The Book, by J. Patrick Shannan

Review by Heidi Rankin, Staff Writer, The Jubilee V 9 No. 1

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[ED. NOTE: The trial for the Montana Freemen will start Monday March 16. Since there are over 1.2 million known Freemen in the U.S., it is considered a high profile case by all EXCEPT the federal government. .....Dot Bibee]

I had heard the story, followed it on the evening news, read about it in The Jubilee, commented on it with my husband, and therefore thought I had exhausted the topic. Until I picked up this 115 page book The Montana Freemen: The Untold Story by J. Patrick Shannan. I was immediately drawn into the story by Shannan's easy writing and subtle sense of humor. The book reads like a novel but the many footnotes and references are a chilling reminder that this is not a work of fiction. This is a real story, and yes this did happen in America. Once I got started, I did not put it down until the last word had been gobbled up by my eager brain. I was left satisfied, although I must admit, Shannan has aroused a curiosity for Common Law knowledge I have never before felt. In it's introduction, The Montana Freemen takes us from the very beginning of the Common Law to the position the United States now finds itself. In a way, this book is an introduction to the particulars of Common Law, but this information, which tends to be tedious, is presented in such a way a child could explain it and even enjoy it. The introduction to Common Law gives us a basis to understand who the Montana Freemen are and what they are trying to do. If you're already familiar with Common Law, you will still find this book to be a great review and description of the Freemen's particular circumstances.

If you ever wanted to know why the Justus Township was targeted by federal agencies to be next in line for extermination, your questions will soon be answered. What you may begin to wonder is how the township made it as far as they did. There certainly seems to have been some divine intervention. Even their township name [Justus] is, unbeknownst to them, Biblical. (Justus is a surname of Jesus, Col. 4:11 KJV).

The book details the media black out, the "circular filing" of most of the Freemen's paperwork, the mislabeling and misconstruing of terms and names by ignorant press and the lack of support from many "patriots" due to misunderstandings and/or possible coercion by federal forces. There really is only one way to find out what really happened, and that is to hear it from the victims themselves. Shannan interviewed all 23 Freemen in order to accurately report the development of circumstances that led most of them into jail for charges seemingly, and in some cases admittedly, trumped up.

The Montana Freemen - describes just what it was Leroy Schweitzer discovered that got the officials so stirred up, and why. Even now, they are doing everything in their power to keep this knowledge from being released to the public. They are caught in their own trap and they know it! Leroy Schweitzer shares the atrocities committed to him by prison officials; you will cringe at the obvious abuse of this peaceful man. But a few short sentences later, you will rejoice with him as he succeeds to make a tumult out of the court. He has prosecutors thumbing through law books unable to keep up with him as he recites law from memory. Shannan also addresses the militia, who, having received a lot of negative coverage in the past couple of years, vigilantly kept watch during the siege, should the worst of events materialize. After learning what our fellow countrymen have suffered to redeem and secure our God-given rights, how can we not feel supportive of our fellow patriots?

The patriot community has a tendency toward pessimism, however, and few believe as the Freemen do, that their cause will ultimately succeed and bring to light to the American public the lies they have been told since at least 1913. I'd like to believe, with divine assistance, it may come true.

"Now you see when I get done, everything I have done will be a supreme court report, and it will go into the Superintendent of Documents in Washington, DC on a mandate published. And that will be making it public lawfully...Then we will tie it into our Congressional Reference case, and at that point we will start to run the country lawfully and it's been authorized by their Appellate branch," said Leroy Schweitzer, "The ramifications are endless," Shannan remarked.

"Yes, they are..."

The Montana Freemen: The Untold Story is available from The Jubilee.

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Ken; You will find the information about "The Montana Freemen" on

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Clarence;  Patriot

From Sat Mar 21 15:09:03 1998

Subject: Freemen trial

Hello, I would greatly appreciate any reports or Information on the Monkey-court Trial's of the Freemen. It will be good learning material and something else to show people as proof of a Tyrannical fed gov.

Thanks, Brent


Sun Mar 22 00:34:01 1998


Good luck in the jury being able to see anything in the Freeman's trial except what the government wants them to. When I had a federal law suit aginst the DA here he even had me kidnapped form the VA hospital so I couldn't testify as a witness at my own case, and I was not allowed a hearing for their kidnapping nor charged with anything for 40 days. They used this extortion and obstruction of justice baltantly. I have no faith in juries which are guided and coached and restricted by the government.


EMAIL ER Tsew at




Montana Freemen Face New Indictments

by Roger Roots
Jubilee Correspondent

The 24 common law lawyers and Constitutionalists charged in the Montana Freemen case now face new federal indictments.

On November 22, 1996, the government issued a superseding indictment against many of the main Freemen justices including LeRoy Schweitzer, Daniel Petersen, Rodney Skurdal, Dale Jacobi and Richard Clark. The new indictment was supposedly drafted in response to materials seized after the 81-day standoff at Justus, Montana during the Spring and Summer of 1996.

The Freemen lawyers face numerous federal charges including conspiracy, bank fraud, threatening federal judges and possession of firearms while under felony indictment. The new indictment does not add additional charges as much as it rewords the same charges that were filed previously. This is an attempt by the Justice Department to remedy the grave errors it has already made in prosecuting and arraigning the accused. Comments made on the record by visiting federal judge James Burns in July of 1996 which apparently recognized LeRoy Schweitzer and others as justices of their common law court (Vol.8 No.6 Jubilee) may also have contributed to the need for the feds to start over from scratch.

This violation of due process is merely one example of how the Justice Department and the judiciary are waging a no-holds-barred, Constitution-be-damned war against the exploding Constitutionalist movement. Yet ironically the new indictment represents a startling admission by the government that the former indictment, and its resultant multi-million dollar siege and propaganda efforts were ill-founded. The former indictment contained nearly 60 counts, while the superseding indictment contains only 40. It can thus be said that the feds have already DROPPED nearly 1/3 of the charges against the Freemen leaders by default. The mainstream press has said nothing of this silent but obvious capitulation.


Evidently the U.S. government will try to present the Freemen case in the format of a gigantic show trial reminiscent of the infamous Nuremberg Tribunals following WWII in Germany. All 14 of the main alleged conspirators will likely be boxed together in a single courtroom for trial. Apparently the 8 others charged with relieving, comforting, and assisting will be lumped together in a separate trial. Legal scholars have long criticized such mass trials as a bane on due process of law and a way prosecutors can get around holes in individual cases by flooding a trial with propaganda of a collective nature; most jurors tend to convict out of difficulty in sorting out the evidence in relation to each individual.

In addition to the Nuremberg tribunals, this same technique has been used by the Jewish world government against patriots in several monumental cases during the 20th Century. Perhaps the most infamous American case was the Great Sedition Trial of 1944 in which some 26 patriotic isolationists were tried during the height of the Second World War for conspiring to overthrow the government. Just as in the Freemen case, the ADL and other Jewish organizations exuberantly pushed the prosecution. Also similarly, the feds tried several grand jury indictments before they could get one that would withstand event the most modest legal challenge. Thousands of pieces of evidence including allegedly seditious writings (those opposing FDR's deceitful tactics to bring about American entry into the war) and testimony of questionable authority were seen and heard by a Washington, D.C. jury. After months of trial the judge died in his sleep and the case was finally dismissed at war's end.

This same surreal scenario was played out again in Fort Smith, Arkansas by an ADL-spurred federal prosecution again for sedition. (See Vol. 2 No. 1 Jubilee) After mountains of outrageous testimony and conflicting evidence of so-called sedition was spewed out in the federal courthouse, a jury could only conclude that the allegations of the accused seditionists (i.e., that the federal government itself is seditious and cannot be trusted) were 100 percent correct. A verdict of not guilty was returned for all defendants. (One of the 14 defendants was Louis Ray Beam, Jr., who writes for The Jubilee Newspaper on occasion.)

With the prosecution of the Montana Freemen characters, the Zionist occupation government is again targeting what it percieves as the most serious threat to its power: law without lawyers and courts without legislative or executive sanction. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has urged the Justice Department to establish a task force to concentrate on Freemen activities just as it did against the skinhead movement in the 1980s. The ADL has also drafted a model statute against common law courts that several states are in the process of enacting.


It has occurred to some supporters that the federal court may go so far as to boot the accused men and women out of the courtroom during trial and replace them with government-licensed bar association attorneys. This will of course be done under the pretense that the accused are disruptive after one or more of them objects to the proceedings (which they must do to preserve an issue for appeal). This practice has been developing since the earliest court hearings involving the Freemen patriots. Several of the men have lasted only 10 minutes or less before being dragged away for attempting to place their objections into the record.

Both the prosecutors and the judiciary have repeatedly hinted that the Freemen trial will be conducted using stand-in agents of the public defenders office. These public pretenders are said to be preparing themselves for just that purpose. On cue, they will render a pre-packaged defense that can be counted on to stay within the boundaries framed by the government.

Even during the 1996 stand-off at Justus, Montana, U.S. Attorney Matteucci was expressing hope that the men would all surrender and accept government-licensed lawyers. (Isn't it odd that U.S. prosecutors desire their opponents to be represented by bar attorneys?) Later, only those who accepted bar-lawyers were granted bail.

During a September, 1996 misdemeanor trial of Freeman supreme court justice LeRoy Schweitzer (for willful failure to file) a federal judge was even more brazen. Schweitzer had no business in the courtroom unless he is taped and chained, said U.S. Judge Charles Lovell. The judge overruled every objection of Schweitzer, even for not allowing Schweitzer to read the very statute that he was accused of violating. After the jury voted guilty, the judge even told them he agreed with their verdict.

As of this writing no exact date for trial has been set.

Two Freemen Plead Guilty

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