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This White House Scandal Finally Tips the Scale!

Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982 (50 U.S.C. 421 et seq.)
(governing disclosures that could expose confidential Government agents)

Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982

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137 Ex-Aide: Powell Misled Americans APFN klvnetacom Wed  10/15/2003  


138 Senator Seeks Assesment of Damage From CIA Leak APFN klvnetacom Wed  10/15/2003  


139 Bush - A nine-day trip to Asia APFN klvnetacom Wed  10/15/2003  


140 Experts See Delay Tactic in CIA Leak Case APFN klvnetacom Wed  10/15/2003  


141 Elite NPA assassins target George Bush? APFN klvnetacom Wed  10/15/2003  


142 [Fwd: REALITY REPORT: A Nation Led By Puppets] APFN klvnetacom Wed  10/15/2003  


143 Lies about Iraq rise to level of the absurd APFN klvnetacom Wed  10/15/2003  


144 FBI Officials Blast Ashcroft Over Leak Inquiry.....Cite Conflict of Ranger Rick thefifthhorsemanrides Wed  10/15/2003  


145 Marvin Bush Employee's mysterious death - connections to 9/11? APFN klvnetacom Thu  10/16/2003  


146 Outing a CIA agent is illegal, not to mention unpatriotic! APFN klvnetacom Thu  10/16/2003  


147 Charlotte Iserbyt -- United States-Russian Merger: A Done Deal APFN klvnetacom Thu  10/16/2003  


148 D.C. undercover operations blown? APFN klvnetacom Thu  10/16/2003  


149 Officials Fault Ashcroft Over Leak Inquiry APFN klvnetacom Thu  10/16/2003  


150 Is the war against Iraq “legal?” APFN klvnetacom Fri  10/17/2003  


151 Re: FBI Officials Blast Ashcroft Over Leak Inquiry.....Cite Conflict Ranger Rick thefifthhorsemanrides Fri  10/17/2003  


152 Bush's Filtered News - OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD! APFN klvnetacom Fri  10/17/2003  


153 BIN LADEN'S ATTACK VOW (New Tape) APFN klvnetacom Sat  10/18/2003  


154 The CIA is in open revolt against the White House. APFN klvnetacom Sat  10/18/2003  


155 Terror threat rushes Bush visit APFN klvnetacom Sun  10/19/2003  


156 U.S. Sec. of State Colin Powell on 'FOX News Sunday' APFN klvnetacom Sun  10/19/2003  


157 [Fwd: THE $ COST of WAR] APFN klvnetacom Sun  10/19/2003  
  158 WHAT REALLY HAPPENED 10/19/03 APFN klvnetacom Sun  10/19/2003  
  159 THE STOVEPIPE - SEYMOUR M. HERSH APFN klvnetacom Mon  10/20/2003  
  160 NOC, NOC. Who's There? A Special Kind of Agent APFN klvnetacom Mon  10/20/2003  
  161 Bush Rocked by Senate Rebellion on Iraq APFN klvnetacom Mon  10/20/2003  
  162 BUSH LIES & THE CONGRESSIONAL RECORD APFN klvnetacom Mon  10/20/2003  
  163 The Man Who Knew APFN klvnetacom Mon  10/20/2003  
  164 Monday, Solidarity Vigil with the pilots apfn@apfn.org klvnetacom Mon  10/20/2003  
  165 [Fwd: The cracks are opening.] APFN klvnetacom Tue  10/21/2003  
  166 http://www.nbc4.tv/education/2493104/detail.html apfn@apfn.org klvnetacom Tue  10/21/2003  
  167 Top 7 Reasons We Invaded Iraq Cyber Vision makarioskalos Tue  10/21/2003  
  169 COVER-UP OF THE COVER-UP! APFN klvnetacom Wed  10/22/2003  
  170 Why US Intelligence Failed APFN klvnetacom Wed  10/22/2003  
  171 Ex-CIA Officers Want Senate to Probe Leak APFN klvnetacom Thu  10/23/2003  
  172 Affidavit handed out to White House employees APFN klvnetacom Thu  10/23/2003  
  173 Lie after lie after lie - Molly Ivins APFN klvnetacom Thu  10/23/2003  
  174 Defense memo: A grim outlook APFN klvnetacom Thu  10/23/2003  
  175 Cheney's conflict with the truth APFN klvnetacom Thu  10/23/2003  
  176 A primer on the CIA leak scandal APFN klvnetacom Thu  10/23/2003  
  177 Re: Monday, Solidarity Vigil with the pilots apfn@apfn.org klvnetacom Thu  10/23/2003  
  178 F.B.I. Agents Begin Interviews of Bush Officials on C.I.A. Leak APFN klvnetacom Fri  10/24/2003  
  179 Re: http://www.nbc4.tv/education/2493104/detail.html apfn@apfn.org klvnetacom Fri  10/24/2003  
  180 [Fwd: How I broke the CIA-leak story, and why nobody noticed] APFN klvnetacom Fri  10/24/2003  
  181 [Fwd: How I broke the CIA-leak story, and why nobody noticed] APFN klvnetacom Fri  10/24/2003  
  182 FAKED LETTERS: Not so much horrific as it is low APFN klvnetacom Sat  10/25/2003  
  183 Fwd: A CRY ACROSS THE LAND-(final version) Sam Pekenpah sampekenpah Sat  10/25/2003  
  184 LA TIMES LEAKS - IRSREAL'S WMD APFN klvnetacom Sun  10/26/2003  
  185 IRAQ WMD'S FOUND! APFN klvnetacom Sun  10/26/2003  
  186 FBI investigates Bush staff in CIA leak (Media "MoM"" CIA FU APFN klvnetacom Mon  10/27/2003  


George Galloway vs. The US Senate
movie clip & transcript


Documents Reveal Karl Rove as Source in Plame Case

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