Genesis & History of the Cosmic Conflict

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COSCON "Branton Files 5 of 13 (continued from file Mojave.004)

"...'the PROTOCOLS OF ZION were published as a deception
(by the Russian Secret Police), to make people believe they had
to worry about the Jews.'
"...'throughout history it has been a ploy of the Illuminati to
dub anyone who told the truth as an anti-Semite or a Nazi. They
only prove my point when they employ the same old tactics to
shut people up and to intimidate them. They don't know what to
do with me, because I don't intimidate and don't shut up.'
"Cooper states that he has traced the history of the nefarious
Illuminati all the way back to the Ancient Temple of Wisdom in
Cairo, long before the birth of Christ. 'The Illuminati exist today
under many different names and many different occupations.'
Cooper told us. 'They practice Hegalian conflict/resolution. They
appear to oppose each other at the bottom ranks (like the
'apparent' conflict between socialist Freemasonry and fascist
Romanism? - Branton), but at the highest levels they are actually
organizing and controlling the conflict which they have created to
produce the solution that they seek.
"'The Illuminati are extremely powerful, very wealthy men.
They believe that they are the guardians of the secrets of the
ages. They believe that the vast majority of people would not
know what to do with the real knowledge and the real truth and
the real science -- and would, in fact, misuse them all. They
further believe that everything that they do is for the ultimate
betterment and survival of humankind -- even if it means killing
two billion people to reach their goal...'"

One possible area (aside from the so-called 'DREAMLAND'
facility mentioned by William Cooper) which also lies within the
Mojave Desert region and which also may connect to the alleged
subsurface network is 'Iron Mountain', one of the peaks in the El
Paso Mountains northeast of Mojave, California. There are many
bizarre accounts connected with this mountain, which apparently
got it's name in part from the many old iron mines which can be
found there, along with numerous natural cavities which open out
to the surface in many different areas. The area has allegedly
been the site of certain activity concerning native American Indian
occult practices, as well as the site of alleged secret government
activity, some of which reportedly involves the observation and
monitoring of strange creatures and/or automatons which are said
to emerge from underground openings in the area on certain
occasions. Just exactly what these 'creatures' are is uncertain,
but some accounts indicate that they are dangerous! Could this
also be a 'magnetic anomaly' zone due to the high iron content?
There have been mysterious references to time-space windows
in the area as well.

Flying Ace John Lear, in 'statements' released over Computer
'Bulletin Boards' devoted to researching the unknown (such as
the PARANET BBS) has stated:
"...If the government won't tell us the truth and the major
networks won't even give it serious consideration then what is
the big picture, anyway? [Note: This was written before such
IT CAN BE TOLD and other TV programs DID in fact begin
dealing with the UFO phenomena, abductions, and related
phenomena in much greater depth - Branton], Are the EBE's,
having done a hundred thousand or more abductions (possibly
millions worldwide), built AN UNTOLD NUMBER OF SECRET
UNDERGROUND BASES (Groom Lake, Nevada; Sunspot, Datil, Roswell, and Pie Town, New Mexico, just to name a few) getting ready to return to wherever they came from? Or, from the obvious preparations are we to assume that they are getting ready for a big move? or is (it) the more sinister and most probable situation that the invasion is essentially complete and it is all over but the screaming? "A well planned invasion of Earth for it's resources and benefits would not begin with mass landings or ray-gun equipped aliens. A properly planned and executed invasion by a civilization thousands... of years in advance of us would most likely be complete before a handful of people, say 12?, realize what was happening. No fuss, no mess. The best advice I can give you is this: Next time you see a flying saucer and are awed by its obvious display of technology and gorgeous lights of pure color -

RUN LIKE HELL! -- June 3, 1988 Las Vegas, NV"
The above is just one excerpt taken from Lear's lengthy 'Press
Release' describing recoveries of alien craft and their occupants, accounts which Lear claims to have learned from 'inside' sources. Lear has also stated:

"...In 1983 when the Grand Deception was discovered MJ-12
(which may now be designated 'PI-40') started work on a weapon
or some kind of device to contain the EBE's which had by now
totally infested our society. This program was funded through
SDI which, coincidentally, was initiated at approximately the
same date. A frantic effort has been made over the past 4 years
by all participants. (The beginning of the "retaliation" projects
apparently began in 1979, when the DULCE and DREAMLAND
massacres reportedly occurred - Branton) This program ended in
failure in December of 1987. A new program has been conceived
but will take about 2 years to develop. In the meantime, it is
absolutely essential to MJ-12 (PI-40), that no one, including the
Senate, the Congress or the citizens of the United States of
America (or anyone else for that matter) become aware of the
real circumstances surrounding the UFO cover-up and (the)
TOTAL DISASTER it has become."

In their QUARTERLY REPORT, July - September 1990, the
'Fund For UFO Research' (P. O. Box 277., Mount Rainier, MD
20712), related the following:
"Dear Supporter:
"I'm writing to you at a critical time in the history of the UFO
movement. The issues contained in this letter are extremely
sensitive, and so I would appreciate your confidentiality.
"Because of your support for scientific research into the
UFO phenomena, I want to bring you up-to-date on recent events which may result in a resolution of the mystery of Unidentified Flying Objects.

"As you know, there is a great deal of interest currently in
the apparent crash of one or more UFOs in New Mexico over
43 years ago. This event has become the most intensively-
investigated -- and best documented -- case in UFO history.
"It came to the public's attention in 1980 with the
publication of 'THE ROSWELL INCIDENT' by Charles Berlitz
and William Moore. With the capable assistance of veteran
UFO investigator and nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman, the
authors documented that SOMETHING very unusual crashed
in the New Mexico desert in July 1947.
"Friedman and Moore continued to follow up on new leads
and uncovered new evidence following publication of the book.
During the course of their research, they identified nearly 100
witnesses who had information about the event.
"However, the focus of their investigation changed with the
release of apparently authentic documents outlining Operation
Majestic Twelve, a TOP SECRET government research project
initiated following the Roswell crash. The Fund for UFO Research awarded Mr. Friedman a $16,000 grant to investigate the
documents, and his research into the MJ-12 matter inevitably
turned up new witnesses in the Roswell event.
"In the meantime, Don Schmitt and Kevin Randle, under the
auspices of the Center for UFO Studies, decided to reexamine
the Roswell case and managed to bring the number of first-hand
witnesses and sources of information to more than 200..."

In the May, 1989 issue of 'Leading Edge' (formerly 'Nevada
Aerial Research') it was stated that: "...Information about
underground bases at Edwards AFB (CA) are not new. Stories
have circulated for years. There was the lady whose mother used
to work at the cafeteria who overheard people talking about aliens
and disks. The constant stream of construction materials going
out to the end of the base, but nothing showed up on the surface.
NASA has a large underground base that has been there for
years. "'Tube shuttles take personnel 50 miles to the other end of
the base in the Tahachapi mountains. The underground base has
been referred to as an underground city. It is even said that
there are disks stored in glasslike enclosures under a vacuum
to preserve them.'"

What may very well be a confirmation of the above appeared
in the Dec. 1990 issue of a publication sent out by 'THE
BORDERLAND SCIENCES RESEARCH FOUNDATION', which had for years been under the direction of Riley H. Crabb. The information was in the form of a letter which we quote here:
"...I spent the weekend with a 'recent' Edwards AFB workman
and his wife -- 'recent' because they are both repeat contactees
and have become 'unmanageable' as the AFB management puts
it. He was fired for blasting a Spybee with spray paint -- which I
find funny and as classic as the graffiti on New York subway cars.
"'You did it on purpose,' they told him, and they knew of
course, because the Spybees are telepathic (i.e. capable of
'tuning in' to Extremely Low Frequency or 'ELF' electro-
encephalographic neuro-brain wave patterns - Branton) as well
as camera equipt. They also carry microphones. We were all
laughing as he told us how the little spray-painted gold orb,
blinded, went bouncing off walls and posts and was quickly
withdrawn from its spy mission. He said Spybees are about the
size of a basketball. They fly by antigravity all over any 'Above
Top Secret' installation. They dart soundlessly everywhere and
hover between workers, sometimes programmed to harass the
guys for fun, like bumping them in the rear end.
"No person (that) he and his friends knew about there was
allowed to say one word to another while on the job. They would
test by trying to write to each other in the floor dust. Within two
or three strokes a Spybee would whiz around the corner, lock on
to and stop above the writing. His last comment was to write
and draw a great big 'screw you'.
"His painting work was part of an ONGOING EXCAVATION
beneath Edwards AFB on the high DESERT in California. He
and his crew were always blindfolded and strip-searched before
transit. They couldn't even have watches. BY TAKING TURNS
"Management accused him of doing it on purpose, and they
knew... 'No, no. The Spybee kept bumpin the back of my neck
while I was sprayin. After one real hard knock I whirled around
with the spray gun still goin.'"
"A prominent researcher with us that Saturday evening
suggested, after careful questioning of the worker, THAT THE
"For part of the night we went 'foo chasing', their term for
sightseeking UFOs. Tahachapi (is) where H. Hughes and
Northrup Corporations and the USAF have just imported Delta
Forces and fleets of black helicopters deployed by the
government for top security events coverage. There is no doubt
something major going on up there... even that night.
"The researcher and his team were hoping to see the 30-
FOOT VERSION OF THE SPYBEES, as there are growing
numbers of reports on these. THEY ARE DESIGNED TO FLY
MODIFICATION (Note: Since thoughts and emotions may be to
some extent electromagnetic in nature, it may be possible for
them to be manipulated by EM rays - Branton).
"...I often see Terra now as in near-final throes of exactly
the H.G. Wells scenario where the unwilling and witless 90% of
mankind inhabits a play-fantasy world on Earth's surface, while
the split-off race of highly technical degenerates (in league with
and/or controlled by the serpent race? - Branton), the Trogs, prey
on them from underground..."

The following information was sent to us via a researcher
who is investigating a continuous abduction of a young (at the
time) nine-year-old boy in southern Nevada, who may have been
taken to underground levels below that same area. Names,
addresses and other details have been deleted on request to
protect the privacy of the sources. We quote from a series of
notes based on the young boys' experiences, exactly as they
were sent to a member of "the Group", with our emphasis added:
"1: The 'greys', he says they don't use words but
WHEREVER HE GOES (Note: This is a very common
observation made by people who claim to have experienced
aerial AND/OR subsurface abductions or encounters with non-
human aliens - Branton).
"3: This is what they look like to him (a drawing was included
depicting a traditional 'gray' with a somewhat 'wiry' build - Branton).
"4: This is what the uniform they wear looks like to him. He
says the box in the middle has different colored flashing buttons.
"5: This is the large 'boat', A SORT OF FLOATING ISLAND
HE WAS BROUGHT TO (Note: Some aspects of the abduction
suggest that the young boy was taken to a large network of
water-filled subterranean caverns - Branton). THERE WERE
"6: These are the hybrids he sees. He says that they sit in
a large circle holding hands. There is one small candle with a
very large flame going. HE SAYS HE IS NOT AFRAID OF THE
(Note: These may have been so-called "hu-brids" with a
human soul-energy "matrix". These according to different
accounts are more or less 'slaves' to the grays and reptoids/
reptons from birth. Many of the women who claim to have been
'impregnated' during abductions and who have had their 'child'
removed from them a few months into its term are allegedly
carriers to these hybrids or hu-brids, although it is possible that
re-brids or 'hybrids' without a soul-matrix (more saurian than
human) might be gestated in this manner also. The hu-brids are
allegedly taken to underground bases beneath the surface of the
earth and/or possibly installations on or below other planetary
spheres. The ritual that the hybrids were apparently forced to
undertake might be part of a psychic warfare operation against
humans that their reptilian overlords are waging. It is interesting
that Satanists-Illuminists have been known to gather in a circle
and meditate on a candle flame in order to induce a state of
astral projection, or projection of the spirit form (some have
erroneously referred to is as "soul projection" - the "soul body"
however can only separate itself from the physical form at death.
- Branton)
"THERE IS A FEMALE (hu-brid - Branton) who BLENDS with
him and he says it feels very peaceful and good. When asked if
the greys were the only aliens he sees, HE DREW THE
"Please share with us your input on how to help this boy. We
know what is happening here and we are ready and willing to do
anything we have to. Love & Light, sincerely (Names deleted by

The above is not, unfortunately, a singular case. MANY
people are now coming forward with stories of alien abuse, or
of being abducted to underground 'bases' controlled by small
'grayish' or large 'Reptilian' beings. In previously years most of
these people have been terrified at the prospect of telling their
stories, for fear of ridicule. Before the 'abduction' phenomena
was widely known, many such people who spoke out about
alien experiences actually ended up in psychiatric institutions,
so there was at that time a definite danger of 'talking' too much
about their horrifying encounters. Added to this is the official
governmental denial of the phenomena, or even outright attempts
to 'silence' those who knew too much for supposed "National
Security" reasons (actually it was/is "Establishment Security"
they were interested in). However at this point in time when
radio, television and even motion pictures are giving the subject
another (this time more respectable and honest) look, many
more people are gathering the courage to come forward with
reports of abductions by malevolent -- or contacts with benevolent
-- 'aliens'.

In the hidden depths of the Nevada Military Complex a
battle is raging. Few know just how long it has been going on.
Apparently it began several years ago when the Nevada Test Site
workers discovered vast subterranean cavities deep underground,
"possibly" as a result of the underground nuclear blasts which
had artificially excavated huge cavities deep below the surface.
This activity apparently corresponded with the same general
time-period when the U.S. Secret Government was making deals
with the 'Grays', establishing secret locations such as S-4 to
study alien craft that had crashed, and constructing environ-
mental enclosures for some of the 'few' alien beings that had
been apprehended alive. Much of this activity allegedly took
place and is taking place within the extreme high-security areas
on and below the Nevada Military Complex.
However, the reports now coming out of the 'Complex' suggest
that far more than just a 'few' of the alien grays, and even their
reptilian overlords, are involved with the activities taking place in
Nevada... more activity than even a few alien survivors of crashed
disks could account for. Many accounts have spoken of vast
caverns below the southern Nevada region which 'may' have been
the ancient lairs of reptilian hominoids for decades or centuries.
All the accounts point to only one possible conclusion: That the
Test Site workers broke into the native habitat of these reptilian
beings, or a system of caverns which the reptilians had taken
control of in the recent or distant past. Possibly in an effort to
prevent a unilateral warfare between the two expanding 'worlds',
the secret government decided to establish a treaty with the
saurian Grays (apparently the Grays tried to convince the human
governments that they had "originated" from other-stellar regions
-- and that the humans had encountered one of their underground
"bases" -- in order to steer the humans clear of the fact that many
of them were native to the Terran Subterranea. This may have
been a half-lie, as the reptilians do reportedly have ancient
facilities that they have established and entrenched on other
planetary bodies).
Aside from establishing "treaties" with the extraterrestrial
"Grays" that are apparently returning to their native planet, a secret
treaty was also made with their counterparts in the so-called
'underground bases'. Most of the 'workers' would not be aware of
the alien activity taking place in these extreme lower levels due to
the higher security clearances necessary to enter or even KNOW
of them. This could explain the confusion which seems to exist,
and the comments made by workers, especially within the
Nevada Military Complex, that everything is 'way out of control'.
It might also explain the comments made by others 'in the
know' who have suggested that the government is in a panic
since they have learned that the sauroid 'aliens from other stars'
have infiltrated and undermined the surface of the earth without us
even knowing it, and that this is why they are in such confusion,
why they are rushing head-long to develop weapons such as
'Excalibur' to destroy subterranean alien strongholds, and so on.

In the movie 'THEY LIVE', which depicted an infiltration of
human society utilizing underground 'bases' beneath major cities,
one of the human resistance' members asks: "How LONG have
they been here?" Later he comes to realize... "Maybe they've
ALWAYS been here!" Perhaps the reason behind the supposed
alien infestation and undermining of the underground systems
below the surface of the earth could be explained by the
possibility that they have ALWAYS been here, or have been for
some time. Do not accounts of reptilian hominoids date back to
prehistoric times when the dinosaurs walked the surface of the
earth? Keep this possibility in mind when trying to fit the following
revelations into your framework of reality.
Is it possible that a subterranean race -- working closely with
others of their kind which long ago left the earth for extraterrestrial
realms -- is staging (via subversion, implantation, disinformation,
coversion, and infiltration) a takeover of human society FROM
One group that is allegedly tied-in with the inner workings of
the government-alien interactions and/or conflicts are known as
the 'Delta' Forces. The Delta's, some claim, have secretly been
recruited by the secret government in order to perform certain
functions in relation to the so-called 'joint-interaction' projects
involving deep-level government organizations and the 'aliens'
(saurian greys, etc.).
At the beginning of the 'interaction', the government was
optimistic about their new-found alliance with an apparently
benevolent race of non-human beings. When the government
finally discovered the true nature of the grays; and the fact that
they' were using the 'treaties' with the U.S. government merely
as a means to further their infernal plans of bringing the human
race under their control, then according to various sources 'all
hell broke loose!' The government-CIA in their zeal to establish
contact with what they hoped were technological 'saviors' from
the stars, had 'bargained away' much of what they had,
including much of the sovereignty of the United States and the
World. When the 'Horrible Truth' was discovered it was too late,
the aliens had already established too much control and their
physical and occult conquests were increasing every day. And
the Delta's were caught right in the middle.
The Delta Groups (or National Recon Group), wear the
'Trilateral' insignia, a black triangle on a red background. 'Delta'
is also the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet, which has the form
of a triangle. The symbol appears prominently in certain Masonic
lodges, and is said to have had it's origin with the aliens (or
serpent race).
The Delta Forces were the major group who, according to
some sources, were involved in the attempted operation that was
implemented to rescue several scientists who were being held
captive within the deepest levels of the 'Dulce' complex below
northwestern New Mexico. These workers had stumbled across
the 'Horrible Truth', and according to reports over 66 persons,
many of them Delta Forces, were slaughtered by the inhuman
inhabitants and controllers of these lower levels. Others allege
that Air Force Blue Berets were also involved in this conflict,
which was later to become known as the 'Dulce Wars'. Exactly
what part the Air Force Blue Berets played, however, is uncertain.
With this in mind, the reader might better understand the
following revelations which were released by former Naval Petty
Officer and Intelligence worker, William Cooper. On January 10,
1989, Mr. Cooper posted the following statement on a computer
network devoted to the investigation of paranormal events:

"The following information was extracted from a rather long
treatise/transcript/conversation between an individual and
another who was assigned to DELTA SECURITY:
"01: Delta security has a lot to do with inter-service
"02: The Trilateral insignia (alien) is valid and has been
used to mark equipment.
"03: 'The whole thing is grim and won't get any better.'
"04: The Trilateral insignia has been seen on a disk at
Edwards AFB, CA and Area 51 in NV.
"05: There is a hanger at Edwards referred to as the Delta
"06: The Delta Hanger is on the North Base at Edwards.
"07: You need a special badge to get near it. It is a red
badge with a black triangle on the face of it and personal
information on the back.
"08: Disk in hanger at Edwards described as having insignia
on the underside and on the top. It was about 50' in diameter,
appearing like tarnished silver, about 15 to 18 feet thick. There
were what looked like windows around the raised portion that
were mostly described as rectangular. There was a groove
around the disk about 4 feet from the edge all the way around.
There was an area on the bottom that looked like vents or
"09: When people assigned to Delta would break down and
cry for no apparent reason, you would never see them again.
"10: Apparently, the NRO (National Recon Organization)
recruits for DELTA out of Fort Carson, Colorado.
"11: Just about everyone assigned to DELTA are orphans,
have no relatives, etc.
"12: There are 'bounty hunters' connected with Dreamland.
"13: If you work at Dreamland and go on leave or are not
back on time they send 'bounty hunters' after you. That's where
the 'visitors' live...there is an underground facility...
"14: Area 51 is at Groom Lake in Nevada. The disks are
flown there.
"15: One of the craft looked like an upside-down diamond.
"16: There is a radiation hazard apparent when some of the
craft fly.
"17: No one stays at Dreamland for more than a few months.
"18: 'Everything is way out of control...'" (no longer under
'human' control? - Branton)

The following conversation, in relation to the Nevada Military
Complex and the 'underground facilities', took place on the "Billy
Goodman Happening" - KVEG Radio 840 AM, Las Vegas,
Nevada, on November 19, 1989. It was transcribed by a Las
Vegas resident.
Billy Goodman incidentally, has personally planned visits,
in collaboration with KNBC Radio in Los Angeles, to observe the
'disks' which are being tested at Groom Lake. Goodman and
others claimed to have seen these disks in operation, and back
up these claims with video documentation. One such video
shows a hovering object making a vertical ascent, stop in mid-air,
make a horizontal traverse, followed by another vertical ascent.
Something like this would be impossible for any conventionally
known aircraft of the time to duplicate. Billy Goodman, who has
since moved to another radio station in Los Angeles, has been
very instrumental in getting the information out about the
underground base at Site 51 (or Area-51, the 'underground
facility' where the 'visitors' live, according to Bill Cooper's source
whom we've just quoted). In the following annotated transcript,
the caller will be identified as 'C' and Billy Goodman as 'G':

G: Hi! Your on the Billy Goodman Happening on KVEG! Sir,
what can I do for you tonight?
C: O.K. Are you ready? Hang on to your seats! Here goes!
We are going 3,000 feet underground! O.K. We get to that point,
3,000 feet. We come out into a stainless steel atmosphere...
and we come upon people that are ah... construction people...
working people, and so forth that are supposed to be in that area.
Then we come upon another people who push us into another little
room. They tell us, "Do not come out of that area, until your told
to." These guys are 6 minute marines, all right? They tell us, "If
you do, you are going to get hurt!" OK? So we are construction
G: Where are you working? Where is what you are describing
to us.
C: On a certain test site!
G: A certain test site! Which one? You can't reveal which
C: We're kinda mixed up! We don't know what the hell is
going on. We're making ah... good bucks... and everything has
come down on us... and they are hurting us! OK? So we are
contractors! We are workers! OK? So there's a person that I
called and explained what is happening to me and they told me
to call you and tell you! So, that is what I am doing right now!
Calling you!
G: You presented it in a very odd way! First of all I didn't
know if you were going to be serious or what! Are you saying
to me that you are a construction worker and you had to go
3,000 feet under ground? First of all what would you be doing
underground? Let me ask you that!
C: We are running lights and power.
G: And who assigned you this job?
C: It's through Reynold's Electronics. I have to say that
because I get my pay check from someone else! (Note:
Reynold's Electronics is a branch of "E.G. & G." Corporation
which DOES IN FACT work with and contract through the Nevada
and Utah Test Sites - Branton)
G: They tell you to put these lights underground?
C: Yeh, but there's more to it than that! I'm sortof afraid
of expressing. Am I talking to you or what?
G: Yes, you are talking directly to me!
C: OK. You know some of the things that are happening,
shouldn't be. It should be made public! The public should know
what the hell is going on! And it scares the hell out of me.
What is not being brought out you know? For example, can I
give you an example? Here's an example! A few weeks back we
were inside a certain cavern going through stainless steel halls,
going north, and as we move along we are hanging lights. In the
rooms are... they're like operating rooms. All of a sudden, off
the elevator, our U.S. Marines come out, crash us down off our
scaffold, pushing us down, and then into a room. This is taking
a hell of a lot out of me to tell you this right now! The bosses
come into the room and we're getting debriefed and all this kind
of stuff and all of a sudden they are carrying fixed bayonets.
Now I fought in Vietnam and I thought these guys were my
buddies! Oh, no way! Forget it! These guys are from outer
space! (Note: There is a slight possibility that the 'soldiers' which
this man encountered were not 'human' marines, but we will deal
with this bizarre possibility later on - Branton) These people
brought these little characters on gurneys, OK? They had big
heads and little bodies and they went into this little room. Then,
behind them, these doctors in white coats and stuff! And we was
really at ah... we didn't know what the hell was going on! We
were shocked to hell! ...I was SCARED man!
G: Well, sure you didn't know what was going on and didn't
expect it! I guess them handling you upset you first of all. Being
man to man, you thought why should you treat me this way!
And that's to be expected. As far as knowing where you are I
have no idea.
C: I know where I was! I worked there every day! I keep a
log and if someone asks me I know what's going on! I'm telling
you man they're not telling us the truth. There is something
damn wrong within our government. I only got a glimpse of this
scientist on television (i.e. most likely referring to Robert
Lazar - Branton), but I know he's not telling much of what he
knows. I'm just a worker. A hammer and nail man. This guy's
got more brains than I do, and would know more about it than I
do. There's something INSIDE they aren't telling us!
G: OK. I understand that! Now what do you want us to do
about it?
G: I think you've done that yourself, just now! Now you
haven't told us your location and I think that's important so we
have some idea where this is. I hope you understand at this
C: I work at Mercury, Nevada and I'm the best electrician
there. This is between you and me now. I don't want anybody
else to know about this!
G: But your on the air Sir!
C: You mean somebody knows about this besides you and
G: But you are talking over the radio, Sir! Everybody, all over
the West Coast that is listening has just heard you! So you've
gotten your word out. Now let's see if anybody else knows about
it. Maybe just maybe, we'll get some calls from some of the
people that work with you.
C: Wait a minute! You mean somebody else knows about
this beside you and me?
G: Now, this is a talk show, you called a talk show. I am over
the radio - that's where you called!
C: OH, MY GOD!!!
G: Why, what's wrong with that? You called a talk show!
C: I thought I was just talking to you!
G: Now you said someone told you to call me. Was it
someone you work with?
C: Yes.
G: Nobody knows who you are. You haven't said your name
or anything! Now, let's see if anyone will back up your story!
C: But I didn't know other people would hear this. Now I'm
scared for my life! There's tremendous stuff out there that's
being hidden. It's being corrupted inside. It's being stashed
G: Well that's what we do here. We are trying to bring the
information out, and it's people like yourself who are making
that happen. They bring us information all the time! Are you
trying to bring the information out yourself because you don't
like what's going on?
C: I fear for my life because I've seen what happened. I
fear for my life because the government is lying to me.
G: OK. Why do you fear for your life? Have you been
C: Before you even go down in the pit they threaten you!
That is you tell anything of what you saw, you are dead!!!
G: But you're not saying more than what you saw. Is there
anything else you want to say before we say thank you for
C: Yes, one other thing. Whenever it gets down to the nitty
gritty, it will be clear to the people, that what they are seeing
on the news, is true! We've got six little bodies under ground,
G: Please keep in touch, OK? (end of transcript)

The reference to Reynold's Electrical, by the way, may be
explained more fully in it's connection with E.G. & G., from the
following reference which we quote, from an article that appeared
in a newspaper called the REVIEW-JOURNAL, January 9th,
1990. This Associated Press article stated:
"Three Nevada-based EG&G companies employ most of the
workers at the Nevada TEST SITE, the nations' nuclear proving
grounds 65 miles northwest of Las Vegas.
"The companies employ 8,000 people: 1,500 at EG&G Energy
Measurements Inc.; 1,000 at EG&G Special Projects; and 5,500
at Reynolds Electrical and Engineering Co."

Actually, present officials working at the Nevada Test Site
are apparently, at least for the most part, refusing the advice of
the FOUNDER of EG&G., Herald 'Doc' Edgerton, who once made
the following statement at a meeting of the Archaeological Society
of America:
KNOW, close a deal with a handshake, and have fun." Edgerton
apparently was no supporter of 'official secrecy', yet many of
those now involved in this company are being threatened to
remain silent to the point of endangering their very lives if they
speak out about what they have seen. Incidentally, Robert Lazar
was hired by EG&G himself to work at the S-4 installation at
Groom Lake. In fact, we will now relate another conversation
which took place on the "Billy Goodman Happening" almost a
week following the conversation which is recorded above. There
are apparently SOME EMPLOYEES working at the Nevada Test
Site, who ARE speaking out about what is going on there, like
the one who called in to the Billy Goodman show on Nov. 24,
1989, possibly in response to the caller from Mercury, Nevada
mentioned earlier, as well as in response to Bob Lazar's own


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