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From: "Charles F. Nawrocki"
Subject: Impeachment

Open Letter to All Senators and Representatives October 1,


RE: TRUST; This letter is of my opinion only and no one else's opinion.

Dear Senators and Representatives; "TRUST" A short definition, Reliance on the integrity or justice of a person or confidence in some quality.

"LIE" To speak falsely or utter untruth knowingly, as with intent to deceive; to express what is false or convey a false impression. This is what We The People of the united states of america has been given by William Jefferson Clinton for months and maybe years.

I have a question to ask each one of you. My question is, do you trust President William Jefferson Clinton? This is a simple question until you think what the ramifications of the answer could be.

  My question is as follows. Would you trust President William Jefferson Clinton beyond any shadow of a doubt, knowing the past allegations against him, to stay in the same hotel that your wife, daughter, or granddaughter might be staying in?

When we have a someone who has lied to the American people like he has for months, there is no trust. Why do all of you try to make the past actions of President Clinton a political debacle ? A person who can not be trusted is what spies from other countries like. Why did the Chinese give so much money to the campaign? Was it to get a beach head at Long Beach Naval Shipyard? President Clinton, through his actions has made a great nation the laughing stock of the world. Were Our Rangers set up for slaughter in Mogadishu? What was the retired CIA agent Larry Wu tai Chin up to. (Compton's 1995) ?

I was brought up learning that a man was no better than his word and or actions. A handshake was as good as a bill of sale. This was your word and it was a badge of honor. People did not lock their doors on their homes. Those were the days when Mother's were home and raised their children. This day and time it seems as though from what I have read in different books, that is no longer the case. I have listed these before but will do so again. "The Unauthorized Biography of George Bush" by Webster G Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin; (ISBN 0-943235-05-7) "Trance Formation of America" by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Phillips. I could list many more, but it would not serve a purpose at this time.

These two books alone will make a person with morals, get sick. It makes a person cautious when they vote. Sometimes none of the above is the best vote. This is always when we have 2 Attorney's (officers of the Court. Judicial Branch) running for a Legislative position. They belong in the Judicial Branch of Government.

What is so hard about the Impeachment process, that it can not be started and completed by November election. Remember President Clinton likes a fast track. This country needs to heal the wounds of many years. The Senators and Representatives need to go back to the basics of the Constitution, and represent the people of the united states. This is the way it should be.

Have a Nice Day.


Military Medals




Would you please consider posting this?

This happened to me 4/21/1998

Let state up front that I have a CCW permit.

I was in a local Wal-mart store in my area, I was wearing my weapon on my side in a high riding holster, my coat just about hid everything. A security person (male) approached me and informed me that Wal-mart had a nation wide policy against any one bringing firearms into their stores. I did NOT see a sign warning me of this policy when I entered the store. I informed him of this. He replied, "I'm tired of you gun totin' rednecks trying to carry your guns everywhere you go, and we are going to stop it." We had a few more words and I informed him of the Second Amendment, which he laughed at. He ordered me out of the store and informed me that if I ever set foot on the property again he would have me charged with criminal trespassing. I left the store.

I urge all Militia and Freedom loving people to boycott all Wal-mart stores. Buy your products somewhere else.

I did NOT wear my weapon into the store to cause trouble. If I had seen the sign I would have left my weapon in my truck. It was the guy's attitude that really got to me. I vow to not ever buy anything else from Wal-mart

For God and Freedom


Subject: A Teacher Speaks!

Tue, 2 May 2000 23:13:36-0400

I don't know who wrote the following item but I feel most teachers in this county will say a man! Roger Inman Retired   A TEACHER SPEAKS

  Let me see if I have got this right:

  You want me to go into that room with all those kids, and fill their
 every waking moment with a love for learning. Not only that, I'm to instill a
 sense of pride in their ethnicity, modify disruptive behavior, and observe  the for  signs of abuse, drugs, and T-shirt messages.

  I'm to check that shorts have a 4" inseam, blouses cover belly
  buttons, and no one's crack or underwear is showing.

  I am to fight the war on drugs and sexually transmitted diseases, check
  their backpacks for guns, and raise their self-esteem.

 I'm to teach them patriotism, good citizenship, sportsmanship and fair
 play, how and where to register to vote, how to balance a checkbook, and how to apply for a job.

 But, I am never to ask if they are in this country illegally. I am
 to check their heads occasionally for lice, maintain a safe
 environment, recognize signs of potential antisocial behavior, and offer

 I'm to write letters of recommendation for student employment
 and scholarships, encourage respect for the cultural diversity of others
 and,  oh yeah, teach, always making sure that I give the girls in my class fifty
 percent of my attention.

  I'm required by my contract to be working, on my own time, summer and
 evenings, and at my own expense towards additional certification, advance
 certification and a master's degree.

 I am to sponsor the cheerleaders or the music club or the sophomore class
 and after school I'm to attend committee and faculty meetings and participate in staff development training to maintain my current certification and employment status.

 I am to collect data and maintain all records to support and document our
 building's progress in the selected state mandated program to "assess and
 upgrade excellence in the public schools."

I'm to be a paragon of virtue, larger than life, (usually in pantyhose and
 heels) such that my very presence will awe my students into being obedient and respectful of authority. I am to pledge allegiance to my current
 administration,  to supporting family values, and a return to the basics.

  I  am to incorporate technology into the learning, but monitor all web
 sites for  appropriateness while providing a personal one-on-one relationship with each  student.

 I am to decide who might be potentially dangerous and/or liable to commit
 crimes in school or who is possibly being abused, and I can be sent to
jail for not mentioning these suspicions to those in authority.

 I am to make sure ALL students pass the state and federally mandated
 testing in all subjects, whether or not they attend school on a regular basis or complete any of the work assigned. I am to communicate frequently with
 each student's parent by letter, phone, newsletter, e-mail, and grade card. I'm to do all of this (usually in a three-piece suit and tie) with a piece
 of chalk, a computer, some books, a bulletin board, a 45-minute or less planning time, and a big smile, on a starting salary that in many states qualifies my family for food stamps.

 Is that all?

 And you want and expect me to succeed at all this without prayer in

From: RWInman


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