I saw no plane in the TV film

Tom Flocco
I saw no plane in the TV film
Fri Mar 8 04:08:31 2002

I saw no plane in the TV film

While I have concentrated my recent research and writing via a three-part
series focusing upon the insider trading as it relates to prior knowledge and
financial profit from 9/11 deaths on Mike Ruppert's copvcia.com site, I too
am concerned about the what looks to be "management" of the news film I
watched regarding the Pentagon attack.

APFN's recent focus upon the Pentagon plane concerns some troubling issues.
My two viewings of the TV clips of the reporter-described "plane hitting the
Pentagon," clearly showed no film of any plane hitting the Pentagon--only the
fire-bomb-like explosion in a series of seemingly edited clips.

The only problem (if I accept that no airliner hit the Pentagon) is "What
happened to the missing jet said to have hit the Pentagon?" And that's a key
issue to say the least!
One friend told me that "the planes are made of aluminum and the impact and
temperature of the fire melted the plane down." Then another friend said
"When was the last time you saw photos of ANY plane crash where there were no
visible pieces of the plane left surrounding the crash site?" I would
personally answer "never" to that one. There are always parts
recovered.....at least some pieces. So, Houston, we have a problem.

I have never written an email to APFN; however, every time I turn around,
another "problem" question surfaces regarding 9/11. What is bothering most
of us is that no government official is even raising the issue--let alone
asking the questions. This is just another one of them; but I am still
trying to figure out where the plane went if it did not "melt" in the crash,
leaving no evidence, pieces, or whole parts, etc.

Clearly, no Member of Congress is questioning these "Conspiracy" theories, to
which they are often referred. Victim families and sympathetic, yes
patriotic, Americans have to hope that the CIA-led "intelligence" joint
committee will ask the hard questions--no chance--since they are more
concerned with looking at the "process" of security lapses rather than
finding out the "identities of the perpetrators." (foreign or domestic)

The writings of Jared Israel regarding the airplane stand-downs and
presidential inaction are clearly the most damning and obviously visible
problems that any thinking American should immediately pose. I am hopeful
that he stays focused on that problem because the mainstream media might
eventually pick up on that story. And widespread publicity will certainly
create a firestorm once people start thinking about the evidence he raises on
 http://www.tenc.net/  . But isn't is sad that mainstream outlets are not asking these

I am hopeful, however, that this time the internet will play a major role in
getting to the truth. Americans are truly fed up with the secrecy and
management of the news. I have received emails about Michael Moore's new
book, "Stupid White Men," playing to huge crowds at bookstores in the
normally conservative enclaves in the Republican West and far-West. (He has
not yet toured our more urbane, liberal Northeast yet.)

But the book is in its 9th printing in just 5 days of release! If that is
true, Moore must be saying something, because he is what Chris Matthews calls
"a real lefty!" It is not often that California conservatives cotton to
liberals like Moore--let alone wait for hours for him to sign a book. I may
just go out and get a copy to see if he is joining APFN in asking the tough
9/11 questions. Keep up the great work, APFN. This 9/11 thing is NOT over
yet--not by a long shot.

Best wishes,
Tom Flocco
Freelance writer
(WorldNetDaily.com, FTW-copvcia.com, NewsMax.com, NarcoNews.com, and


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