"The Oklahoma City Bombing and The Politics of Terror"


1143. * Victor Marchetti aptly summed up this philosophy by examining former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger: "He's power-mad, a manipulator of events. I don't think he does it for any ideological reason, just out of instinct. I don't think he understands what this country is all about. To him, everything is a deal…"

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1148. † Gene Wheaton, IBEX;s subsequent director of security who investigated the murders, claims Shackley, Clines, Hakim, Rafael "Chi Chi" Quintero, and Secord are all linked to the murders. John Harper would later show up in Honduras training the Contras in the use of explosives.

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1183. ** It is also curious why one prominent alternative investigator ignored the Middle Eastern lead altogether, focusing solely on Elohim City. What this alleged reporter consistently missed is the dismembered military leg found in the rubble, the numerous witnesses who saw Middle Eastern suspects, and the APB on the brown pick-up driven by al-Hussaini. This reporter even went so far as to suggest that the men in the pick-up were Dennis Mahon and his comrades dressed up as Arabs! Given the scenario of a "second-level damage-control" operation steering critics of the government's case solely onto Elohim City, it can be surmised that at least some of the real bombers were part of the Middle Eastern contingent, and were CIA/FBI controlled, supplied and activated. This would explain why Gagan's involvement in the Middle Eastern cell was apparently ignored by the FBI. It would explain why Gagan was asked by an covert operative to deliver a Lely mixer to Junction City. And it would explain why the FBI cleared Hussain al-Hussaini, and why Sam Khalid acted so non-chalant when confronted with evidence of his involvement.

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1186. * As previously mentioned, representatives of the electric, telephone and gas companies, as well as local contractors bidding ona GSA renovation project, all denied having workmen who fit the mens' description at that location.

1187. ** Also recall that on the same day or the following Monday, VA employees Dennis Jackson and Craig Freeman saw a suspicious group of Arabs inside the building after hours. One of them closely matched the description of the suspect seen with "McVeigh" by Phyliss Kingsley at the Hi-Way Grill that Sunday. They exited, said Freeman, towards the underground parking garage.

1188. † Moreover, why would he do it so conspicuously, running a red light, attracting the attention of the police? This makes about as much sense as flying down the highway at 80 mph without a license plate.

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1190. * How interesting that McVeigh and his co-conspirator would be loitering around the scene of such a heinous crime, right next to his readily identifiable yellow Mercury.

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1192. ** When Francis Gary Powers' U-2 spy plane was discovered and shot down over Soviet air space, he failed to pull the destruct ring. Powers suspected that the CIA had it hooked to a zero-delay fuse--so he bailed out without activating the self-destruct. Unfortunately, he had a fatal helicopter crash the week before he was supposed to testify before the House Select Assassination Committee.

1193. * It has been well-documented that the FBI and ATF illegaly leveled the crime scene at Waco, which was supposed to be under the jurisdiction of Texas Rangers; destroying evidence that ATF helicopters had indiscriminately fired into the roofs of the building at the beginning of the raid killing several people; had fired at the front door well before any shots had been fired in return, and had set explosive charges on top of a concrete vault in which women and children were hiding to escape the fire set. The front door (a metal door) which would have proved the second allegation was later found to be mysteriously "missing."

1194. 865. Tim Weiner, "Aging Shop of Horrors: The C.I.A. Limps to 50," New York Times, 7/20/97. As Milt Bearden, the Agency's last chief of Soviet operations, said, "The collapse of our enemy ensured our own demise." "We're a confused group, dying for stability," the Agency's Inspector General, Fred Hitz, said in a May speech.

1195. * It is interesting to examine this from the perspective of the German BND, the intelligence organization founded by Reinhard Gehlen at the behest of the CIA after WWII. Gehlen had been Hitler's senior intelligence officer on the Eastern Front, commanding the Fremde Heere Ost or "Foreign Armies East." The U.S. Government absorbed the Gehlen Org into its emerging intelligence apparatus (the CIA) in its entirety, in the belief that Gehlen's still largely intact network of spies would prove invaluable in America's fight against the Soviets. Walter Schellenberg, ex-head of Nazi foreign intelligence, claimed to author William Stevenson that Gehlen's organization was primarily a front for escaping Nazi war criminals. It was ultimately proved that approximately 90 percent of the "intelligence" coming out of the Gehlen Org regarding the Soviet threat, which led to the rise of the Cold War, was false, but was used by Gehlen and his Nazi comrades to perpetuate his organization.

1196. * Iron Mountain is supposedly a nuclear corporate hideout in Hudson, NY, similar to Mt. Weather in Virginia. It is also a reference to the town of Hudson, N.Y. where, at the Hudson Institute, war games and studies on future life were developed under the direction of Herman Kahn for governmental and private agencies. Kahn did not claim authorship however. As for Leonard Lewin, who finally claimed authorship of the report in 1972, "as a hoax," said that his intent was "to caricature the bankruptcy of the think-tank mentality by pursuing its style of scientistic thinking to its logical ends." Interestingly, the New York Times wrote "Many analysts believe that the report reflects a grasp of the Washington scene as well as an understanding of social psychology, ecology, economics and sociology that is beyond the ability of most satirists." Arthur I. Waskow of the Institute for Policy Studies told the Times he was surprised to see one of his privately circulated reports mentioned in the book. Waskow added that only about 60 people in Washington saw the report, "[so] if it's a hoax, it must involve somebody high up," he said. (New York Times, 11/1/67)

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1212. ** George Mintzer, the director of criminal investigations of the U.S. Southern District Attorney's Office from 1926 to 1931, maintained files on over 32,000 "subversive" Americans at the behest of his boss, Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, a man who had close links with the ADL. Mintzer's files were made available to the Office of Naval Intelligence, the State Department, and to the FBI. In the mid-1950s, New York publisher Lyle Stuart exposed how the ADL was actually financing a rag-tag "neo-Nazi" group, which would engage in loud demonstrations outside synagogues at precisely the same time that the ADL was engaging in anti-Nazi fund-raising efforts. What is also interesting is that the ADL played a large role in protecting Mob figures such as Meyer Lansky, smearing potential law enforcement opponents as "Anti-Semetic." (Dope, Inc.: The Book That Drove Kissinger Crazy, (Washington DC: Executive Intelligence Review, 1992). p. 582; The Spotlight, 5/26/97)

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1218. * Foster had allegedly used Pollard, a low-level naval intelligence analyst, on behalf of Reagan, Bush, and Casper Weinberger, to convey data to the Israelis. The favor was in return for Israel's help in trans-shipping U.S. weapons to Iran, as a pay-off for delaying the release of the American hostages, thereby defeating Jimmy Carter's bid for re-election. That scandal was known as "October Surprise." A federal judge, a Clinton crony, has kept the indictment sealed to this day.

1219. * The C-21 Lear Jet is a highly reliable aircraft. This particular plane was part of the presidential fleet based at Andrews Air Force base. According to military sources, the pilots who fly them are the best of the best. Clark Fiester, an assistant Air Force secretary for acquisitions, served on the NSA advisory board. Other ranking personnel were Maj. Gen. Glenn Profitt II, and Col. Jack Clark II. ("Rescuers Find Recorders in Military Crash," Washington Post (Reuters), 4/18/95; "The Eight Who died in Ala. Crash," Air Forces Monthly, date unknown; Alexander City Outlook, 4/18/95; Joe L. Jordan, National Vietnam P.O.W. Strike force; other information from confidential sources.)

1220. ** The downing was suspiciously similar to the U.S. Air Force plane carrying Commerce Secretary Ron Brown that crashed in Bosnia on April 3, 1996, killing all 35 people. While the major news media attributed the crash to foul weather, the Air Force investigation report concluded that "the weather was not a substantially contributing factor to this mishap." The pilot had nearly 3,000 flight hours, and the co-pilot had even more. Five other planes had landed at the airport without difficulty in the minutes before the crash, and none experienced problems with the navigation beacons. The Air Force also skipped the first step of its investigative process, known as a safety board, in which all crashes are treated as suspicious, and went imediately to the second phase, an accident investigation. Two military pathologists at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP)--Air Force Lt. Col. Steve Cogswell and Army Lt. Col. David Hause--were quoted in the [Pittsburg] Tribune-Review as saying Brown suffered a head wound that could have been caused by a gunshot. "Essentially… Brown had a .45-inch inwardly beveling circular hole in the top of his head, which is essentially the description of a .45-caliber gunshot wound," said Cogswell. Cogswell said that the original X-ray of Brown's head showed metal fragments in Brown's brain consistent with a disintegrating bullet. Forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht concluded there was "more than enough" evidence that Brown was assassinated. No autopsy was conducted, and all of the original head X-rays of Brown are now "missing" from Brown's case file. The sole survivor, stewardess Shelly Kelly, who had only minor cuts and bruises, mysteriously bled to death from a neat 3" incision above her femoral artery upon arrival at the hospital (the official story was that she died of a broken neck). Brown's law partner at Patton, Boggs and Blow died in a mysterious car wreck within one hour of the crash. Three days later, Niko Jerkuic, the maintenance chief at the Tulsa airport, who had guided the plane to its fatal rendezvous, "committed suicide." Brown, who was under investigation for bribery at the time [linked to the DNC and the Lippo Group, in turn linked to President Clinton], reportedly possessed sensitive information that could have implicated Clinton in a long list of criminal acts, and had threatened to blow the whistle. Congresswoman Maxine Waters and Kweisi Mfume, head of the NAACP, have called for an investigation into the matter. (Christopher Ruddy and Hugh Sprunt, "Questions linger about Ron Brown plane crash," 11/24/97; Christopher Ruddy, "Experts differ on Ron Brown's head wound," Tribune-Review, 12/3/97; "Ron Brown conspiracy protest today," UPI, 12/24/97.)

1221. * A conversation with former IRS investigator Bill Duncan (who, along with Arkansas Highway Patrol investigator Russell Welch, first uncovered the activities at Mena) shed little light on the matter. Duncan said he was unaware of any files removed from Arkansas to Oklahoma, although Duncan and Welch were under intense scrutiny for their courageous efforts. (An attempt on Russell's life was later made by poisoning him.) Curiously, long-time Washington correspondent Sara McClendon reported that the CIA was also seen removing large quanties of files from their offices on April 19.

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1278. ** U.S. Army psychological warfare expert Lt. Col. Michael Acquino, who wrote a manual on mind control for mass populations, was fascinated by the Nazis and their relationship to the occult. Acquino traveled to Weiselsburg Castle in Germany where Hitler and Himmler performed their occult rituals in order to control their SS puppets to slay the population.

1279. * Acquino is the leader of the Temple of Set. He was accused by a Presidio Army Chaplain of molesting the Chaplain's 3-year-old daughter, and was investigated by San Francisco police. The Army buried the case, and my Freedom of Information Act requests went unheeded. Acquino, his satanic powers apparently on the wan, threatened to sue the author.

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1289. 929. Stich, Op Cit., p. 604; ANV had a contract with U.S. Military Central Command, the influential connection coming through USMC Major General Wesley Rice of the Pentagon Joint Special Operations Agency. Rice was a close friend of Bush, Helms, and Shackley, Wheaton, Op Cit.; Deposition of Sam Hall, 9/9/87, quoted in Christic, Op Cit.

1290. * Emphasis in original.

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1293. * This will be explored more fully in Volume Two.

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1328. 960. Under the authority of the 1977 International Emergency Economic Powers Act

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1338. 968. Jack Terrell, NBC transcript, quoted in Christic, Op Cit. The Octopus would attempt to silence Terrell by informing the FBI that he had threatened the life of the President.

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1350. * Maroney's wife also told me Mickey was seconded to the DEA and FBI in Cyprus, who were investigating a counterfeiting ring (probably Iranian). As discussed previously, Cyprus is where DIA agent Lester Coleman worked with the DEA, and where he learned about Khalid Jaffer, the courier who allegedly carried the bomb onboard Pan Am flight 103. Maroney worked in Cyprus in 1993.

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1356. * Also recall that former CIA operative Gunther Russbacher claimed that several Las Vegas casinos, including Binyon's Horseshoe, are slush-fund pay-off points through Shamrock Development Corp. The recipients collect their money in the form of gambling chips, which they then cash in. It is worth noting that the CEO of Shamrock, Donald Lutz, was on the management staff of Silverado Savings & Loan. "E. Trine Starnes, Jr., the third largest Silverado borrower, was a major donor to the National Endowment for the Preservation of Liberty (NEPL), directed by Carl "Spitz" Channell, which was a part of Oliver North's Contra funding and arms support network. Wayne Reeder, another Beebe associate, a big borrower from Silverado, defaulted on a $14 million loan. Reeder was involved in an unsuccessful arms deal with the Contras. (Jack Colhoun, "The Family That Preys Together," Covert Action Quarterly, date unknown.)

1357. * As Jones explained in the Writ: "This issue arrives before the Court at this late date simply because the defense has repeatedly gone to the government with information and requests, had to then seek intervention from the district court, and the last district court order has been issued within the last two weeks…."

1358. 981. Jones' defense team member, confidential interview with author.

1359. * As McVeigh later explained to his hometown newspaper: "In the instant context, you could take [the statement] to reflect on the death penalty and the charges leveled against me. I was accused and convicted of killing--they say that's wrong, and now they're going to kill me."

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1367. * As McVeigh's appeal brief stated: "Because the government's counsel attributed Mr. McVeigh's conduct to his anger at the Federal Government over Waco, Mr. McVeigh should have been entitled to show that the government had some culpability in provoking that anger," his attorneys said. "This evidence and argument would have provided a mitigating explanation for the otherwise inexplicable transformation of Mr. McVeigh from the thoughtful, responsible and playful person described by Mr. McVeigh's childhood friends, teachers and families… to someone who appeared bent on destruction.'" (AP, 1/16/98)

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1371. * "[Howe] said she saw McVeigh walking with Elohim City security chief Andreas Strassmeir, who had advocated violence against the government. One juror didn't at first even recall Howe's testimony. Another, [juror Chris] Seib, said, "I don't know. We felt there was something there. You know, we kind of skimmed through that pretty quick."

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1382. * According to Oklahoma Statutes, Title 22, Section 331 (General powers and duties of grand jury), Notes of Decisions: "Grand jury functions as an inquisitorial body; once it is convoked by the court, its duty is to investigate law violations [Tweedy v. Oklahoma Bar Ass'n, Okl. 624 P.2d 1049 (1981)]... Investigation by grand jury or a preliminatry examination by magistrate is not a trial, and the rules of evidence are not to be applied as rigidly as in trial of case before court. [Magill v. Miller, Okl. Cr., 455 P.2d 715 (1969)]…."

1383. * In a letter hand-delivered to the Grand Jury, Representative Key asked to testify a second time to present evidence that the DA's office refused to allow a video of "contemporaneous news accounts" because it was considered to be hearsay. As Mike Johnston, Key's attorney, stated in the letter, "The objection or contention that a grand jury cannot use hearsay evidence is not well founded." Morgan responded by thereafter refusing to communicate with Key except through his attorney. So much for cooperation.

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1390. 1005. KFOR's information is currently in possession of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare. As of this writing, Rep. James Traficant (D-OH) displayed an interest inholding OKBOMB hearings.


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