"If only I had 'NOT' put those locks on my guns...!!!"

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"If only I had not put those locks on my guns...!!!"

Re: Very sad (about guns and children). (below)

Dear David,

Please put this out on Free Republic so more parents can see this and feel as
outraged, sick and angry as I am right now after reading this.

Words can't describe my revulsion,  knowing the years of torture I know this child will endure every night of his life, and for WHAT??? To please some political agenda, to disarm the potential victims, and to bring about the 'crisis' we all know the government is bringing on so they can bring about the 'solution'  so they can keep us 'SAFE'.  Why doesn't that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside? We need to see if we can help this family and this young man. Have you got the email for Chucky Shummer, and Sarah Brady, Hillary, and other anti-gunners . I bet this will make them proud. I've got about 1000 on my list. I have not sent many out lately, but I'm sending this to all  and let them send it on to their lists.


This happened to one child, but I feel it has happened to each and everyone of us. If we don't raise a Battle Cry over this we may as well just crawl into a corner and let it happen to us all! After all, we ARE in the business of defending our children. I'd love to get my hands on the son of a bitch who did this. I'd make him curse the day he was born. Allowing him live is an affront to everything that is decentand right.  We read about the Dirkhiesing boy last year where he was raped and tortured to death. How many DON'T  we hear about?  It's time all this bullshit about gun control come to a screeching halt. Enough is enough. How many times are we going to read about the victims, and then let them fade into obscurity with their lives trashed forever? How many children have to be sacrificed on the 'altar of Gun Control" till we say enough is enough?


Do we have the right to fight for the children or not? Do we just say this is a sad story, and let it go down into history as another crime we just don't talk about or do we get in the face of these commie lowlife scumbags? I can't take reading more about these kind of atrocities. These parents will hate themselves forever and blame themselves for what happened, even though they are blameless. This young man will go through life with this 'event' coloring ever single thing he does for  the rest of his life. We Patriots won't draw the line in the sand for us, but can't we do something for the children so they will know they are safe from this?


I don't know what it will take. Maybe recall all the laws and the ones passing them. Personally, I favor public whippings and tar and feathering and ride them out of town on a rail. I'd like to hear what Sarah Brady would say about this. And I wonder what pearls of wisdom Chucky would come up with. As for Hillary, well, we all know this is village, and it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it sure doesn't take a village to take this son of a bitch 'OUT'. The courts are slow and the 'justice' they dish out just doesn't help the victims feel retribution has been done. Nothing short of 'an eye for a eye' will do in this case. Why can't the morons that pass these assinine trigger lock laws be held responsible and accomplices for aiding andabetting these crimes? To me, they are as guilty as the rapist is. How many more crimes are we going to read about before we get up on our back legs and fight back?


If this kind of crime doesn't get our backs up- NOTHING WILL!  Think what you all would be feeling, 12 yrs old, innocent and cowering in a closet, in the dark, not knowing or expecting what horror lies in wait for you. Think of that when you look at your sleeping babies and wonder if they are going to be the next victims of gun control.

   Can you live with the guilt of telling your child that you were just obeying
an unjust law? Can you ever go out now and leave your child 'protected' from
self-defense for his own good?  It used to be that we feared only for our
daughters. There is a different kind of criminal out there now. They want our
sons too. I own two trigger locks.  I'm sending mine to Sarah Brady, and Chucky Schummer with a copy of the email below. I raised two sons, and had their friends all over my house. I met them at the door and told them all the guns they see were loaded. I never had to tell one of them not to touch them.


I am never ever going to have a trigger lock in my house. I couldn't live with the thought that someone suffered or died because I obeyed an unjust law.
   I live with the injuries that could have been prevented if my guns hadn't been
locked up in my motorhome.   I was attacked in 1985 by a neighbor. He was 6'7", 280 lbs. and he nearly killed me. He was angry because I asked him not to let his dog relieve himself in my yard. He grabbed me by the hair and punched and kneed me in the face and threw me across the street by my long braid then did a knee-drop on my face while I laid on the ground with three dislocated bones in my neck. I had come back the night before from a shooting event and all the guns were locked 'safely' in the motorhome.


I had the keys in my pocket and my 12 year old son tried to rip the door handle off to get to the guns to defend me. Thankfully, he didn't get to them. I don't know if I could live with the thought that my 12 yr. old son would have had to kill a man to defend me. There were no gunlock laws then, but the effect
was the same. No access to the means of self defense. My sons both felt the guilt of not being able to defend me and knowing that the means of that was just inches away. Even though I was the physical victim, they were traumatized by that event and now that they are 27, and 20, they still have never let that guilt go. My youngest son was just five when it happened and he tried to defend me by trying to get between the man and myself. He was as tall as the kitchen doorknob. He told the cops that the man tried to kill me and to go and shoot him. My oldest son had no recourse but to call 911 and stand by me after the man left. It was a beautiful morning. Sun was shining and we were getting ready to go fishing. In an instant our entire lives were changed.


The cops wouldn't press charges because it was my word against his. He said I fell. I had 6 hours of reconstructive surgery on my face and have permanent double vision. The six specialists proved he was lying. I had five
breaks in my jaw, total blow out of the right orbital, my eye was out of the socket, total nasal airway obstruction and thirty bones in my face were broken . These the doctor used to reconstruct  the jaw, eye socket, nose . I had three fractures in my forehead. I hemmorhaged for five days. It took five years flat on my back to recover. It took me 5 1/2 months to finally get him charged with weekly visits to the Govenor's office, the State Attorney General, and Sheriff. All that would have been unnecessary if the guns hadn't been locked up. See, my sons had also been taught gun safety and how to handle and shoot. He would have had no problem shooting and hitting his target.


   My Sons suffered the guilt of not being able to defend their Mother.  I know what the Parents of this young man are going through. I saw the feeling of helplessness, and the guilt of being a survivor. I saw it in my sons. I also know a little of what this young man is feeling as a victim of a heinous crime. Folks, let's not let this crime just fade out of view.
Theodora Quick

Sent: Friday, June 16, 2000 3:33 PM
Subject: Very sad (about guns and children).

This is a copy of a snail mail I received today:

When we left for an evening out, my wife and I told
our son, Kevin (age 12) when we would return and
reminded him of our rules for staying home alone.  He
was anxious to prove that he could be trusted to stay
home alone.  We live in a very safe neighborhood.  We
felt confident there would be no reason we shouldn't
leave him alone that night.

Kevin is a very responsible boy.  We raised him well.
We taught him to respect the life and property of
others.  We taught him that my guns were not toys.
Kevin understood that they were only to be used under
my supervision.  He was an excellent shot.  Because of
Kevin's excellent eye sight, he could beat my score
every time.

Shortly after we left, Kevin logged on to the
Internet.  He began surfing the web.  He was on for
about an hour when he lost his connection.  He tried
to reconnect, but the phone was dead.  He thought he
heard a storm starting to blow outside and thought the
wind had damaged the phone lines.

A little scared, Kevin went downstairs to go next door
to ask the neighbors if he could stay with them.  Just
then he heard someone in the house.  The policeman
said the man had probably cut the phone line because he
saw the alarm sticker.

Kevin went very quietly up to my bedroom and opened my
drawer where I keep my pistol.  He said he thought he
would hide in the closet with the gun and hope they
wouldn't find him.  He said he would have shot them if

When Kevin found my gun, it was useless to him.  I was
such a responsible parent that I put a trigger lock on
it.  Kevin was not able to get the lock off the gun.
Terrified, he opened the closet where I keep my
shotgun.  That too had a trigger lock on it.

Kevin hid in the closet anyway.  The man found him.
He raped and beat Kevin.  He left Kevin tied to the
bed bleeding from his rectum and with other evidence
of abuse too disgusting to describe here.

Our son lays in a hospital now.  It is too early to
rule out the possibility that they might have also
given him AIDS.  He has permanent
psychological injuries in addition to the cramps and
other pain from his ruptured colon.  He would have
been better off dead than to have endured that.

If only I had not put those locks on my guns, the molester
would be dead and our Kevin would be safe.  Please
send this to everyone you know so maybe other children
will not have to experience what happened to Kevin.


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