Bodies of 500 US, UK soldiers lying in Jacobabad

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SOURCE: Bodies of 500 US, UK soldiers lying in Jacobabad
Wed Mar 26 17:16:34 2003

Bodies of 500 US, UK soldiers lying in Jacobabad
Wednesday March 26, 2003 (0229 PST)

An Injured American POW in Iraq

ISLAMABAD, March 26 (Online): Around 500 dead bodies of American and British soldiers killed during military operation in Afghanistan after September 11 blitz have been lying in a morgue at Shebhaz Airbase in Jacobabad.

American and British authorities because of fear of strong reaction from their masses had kept the dead bodies of as many as 500 soldiers in a morgue established at Jacobabad Airbase instead of shifting them to their own countries, credible sources informed Online here Tuesday.

The bodies of these soldiers, who were killed during last five months in Afghanistan, were brought from Baghram Airbase and other areas of war-ravaged country, sources disclosed.

Sources said American and British authorities, which were planning to shift these dead bodies from their own countries, delayed the decision after eruption of war in Iraq.

American and British authorities feared that shifting of dead bodies at this moment would affect the ongoing campaign of coalition forces in Iraq, sources pointed out.

They maintained that dead bodies would be kept at Shebhaz Airbase until US and British authorities take the final decision.

Sources revealed that security had tightened in and around the Airbase to keep this matter secret.


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