Montauk Project Report -- Part 2

Even a brief inspection of this location will reveal massive
inconsistencies and glaring anomalies in the current administration of
the area by N.Y. State Parks: a series of investigations of the nearly
400 acre facility show that its designation and administration is very
irregular and quite suspicious. Although it's a supposedly hazardous,
toxic, derelict installation, off-limits to the public until cleaned up, virtually
no "clean-up" has been done after thirteen years. The vehicle entrance
has a new high security gate and fencing with key and combination lock,
and is heavily posted with restricted entry and no trespassing signs, yet
the signs and fencing which identify and delineate the restricted area are
spotty or nonexistent along thousands of feet of the boundary (ironically,
especially in residential areas). At the same time, numerous authorities
patrol the base continuously, but in a peculiar "off duty" sort of mode.

They usually wear no identifying badges or uniforms and are thus in an
unofficial capacity -- not required to identify themselves or the source
of their authority: warnings to keep out of the area and threats of arrest
(and more) are delivered "unofficially" but very forcefully. New York
State Police, State Park Police, and East Hampton Town Police also
patrol the area and enforce the off-limits restriction as well. It seems
obvious that the perimeter of this restricted area is so unevenly and
irregularly identified and patrolled in order to avoid calling any undue
attention to the location. N.Y. State Parks officials, including Park Supervisor
George Larsen, are extremely evasive and deceptive when questioned
about these points and about the actual status of the area, as well as their
administration of it. Certain backyards in the neighborhoods directly
adjacent to Montauk A.F. Station, which in some cases definitely house
base employees and security personnel, have paths that lead right into the
supposedly restricted, or hazardous property, of which videotaped evidence
exists. Also, there is a major exception to the enforcement of the off-limits
restriction, and considering the charges made concerning some of the
activities here, it's a rather sinister exception.

Children and teenagers have been spotted quite frequently inside the
perimeter and are not thrown out or even approached when observed
by security personnel. Videotaped evidence exists of this, and also of
children riding bikes and climbing structures in this so-called hazardous,
toxic, restricted area, which is apparently not off-limits to them. National
Guard and other military units do conduct what seem to be legitimate
training exercises on the property. Are these service people being deliberately
put in an unsafe, unhealthy and dangerous environment? It wouldn't seem
likely, but if so, would be yet another bizarre, scandalous and distressing
abuse to add to the long list of such reported to occur so regularly at this
location. There is as well a substantial amount of testimony from nearby
residents and others describing what appears to be ongoing, often nocturnal,
non-legitimate activity involving unidentified government/ military personnel
at the base.

Certain incidents have come to light over the past few years
which lend further support to some of the allegations about Montauk
Project activities. Branches of the CIA, NSA and other agencies have
acknowledged conducting numerous and extensive mind control experiments
at quite a few locations throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s and
1980s, including the infamous research done at Allen Memorial Institute
and McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Dr. Ewen Cameron was head
honcho and master of ceremonies there, in another scenario eerily
reminiscent of Nazi Germany at its worst -- and not without reason, as
we will discover. For the unenlightened, there is a substantial amount of
information and evidence on the literally countless projects and
sub-projects conducted by federal intelligence agencies researching and
experimenting with all conceivable forms of mind control -- using
everything from overt control of basic information available to society
at large from fundamental sources such as books, magazines, TV, radio,
newspapers, etc., to drugs and electromagnetics, and on to highly
structured cult-like "belief system" control groups..

(The Jonestown,Guyana massacre [approximately 700 of the 900+
victims were homicides, not suicides] in 1979 was a prime example
of a CIA drug/cult mind control project run amok -- [which perhaps
was the idea!] -- a fact studiously avoided in most mainstream media
coverage of the tragedy.) Using EM/RF signals (and drugs), workable
technologies have been developed which can: manipulate basic psychological
states; interfere with coherent mental functioning and motor reflexes; control
the autonomic nervous system; transmit "audible" words directly to the
brain via pulsed microwaves; create (psychotronic) mind to computer
links (utilized by the Air Force with fighter pilots and flight
computers and demonstrated on TV); directly interface with both
conscious and subconscious thought processes; plant subliminal messages
-- especially while targets are in REM sleep ... all this in addition to other
capabilities previously noted. Of particular interest are the NSA's massive
and extremely advanced nanotech computer arrays which, using satellite links,
can locate, catalog, track and scan literally anyone in the United States,
by reading (and recording or correlating/matching) the unique
bio-electromagnetic "signature" possessed by any and all living beings,
and by monitoring mental, physical and emotional states through subtle
"evoked" EEG readings picked up by extremely sensitive scanning.
Targeted individuals can then be "interfaced" with by means of the
electromagnetic/radio frequency technologies noted.

Although this particular technology is reportedly effective upon just about anyone,
implantation of biologically-based transceiver chips into subjects make
it much more reliable and powerful -- hence the reported plan to have
the entire population so implanted at some time. The list just does not
end, and as this report is not solely concerned with the mind control
aspects of Montauk, we must move on. I refer the reader to the public
libraries and especially the Internet and World Wide Web for some
further information on government mind control projects.

Montauk Project researchers assert that the youngsters
abducted for use in the experiments first had their spirits, psyches,
personalities, sense of self and mental integrity completely demolished
by severe, intensive carefully orchestrated psychosexual abuse until
they were suitable to be "reassembled" and reprogrammed via
supercomputers using psychotronic, EM/RF, virtual reality and
"techno-psychic" technologies into the desired psychological profile,
to perform as needed; for use in interdimensional experimentation, as
ginuea pigs in the unending mind control and psycho-tronics work, as
sleeper agents who could be activated by a variety of means -- including
through use of implanted transceivers, and as a "secret army" which
can be called upon by the secret government in times of unusual or severe
crises; if they in fact survived the ordeal. There is major confirmation that
this is actually an established and often used method (in other documented
mind control projects) of the intelligence services to create mind controlled,
often totally unwitting agents to be used in espionage, assassinations and
the like. Bogus child care facilities and phony, cult-like quasi-"religious"
groups are some of the means used by intelligence agencies like the CIA
to get access to suitable youngsters in situations with the required
parameters of control.

In 1978 (and other years from the mid-70s to the early 80s),
virtually the entire state of Oregon was subjected to very unusual
electromagnetic transmissions which had unsettling and negative effects
on the mood and state of mind of a large percentage of the population.
These were monitored and duly reported by a number of groups such as
police, fire and emergency services, radio and TV stations, et cetera.
The situation received widespread coverage in the press at the time and
there were indications of Soviet involvement; however at least some
components of the signals were eventually traced to a U.S. Navy
transmitter in California! Regarding the use of "psychic" abilities by
government agencies, The San Francisco Examiner on Sunday,
December 24, 1995 ran a first section article on a CIA-run program
at the Stanford Research Institute and other facilities which trained
and developed the psychic abilities of persons in the program so that
they could be used as psychic "spies". Called Stargate, the program
was only one of many such projects; it flourished in the 1980s, and it was
especially successful in such activities as remote viewing and other
ESP-related phenomenon.

Other experiments included psychokinesis, where random processes
were influenced by the mind, and also mind control by psychic interference.
Sensing where a target subject was and what they were doing were some
more of the abilities researched in this program. A great amount of information
on remote viewing and other controlled , directed psychic operations, often
conducted by intelligence and military agencies, has been made public in
the past year or so.

The August 1995 issue of Popular Science carried a piece which
provided much information about a recent government project called
HAARP (High-frequency Active Aural Research Program); information
which again bolsters certain assertions made by Montauk/ Phoenix
investigators. In addition to the esoteric but somewhat more mundane
capabilities and functions made public regarding this technology, the entire
ionosphere of Earth can be configured to perform as an incredibly powerful,
global, ultra-wide-spectrum frequency transceiver by beaming high-frequency
radio energy into it. Project HAARP is being operated by the Navy and
Air Force, along with Phillips Labs and additional parties. HAARP technology
causes tremendous energy changes in specified ionospheric regions, allowing it
to be configured as a virtual lens and virtual mirror (for the enhancement of or
interference with certain RF transmissions), as a transmitter, as a method for
wireless power transmission (exactly what Nikola Tesla had been working
on for the government at the beginning of the 20th century) and numerous other ways.

The innocuous-sounding publicized goals for HAARP
activities are belied by evidence produced byauthors
of the recent book Angels Don't Play This HAARP. According to
documents uncovered by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning in the course
of their research, some of the objectives of this project detailed in
official (internal) Air Force documents include, among other horrors,
utilizing various electromagnetic (RF) signals to cause deleterious,
injurious, even lethal physical and mental effects upon targeted
population groups, not excluding -- in blatant violation of the U.S.
Constitution -- so-called domestic enemies (the latter defined plainly
therein as "people who don't agree with us"). Also directly indicated in
certain documents is the use of transmissions to interact with,
interface and "interrogate" the MINDS of targeted groups.

This means electromagnetic mind control. Such activities can be implemented
anywhere on the face of the Earth. Other potential applications for
HAARP technology include:
1. enhancement of or interference with communications, as
well as development of new types of radio transmissions;
2. manipulation of weather patterns;
3. weapons-related and mind control uses, as indicated
above; 4. earth-penetrating tomography -- an X-ray like
function which can reveal, for example, the existence of underground
installations (like Montauk!), as well as oil or mineral deposits;
5. detection of electromagnetic seismic activity which
may precede earthquakes -- and triggering of such activity;
6. Generation of gravitic waves, interdimension/time
"portals" and other highly esoteric, relativistic phenomena.
7. Drawing energy from the ionosphere
8. "pushing the envelope" in terms of pumping electromagnetic
energy into the ionosphere, just to see what happens.
According to the vast majority of scientists (independent of
any governmental affiliation) interviewed by the authors, the potential
for catastrophic, snowballing damage to our ionosphere and indeed the
entire electromagnetically interrelated web of life on this planet as a
result of this particular project is extreme. This is a horrifying
activity which has unimaginable global environmental risks, as well as
certain completely unconstitutional objectives.

Read Angels Don't Play
This HAARP by Dr. Nicholas Begich and Jeane Manning to get the whole
story. HAARP technology could be capable of many or all of the
effects and processes of the Phoenix/Montauk Projects and the other
EM/RF mind control projects noted, as well as genetic modification,
"brain police", and other similar frightening functions. Nick Begich and
Jeane Manning have reported on 435 megahertz transmissions which have
been monitored in association with HAARP activity; signals which Mr.
Nichols has determined are directly in the mind-interface range and have
been used extensively in the mind control and psychotronic
experimentation I've reported herein. The implications of this are
staggering and horrifying, as the potential now obviously exists to
implement such functions on a worldwide basis.

Investigators of the Montauk Project state that the Montauk
Point location was chosen not by chance, but because it is a very
important "power spot" on the Earth, due to geomagnetic factors of great
scientific significance. It is common knowledge and accepted fact in geophysics and
related sciences that certain areas of the Earth's surface are geomagnetic "hot spots"
where gravitational, magnetic and electromagnetic anomalies occur, including effects
on certain EM/RF activities, and this is in fact one of the primary reasons cited by HAARP
proponents for situating the main (as far as we know!) HAARP facility in Gakona,
Alaska. Richard Hoagland, an ex-NASA scientist who assembled a team which a great
deal of intensive research into what appear to be a Sphinx-like "face", pyramids and other
structures on the Martian surface, has deciphered a mathematical formula encoded in the
angles and relationships of the structures making up
the Martian complex (known asCydonia) which he calls tetrahedra
l geometry or tetrahedral physics. The basic elements of the formula are,
(and I simplify considerably), as a sphere such as a planet is rotated
on an axis, specific points on the surface of the sphere become the
focus or portal for upwellings of energy originating in other dimensions.

The most notable of these coincide with where the points of a tetrahedron
inscribed within the sphere would intersect the surface of the sphere. Other than at the
poles, these points would be at 19.5 degrees north and south latitude.
On Earth it's the Hawaiian Islands, on Jupiter it's the Great Red Spot,
and so on. According to the tetrahedral formula other locations are also
"power" spots, including that of Cydonia itself. On Earth some
additional points are said to include Giza (and the famous pyramids) in
Egypt, Machu Piccu (on the same longitude as Montauk), and Stonehenge.
When English and other European settlers reached eastern Long
Island's shores in the early 1600s, the Montauk Indians and other
closely connected tribes lived in the region. The Montauks are an
Algonquin tribe, recognized in fact by many Algonquins to be the primary
or leading tribe. A great many Native American Indians, including
Montauks and most Algonquins, believe that Turtle Cove, immediately
adjacent to and between both Montauk Point and Camp Hero, is indeed a
major power point -- a "stargate" or interdimensional vortex and the
source of our reality or creation.

The Montauk Indians are considered the guardians of this spot.
(The created world, which as far as many tribes knew was just
North America, was called Turtle Island.)

A noteworthy point is that the chiefs or sachems of the
Montauks have held the name of Pharaoh throughout their history, long
before any white people had arrived to impart such a name to them, and
the name Pharaoh appears nowhere else on Earth except for Egypt.
Archaeological evidence indicates that the Montauk Indians inhabited
this region continuously for at least 8,000 years. As Montauk is
geologically distinct from Long Island and North America, it could
theoretically be a remnant of the Atlantean continent, and the name
Pharaoh could have been derived from Atlantis both in Egypt and Montauk.
Historical accounts from previous centuries attest that
pyramidal structures did exist at one time at or near Turtle Cove, and
various elders of the tribe recall hearing about them. Preston Nichols
and Peter Moon theorize in their Montauk Project book series that the
Montauk Indians are a remnant of a very ancient Atlantean civilization,
as was Ancient Egypt. This location, both in ancient times and currently,
and the activities that secret government agencies (with their extensive ties to
Masonic type "brotherhoods") are allegedly conducting there are vitally
important to the human race and its future on earth.

Another curiosity is the name "Camp Hero". The word hero is
derived from the Greek word for the Egyptian god Horus, among whose
attributes are the ability to see into other realities as well as
backwards and forwards in time. Although this name was given to the
region relatively recently by the federal government (read: Theodore
Roosevelt -- a Master Mason who owned a large tract of tribal land very
close to Turtle Cove) it certainly correlates perfectly with what the
Montauk Indians and other tribes believed about this location. As noted,
Camp Hero was known for being a "psych base" since its inception as a
government military facility. (George Washington, another Master
Freemason with many compadres in the Montauk area, commissioned the
Montauk lighthouse and oversaw it's construction.)

It seems that members of certain organizations or agencies
either already knew that this was a very significant spot on Earth or
else soon found it out, and over several hundred years systematically
and deliberately manipulated the Montauk Indians into leaving their
tribal lands and burial grounds east of what is now the hamlet of
Montauk. Thomas Jefferson made a substantial effort in the early 1800s
to personally go to Montauk and record as much of the Montauk's history,
language and culture as he possibly could. (Although the language of the
Montauk Indians has now almost completely vanished, there are
substantial indications that it was in fact closely related to Vril, a
so-called Enochian language of extreme antiquity.) Obviously Jefferson,
another Master Mason, considered the material to be rather important.
Jefferson later claimed to have lost much of the material in a boating
mishap, but it seems odd that he wouldn't have returned to Montauk to
redo the missing work if it was so important in the first place, and
could indicate that his story was untrue and that instead the
information was hidden away.

The machinations against the tribe and the unceasing attempts
to get the Montauk Indians away from the land at Montauk Point and vice
versa culminated in an outrageous, vicious and indefensible 1910 N.Y.
court decision which declared the Montauk Indians to be "extinct" even
as some sat there in the courtroom; a particular tactic used against no
other tribe in North America. Significantly, construction of military
facilities at Turtle Cove began almost immediately after this court
decision. In fact, hundreds of Montauks are still alive today, and this
is a definite factor in the federal government's decision to turn Camp
Hero/Montauk A.F. Station over to N.Y. State after their purported
abandonment of the surface facilities. There is an existing federal law
called the Non-Intercourse Act which says that the ownership of any
land once inhabited by American Indians which is occupied and then
relinquished by the U.S. government, must revert to those original
inhabitants; in this case that would bethe Montauk Indians, except that
they are conveniently "extinct" by court order. However that was a N.Y.
State court decision not necessarily binding upon the federal government.
Obviously the federal government did not want the Indians to have the property
as that would seriously interfere with clandestine operations there.

If the Montauks can, as they are attempting to do, achieve full legal recognition as an
existing tribe, the federal government would be forced to abide by the
terms of the Non-Intercourse Act and return the Camp Hero property to
them, whom it obviously belongs to -- with no funny business about
retaining rights to subterranean facilities.

All text within this document
is the sole property of the owner
and copyright holder -- John A. Quinn.
Reproduction by Permission only.
(c) 1997
John A. Quinn
All rights reserved

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