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This White House Scandal Finally Tips the Scale!

Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982 (50 U.S.C. 421 et seq.)
(governing disclosures that could expose confidential Government agents)

Intelligence Identities Protection Act of 1982

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  262 This White House Scandal Finally Tips the Scale! APFN klvnetacom Sun  11/16/2003  
  263 School of Assassins, USA a/k/a SOA APFN klvnetacom Sun  11/16/2003  
  264 [Fwd: "Iraq: The Great Patriotic War"] APFN klvnetacom Sun  11/16/2003  
  265 U.S. Senate Committee on Intelligence - Members APFN klvnetacom Mon  11/17/2003  
  266 Senator Roberts’ Statement on the Niger Documents APFN klvnetacom Mon  11/17/2003  
  267 H.R.2417 Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2004 (Report APFN klvnetacom Mon  11/17/2003  
  268 [Fwd: F.B.I.'s power to demand financial records, without a judge's APFN klvnetacom Mon  11/17/2003  
  269 "Uncovered: The Whole Truth About the Iraq War" APFN klvnetacom Mon  11/17/2003  
  270 Wilson began to warn others about the dangers of going to war with I APFN klvnetacom Tue  11/18/2003  
  271 Call the plumbers! We have another leak! APFN klvnetacom Tue  11/18/2003  
  272 Our country doesn't need to go to war in Iraq. APFN klvnetacom Tue  11/18/2003  
  273 'Shoot-to-kill' demand by US (Bush visit) APFN klvnetacom Tue  11/18/2003  
  274 Re: Stranger Than Fiction --9-11 Investigation APFN klvnetacom Wed  11/19/2003  
  275 [Fwd: [apfn-1] 'LBJ did it'] APFN klvnetacom Wed  11/19/2003  
  276 President Bush Discusses Iraq Policy at Whitehall Palace in London APFN klvnetacom Wed  11/19/2003  
  277 President Kennedy, E.O. 11110 APFN klvnetacom Thu  11/20/2003  
  278 The truth leaks out APFN klvnetacom Thu  11/20/2003  
  279 Leaks in Pentagon indicate neo-cons' desperation APFN klvnetacom Fri  11/21/2003  
  280 Leaks in Pentagon indicate neo-cons' klvnetacom klvnetacom Fri  11/21/2003  
  281 New Leak Smells of Neocon Desperation, by Jim Lobe APFN klvnetacom Fri  11/21/2003  
  282 Forty Years Of Lies APFN klvnetacom Sun  11/23/2003  
  283 Bush: speaks to Central Intelligence Agency APFN klvnetacom Sun  11/23/2003  
  284 [Fwd: [apfn-1] Censored 2004: The Top 25 Censored Media Stories] APFN klvnetacom Sun  11/23/2003  
  285 Yahoo! News Search - CIA LEAK APFN klvnetacom Sun  11/23/2003  
  286 JFK, 9-11, and the REAL America: Tying It All Together APFN klvnetacom Sun  11/23/2003  
  287 The other shoe. It's about to drop. APFN klvnetacom Mon  11/24/2003  
  288 9-11: A Historical Whitewash? APFN klvnetacom Tue  11/25/2003  
  289 "The ultimate threat to democracy" APFN klvnetacom Wed  11/26/2003  
  290 IRAQ WMD: day after day, week after week, month after month... APFN klvnetacom Wed  11/26/2003  
  291 "Lies, Lies, and More Lies" APFN klvnetacom Thu  11/27/2003  
  292 Searched pages from alternet.org for CIA LEAK APFN klvnetacom Thu  11/27/2003  
  293 [Fwd: Americans adore Bush or loathe him — how we became a natio APFN klvnetacom Fri  11/28/2003  
  294 APFN - Freedom and ending government corruption APFN klvnetacom Sat  11/29/2003  
  295 CIA admits lack of specifics on Iraqi weapons before invasion APFN klvnetacom Sat  11/29/2003  
  296 Re: Influencing Behavior and Mental Processes in Covert Operations APFN klvnetacom Thu  12/4/2003  
  297 Say goodbye to Plamegate. a/k/a LEAK-GATE APFN klvnetacom Thu  12/4/2003  
  298 I used to stop prosecution of two class-D felonies. APFN klvnetacom Fri  12/5/2003  
  299 CIA acknowledges lack of specific data on alleged Iraqi WMD before w APFN klvnetacom Sun  12/7/2003  
  300 215 DAYS ... AND STILL NO WMD FOUND IN IRAQ. APFN klvnetacom Sun  12/7/2003  
  301 Whatever Happened to the Plame Investigation? APFN klvnetacom Wed  12/10/2003  
  302 When Does Politics Become Treason? APFN klvnetacom Thu  12/11/2003  
  303 [Fwd: [apfn-1] When Does Politics Become Treason?] APFN klvnetacom Thu  12/11/2003  
  304 Task Force 121 to Use Saddam's Spies and Israeli Commandos in Assass APFN klvnetacom Fri  12/12/2003  
  305 Preempitve Manhunting, the CIA's New Assassination Program APFN klvnetacom Sat  12/13/2003  
  306 White House Web Scrubbing APFN klvnetacom Fri  12/19/2003  
  307 Where are Iraq's WMD? Does it matter? APFN klvnetacom Fri  12/19/2003  
  308 Iraq War Lies APFN klvnetacom Sat  12/20/2003  
  309 The CIA and the Cult of Intelligence. APFN klvnetacom Sat  12/20/2003  
  310 Re: CIA LEAK - SEARCH WASHINGTON POST APFN klvnetacom Sun  12/21/2003  
  312 Daschle Letter to Ashcroft: Classified Leaks Continue APFN klvnetacom Mon  12/22/2003  
  313 Revealed: Who Really Found Saddam? APFN klvnetacom Mon  12/22/2003  
  314 Invitation to September 11 APFN klvnetacom Tue  12/23/2003  
  315 Announcing the P.U.-Litzer Prizes for 2003 APFN klvnetacom Tue  12/23/2003  
  316 2003 - QUESTIONS OF THE YEAR TO PONDER! APFN klvnetacom Tue  12/23/2003  
  317 FOR TELLING THE TRUTH - Katharine Gun, a former British intel APFN klvnetacom Tue  12/23/2003  
  318 "A void act cannot be legally consistent with a valid one." APFN klvnetacom Wed  12/24/2003  
  319 Never Forget About the Weapons of Mass Deception APFN klvnetacom Wed  12/24/2003  
  320 tomflocco.com - Government Officials Profited APFN klvnetacom Sat  12/27/2003  
  321 Secrets and Lies APFN klvnetacom Sun  12/28/2003
  322 [Fwd: Fight Back ! Aim For The Scrotum !] APFN klvnetacom Mon  12/29/2003  
  323 Corporate Crime Reporter APFN klvnetacom Tue  12/30/2003  
  324 I’m an agent in the FBI privy to this information. APFN klvnetacom Fri  1/2/2004  
  327 While Congress Is on Recess, Bush Fill 12 Panel Positions APFN klvnetacom Fri  1/2/2004  
  328 [Fwd: War Propaganda and the Capture of Saddam Hussein] APFN klvnetacom Fri  1/2/2004  
  329 The Real Story Behind the Story APFN klvnetacom Fri  1/2/2004  
  330 LEAK=GATE BEWARE OF HACKERS...... klvnetacom klvnetacom Fri  1/2/2004


George Galloway vs. The US Senate
movie clip & transcript


Documents Reveal Karl Rove as Source in Plame Case

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