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Clinton pushes National Gun ID Card Announcement   takes 2nd Amendment groups by surprise

                        By David M. Bresnahan

          President Bill Clinton   shocked  gun owners  throughout
     the nation last night when  he proposed that all citizens be
     licensed by the government before  they can purchase a hand-

          "Every  state in this country already requires  hunters
     and  automobile  drivers to have a license.    I  think  they
     ought  to do the same thing for handgun purchases,"   Clinton
     said.   "I hope you'll help me pass that in this Congress."

          The  proposal,  part of the president's  State  of  the
     Union  agenda,  would add to the required  Brady   background
     check  now in force the requirement that adults   wishing  to
     purchase a firearm first take a special training course, and
     then  be issued a gun license before they could   purchase  a

          The  photo I.D.    would be issued by states  under  the
     federally  mandated  program,  according to   a  White  House
     source.   In the event a state does not agree to participate
     in  the program, a federal gun license would be made   avail-
     able in that state.

          Federally licensed gun dealers would be required by the
     proposed  law  to check for the gun license   before  selling
     handguns.    Asked if the proposed gun license   would  later
     expand to all types of firearms, the White House source said
     it was a "natural progression."

          The  proposal came as a total surprise to officials  of
     the National Rifle Association and the Gun Owners of  America.

          In  his  speech, the President spoke of  the  death  of
     Daniel  Mauser,  15, in the Columbine High  School   shooting
     last  year.    His father, Tom Mauser, was   sitting  on  the
     Democrat side of the aisle when he was introduced.

          "Crime in America has dropped for the past seven years,
     the longest decline on record, thanks to a national  consen-
     sus  we helped forge on community police, sensible gun   con-
     trol, and effective prevention," Clinton said.    "But nobody
     believes  America  is safe enough.   So let's set  a  higher
     goal:  Let's  make  America the safest big   country  in  the

          Regarding Clinton's use of Mauser in the audience,  Gun
     Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt told World-
     NetDaily,  "It's become a dog and pony show." Pratt said  he
     received  an  emotional call from Mauser after  he   recently
     appeared  on a television show.   He accused Mauser  of  ex-
     pressing  hatred for guns and gun owners, and of  being   un-
     willing to listen to facts.

          "If  the Republicans show some moxie for a change,  the
     Democrats will have hung themselves," said Pratt, who   spoke
     with WorldNetDaily while watching the speech from his home.

          "This  is the kind of thing that lost them  control  of
     the Congress in 1994," said Pratt.   "To volunteer to  bring
     it  up  in  a campaign year, Clinton must be   very  sure  of
     himself  that 'reasonable gun safety' is a way that  he   can
     talk  about gun control [while] preparing for   confiscation.  
     That's what this is, by the way, the preparation for confis-
     cation,  which we've seen in New York already.    We've  seen
     it in California," said Pratt.

          Clinton  recently   initiated a campaign  that  promotes
     fighting crime as well as gun safety issues.   The   National
     Rifle Association, in a recent statement about the campaign,
     said the organization remains skeptical regarding  Clinton's
     real desire to fight crime.

          NRA Institute for Legislative Action executive director
     James Jay Baker commented, "I'm glad that the president   has
     finally agreed with the NRA that enforcing federal  firearms
     laws makes sense.   We've been pushing for more   enforcement
     of  existing  laws, and it's unfortunate that  it   took  him
     until  the  seventh year of his term to  finally   take  that
     seriously."   However, Baker cautioned, "The   president  has
     proved  adept  at changing his position.    When we  see  the
     detailed  budget, we'll know if he has truly   changed."  The
     statement  added  an  expectation  that   Clinton  would  not
     "temper his anti-gun zeal."

          An  NRA spokesman, Brian Judy, was caught  by  surprise
     when  WorldNetDaily informed him of the  gun-licensing   plan
     shortly  before  the State of the Union address   began,  and
     could not offer an official comment.

          After  the speech, NRA Executive Vice  President  Wayne
     LaPierre  said,  "What's it going to solve?    The  criminals
     could care less.   They're not going to stand in line;   they
     won't comply with it."

          Vice  President Al Gore and former Sen.   Bill  Bradley
     have both proposed gun licensing.

          Republican presidential candidates have taken a differ-
     ent stand.   Texas Gov.   George W.    Bush has spoken for an
     increase of the age for handgun purchases to 21, as well  as
     instant  background checks at gun shows.   But Bush  opposes
     licensing or registration.

          Steve  Forbes has stated that states should  set  their
     own  gun laws, while Alan Keyes speaks passionately  of   the
     right  of  individuals to own  firearms   without  government

          Pratt  said he now expects the gun issue to become  one
     to  which every candidate, national or local, must   respond.  
     He said it would be good to get the debate out on the  table
     as a major part of the coming election.

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