McVeigh's "Confession"

You were told there was only ONE explosion
to blow up the MURRAH BUILDING?
Listen to the News....again! 

Jon Roland

McVeigh's "Confession"

Fri Mar 30 10:35:19 2001

McVeigh's "Confession"

Associates can confirm that I have been predicting for a long time that there would be a "confession" by Timothy McVeigh contrived by the Establishment to counter the widespread suspicions of government complicity in the Oklahoma City bombing of April 19, 1995. I predicted that it would come out in a book, allegedly based on interviews by "independent" journalists. It would be accompanied by a full-court PR campaign involving all the major media.

Now that my prediction has been fulfilled, it is time to comment on this event.

Most people will, of course, simply believe the reports. After all, they will say, it is McVeigh speaking. Why would he not be telling the truth when he confesses that he did it?

The answer requires some background knowledge of how such a confession can be contrived to be convincing.

First, we don't really know who the person is who is in custody. We may call him "Timothy McVeigh", but it could be a surrogate. No matter who it is, it is not necessarily the person who set of the truck bomb. It is not difficult to induce a person to make such a confession and make it convincing. He could be a government agent who expects the injection not to be lethal, or who is sacrificing himself for the sake of someone else. He could have been brainwashed into saying what he is alleged to be saying. Or the interviews might be total fabrications. There are ways to do that in a way that would fool the interviewers, even if they are not complicit in the hoax.

The only way any "confession" can be credible is if it reveals new information that only the guilty person could know. If one reads what has been released about what he is alleged to have said, there is no such revelation. Indeed, it all seems contrived to support the government theory of the case, including the degree and nature of the complicity of Terry Nichols.

So what can we be certain of in this case? We can be certain that the truck bomb could not have caused the damage to the building that occurred. It would be physically impossible for that to occur. It would violate the laws of physics. There were charges detonated inside the building that caused most of the damage and loss of life.

That does not mean that someone, "McVeigh", might not have built and detonated a truck bomb in the way it is alleged to have occurred. That person might actually believe that his bomb caused all the damage.

The way that government agents who wanted a Reichstag event might do it would be to find someone like "McVeigh", induce him to commit a bombing, or merely observe him, and, realizing that his truck bomb would not cause enough damage, plant charges inside the building, then set them off from a helicopter or other observation point right after the truck bomb went off, to make it appear the truck bomb did all the damage. They could then blame him for everything.

One might ask, why would government agents do such a thing? Wouldn't a truck bomb that blew out some windows and hurt a lot of people from flying glass be sufficient for their purposes? No. Not in this case. The suspect faction within the government needed a large loss of life to accomplish their political agenda. They didn't want any public sympathy for the bomber, so they needed many deaths of sympathetic persons, especially children. Taking advantage of a terrorist attack by amplifying its effect, in a way that would still allow all the damage to be blamed on the independent terrorist, would be a nearly ideal plan. The independent bomber would thus neatly play into their hands.

Like the JFK assassination, this case will never go away, especially after "McVeigh" is dead and no longer available to correct his "confession". This alleged "confession" will never be accepted by more knowledgeable persons as dispositive. All the "confessions" won't make the impossible physics of a single truck bomb go away. Only revelations of complicity by government personnel and prosecutions of those agents might do that, and we should not be surprised if that eventually happens, and happens in a way that avoids blame to higher officials who actually authorized the incident. If the controversy lingers, it may become expedient to throw a few "rogues" to the wolves, in this and in the Waco and other incidents. There is a long history of sacrificing agents when the plans of their seniors don't succeed, in ways that preserve deniability.

Constitution Society, 1731 Howe Av #370, Sacramento, CA 95825
916/568-1022, 916/450-7941VM Date: 03/29/01 Time: 18:34:50



[APFN NOTE] I Kenneth Vardon [APFN] was on the radio in Las Vegas, with Lou Epton, KLAV 1230 AM the morning of April 19th, 1995. We were to  discuss the events of Mt. Carmel, Waco, Texas... when word of the OKC Bombing.... we were stunned to say the least. After the program, when I returned to my FAX equipment. I had received a fax of the blast showing a delay between explosion's. I of course networked this info and all hell broke lose around me. Later that day, Tim MCVeigh was  caught on Hwy 75, going north, just out side Ponca City, Ok, he was driving the speed limit, but had his Licensed Plate hanging. This don't figure! David Hall owner/manager of KPOC TV in Ponca City heard the info on his Police scanner, he was on the seen  immediately and has film of Tim McVeigh's arrest.  NOTHING MAKES SENSE!


Reinhold Sommerstedt


Fri Mar 30 12:32:13 2001


IF you can organize an effort to ENJOIN the execution of Mc Veigh you will change the course of the federal plan.

Mc Veigh is evidence. His destructio is destruction of evidence and those who perpetrate this destruction are OBSTRUCTING EVIDENCE. Those who do not act to prevent the destruction are in MISPRISON OF FELONY.

If I were able to spend more time I would not cease activity to cause INJUNCTION to prevent destruction of evidence.

Perhaps you can help.

All the necessary evidence is available. 300 Survivors of OK City and the thousands of supporters will bring the force to the courtroom. The Book: OK CITY BOMBING the politics of terror by David Hoffman forms an indictment. The book has been burned by the feds but copies exist. I have one.


Reinhold Sommerstedt (702) 369 0700



Fri Mar 30 11:33:59 2001



This building was not blown down by the Ryder Truck as reported . Demolitions were used on 4 support columns and set off 8-10 seconds before the truck blew up. The loud bang of the truck detonation made the media fools and government fools believe that the truck (alone) blew the building down, which is a LIE.

The picture shows the north side of the building. The Greek Restaurant on the north side was much closer and was not even severely damaged by the truck blast. The government knocked the Greek Restaurant half way down to make it look like it was obliterated like the Murrah building. Pictures of the demolished Greek Restaurant were shown in the media. That was a LIE.

People walking on the south side of the Murrah building felt TWO bombs. They felt a muffled blast and the ground shake, then 8-10 seconds later the truck blast went off. !!!! Also people inside the building, such as Jane Graham, testified to exactly the same thing. The building shook, rolled, and swayed with the exploding demolitions on the 4 beams, but the north windows blew inward 8-10 seconds later when the truck blew up. Then the building, severely weakened by the demolitions, collapsed.

READ General Partins Bombing Analysis - Click Here (printer friendly)

McVeigh was seen with others in a light brown pickup truck. Other John Doe suspects have been identified. (Source - the Intelligence Service of William Cooper's Organization). Here they are:

John Doe #2, Michael Brescia, JEW

John Doe #3, Andreas Strassmier, JEW

John Doe #4, Gary Hunt

John Doe #5, Daniel Spiegelman (a.k.a. William Taylor), JEW

John Doe #6 photographed but remains unidentified at this time.

Andreas Strassmier was originally identified as a Nazi, white supremacist, anti-semite, who joined the organization at Elohim City. He was none of those, because he was a JEW SPY in that organization. The SPOTLIGHT NEWS, published by Liberty Lobby, knows that the Jews were involved in the bombing and also had FORE-KNOWLEDGE. That is a PROVEN FACT, because the Jews were caught in a slip-up, when they tried to implicate Liberty Lobby with complicity. McVeigh was in contact with Andreas Strassmeir, JEW. The ADL knew from their Zionist agents, including Strassmier, about the ad McVeigh put in the Spotlight before the bombing. However, the ADL did not know the ad had been delayed. The Zionist spy organization slipped up, gave the original date for the ad, showing they had an "inside" source for the information from their agents. That connected the Jewish plotters to McVeigh. Contact the Spotlight News for all the details.

See the Pictures of where the truck bomb was made at Camp Gruber, Braggs,
OKLAHOMA - Click Here
READ General Partins Bombing Analysis - Click Here (printer friendly)

Government agents were dispatched from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Elohim City. A Marine Jag officier posing as an active lawyer serving OKC bombing victims, who also was in reality a DOD intelligence agent and an ADL agent investigating the militias, went to Elohim City. The "lawyer" had threatened to "sue the government" for complicity. The ATF was "angered" by this "threat". In Tulsa, the DOD investigative agent-lawyer was clubbed in the head and knocked to the ground by ATF agents, beat up, and put in the hospital temporarily. Pictures were taken as "proof". The ATF also shot up his "lawyers" office to make it look good. This technique, "sheep dipping", made him look good to the Christian Identity and militia community. He was accompanied to Elohim by a Ranger officer, who reported that Robert Millar, head of Elohim City gave the "lawyer" a bear hug. The lawyer-agent was also friends with Carol Howe, admitted agent of the ATF, who had resided at Elohim City for investigative reasons. Robert Millar was accused of being an agent himself. This shows how many of the people at Elohim were in reality... agents of the government or the Jewish ADL & Israeli Mossad. The area at Braggs, Oklahoma where the Ryder truck was being loaded, is not far from Elohim City.

The COVERUP of the true nature of the bombing of the OKC Murrah building was successful because of the co-operation of the Zionist Media and the governmental agencies. The TRUTH was utterly crushed to earth, under the threat of death, but, hopefully, it will rise again... THE SOONER THE BETTER site down

"Whatever is covered up will be uncovered
and every secret will be made known."
Luke 12:2

"A nation of well informed men who have been taught to
know and prize the rights which God has given them
cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that
tyranny begins." - Benjamin Franklin

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The Oklahoma Bombing had a horrendous cost of human life and disruption. There is no doubt that there is official cover up and complicity in the destruction of the Murrah building. Is it possible that the Oklahoma Bombing is a response to Oklahoma for daring to query the New World Order in Congress.



From: Christopher Ruby

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