DynCorp Awarded Up to $500MM on Sole Source to "Police" Iraq


Catherine Austin Fitts
DynCorp Awarded Up to $500MM on Sole Source to "Police" Iraq
Fri Apr 11 20:06:47 2003

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Subject: DynCorp Awarded Up to $500MM on Sole Source to "Police" Iraq
Date: Fri, 11 Apr 2003 13:09:01 -0300
From: "Catherine Austin Fitts" catherine@solari.com
To: "Solari Action Network"

To the Solari Action Network:

The question is simple.

Is there any meaning to the rule of law when the US governmental apparatus
sole sources contracts to enforce the rule of law to a corporation that has
demonstrated a clear tolerance for lawlessness?

Is sex slave trafficking one of the ways that this war will be financed? If
yes, another example of our funding DynCorp to make the world safe for
organized crime.

DynCorp runs the mail sorting facility in Memphis which sorts my mail here
in Hickory Valley. You may want to check and see where DynCorp is in your
neighborhood and how many jobs can be created in your neighborhood and how
much small business income could be generated for you and your neighbors by
switching the DynCorp contracts back to local and regional business and
people who pay the taxes.

The way to transform this situation is for people of integrity and
excellence to MAKE MONEY transforming it.

Catherine Austin Fitts

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New DynCorp Contract Draws Scrutiny
Posted April 11, 2003

By Kelly Patricia O Meara
With the liberation of Iraq nearly complete, private contractors are falling
over themselves to get their share of the hundreds of billions of dollars
the federal government intends on spending to bring democracy to the
long-oppressed and abused Iraqi people.

While there is little debate that many if not most of these contracts will
go to U.S. companies, the question is how sincere is the U.S. government's
promise of liberation when Washington bureaucrats dole out contracts to
corporations that are alleged and suspected of wrongdoing and/or ethical

Insight has learned that the U.S. State Department's Bureau of International
Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs has issued a $22 million contract to
DynCorp Aerospace Operations (UK) Ltd., a subsidiary of Computer Sciences
Corporation (CSC), to "re-establish police, justice and prison functions in
postconflict Iraq." "The contract," according to one congressional aide who
asked not to be identified, "was sole-sourced for one year. But this
contract could come to $500 million before it's through."

"There are some strange things about how this contract was issued," the aide
continues, "because why would CSC use an offshore subsidiary. Is it so they
won't have to pay taxes on this money? Also, why wasn't this contract put up
for bid? Why was DynCorp the chosen recipient?"

Indeed, DynCorp has many federal contracts. But sole-sourcing of this
contract has raised eyebrows for some at the State Department and in
Congress where aides want answers about this deal and others coming down the

And concerning DynCorp's contract, some in Congress are wondering why State
would issue a sole-source bid to a company that has had some "recent"
problems overseas in similiar roles. For example, last year alone was not
only sued but paid large settlements to two former employees who blew the
whistle on corporate managers and employees who engaged in sex trafficking
in Bosnia?

Recall that former DynCorp employee Ben Johnston described one of his
DynCorp colleagues as a 45-year old man who "owned a girl who couldn't have
been more than 14 years old." Johnston also recalled the machinations he
went through to enlighten his DynCorp superiors: "At first I just told the
guys it was wrong, then I went to my supervisors, including John Hirtz,
although at the time I didn't realize how deep into it he was."

Johnston finally took his complaints to the U.S. Army Criminal
Investigations Division in Bosnia, which investigated his allegations and
confiscated a videotape of Johnston's DynCorp supervisor having sex with two
girls. Supervisor Hirtz was later fired by DynCorp and, despite his own
admission that one of the girls on the tape had said "no" to his sexual
advances, no rape charges were ever brought against him.

Kathryn Bolkovac, a former U.N. International Police Force monitor under
contract to DynCorp, also brought charges against the corporation for
wrongful termination after she blew the whistle on police officers who were
participating in sex trafficking. DynCorp settled with Johnston just hours
after a London court ruled on Bolkovac's behalf.

Such issues are being recalled again and questions have begun to be asked
about safeguards to prevent further allegations of abuse.

Kelly Patricia O'Meara is an investigative reporter for Insight.

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