Not Just a Shot Over the Bow


Gary Baumgarten & former White House aide Kathleen Willey

Gary Baumgarten interview former White House aide Kathleen Willey, who claimed that Pres. Bill Clinton groped her in the oval office on News Talk Online on Paltalk.

Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 13:23:08 PST


This CBS '60 Minutes' show to air Sunday in which Kathleen Willey is interviewed about her encounter with Clinton may be an indication that the CFR Insiders who hand-picked the Clintons may be cutting him loose. CBS is the epitomy of the world government-media axis, controlled entirely by the Council on Foreign Relations. Bill & Hillary have accomplished much for the one-world elitists. Only the most naive still believe Clinton was the choice of the people. America has been "had"...again.

But, it's time for the leftwing conspiracy to move on. They've got the European Monetary Union with its single currency to 'sell' to the world. They've got to solidify their gains in the United Nations. Several of the Asian governments are grandstanding for independence from the IMF. Americans need further convincing that their tax-sheltered retirement plans can best be used to bailout Social Security. Domestic auto manufacturers & major oil companies are lobbying strenuously for a weaker dollar. These industries being represented heavily in the CFR, deserve their share of the plunder, too.

Those who study history can harken back to the Nixon Administration, and its fall from grace. He ushered-in two US dollar devaluations, de jure, setting off a worldwide plunge in its value. The prices of commodities worldwide skyrocketed, and the Arabs got the blame. Remember? 1972 was the best year to that time for our stock market. Nixon opened the doors to the butchers of Beijing. But, he too a CFR member, did his job well, unappreciated by a gullible public, but graciously remembered by the Insider elite.

You see, when Americans begin to get the whiff that there may be more going on behind the scenes than what's visible, the CFR takes its chips off the table, and moves to another - a new player, a new game, with the same goal - total them.

Will Bill & Hillary be permitted to stroll across the White House lawn hand-in-hand in feigned affection, and board their helicopter for Arkansas with fond and sympathetic adieus from America? Will they be permitted to slip away from American justice and set up a tax-exempt foundation radicalizing for the fall of America, while we're saved by Al Gore? Let's hope not.

The House Judiciary should remain focused on the real crimes of the Clinton Administration - treason, bribery, espionage, and other "high crimes". A CFR-controlled Republican congress remains the last shelter for Clinton and his cronies. Worse, none of the damage left in the Clinton wake will be reversed by the Republicans. His policies will stand, and even be expanded upon. And we will permit it. But it appears the one-world shakers are moving towards the exits. We shall see. Or, shall we see? Bill Mercer Clifton Park, NY --


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