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Researcher Dennis Passero also quoted the above in his
'CONSPIRACY TRACKER' newsletter (no longer being published).
Being the avowed Catholic that he is, we cannot say that Passero
had any particular bias against the Catholic church in his
exposition of the Jesuits, but that he saw the corruption in the
Roman Institution and exposed it. Passero has made some
interesting comments in relation to Jesuit-Masonry and the
assassination of one of the most popular Presidents in American

"...President Abraham Lincoln. The subject of Lincoln's
murder is too vast to be covered here. McCarty believes that the
Jesuits and their tools, the KNIGHTS OF THE GOLDEN CIRCLE
were behind the crime. What is interesting is that President
Harrison, Taylor, Buchanan, and of course Lincoln, were all
strongly dedicated to the preservation of the Union -- and all
had made speeches indicating their stand. If the Jesuits wanted
the Union split, they were not alone. In 1876, Otto Von Bismarck
had this to say: 'The division of the United States into two
federations of equal force was decided long before the Civil war
by the High Financial Power of Europe. These bankers were
afraid that the United States, if they remained in one block and
as one nation, would attain economical and financial inde-
pendence, which would upset their financial domination over the
world. The voice of the Rothschilds predominated. They foresaw
the tremendous booty if they could substitute two feeble
democracies, indebted to the (European) financiers, to the
vigorous Republic, confident and self-providing. Therefore, they
started their emissaries in order to exploit the question of slavery
and thus dig an abyss between the two parts of the Republic.'
"While McCarty links the Golden Circle with the Jesuits, Dr.
Stuart Crane says that the Golden Circle was financed by the
Rothschilds. (Note: Dr. John Coleman had stated in essence that
the old-line 'Blue Blood' or BLACK NOBILITY families of Europe
who claim DESCENDENCE from the ancient Roman Emperors
make up the link between the Rothschilds, who control Masonry;
and the Jesuits, who control much of the Catholic world behind
the scenes - Branton)
"In order to create a rift using the slavery problem Golden
Circle agents became known as Abolitionists in the North, and as
Secessionists in the South. Even the fiery John Brown, who led
the raid on Harper's Ferry, was financed by the International
Bankers. Every member of the Southern cabinet belonged to the
Golden Circle -- as did every member of the Northern cabinet with
the exception of Lincoln and Secretary Seward.
"When things began getting rough for the Confederacy, the
Rothschilds even planned an invasion of the U.S. by British
troops swooping down from Canada, and by French forces
established in Mexico under the Emperor Maximilian, but this did
not come off because the Russian Czar (who's government was
later to be overthrown by the Bolshevik Revolution - Branton) said
he would intervene on the side of the North if the European forces
attacked. According to Mag-Gen. Count Cherep-Spiridovich, the
Rothschilds had one of their agents in the Vatican, a Jewish-
Jesuit named Father Fisher, convince the Pope that the Vatican
should finance Maximillian who would in return re-establish
Catholicism in Mexico, which had conveniently been abolished by Benito
Juarez, a Freemason. Later, when the Civil War was over, the
guerrilla army branch of the Knights of the Golden Circle, headed
for Mexico to aid Maximillian who was running into trouble with
the Juarez forces. This guerrilla force was under the command
of Colonel William Quantrill, famous leader of Quantrill's Raiders,
and of Col. Jesse James -- later the famous outlaw. LIKE ALL
THEY WERE THE TOP OF THE LADDER, never realizing that
there were higher-ups over them. For some reason, Jesse James
earned the wrath of the Rothschilds -- and the reward money
later offered for his capture, came from coffers of the House of
Del Schroader).
"Abraham Lincoln was able to foil the conspirators at every
turn. He was aware of the activities of the Jesuits (see: FIFTY
YEARS IN THE CHURCH OF ROME, by Charles Chiniguy, c/o
Chick Publications., P.O Box 662., Chino, CA 91710). He took
the Union Army and turned it into the most powerful fighting force
the world has ever known. He issued the famous 'greenbacks' --
refusing to accept loans from the High Financial Power. For
these reasons -- and because he would not go along with the
harsh measures of the Reconstruction -- it was decided upon that
He would die. John Wilkes Booth, a member of the Golden Circle
and of the Carbonari (another Jesuit-connected lodge - Branton),
was chosen as the tool to commit the crime. About a month
before the assassination, Booth had traveled to Europe for a
secret meeting with Napoleon III, also a member of the Carbonari
(Note: A 1991 episode of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES alleged
that Union sentries had been ordered to give Booth safe passage
out of the city following the assassination - Branton). Napoleon
III was surrounded by Jesuit advisors [see: THIS ONE MAD ACT,
by Forrester, for a mention of the meeting].
"With Lincoln out of the picture, Golden Circle member
Andrew Johnson became president. But, for some reason he
pulled an about face, and also failed to go along with the harsh
Reconstruction measures. Because of this he became the only
President to be impeached, though acquitted by one vote... It
appears that the Rothschilds intended the Reconstruction Period
to be the Civil War equivalent to the French Revolution's Reign
of Terror. Not content with the outcome of the war, it became
necessary to keep the country divided via the injustices of the
Carpetbag Governments. The High Financial Power realized that
the South was really the heart and soul of the Republic. It was
desired to destroy the economic base of the North, but to destroy
the moral and spiritual base of the south. Individuality was the
enemy of the collectivist conspirators, then as well as now!
"To keep a continual animosity going between the two parts
of the country, it was decided that terrorism could be used
against the Reconstruction Governments. This terrorism could
be used as an excuse to further strengthen these bogus
governments. Terrorism could be used to frighten foes of
Abolition. Some of these terrorist acts included mutilation
murders perpetrated by John Brown and his boys.
"According to Dr. Stuart Crane, the Terrorist organization
born at this time was the KU KLUX KLAN, which emerged from
the Knights of the Golden Circle.
"However, it appears that there were two Klans operating at
this time. One was headed by Nathan Bedford Forrest. This
Klan sought only to save the South and to avenge crimes and
injustices. The other was the Golden Circle child. This second
Klan was founded by Judah P. Benjamin - a Rothschild relative
and Confederacy's Secretary of State -, Kuttner Baruch, Albert
Pike - known as the Vice-Regent of Lucifer and as the Sovereign
Pontiff of Universal Freemasonry -, AND BY AN UN-NAMED

Further evidence in support of the allegations that the
Illuminati is composed of both Jesuits and Masons is given by
Robold (the argument is that the Illuminati is a secret arm of
Jesuitism re-established by the Jesuit Priest Weishaupt, while
subversive 33rd degree Masonry is a secret branch of the
Illuminati. In other words Rome operates as the 'head' of the
conspiratorial 'beast', the Illuminati is the neck, Masonry is
it's body and the many neo-masonic political, religious,
fraternal and economic cults are the 'tentacles'. Former 33rd
degree Mason Jim Shaw has even exposed dozens of vatican
officials who are also high-ranking masons). Rebold, in his
reveals the following Jesuit-Masonic 'eggs' that were hatched
during the 18th century:

"...RITE of the Old Daughter-in-law, by Lockhart, an emissary
of the Jesuits... in 1749.
Templar system, founded by the Jesuits, and united in 1776, with
the SECULAR TEMPLARS, also a creation of the Jesuits...
"RITE of the Knights of the East, by Pirlet, a Jesuit
Emissary... 1757.
"RITE of the Emperors of the East and West, Sovereign
Prince Masons. This was the rite which Herodum extended to
the RITE OF PERFECTION (from which the Scottish Rite of
Masonry is evolved) of about 25 degrees, by the Jesuits, and
propagated by Pirlet about 1758.
"RITE of the Flaming Star, founded by Baron Schudy, an
emissary of the Jesuits in 1766.
"RITE of the Illuminati of Bavaria, by Professor Weishaupt
(also a Jesuit)... in 1776."

Dr. William Campbell, M.D., a very knowledgeable virologist
who to our knowledge had not even heard of Dr. John Coleman
at the time when he first came out with his very disturbing
revelations, seems to nevertheless confirm Coleman's suspicions
of mass genocide through virological warfare. Cambell claims
that in the course of researching the AIDS virus, he and his
associates stumbled across a conspiracy almost too horrifying
to believe. In an article titled "W.H.O. MURDERED AFRICA",
which first appeared in the HEALTH FREEDOM NEWS (P.O
Box 688., Monrovia, CA 91016), he presented a great deal of
documentation that the AIDS virus was not only 'manufactured'
artificially by 'splicing' the bovine leukemia and sheep visna retro-
viruses in a laboratory in Ft. Detrick, Maryland, but that the
the Illuminati-affiliated CLUB OF ROME according to Dr. John
Coleman and others), as well as Socialist-Communist elements,
and the UNITED NATIONS played a central role in it's creation
and INTENTIONAL release into the world population...

Is it possible that Communism, like the Jesuit-infested Nazi
Party itself, has acted as a secret weapon of the Jesuit-
Illuminati in it's ongoing INQUISITION against Jews and
Protestants (as well as governments such as the United States
which through its CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS, and
DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE has challenged the world
socialists to their face?) Dr. John Coleman has stated:
"...Karl Marx was one of the earliest members of the radical
Mazzini movements starting in 1840... it is interesting to note
that Marx, an avowed hater of religion, should so passionately
espouse Jesuitism."
Also, cult expositor Dave Hunt, in his CIB BULLETIN (Dec.
1980) states: "During the summer of 1988 on PBS a number of
representatives from the Kremlin were answering questions put
to them by a live American audience. One of the Americans
asked, 'What is the major cause of misunderstanding between
the Soviet Union and the United States?' The LEADER of the
KREMLIN DELEGATION unhesitatingly replied, 'The major
problem is Evangelical CHRISTIANITY." (translated: Protestant-
Arizona Pastor Lee Gerrard quotes from a Communist-Socialist
instruction book on psychopolitics:
"...You must recruit every agency of the Nation marked for
slaughter into foaming hatred of religious healing... that any
religious practice which might devote itself to MENTAL HEALING
is vicious, bad, insanity causing, publicly hated and intolerable.
You must suborn and recruit any medical healing organization
into collusion in this campaign."
Religious healing is largely a Protestant phenomena, the
very group -- revitalized by the German Martin Luther -- whose
destruction the Jesuit order in it's oath has sworn to carry out.

Now back to the subject of the 'Illuminati' conspiracy and
it's alleged connection with aerial and subsurface phenomena.
There are some researchers who believe, aside from the
revelations above, that there is a definite connection between
the 'Illuminati' and the alien group known to many researchers as
the 'Men In Black'.
Jim Brandon, in his book 'OCCULT AMERICA' tells of an
alleged underground installation below Washington D.C. known
as 'NOD' -- suggesting that the antediluvian constructors of this
'Atlantean' substructure may have been descendants of Cain
(see: Genesis 4:16). The present inhibitors of this subterranean
installation are allegedly an underground race of 'power-trippers'
tied into the highest levels of the NSA-CIA, who are in turn in
contact with 'Sirius Star People' or a group that some UFOlogists
believe is the extraterrestrial extension of the Illuminati, also
known as the 'Men In Black' or the 'Nation of the Third Eye'. The
'NOD' and other similar facilities are reportedly NOT inhabited by
ante-diluvians, but by people who later discovered these
abandoned underground installations as well as the ancient
technologies left there, which they learned to manipulate for
good or evil. Brandon also mentions ancient tunnels discovered
beneath Washington D.C. that have been investigated by
government scientists, some of which, according to still other
sources, contain walls with a glass-smooth but metal-hard glaze.
In connection with the German Illuminati, it is said that
'they' now possess aerial disks which may be capable of
leaving the earth's atmosphere. These may explain SOME of
the accounts of 'Aryan' saucer pilots, however Germans are not
the only 'Aryan' civilization to exist (actually Hitler's 'theory' that
the Germans were descended from Aryan stock may be just
that - a theory), for instance there were the Aryans who ruled
ancient India thousands of years ago.
Nevertheless the 'German' theory plays a definite role in
UFOlogy, although if true it apparently makes up only a minor
percentage of encounters with humanoid or human-like entities.
The popular theory is that sometime before WWII, German
occultists -- the same one's who gave rise to the Nazi Party,
recovered a crashed 'disk' and began to study and eventually to
utilize it's technology through various secret projects which
allegedly utilized underground bases and factories that were
used in attempts to duplicate the technology.
The top-secret Nazi 'aerial disk' research became more
advanced throughout the Second World War, and reportedly
utilized jet-turbine and later electromagnetic propulsions. As it
became apparent that the Germans were losing the war, they
allegedly transferred this technology to a base in Antarctica
which had been established years earlier, complete with
underground installations and all, and code-named the 'New
Berlin'. Throughout the entire duration of the war the Nazis had
allegedly shipped scientists, workers, technology and saucer
components to this Antarctic base or bases.
U.S. Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd some years later
conducted and led an "exploration" of the Antarctic region. The
strange thing about the "expedition" was that the massive
operation involved nearly 4,000 well-trained military Naval troops,
military vessels such as destroyers, subs, aircraft carrier and
aircraft. Upon arriving at the polar continent they reportedly split
into three separate groups and began a massive reconnaissance-
like operation. One source even claimed that Byrd's Navy
encountered 'resistance' there and that there was a photo-finish
FIGHT between American and Nazi forces there, with losses on
both sides.
When the Americans left two weeks later (also strange for a
'scientific expedition') Byrd, after arriving home, reportedly went
into a rage and began demanding that the government turn
Antarctica into a nuclear test range. Byrd was sworn to secrecy
and his diaries are sealed to this day.
There are, in fact, some who claim to have encountered disks
containing a swastika-like symbol, or occupants who spoke fluent
German, yet these accounts are still relatively few in comparison
with accounts of other types of human cosmonauts encountered
in other incidents, suggesting that the majority of human-like
alien encounters may come from the so-called 'Federation' which
consists of the Ummo People or Ummites from the star Iummo or
Wolf 424, the Vegans in Lyra, the 'Koldasions', Hyadeans, and
the 'Solarians' with their alleged 'Tribunal' on the moons of Saturn,
the Tau Cetians and Epsilon Eridanians, the Alpha Centurians, the
'Andromedans' from the Andromeda constellation, and of course
the Pleiadeans--all of whom claim ties with ancient societies on
earth. As for the 'German-Aryans', some sources indicate that
they may have at one time been in league with the Grays, but
that at least some of the second and third generations may no
longer adhere as strongly to Hitler's mad obsession for global
conquest, and 'some' of these may in fact now be in opposition to
the Grays! Certain accounts suggest that two 'German' groups
may possess antigravity technology - one based on the scientific
developments of a group of German scientists who escaped
Germany before the rise of Nazism, and the other group which
consists of full-fledged Nazis!
Once again returning to 'Oscar's' references concerning time/
space windows... If Einstein's theories concerning the possibility
of time/space anomalies are correct, then this might explain how
a civilization could possibly travel from one star to another in a
relatively short period of time. There is no evidence that time
could ever be reversed without canceling itself out in a "paradox"
(although some claim that reverse time travel is possible, but that
it is not possible to "change" the past), yet there is a theoretical
possibility that time/space might be SUSPENDED via some type
of 'hyperspace'. There is allegedly much technical information
contained in the elusive "GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK REPORT NO.
13" describing this aspect of physics. Some 'contactees' even
state that the FORWARD flow of time is different in other parts
of the galaxy, and that a day on earth could constitute a week
on another planet. In other words a spacefaring race might have
left earth only a few thousand years ago, yet the time different-
iation might have allowed 10,000 years to pass in "their" time.
Others believe that the forward flow of time (or rather a particular
beings' passage through time) may also be altered through the
manipulation of electromagnetic technology.
Also, in relation to the apparent 'tug-of-war' between the
'Grey's' and the 'Nordics'/Tau Cetians, etc., over individuals,
as in the case of 'Jill' which we've related earlier, we have an
apparently similar situation that was described in an 'Intelligence
Report' released by 'Leading Edge Research' (Formerly Nevada
Aerial Research). This report stated:
"One contactee that has been contacted by the blond/Nordic
race was captured and examined (by the greys) after it was
discovered by them that the blue beam used to paralyze people
failed to have an effect on him. The implant device that the
Nordics put in evidently neutralized the paralysis beam. It was
said that the Greys came in a football-shaped craft."
This is one more confirmation, among others, that actual
conflict if not warfare exists between various segments of the
'Nordic' Federation and 'Gray' Empire.
Now back to the 'center of the vortex' whereas both Gray and
Nordic activity is concerned, that is, the Mojave Desert.

The Mojave mysteries are NOT known only to small groups of
researchers who meet in secret to discuss their latest findings.
The subject of aerial as well as subsurface phenomena is gaining
more respect as more evidence and documentation comes to
light. Major motion picture studios are becoming interested in the
phenomena, for instance the Showtime and Speilberg productions
of ROSWELL. Television companies are also beginning to take
these reports of alien encounters seriously, and we have had
numerous documentary productions such as SIGHTINGS,
TV News Magazines and TV Talk Shows have responded to the
public interest. Even Radio Talk Show personalities who are
heard by millions coast to coast see the potential importance of
what is happening to untold thousands of people who are
describing essentially the same things. Art Bell has his
'DREAMLAND' program, then there is Chuck Harder, Billy
Goodman and others...
According to an item which appeared in THE LEADING
EDGE Magazine, a well-known Los Angeles talk show host
by the name of Ken Hudnell announced over the air on November
3rd, 1989, his intention to take a group to visit one of the ancient
underground cities, which he says has an entrance 60 miles
from Anaheim, California.

In 1962, a researcher by the name of Chuck Edwards
released some of his own discoveries concerning what might be
referred to as the 'Western Subsurface Drainage Network', which
seems to cover parts of Utah, Nevada, and Southern California,
where are located many drainage systems which do not
ultimately flow into the Pacific ocean (via surface rivers, that is),
but instead make their way underground into a vast subterranean
drainage network. His letter appeared in issue A-8 of 'THE
HIDDEN WORLD', one of the few specialized publications which
grew out of the Palmer-Shaver controversy of 1940-45 which
appeared in AMAZING STORIES science fiction/science fact
magazine. The 'controversy' arose around Richard Shaver's
claim's to have inside knowledge of two subterranean races
which possessed aerial disks: the 'Deros' which have been
variously described as a race of ancient out-of-control Atlantean
robots, degenerate human troglodytes, or a race of reptilian non-
humans (or all three) who were at war with another much more
benevolent (and human) subterranean race known as the 'Teros'.
The Deros were allegedly tormenting those on the surface of the
earth through psychic attack and electronic mind control from
their underworld lairs, in preparation for a possible future invasion
of the outer world.
The answers to the aerial-subsurface mystery remained
rather confused during the 'AMAZING STORIES-Shaver Mystery'
period, possibly because of Shaver's perhaps well-intentioned
but unwise attempt to inform the readers about the world beyond
and the world below through science-fact-fiction stories (however,
the readers were never clearly instructed as to where the fact
ended and the fiction began), or because of editor Ray Palmer's
attempts to 'occultize' many of Shaver's stories with his own
mystic-occult philosophies, which Shaver accused him of doing.
So it was in the wake of this period that investigators like
Mr. Edwards' were born. Some of the researchers of this period
delved off into the metaphysical, seeking the answer to their
questions from 'channeled' supernatural entities who tickled
their egos, yet whose intentions and revelations could not be
physically substantiated. The fact that many of these occultists
ended up with severe emotional or psychotic problems -- in
essence seeing a 'Dero' under every bed and degenerating into
schizophrenic paranoid behavior -- would indicate that the greater
majority of their 'sources' were no doubt astral or alien deceivers
out to mislead these seekers after truth. Others however retained
their intellectual and analytical sanity and, although not dis-
counting the presence of evil influences, did not so easily open
themselves up to their lies and misleading propaganda but set out
to investigate the phenomena in a rational, sane, and intellectual
manner. It is with this in mind that we quote from Chuck
Edwards' letter (Note: These comments are addressed in a letter
to Richard S. Shaver):
(continued in file Mojave.003)


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