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From Sat Mar 28 07:57:19 1998 Received: from eagleflt.bignet Subject: Re: Who is a Provocateur???

Hi willy

That was tom wayne the past xo or the wolverines. yes you are right. I will try to put together a list of facts on what has happened in MI. over the last month or so. Give me some time please.

Regards Dave

At 05:32 AM 3/28/98 -0600, you wrote: Last night, Friday night, Stan Solomon had a guest who claimed to be the Grand Commander or something like that of the Michigan Militia, who was blasting those who hold to the Christian Identity beliefs. That they had expelled all the members who had professed such a belief. What is going on in the Michigan Militia; are they being run by agents of the government? or what? Do you have any knowledge of the situation, as it sounds much like yours. Willie At 12:56 AM 3/28/98 -0700, you wrote: Who is a Provocateur????

Most of you know by now that we recently upgraded defcon from 3 to 2 in response to the arrest of three Michigan patriots last week. Their names are Ken Carter, Randy Graham and Brad Metcalf. They were all arrested on gun charges or on conspiracy to own a machine gun. I'm sure that most of you also know that the uSTC has stated that no more patriots would be jailed unjustly. Last Sunday we held an assembly of our people in Michigan and around the country in support of the three arrested patriots.

By 2:00 pm. only a few men had showed up for this meeting. We found out later that provocateur and liarDon Vos of Ohio had been calling around the country passing lies saying that Art Bean and Dave Rydel were federal agents. People were told by Vos that the meeting was a set up and if they showed up they would be arrested.. People could have died as the result of Don Vos's treacherous actions. .

The hopes of the three incarcerated patriots and their families was cruelly dashed and the men yet remain in jail. As of 10:30 this morning all three men were refused bail based on their supposed danger to society. The new world order people can do what ever they want we have nothing to stop them now... Thanks to Vos. I publicly call on Don Vos to answer these questions: What proof do you have? Why are you spreading such lies about us?

Vos has hurt the whole Patriot movement with his lies and I ask you all to consider why he might be doing this and what, if any, proof he has been able to show to support his allegations. Please also consider the actions of the following so-called patriots: Ken Woodcock of Pennsylvania_____ At the last Knob Creek meeting held in November of 1997 a man by the name of Ken Woodcock said at a staff meeting that he tried to check me out with whoever it is that he uses for such functions and found that I did not show any history going back beyond eight years.

For that reason he felt that I could not be trusted and that I could be an agent working for the federal government. I explained to Woodcock in the meeting that I haved lived in the same community for 23 years and could be easily documented. He agreed to initiate a second check on the following Monday. He also agreed that if the results of the second check were the same as the first, he would come to Michigan and visit the grave of my son who died seventeen years ago and accept that as proof. Woodcock never kept his word in this matter yet he continues to spread lies about me being an agent.

The same question arises. Why is he telling lies about me? Lies that can easily be proven wrong. Jim Strode of New Mexico_____ Jim Strode is hearing things from people like the ones mentioned above and then making statements on the internet saying that we can no longer work with the uSTC. He could not have confirmed these stories so why pass them on and why base such important policy decisions upon them? Strode has done the whole patriot movement wrong by passing unconfirmed and patently false information without checking it out. John Trochman of Montana_____ Every time John Trochman has a chance to discredit the uSTC, he does so. He has twisted facts and told lies about me time after time.

I have called Trochman on several occasions with no response. I have left numerous messages but he never returns my calls. I again ask why and urge each of you to do the same. My phone number appears on everything I send out and I am always open to honest conversation. Why would Trochman engage in back stabbing treachery rather than honest dialog? Mark Koernke & John Statmiller of Michigan_____ Last Wednesday, March 25, on Kornke's and Statmiller's radio show, Statmiller repeated a statement over and over from someone that Dave Rydel was a federal agent. Art Bean's name was also mentioned in some conversations but he was not accused of being an agent.

The accusation against me was made without any proof whatsoever. Statmiller said they would give Art and I ample time to respond to these accusations on the air. How can we be expected to respond to accusations if there are no clear charges against us and if there is no evidence against us? This reeks of a kangaroo court. Again the question is why? Could it be to regenerate cold ratings for the radio show or to make more profit? They never called to ask anything of us nor substantiated the allegations.

Many of us often criticize the mainstream media for slanted coverage but perhaps we should be looking in our own backyard as well. It has also been reported to me from Art Bean as well as from other patriots that John and Mark have on a regular basis had people speaking on their radio show with false accents to make it seem that they represent different parts of the country. They give false intelligence reports and random comment that are scripted prior the actual broadcast. Some "callers" have actually been reported to have been sitting in the studio at the time their calls were aired. I again ask. WHY? Are they trying to buff up a failing talk show? Are they provocateurs?

Or are they just plain fools? Honor If anyone has concerns about who I am or what I believe I hope they will call and question me directly, one-on-one. My phone is available to everyone. If you have comments on this situation, please feel free to contact me. If you think I am a federal agent, please have the courage and honor to approach me to my face, even if only on the phone. Only cowards gossip and make false statements behind someone's back. It has been suggested that a Board of Inquiry be convened at Knob Creek to investigate the actions of those listed above as well as some other individuals who are involved. That action is currently under advisement and the input of interested parties is welcome.

COMMITMENT I am asking all patriots to make a commitment to each other by approving the alliance that is posted on our web site. We must all stand together if we are to win this battle for freedom. As for myself, I will from this time forward only work with committed individuals who have honor, honesty, and a strong commitment to the cause. I will no longer work with those who are patriots for profit, provocateurs, liars, cheats, cowards, drunks, or fools. And recent events clearly show who falls into those catagories. I will also no longer work with those who have less than full commitment to the constitution and the cause of freedom.

This the last public statement I will make on this matter. I will not talk about it in radio, television, print or electronic media. I do however, as always, remain open for individual communication at 248-391-0798. I will also be open to questions and discussion at Knob Creek to anyone who is willing to approach me face to face. With my hand on the Holy Bible, I do swear that this statement is the truth, all the truth, and nothing but the truth so help me God. In the Faith David E Rydel _____________________________________________________________________ You don't need to buy Internet access to use free Internet e-mail. Get completely free e-mail from Juno at Or call Juno at (800) 654-JUNO [654-5866] Please visit and To receive posts from this list send an E-MAIL to me with the word "subscribe" in the subject box. To be removed from this list send a post to me with the word "unsubscribe" in the subject box. ================================================================== EAGLEFLIGHT ///, /// \ /, / . David E. Rydel \ /, _/ /. ***** \_ /_/ /. uNITED STATES Theatre Command \__/_ Voice-248-391-0798 / \_\_ Fax-248-391-6785 /,)^ _._ \ Alt.Fax-248-391-3528 (/ \\ /\\\ E-MAIL: // ```` ==============((`============================================= A VOICE OF THE MILITIA IN NORTH AMERICA Please visit and

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Subject: Strategic Thoughts
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From: "Mark A. Laughlin"

It's time to hide and infiltrate, not fight. Though each of us harbors
certain amount of bloodthirst and desires to take the fight to the
perps and
though such actions are justified, we must hold our fire.

At this time, the American public is distracted by the excesses of the
bubble economy, but when the bubble bursts and the public has suffered
a few
years of depression they will be able and willing to join us in
corruption in government. I am confident that such a change in public
attitudes is not too far off. The Fourth Turning outlines the mechanism that causes such
cultural shifts (and gives warning of the dangers we face). Until the
economic bubble bursts, the public won't give a damn that a few more
patriots are jailed...hell, they won't even care that their lying
has commited treason, perjury, sexual assault, and, perhaps, murder.

At the moment it is as if we are taking cover under heavy mortar fire and no
doubt more will be hit by the random fire, but we must hold our position until that "fourth turning" cultural tide is behind us.

I fear, however, that we'll face a foreign threat (and their efforts to further the schism in America) before we'll ever have to engage our own government. Either way, press on with your studies of the martial arts.

Thu, 26 Mar 1998 19:23:47 -0500 (EST)

From: SBurton3 Magna Carta News Service

---ICE wrote: Subject: piml] The ultimate fuzz buster. From: (Bruce Chesley) Date: Wed, 25 Mar 1998 18:13:34 EST

This just in. Bruce Chesley, Police in Britain using a radar gun noted a reading of more than 300 mph, just before their equipment fried. Seconds later a low-flying Harrier jet hurtled past. The police complained to the Royal Air Force about the damage to their equipment, but the police were told to consider themselves lucky. The Harrier's target-seeker had locked onto the radar and triggered an automatic retaliatory air-to-surface attack. Fortunately for the police, the Harrier was not armed with missiles.

From: "Candy S. Lovett"
To: "EAGLEFLIGHT----\"uNITED STATES Theatre Command (David E. Rydel)\""
Subject: Re: A Story Looking for a Publisher and a Site
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 14:14:47 -0500

Hello David,
I was wondering if you could please pass the word on the I have
a lot of Peter Kawaja's stuff on my web site. Thanks, Candy

Subject: Fwd: Seven Seals Book
Date: Sat, 28 Mar 1998 16:11:27 PST



Other Branch Davidian Survivors have two websites on the world wide web.

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The survivors and supporters of these sites offer a FREE 600 plus page book dedicated to the Seven Seals as revealed by David Koresh and the living Chosen Vessel. May you be Blessed.

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