FROM RUTH MOSHER: Free Davidian prisoners: Personal comments precede!


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Subject: Fwd: FROM RUTH MOSHER: Free Davidian prisoners: Personal comments
   Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 10:23:43 -0700
   From: "Jeffrey A. and L'isbeth Noelle Rothe"
     To: "Bush, First Lady Laura"," Cheney, Lynne"
     CC: "Bush, President George W."," Cheney,
         Vice-President Richard"," Allard,
         Senator Wayne"," Campbell, Senator
         Ben Nighthorse"," Tancredo,
         Congressman Thomas"

Dear Mrs. Bush and Mrs. Cheney:

We chose to write this primarily to the two of you because, as mothers, you can
comprehend in some small way the grief experienced by Ruth Mosher, the author
of the letter below.  Imagine the unending horror you would feel if one of your
own children had been unlawfully subjected to death by incineration!

For many Americans Waco is the second strike in the game .  Ruby Ridge predates
this example of government gone mad, but fails to match it in terror or in evi-
dence of tyranny! That a government designed to be of, for, and by the people
would lower itself to the depths of depravity shown on April 19, 1993 is beyond
our comprehension!  That the victims of the conflagration would be deemed
worthy of imprisonment for the audacity of choosing faith over compliance to
ungodly, unconstitutional laws is beyond ludicrous!  It is diabolical at best,
and must be relegated to the trash heap of history!

If we are to be a nation based upon the rule of law, then obedience to the
supreme law of the land must be assured!  If the law and  the enforcement thereof fail
to stand the ultimate test of Constitutionality, it must be declared null and
void!  The laws to which the FBI, the BATF, Clinton, Reno, etal. deferred stand in
diabolical defiance of  the 1st and 2nd Amendments to the Constitution of the United

Please, Ladies, we beseech you to join with us in calling upon President George
W. Bush and Vice-President Richard Cheney to verbalize what WE THE PEOPLE know to
be true!  Help bring an end to the anguish of the nation by hastening the
release of the Waco survivors from unjust imprisonment!  Assist us in sending a message to
Danforth, etal, that business as usual will not be allowed!

We believe the requested actions to be mandatory in light of the fact that
strike three has been called with the confiscation of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple.
This judicial insanity was perpetrated under the watch of the present
administration, and stands as evidence that much is still left to be done to return this
nation to its moorings!

Our desire is that President Bush would evidence his own belief in the rule of
law, from the Law of God to the dictates of the Constitution, by issuing immediate
pardons for those incarcerated for their faithful stand at Waco!  Further, we
request that all reference to conviction and subsequent incarceration be expunged from
their records!  To do less is to stand in agreement with the actions taken by
the Clinton administration at the behest of Hillary Rodham Clinton!

If anyone is worthy of incarceration, Ladies, it is she!

For Faith and for Freedom,

Jeffrey A. and L'isbeth N. Rothe
4712 South Kalamath Street
Englewood, Colorado 80110-6417

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FROM RUTH MOSHER: Free Davidian prisoners

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From: "Ruth Mosher"

Dear Mr. President:

My request comes from having an only child killed at Waco.  Her name was
Sherry Jewell, a former college and high school administrator and teacher,
who believed in God and living a God-fearing life.  Please don't let her
death be in vain by allowing the prisoners stay incarcerated for living
their religious beliefs.
Many people believed that those who died could have come out before it was
too late, however, realizing that others who  had come out earlier were
incarcerated, I'm sure made their determination to stay all the more.

If former president Clinton can pardon those who have done more harm than
these few people have, the entire nation will be relieved that there is a
president now who has compassion and can undo a terrible injustice that will
go down in history.

February 28 is a crucial date.  Please make that date an anniversary to be
proud of by freeing the prisoners who deserve to be free.

Most humbly, and sincerely,

Ruth Mosher, mother of Davidian Sherry Jewell, deceased April 19, 1993,
Waco, Texas

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