&quot;Addendum to INSLAW's ANALYSIS and REBUTTAL of the BUA REPORT' dated February 14, 1994.</strong></p> <blockquote> <p>Excerpt from the Executive Summary of the &quot;Addendum to INSLAW's ANALYSIS and REBUTTAL of the BUA REPORT' dated February 14, 1994. One of the organizational units that reports to Mark Richard is the Office of Special Investigations (OSI). OSI's publicly- declared mission is to locate and deport Nazi war criminals. The Nazi war criminal program is, however, a front for the Justice Department's own covert intelligence service, according to disclosures recently made to INSLAW by several senior Justice Department career officials. One undeclared mission of this covert intelligence service has been the illegal dissemination of the proprietary version of PROMIS, according to information from reliable sources with ties to the U.S. intelligence community. INSLAW has, moreover, obtained a copy of a 27-page Justice Department computer printout, labelled &quot;Criminal Division Vendor List.&quot; That list is actually a list of the commercial organizations and individuals who serve as &quot;cutouts&quot; for this secret Justice Department intelligence agency, according to intelligence community informants and a preliminary analysis of the computerized list. A significant proportion of the 100-plus companies on the list appear to be in the computer industry. The Justice Department's secret intelligence agency also has its own &quot;proprietary&quot; company that employs scores of agents of diverse nationalities, as well as individuals who appear to be regular employees of various departments and agencies of the U.S. Government or members of the U.S. Armed Forces, according to several sources. According to written statements of which INSLAW has obtained copies, another undeclared mission of the Justice Department's covert agents was to insure that investigative journalist Danny Casolaro remained silent about the role of the Justice Department in the INSLAW scandal by murdering him in West Virginia in August 1991. INSLAW has acquired copies of two relevant written statements furnished to a veteran investigative journalist by a national security operative of the U.S. Government, several months after Casolaro's death. The individual who reportedly transmitted these written statements to the journalist by fax has testified under oath to being a national security operative for the FBI and the CIA. Partial corroboration for his claimed work for the FBI is reportedly available in the sworn testimony of several FBI agents during a recent criminal prosecution. One statement purportedly reflects the operative's personal knowledge and belief that Casolaro was killed by agents of the Justice Department and is allegedly written in the operative's own hand. The other statement is an excerpt from a typewritten set of questions and answers. The questions were posed to a senior CIA official by the investigative journalist; the answers, purportedly from the senior CIA official, were reportedly sent by fax to the journalist by the national security operative, who was acting as an intermediary. The following is the pertinent question and answer: Q. Do you have any information for [San Francisco-based investigative journalist] George Williamson yet regarding the Danny Casolaro matter? A. Yes. Casolaro appears to have been working as a free lance writer at the time of his death and was gathering material for a book. He was investigating the INSLAW case. He was on the trail of information that could have made the whole matter public and led to the exposure of the Justice Department and their involvement in the matter. Apparently he was very close to obtaining that information. We do not agree with the consensus of opinion among the reporters who looked into the matter, that Casolaro committed suicide. Casolaro was murdered by agents of the Justice Department to insure his silence. The entire matter was handled internally by Justice, and our agency was not involved. Although these allegations are profoundly disturbing, there is significant circumstantial evidence that bears on the plausibility of the allegations. As reported in INSLAW's July 11, 1993 rebuttal, Casolaro was scheduled to have his final, follow-up meeting with two sources on INSLAW in West Virginia the night before he died, and one of those sources was connected to the Justice Department's PROMIS Contracting Officer. As reported in this addendum, the meeting between Casolaro and those sources had allegedly been brokered by a covert intelligence operative for the U.S. Government, an Army Special Forces Major. This individual appeared in Casolaro's life during the final several weeks and introduced himself to Casolaro as one of the closest friends of the Government's PROMIS Contracting Officer. Finally, during the final week of his life, Casolaro told at least five confidants something that he had never told a single one of them at any other time during his year-long, full-time investigation: that he had just broken the INSLAW case. The preceding facts and the following information are noted in the July 11, 1993 rebuttal. Shortly after Casolaro was found dead, the aforementioned covert intelligence operative allegedly made the following statement, in words or substance, to a woman who had been present during several of his meetings with Casolaro: &quot;What Danny Casolaro was investigating is a business. If you don't want to end up like Danny or like the journalist who died a horiffic death in Guatemala, you'll stay out of this. Anyone who asks too many questions will end up dead.&quot; Copies of the entire Addendum are coming soon to an ftp site near you, or (presumably) available in printed form from INSLAW, Inc., 1125 15th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005-2707, 202/828-8600.

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