WACO TRIAL 07/14/2000

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Word About This Kangaroo Court From List Owner

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Subject: word about this kangaroo court from list owner
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 19:06:14 EDT
From: WacoTragedyNews@aol.com
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I sat in that courtroom and watched Judge Smith practically pass out from boredom on more than one occasion that I noted in my record keeping.I realized very quickly that he didn't NEED to pay attention, his verdict was made up in his mind and has been since 1993.The fix was already in, and those people didn't have a chance.

I also want to inform people of the restrictions the Davidian lawyers had to face with this kangaroo court of mock justice.  I was informed there were exactly 100 things their lawyers were forbidden by Judge Smith to discuss.  Way more than the press is reporting to us. (Gee, that's surprising).

I also watched someone sabotaging the proceedings... and that was Caddell.Each step of the way he was sending the Davidians to slaughter.
He had one main objective and that was to recover his money off this thing, and get only help for children below the age of 5.  So he continually
demonized the Davidians and people too long dead to defend themselves.
His opening statement consisted of, "We admit at least one fire was started by Branch Davidians...but...blah blah blah"  Every press conference consisted of, "Those people (Branch Davidians) were misguided and mislead by David Koresh... they were just lambs led to slaughter.. but this is about the CHILDREN.. what about the children?  If the adults would have asked me to take their case, I would have said no... this is only about the children and no one else."

His remarks very well COST the children any sort of justice they had coming.

I watched Geraldo Live on Clive Doyles couch... and I heard for myself the lie machine in action.. with Geraldo as their ringleader.  I was sickened to be sitting with a man so gentle and kind, and hear lie after provable lie pour from their lips.

I watched Geraldo mock the Davidians in his mannerisms and comments, I saw him cutting off David Thibodeau's testimony, but let the government goons run their mouths unchecked and uninterrupted.

I heard Clint Van Zandt tell all of America how a Texas Ranger testified
Clive Doyle saw someone pouring fuel around back.  A LIE!  I wish all of
America could sit next to that gentle caring man and share a meal and just listen to what he has to say.  I wish they were given a chance to defend themselves.  I wish they were simply allowed to live their lives and not have to deal with such an atrocity on a daily basis.

There might not be any justice on this planet or this realm... but there WILL be on the next level, and I pray I am there to be witness.

God bless each and every one of you... survivors, attorneys and public alike. I wish I had better news to report....

~Sharlene Shappart~


Jury Finds U.S. Agents Not to Blame in Waco Case
By Marcus Kabel
http://dailynews.yahoo.com/htx/nm/20000714/ts/crime_davidians_dc_4.html site down

Jury Advises Judge That Government Not
      Responsible for Deaths at Waco
      By Sherri Chunn
      Associated Press Writer

      WACO, Texas (AP) - A jury decided Friday that
      the government does not bear responsibility for
      the deaths of 80 Branch Davidians during the
      cult's 1993 standoff with federal agents. A
      federal judge will take the ruling into account
      before delivering the verdict himself sometime

      The five jurors deliberated for just 2 1/2 hours
      in the $675 million wrongful-death lawsuit filed
      by surviving Branch Davidians and relatives of
      those who were killed in the standoff.

      The plaintiffs contended that the government
      should shoulder some blame for the botched raid
      that started the 51-day standoff and the final
      day of the siege, when the cult's compound went
      up in flames.

      But the jury found that the government did not
      use excessive force during the raid and was not
      negligent in violating a plan by driving tanks
      into the compound. The panel also had been asked
      whether agents contributed to or spread the fires
      or violated a directive to have firefighting
      equipment on the scene.

      Through sometimes emotional testimony recounting
      the standoff, the government contended that
      agents were ambushed by heavily armed Davidians
      in the raid and that suicidal members of the
      group set the fires themselves on the final day.

      On Monday, jurors heard audio tapes made inside
      the compound, in which unidentified Branch
      Davidians were heard asking "start the fire?" and
      "should we light the fire?"

      "This was one of the most terrible and horrible
      events in our history and they want to come into
      court and ask you to award them a judgment," U.S.
      Attorney Michael Bradford, who defended the
      government, said in closing arguments. "That
      would be wrong. It would not be supported by
      anything that would be just and right."

      Plaintiffs' lawyers, including Ramsey Clark, who
      was attorney general during Lyndon Johnson's
      administration, said the deaths of the cult
      members "didn't have to happen and called the
      siege "the greatest domestic law enforcement
      tragedy in the history of the United States."

      "If the conduct of the ATF and the FBI was
      performed without excessive force and without
      negligence, then how in the world did it end up
      with such unmitigated, disastrous effects?" Clark
      said in closing arguments.

      U.S. District Judge Walter Smith said he will
      take the jury's findings under advisement and
      render a verdict later, possibly in August.

      Before the trial, Smith ruled that the jury would
      not consider perhaps the most contentious issue -
      whether federal agents shot at the Davidians at
      the end of the siege. The judge said he will
      take up that issue before issuing his final

      The siege began on Feb. 28, 1993, when Alcohol,
      Tobacco and Firearms agents tried to search the
      complex and arrest David Koresh, the cult's
      leader, on illegal weapons charges. Six
      Davidians and four ATF agents were killed in the
      ensuing shootout.

      The standoff ended April 19, 1993, with the
      deaths of some 80 men, women and children inside
      the compound from either gunshots or from the
      flames that quickly engulfed the building hours
      into a tear-gassing operation designed to end the

      Michael Caddell, an attorney for most of the
      plaintiffs, cited government documents that he
      said proves agents deviated from their planned
      tear-gassing operation and took steps that put
      innocent people inside the compound, called Mount
      Carmel, in danger.

      "This case is about the children at Mount Carmel,
      but it's too late to save those children,"
      Caddell said. "This case is also about those
      other children ... the children that will be
      there with the next David Koresh. What you do
      will help determine what happens to those

      In the audio tapes played in court Monday, a male
      voice inside the compound could be heard saying,
      "Let's keep that fire going," as tanks rumbled in
      the background.

      Federal agents were heard warning sect members of
      an impending tear-gassing operation and urged
      them to surrender. On the same excerpt, a male
      voice was heard asking, "Should we light the

      A day earlier, an unidentified male said, "you
      always wanted to be a charcoal briquette ...
      There's nothing like a good fire to bring us to
      the earth."

      The recordings were made with tiny eavesdropping
      devices hidden among supplies that were sent to
      the compound by the government.

      Attorneys for the plaintiffs had sought to have
      the tapes ruled inadmissible because the voices
      could not be identified. But Smith said it
      didn't matter exactly who was talking as long as
      it had been determined the voices were those of
      adult Davidians.

      Separate from this case, Attorney General Janet
      Reno last September appointed former Missouri
      Sen. John Danforth as special counsel to resolve
      unanswered questions about the final hours of the

      A spokeswoman for Danforth, Jan Diltz, would not
      comment on Friday's decision, nor would she
      speculate on when Danforth might conclude his
Why Waco?

Government behind Government, the people who pull the strings.
http://home.pacific.net.au/~vk4vkd/Illuminati.htm site down

ALERT: Space Radiation Storm
NASA Science News for  July 14, 2000

A powerful solar flare on July 14th triggered an
intense radiation storm in the vicinity of Earth.
 The eruption was followed by a fast-moving
coronal mass ejection that is expected to strike
Earth's magnetosphere as early as Saturday.  The
impact could trigger Northern and Southern Lights
bright enough to be seen in spite of this
weekend's brilliant full Moon. Such a display is
by no means guaranteed, but it is possible.
Observers across the Pacific could be in for a
very rare treat: the sight of shimmering colorful
aurora during the total lunar eclipse of July 16,

July 14, 2000 -- This morning NOAA satellites and the
orbiting Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
recorded one of the most powerful solar flares of the
current solar cycle. Space weather forecasters had been
predicting for days that an intense flare might erupt from
the large sunspot group 9077, and today one did.


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