueblo Peak. (NOTE: At near-by Blue Lake, UFOs have been seen
entering and exiting the water.)
"The Aztec of Mexico, who some think originally came from
here, believed that the Sun God needs Blood and sacrificed humans
for its' nourishment. They killed over 20,000 people each year.
"Near Taos, in a Cave (above the Lucero River, not far from
Frijoles Canyon) is where Human sacrifices were made - some say
EVEN NOW. (Note: According to a source from Baltimore, MD.,
one man encountered a hominoid reptilian in a cave with black rock
walls north of some 'springs' near San Crystobel, not far from Taos,
N.M. - Branton)
"Members of 'Secret Society' groups, in Taos, have been found
beheaded. (Like Arthur Manby, who told about a secret 'AZTLAND'
Hot Springs, roughly 11 miles Northwest of Toas. It is flanked by
Petroglyphs on the canyon walls.)
"Cultists venerate the Mayan-Aztec Death God, 'Camazotz',
who took the form of a WINGED CREATURE who removes the
heads of his followers who displeased him. Research indicates the
High Priesthood had contact with WINGED-REPTOIDS (who were
known to devour humans) and the creatures were seeking various
articles of commerce, possibly gold, Psycho-active Plants (drugs),
"Throughout Puebloland, on pottery, CAVE and Kiva walls, will
be found decorations representing a Feathered or horned snake
(The Plumed Serpent)...
"From the Pecos Pueblo, Montezuma is said to have led his
followers south and founded Tenochtitlan (Mexico City).
"THE MANIPULATORS OF THE MIND -- Alien Civilizations have
contacted some of the Earth's inhabitants and practiced various
forms of thought control on those they have contacted. Officer Herb
Schirmer, Betty and Barny Hill, and others were given post hypnotic
suggestions to try and make them forget the contacts. Only
through strength of character and hypnotic regression were they
able to talk about their experiences.
"The 'Aliens' USE us, by reaching into our minds directly... WE
PATTERNS. They use devices which produce a combination of
flashing lights, pulsating sounds, ELF & E.M. Fields.
"It is also INSIDIOUS to put 'implants' (Brain Transceivers) into
Human Beings. And WORSE, to kill them for their Blood and other
nutrient substances (Vital Energy).
"The 'Greys' (the short, 'Big Heads') are mercenaries. They
inter-face with humans in 'Secret Societies' and the Military/
Governmental Complex. An interconnected 'WEB' manipulates the
surface Earth cultures... The 7'-8' tall Reptoid/Drac have been seen
giving directions to the 'Greys'. The 'Reptoids' get their orders from
the Elite WINGED DRACO. (Note: other sources seem to indicate
that the chain of command begins with the 'Infernals' or 'poltergeists'
that utilize bio-synthetic physical 'forms'; the paraphysical 'Mantis-
Insectoid' beings; followed by the Winged Dracos or 'Mothmen'; and
then the large 'Lizard-like' saurioids or Reptons; the large-muzzled
5 ft. tall greys or 'iguanas'; and then the shorter common 'greys'
and 'frog-faced' amphibious lizards; followed by various non-
hominoid reptilians such as the sea-saurians, giant subterran
serpents, dragon-worms, etc. -- which 'seem' to be used more for
'psychic warfare' actions and so on against the human race -
"THE WINGED SERPENT -- The Reptilian(Amphibian)
Humanoids have been interacting with Earth for AGES. Many
Contactees and Abductees repeatedly describe an Insignia of a
Flying Serpent on a shoulder patch, a badge, a medallion or a
helmet... NOTE: Snakes...have skeletal indications of atrophied
arms and legs. There have been many transformations & meta-
morphosis. 'The SERPENT RACE' (like snakes) lives Underground.
Yet, they can come out, in their 'Saucers' and FLY...
"THE 'EL' GIANTS -- Elite Cast 'MAN,' the 'Orion Group', have
Outpost Bases inside the planet MARS. They are also known as
'The Titans'...'The Brothers'...etc."
(Note: The huge 25 km long cigar-ship seen next to a Martian
moon -- which many believe to be a hollowed asteroid 'base' -- in the
photograph taken by the Russian PHOBOS PROBES before the
'UFO' turned towards them and they lost the signal, may have been
an El-Anakim construct (not certain though). This photo was
shown in May, 1992 in xxx xxxx's 'SIGHTINGS' documentary
['UFO Contact' segment] on the Fox network. This 'Mars-Orion'
reference is the only source we have which actually alleges to
identify an extra-earth colony of the giant 'EL' humans, Titans, or
Anakim. The Orion star Betelgeuse is most often referred to in
relation to the "giants". Although we have come across little
corroborative information concerning the extraterrestrial activity of
this branch of the human race, there have been round-about
accounts of possible interaction with the Orion constellation. The
'Eternity Gate', the alleged entrance into the infinite realm beyond
the time-space-matter universe OR a vortex leading to the literal
domain of the Almighty Creator, is believed by many to exist within
the Orion NEBULA several hundred light-years BEYOND the Orion
open-cluster. One source claims that a man several years ago
was let down a cable into a gigantic cavern which had been broken
into by a particularly deep 'oil' well shaft in Texas. The man
claimed to have met there giant 11-12 ft. tall humans -- El-Anakim?
-- who said that the Creator had ordered their civilization to remain
in these caverns and to separate themselves from surface races
where they might otherwise be worshipped as gods by ignorant
humans because of their stature. This man was told however that
this racial 'punishment' would last until the day of Judgement-
Purification and also involved other things. They didn't say exactly
these other things were, however several years ago one woman who
claimed to have visited their underground civilization -- which was
not necessarily such a bad place to live, according to her --
described her experience in AMAZING STORIES magazine when
Ray Palmer was it's editor. This woman, Margeret Rogers, was
allegedly taken to the underground cavern cities of these giant
humans whom she called the 'Nephs' or 'Nephli' [short for Nephilim?].
They said that their name for God was 'Tamil', which was also
confirmed by the Telosian 'Bonnie', whose people allegedly have
some contact with the 'giants'. They also told Ms. Rogers that one
day man may develop interstellar craft and be so presumptuous as
to approach the very throne of God and invade His personal domain,
and thus invoke his wrath upon the whole planet. Another source
claimed that some centuries ago these human 'giants' RETURNED
from a great interstellar migration or expedition and upon returning
RE-ESTABLISHED their ancient vast cavern cities beneath Alaska
and elsewhere. One might ask why would the 'Titans' warn
humanity to steer clear of that part of the heavens -- the Orion
Nebula? -- unless they had in the distant past learned that lesson
for themselves? Did they make the unfortunate mistake of trying to
invade the 'Eternity Gate' when the Almighty Creator had reserved
entrance only to those purified human spirits-souls who were
destined for that uncorrupted Eternal Kingdom beyond the confines
of this mundane physical universe? Such a possibility, although
admittedly supposition, is worth consideration. As for the EL's,
ancient records state that they once dwelled in the Middle East and
also the ancient Gobi region, but now live mainly in large cavernous
systems below Alaska, Oregon, northern California, Utah, Texas,
Mexico [where Ms. Rogers encountered her friends] and other parts
of western North-Central America - Branton)
TAL continues: "'The ELs' will engage 'The DRACO' in battle
around this Planet. Most will die. REVELATION 12:7: 'Now war
arose in Heaven, Michael and his Angels fighting against the
Dragon and his Angels...'
"The Elite Corporate/Military/Governmental Complex of this
country (and its' connection to One-World control cliques) are
currently in negotiation with the Draco. They have threatened 'Fail-
Safe', if the Draco (the Serpent Race) and their minions ('The Greys'
and their human Agents) do not stop exploitation of the Earth. In
other words, an Elite Control Group (who have moved most of their
chosen race, to Underground Cities on the Moon & MARS) are
willing to launch 'Super-Dirty' Nuclear Weapons (from Deep Sub-
City Bases, manned by patriotic 'mind controlled' orphans) to
poison this entire Planet and kill everyone, so that NO ONE can
have the Jewel EARTH ('The Divine Tear')... (Apparently they feel
that "we" on the surface are willing to make such a sacrifice in
order to keep the earth "human" - Branton)
"THE SECRET OF 'V'... The following is a list of those Organi-
zations which repeatedly advertised on NBC during the first 19,
'V' Programs, (a weekly, hour T.V. Series). Advertising support
came from 'GENERAL ELECTRIC' (who happens to own NBC and
has worked on the Government/Alien 'Saucer' Projects)...'U.S.
'McDONALDS'...'ZALE CORP.'...'KELLOGGS'... (Note: For years
it was impossible to buy a video of the 'V' series. Now there is
GOOD NEWS... As of the beginning of 1995 'V' is being released
on video and should be available through major video sellers! -
"The 'Reptoids' are returning to Earth! The INVADERS are here.
We must convince a disbelieving World that the nightmare has
already begun. Their Purpose: to make Earth their World. It is not
over for the Human Race. 'Freedom Fighters' join together...for the
sake of ALL of US..."

Researcher Val Valerian revealed the following alleged incident
concerning one apparent 'victim' of the 'Dulce wars':
"DULCE LAB TECHNICIAN HELD: In early November, 1988, we
received word that the scientist son of (B.M.) is now being held in
the underground facility at FORT WAYNE, Colorado. The under-
ground base is located in southwestern Colorado near the UTE
mountains (John Lear states that other former Dulce scientists are
being held prisoner in an underground base in Utah. He mentioned
"Sleeping Ute" mountain, which may be a reference to a peak in
Utah OR a reference to a peak within the UTE mountains of south-
western Colorado - Branton) The son apparently worked at the
genetics lab under Archuleta mesa near DULCE, NM and finally
grew disgusted with what he was observing. Subsequent probes
into the retention of this person have yielded several interesting
project names. His father, B.M. apparently encountered two
Nordic appearing men in Pomona, CA on 22 Oct. '88..."

The following information was released by 'Leading Edge
Research' in June of 1992. Although the alien vanguard that is
allegedly behind the 'New World Order' conspiracy is not specific-
ally mentioned in the article, a secret government group, the
Trilateral Commission or "TLC" (which is in turn reportedly moti-
vated by a reptilian agenda to the extent of sharing their pyramidal
'trilateral emblem' according to many sources) is mentioned:
"During the UFO EXPO West 92 in Los Angeles, which took
place a week after the riots in Los Angeles, I chanced to run into
some fellow investigators who had observed several ships loaded
with electronic antennae off the coast of Los Angeles two days
before the riots took place. There are groups in Southern California
that regularly conduct frequency analysis of various metropolitan
areas, and they reported that the Los Angeles area was HEAVILY
DOSED WITH BETA FREQUENCIES shortly before the riots
occurred. Beta frequencies can produce anxiety states, and this
most certainly exacerbated another scenario, which was a control-
led exercise in population manipulation (a product of the microwave
mind control experiments carried out at Montauk Point, Long
Island in the mid-1980's? - Branton)
"The enormous media-centered campaign around the Rodney
King case would not have been possible without the approval from
the highest levels of the TLC and intelligence agencies, and it
points to a long-standing campaign to encourage race riots -- a
campaign that has apparently existed for the one-year period
between the original incident involving Rodney King and the trial
that ended on April 29, 1992.
"...On April 30th, the Compton Police Dept. revealed that it had
arrested six people for arson, and that when questioned about their
activities, the youths said they 'were on a mission to burn down 10
buildings an hour' (Note: are some of the L.A. 'gangs' tied-in to
secret societies at the higher levels? - Branton). Their car contain-
ed 10 gallons of gasoline for use in these fire-bombing operations.
Law enforcement sources also report that many of those arrested
during the disturbance had identical cover stories, indicating that
there were many such groups under the coordination and control of
"The Los Angeles riots were in fact intelligence agency
operations that were used to invoke the application of military
troops; they were an attempt to start nationwide riots that would
require the invocation of martial law and FEMA plans.
"Another indicator that the 'riots' were probably an intelligence
operation is that the day before the Rodney King verdicts were
released, a mass leaflet was distributed in South Central Los
Angeles by a group calling itself the 'Revolutionary Communist
Party'. If you are at all familiar with US intelligence agency
practices, it can immediately be seen that RCP is a front for CIA
activities. Most 'revolutionary' and 'terrorist' activities are in fact
performed by the very intelligence agencies which claim to exist for
the prevention of such activities. The leaflet said, 'There's No
Justice in the Courtroom -- It's Right to Rebel.'
"...Within days of the incident, Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley
(who is also a MEMBER of the Trilateral Commission, folks) used
the press-orchestrated clamor for 'police reform' to put TLC counter-
insurgency apparatus in place which launched a virtual war on local
law enforcement, effectively paralyzing, if not destroying, those
functions (could Mayor Bradley and Police Chief Gates have been
two lower-level 'Hegelian' pawns? - Branton). TLC member Tom
Bradley, as it turns out, appointed fellow TLC member Warren
Christopher to form the 'Independent Commission to Investigate
the LAPD.' Christopher, whose 'specialty' is riots and urban
insurgency, is a partner in the law firm of O'Melveny and Myers. In
the early 1960's, he and fellow TLC member Cyrus Vance, then at
the Pentagon, drafted 'Operation Garden Plot', a plan for military
martial law in American cities in the event of 'domestic civil disorder'.
Of course, there is no distinction made of the 'cause' of domestic
disorder, if you get my point.
"Warren Christopher, in fact, was one of the creators of the Law
Enforcement Assistance Administration (LEAA), during the Johnson
administration, when he was Deputy Attorney General. LEAA was
one of the early attempts to implement a top-down federal takeover
of local police departments in the U.S.
"...It is apparently a long-standing policy of the Trilateral
Commission to foment civil disturbance and unrest, not just in the
U.S. but worldwide, in order to foster the imposition of world
"Don't stop now -- it gets more interesting. Also appointed to
the Christopher Commission by TLC member Tom Bradley, Mayor
of Los Angeles, is a man by the name of Mickey Kantor, who just
happens to be the national campaign manager for the Democratic
Presidential candidate and TLC member (and later President -
Branton) William Clinton, who is himself at the heart of the drug-
smuggling operation that was detailed on April 21, 1992 on NBC
televisions 'A Current Affair'; drugs have been flown in and out of
the airport in Mena, Arkansas since the early Reagan days, and
according to the television broadcast, both BUSH and CLINTON
are aware of it; every time there is an effort to look into it, THE
GOVERNMENT. Check it out for yourself..."

The following paragraphs are taken from a document titled
"...If you were tuned in to Geraldo Rivera recently [1993] you
might have seen an expose of Area 51, a Top Secret military
installation located just short of 150 miles north-northwest of Las
Vegas. For it is here at this vast 38,000 acre military complex --
watched over most closely by Swat-like teams of private, para-
military security guards hired from an outside agency in total
defiance of all known Constitutional laws -- that something very
strange has been happening on a regular basis.
"...More important than the ground-level reports of sincere
observers, however, are the claims of those working inside Area 51,
who say that their lives were threatened when they found out what
was really going on at this locale.
"The first to go public was theoretical physicist Robert Lazar,
who says that he was blindfolded every day upon entering the base
and taken in a bus with blacked out windows to an area seven
levels underground. Here he was put to work on several different
craft of extraterrestrial origin, which had either been captured by
the government when they crash landed, or [were] actually given
to Uncle Sam by aliens looking for official consent to abduct
humans in exchange for their technology. Later, when it was
learned by the military -- who placed a tap on his phone -- that
Lazar was scared for his life and ready to talk, the brass had him
drugged and hypnotized so that he would not remember what he
had seen or had been asked to work on.
"According to Lazar -- and here is where his story gets some-
Lazar believes that he was hired by the military to replace one of
those scientists who had been 'removed' from the operation.
(Note: According to several sources, a similar attack FROM
BELOW resulted in the deaths of approximately 66 scientists and
security officers within the deepest underground levels of the
Dulce, New Mexico 'base'. Others suggest the possibly that other
bases in the U.S. or other parts of the world may have suffered the
same fate. This was apparently the 'reward' which the saurians or
aliens had for those 'secret government' scientists who believed
that they -- the Grays and Reptilioids -- would honor the 'treaty'.
We must state however that these scientists might not have been
the willing initiators of such 'alien interaction' but may have just
been following orders from higher-ups who were in fact the initiators
of the 'joint' activity [with what they may have formerly believed
were benevolent 'space brothers']. This tragedy might be a useful
lesson to those who may, in the future, sell out their own race for
physical financial-technological-political gain... and who might in
their insanity expect to be 'rewarded' by their supposed alien
'benefactors' for doing so. Unfortunately their 'reward' might be
their own elimination as well, when their usefulness as 'pawns' in
an obvious takeover attempt of this or other worlds has run its
course. IF the sub-networks are ever re-taken from the malevo-
lents, there is only one way that they can be RETAINED, and
that is to make the entire underground government base-system
ACCOUNTABLE to the legal system of the United States. It was
the actions of selfish governmental and industrial organizations --
who sold out to the 'Draconians' -- that "opened the door" for the
invasion of the subnet in the first place. If all underground activities
are monitored by RESPECTED Federal Institutions, then renegade
elements of government or industry will not be so inclined to involve
themselves in such alien-sanctioned activities as the Nazi-like
genetic-biological experimentation on unknown numbers of human
slaves. If surface institutions must abide by constitutional law and
legal restrictions, then so should the underground laboratories
operated by Los Alamos, Wackenhut, Rand Corp, and other
Scientific-Corporate-Industrial parasites who believe that they are
above the law - Branton).
"Lazar revealed in a series of interviews broadcast over Las
Vegas radio and TV that the vehicles being flown over Area 51
(mostly at night, shortly before dawn) utilize a previously unknown
principle of distorting space and time, 'using gravity as a lens' with
the power source being an anti-matter reactor powered by some-
thing the aliens brought with them called 'Element 115.' (Note: Bob
Lazar first came public when he became convinced that things were
out of control at the test site. He contacted popular TV personality
George Knapp who investigated his allegations first by contacting
Los Alamos to see if Lazar had worked there as he had claimed.
Los Alamos said they had no record of him ever working there, but
Lazar said that 'they' were on to him and were in the process of
making him a 'non-person' and that is why no record existed of him
ever working there. However when Knapp found an old Los Alamos
telephone directory with Robert Lazar's name in it he started to
listen more closely to what the scientist had to say - Branton)
"From a vantage spot known as a 'Mail Box Road,' near the
town of Rachel, Nevada, a number of different types of craft have
been seen by those who do not mind waiting into the wee hours
and are patient enough to come to the area over and over until they,
too, make an observation. Even NBC TV got into the act not so
long ago when they took a news team to the area and managed to
capture on video the flight of something that they acknowledged
appeared to defy gravity..."

Incredibly enough, in spite of all of the documentation suggest-
ing the reality of an ancient and hidden conflict between the human
and serpent races, an ancient Hebrew prophesy seems to have
foretold -- thousands of years ago -- that such a thing would take
-- Genesis 3:14-15

This prophecy has been interpreted in many ways, but perhaps
one of the most interesting of these is one which was penned by an
anonymous believer so many years ago, no doubt in reference to
the One who was destined to deal the death blow that would even-
tually result in the destruction of the 'ancient dragon' of Revelation
chapter 12...

"In weakness like defeat,
He won the victors crown.
Treading every foe beneath his feet,
By being trodden down."

* * *

So there you have it, the secret of the Mojave (AND of
surrounding regions where exist events that ultimately tie-in
with the scenarios taking place within or below the Mojave).
This desert is and probably will remain for some time a
place of mystery and intrigue like non other on earth. The
Mojave, an unknown world within a world which may well be
the 'center' of a conflict between humankind and an ancient
enemy which is as old as time itself....


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