Barack Obama the New World Order Puppet

It's all in the FAMILY....

The corporate-owned mainstream media would have us believe that Obama’s ascension to power is an “All-American” story attainable by any hard-working “common” American.

Obama's cronies make the Mafia look like rank amateurs.



The Obama Deception 1:51:21 - Mar 12, 2009




Obama is Bush's Cousin!


Obama and Cheney are cousins


Bush Family Tree

Girl Discovers Royal Blood Runs Deep With U.S. Presidents

Whitehouse Mansion in DC (where the Royality take turns inhabiting)

The following family tree was posted by the New York Post:

How Our "Elected" and Appointed Politicians Are Connected By Bloodlines
- posted by Wes Penre: February 16, 2004 -

The following connections are just coincidences, I am sure ...(!)

- - - - -

The Bush/Churchill/Roosevelt Bloodline Connection


The Bush/Powell Bloodline



More Family Connections:

The John Kerry - George W. Bush Bloodline Connection

The Richard Cheney - George W. Bush Bloodline Connection

The Gov. Howard Dean - George W. Bush - William Sherman - Elvis Presley(!) Bloodline Connection

The Sen. Bob Graham - Jimmy Carter - Richard Nixon - Warren Harding Bloodline Connection

... more to come!

Obama retakes the oath of office after busy first day

President Obama's Rise Due to 'Blue Blood' Ancestry or power of American Dream?
More information here:

Ancestry of Barack Obama

Barack Obama's Royal Roots,,20181471,00.html


Barack Obama
Here it is! You be the Judge

Largest hoax perpetrated upon
the citizens of the United States in over 200 years.

Obama's 2009 Health Care Scam

The Obama-Biden Plan

Bob Dylan in the Vietnam era "Masters of War

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