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As told to:  J. B. Campbell   jb_campbell@yahoo.com

My name is Mike Gadbaw.  I'm a US Navy vet and apparently I've been groomed as some sort of "sleeper" for a number of years, for what purpose I do not know.  I'm on the run now, being cared for by a dedicated medical doctor who is trying to prevent me from becoming the next Tim McVeigh.  She stole me from my handlers and is deprogramming me.  She feels as if she's disarming a time bomb.

One of my problems is that I was a friend of Tim McVeigh.  Until a couple of days ago I've
been living in his house near Kingman, Arizona ever since he left for Oklahoma City in April,
1995.  I met certain people whom I wasn't supposed to meet - people who were influencing
Tim and who the federal government says had nothing to do with the bombing.  But they

Before last January I never thought much about my medical problems or about the people I'd
seen with Tim.  Then, three people showed up at my door and I reluctantly let them in.  One of
the people had visited me a couple of months earlier.  He brought the other two because he
figured I wouldn't have let him in again.  He's welcome to identify himself after reading this, but I
won't do it.  He's a researcher and a writer on the subject of the Oklahoma City bombing and is
pretty knowledgeable.  The two people he brought with him were J B Campbell and Dr. Robbi

Campbell, who I call Bruce, is the guy who started the militia movement in the late '80s with his
book, "The New American Man." He'd kept a low profile for the past five years but suddenly
resurfaced with a plan to connect the World Trade Center '93 bombing, the Oklahoma City
bombing and the attack of September 11 as actions of the U.S. government designed to end
our way of life.

Dr. Robbi is an amazing person.  She's an internal medicine physician with surgical experience
who practices preventative medicine but is also an observer of the political intriguers who run
our country with "crisis management."  Besides being an MD, Dr. Robbi is what is known as "a
healer."  She really makes people well and tries not to use pharmaceuticals to do it.   She has
found that many people suffer from diseases which are really symptoms of sick spirits and so
she tries first to treat the spirit of the person, which often leads to the disappearance of the
disease.  This has not made her popular with the medical establishment.

My background is not complicated, or at least I didn't think it was.  I went into the navy in 1973
and got out in '75. I suffered a head wound in an accident on board my ship, the USS Rowan,
as we prepared to go into Saigon to help rescue the embassy staff.  That was a very bad
experience as we witnessed marines shooting the Vietnamese who were trying to get over the
embassy fence to get away from the Communists.  Anyway, I'd been hit on the head by a shell
which had slipped out of the breech of a deck gun and it gave me headaches, which eventually
led me to the next part of my story.  But right after the Saigon embassy episode, most of us were
immediately discharged from the Navy.  I went home to Minneapolis.  I am an artist and can actually
support myself with my work.

In late '75, I went to a neurologist for my headaches and she eventually asked if I would
participate in a study at the University of Minnesota.  She asked me if I experienced "pre-
cognitive dreams?"  Although I did, I did not admit it to her because I had the idea that she
might use it against me somehow.

Because of the severity of the headaches I agreed to become involved in the study.  There were
seven of us, all vets, and we were kept in a complex above the animal experimentation lab at the
University.  We were fed well and given the impression that we were free agents in this thing,
but we actually were prisoners at the lab.  We couldn't leave.  Our medications were withdrawn
and we were observed.  At some point, we were deprived of sleep and then subjected to
various stimuli such as flashing lights and sounds.  I have a video tape of myself undergoing this
treatment and in it I am shown experiencing a grand mal seizure - my first.  Dr. Robbi has
viewed the tape and found it quite disturbing.  Campbell says it is reminiscent of The Ipcress
File, which refers to induced psychosis through the application of severe stress.

Why did they give me the tape?  Dr. Borjeson says they wanted to implant and reinforce the
self-image of a helpless cripple who could not function without Big Brother telling me how to
live.  Since that experience, that's pretty much how I've regarded myself.

This study went on for about six weeks.  I don't think any of the seven of us was the same after
that.  My condition worsened and I became a ward of the Veterans Administration, whose
doctors supplied me with a bewildering array of mind-altering drugs.

That's been my life for twenty seven years - overbearing VA doctors and prescription drugs
which only made me worse and worse.   The doctors ordered me to take the drugs, which I
quit doing after I realized they were making me feel crazy.  If I didn't check in with them they'd
call my parents and try to keep me under control, but they never helped me and I just became
more disoriented and alienated.

My parents bought a Quarter Horse ranch in Ash Fork, Arizona and I worked for them.  After
some years they sold it and moved to Kingman.  I met Tim McVeigh through a guy at the
Disabled American Veterans group there.  Tim didn't seem disabled to me, though.

Tim rented a little adobe house on Hunt Road in Golden Valley, about five miles from Kingman.
I started visiting him and even staying at his place while he was away.

Bruce Campbell was interested in my story when he learned that Andreas Strassmeir was an
occasional visitor.  Bruce believes that Strassmeir was Tim's CIA controller, and is the key to
the Oklahoma City bombing.  Strassmeir has denied knowing Tim other than seeing him at a gun
show or two, but he's lying.  They were quite friendly in Arizona leading up to the bombing.
Another visitor was Dennis Mahon, who, along with Strassmeir, is a protected government
informant who is still operational.  FBI 302 forms state that Strassmeir is a CIA asset, on loan
from the German government, and that Mahon is an FBI asset.  Both were identified by ATF
informant Carol Howe as instigators of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Bruce explained that while he had started the militia, Tim and his fellow criminals ended it by
creating the legend that the militia was willing to kill children.  He said that this is the Leninist
technique of creating scorn and revulsion for your enemies.

One day, while I was house-sitting for Tim, he drove up with Strassmeir in his car.  He'd just
found a box of kittens on the highway and he was looking for homes for them.  I've still got the
one he gave me.

Another visitor of Tim's was Richard Guthrie, the son of CIA parents and also a Navy vet who
was kicked out for painting a swastika on a locker or something.  He was arrested for robbing
banks for the Aryan Republican Army.  Six months later, after promising a tell-all book about
his activities, he decided to kill himself in his cell.

Campbell was supposed to be financed by a rich man in Chicago, Alex Magnus, to document
the connection between the bombings at the WTC and OKC and the attack of September 11.
Then Magnus developed stomach cancer and the deal was off.  But Bruce was still trying to tie
them together on his own.   He was determined to do this to demonstrate that the militia not only
had nothing to do with OKC but was in fact the target of the federal government's conspiracy to
murder federal employees and their children to cause revulsion for the militia, which had become
a serious threat, in theory, to federal disarmament plans for Americans.

Bruce cited former CIA director and chief of the Phoenix  assassination program William
Colby's letter to his former Phoenix Program colleague, John DeCamp, complaining that the
militia had to be dealt with "justly or otherwise" because it was made up of millions of
average, successful Americans.

His letter to DeCamp, written days before the bombing, reads in part as follows:

"I watched as the anti-war movement rendered it impossible for this country to conduct or win
the Vietnam War.  I tell you, dear friend, that this Militia and Patriot movement, in which, as an
attorney you have become one of the centerpieces, is far more significant and far more
dangerous for America than the anti-war movement ever was, if it is not intelligently dealt with.
And I really mean this.  It is not that these people are armed, that America need be concerned.
It is not that these people stockpile weapons and have para-military training sessions, that they
are dangerous.  They are dangerous, John, because there are so many of them.  It is one thing
to have a few nuts or dissidents.  They can be dealt with, justly or otherwise, so that they do not
pose a danger to the system.  It is quite another situation when you have a true movement  - 
millions of citizens  - believing something, particularly when the movement is made up of society's
average, successful citizens.

Bruce's own mother, he said, assumed that he was involved in the bombing.  Why?  Because
the militia did it and he started the militia.  So Bruce felt he had quite a stake in placing the blame
where it belongs.  He also simply wants to get the criminals who did it.

I frankly didn't know what to believe when they showed up.  I liked Dr. Robbi and she gave me
some natural remedies for my condition, which actually worked.  But I really didn't know who
the men were.  I had  been pestered by reporters and had been misquoted so I really didn't
want to help these guys, who were also writers of some kind.  The researcher who brought
them had an irritating manner, as if he expected me and everyone else in Kingman just to open
up and tell him everything.  But Kingman had experienced a massive federal invasion right after
the bombing.  FBI's were everywhere, interrogating everyone.  My landlady, who had been
Tim's landlady, had the experience of the FBI questioning her about something they called al-
Qaeda, which, of course, neither she nor anyone else had heard of in 1995.  She thought they
were talking about some guy named Al Kada.  There was and is a lot of fear in Kingman,
especially since September 11, and no one wants to cooperate with anyone who tries to show
that the government may have been behind the Oklahoma City bombing.  The feeling is that the
government must not be questioned in the aftermath of the September 11 attack, which may
have been the whole point of the attack.

Bruce and Dr. Robbi and the researcher actually interviewed an ex-FBI agent in Kingman
named Lee Fabrizio, who admitted that he'd  been transferred to Kingman a few months before
the bombing from his post in Chicago, where he'd specialized in Arab terrorism!  They said he
acted as if his brains had been fried.  He'd never heard of Andreas Strassmeir or Dennis Mahon
and really couldn't remember a damn thing about the investigation.  Now, Fabrizio is running for

Well, after their visit things began happening.   Local cops started driving by my place, pointedly
stopping at the driveway.  I was invaded one night by two cops who dragged me and my
neighbor outside in the dark to be viewed by three characters in suits, who leaned against a car
as they stared at me.  My neighbor, Frank, was roughed up while they laid out all my guns on
the dining room table.  Frank's father had been murdered in the next door house shortly before
this.  He was lying in a pool of blood but his death was ruled "natural causes" by the sheriff.  So Frank
was a little uptight.   His father had helped this Middle Eastern guy move his stuff out of Tim's
house, which was my house by then, just after the bombing.

The neighbor lady told the FBI that she'd seen Tim with a Ryder truck  parked out front with a
bunch of blue barrels stored behind the house.  This was a silly lie, of course.  He never had a
Ryder truck in Arizona and there were never any blue plastic barrels on the property.  But some
agency was encouraging her to spy on me all the time.  She'd stare at me with binoculars.
Every time I went shooting, and I'd have to put my guns in my car under her gaze, I would get
a visit from the sheriff when I got home.

And then there was my friend, Bob. After Bruce started visiting, Bob got very curious about
him and asked to read any material I had that Bruce had written.  He kept his book for a couple
of months.  Bob was a Vietnam vet, too, and he started helping me with my cars.    He offered
to take phone messages, since I didn't have a phone anymore.  Whenever Bruce or Dr. Robbi
would call him and leave a message, he never passed them on to me.  He told everyone in
Golden Valley that I was crazy and advised them to avoid me or to ignore what I said. There is
no question that a deliberate program to alienate me from my friends and neighbors was
conducted by some government agency.  Normal people just don't act the way they did, and
many of them were downright scared.

I was deliberately run off the road as I walked home from the country store one day.  If I hadn't
jumped into the ditch I'd have been struck.  The store owner suddenly wouldn't talk to me and
just the other day she said, in a trembling voice, "We're good people. We don't want any
trouble...!"  I was coming back from her store again on foot, walking my dog, and I became
aware of a car crunching along the dirt road from behind, pacing me.  As it came alongside I
turned and it was the sheriff himself, although he wasn't driving.  The driver was some strange-
looking, Middle Eastern character.  They just looked at me as they slowly, deliberately pulled

Last month I was out in the desert with Frank, shooting and relaxing.  Then up rushes this guy in
a pickup, hauling a big camp trailer.  He jumped out and said we'd nearly hit him and his family
with our bullets!  But he came from the opposite direction than we'd been shooting.    I'm a very
safe and careful shooter but I apologized anyway.  Then he said he had his wife and four
daughters out here and he really needed to park where he could have a water supply. Maybe
they were all in the trailer, I thought.  The next day he rolls up in my yard uninvited, trailer and
all.  He invited me to see the inside of the thing and there were several TV monitors and other
fancy equipment, including a satellite antenna on the roof.  He told me that he was monitoring al-
Jazeera TV in the Middle East!  But there were no children or wives in the trailer.   He said he'd
come to Golden Valley (!) to get involved with the patriot movement there.  I said, "What patriot
movement?"  I finally asked him to leave.

Then, while I was away from the house for a day or so, I returned to find it broken into and my
lock ruined.  Nothing was missing however.  Bruce told me to make a police report.  He said,
they've already got the serial numbers of your guns and they obviously want you to have them.

He gave me a bunch of old Spotlight newspapers for something to read.  I was shocked to read
in a 1999 edition that the Jewish Anti-Defamation League had had an informant next to Tim for
at least two years before the bombing!  It was the ADL which tipped off the government that
Tim had allegedly placed an ad in the Spotlight under the name "T. Tuttle."  How did they know
that?  They also told the government that Tim had supposedly bought a telephone calling card
from the Spotlight under the name of "Daryl Bridges."  Again, how could they know this?  This
card was supposedly used by Tim to call the mysterious ex-Special Forces soldier and FBI
informant Dave Hollaway at Kirk Lyons' law office just before Tim left for Kansas and
Oklahoma.  Hollaway says that he advised Tim to rent a Ryder truck near an army base so he
could use cash instead of a credit card.

Bruce learned that Dave Hollaway had arranged for Andreas Strassmeir to live at the federal
rest camp known as Elohim City in Muldrow, Oklahoma.  Carol Howe told her federal handlers
that Dennis Mahon and Tim McVeigh stayed with Strassmeir frequently at Elohim City, which is
run by the Reverend Robert Millar, identified by FBI agents in the OKC grand jury as a long-
time confidential informant.  The ARA bank robbers all stayed there, too.  Strassmeir styled
himself as Chief of Security and would storm around, yelling that they better bomb something or
he was going to leave!

After the bombing it was Dave Hollaway who drove Strassmeir from Elohim City to the
Mexican border where he was met by an associate who baby-sat the German on the Mexican
side until his colleagues in GSG-9 flew in to take him back to Berlin.  Strassmeir's father is quite
wealthy and was Helmut Kohl's secretary of state.

But this Spotlight also had a picture of an Israeli named Svi Toval  who is a dead ringer for Tim.
In fact, Toval looks more like the drawing of John Doe 1 than Tim does.  The suggestion was
that Tim was being run by the Mossad and had at least one double.

Tim said when he was arrested that he was mind-controlled.  Many people who knew him have
said that he often acted in a mindless, robotic manner.  And there was that strange episode
when he moved from our house in Golden Valley into the motel in Kingman for ten days or so.
The manager said he never came out the whole time.  I couldn't figure why he would do that or
how he could afford it, since he had a house to live in five miles away.  Now I'm wondering,
based on my experience, if he wasn't getting the same treatment in the house as I was?  Maybe
he was just trying to get away from the strange phenomena that I experienced there. Or maybe,
as it has been suggested, he was receiving instructions at the motel.

There is no question that I have been mind-controlled for many years by VA doctors and what I
now suspect to be a microwave generator in one of the houses near mine.  Bruce and Dr. Robbi
have pointed out that I am only comfortable in my house and that I experience anxiety when I
am away from it.  Dr. Robbi says that one's mood can be manipulated by microwaves, giving
one either anxiety or euphoria or anything in between.  She came to my house last week to treat
my shaking and nervousness and was suddenly stricken with complete paralysis and nausea.
She couldn't move for over twelve hours.  She recovered some time the next day but persuaded
me that we were being microwaved from a close source and that we must leave.  Bruce himself
had stopped by two weeks earlier and then came down suddenly with acute appendicitis, which
Dr. Robbi successfully treated without surgery, but it took about ten days of considerable pain.
I believe that he, too, was zapped in some way.

The two of them persuaded me three days ago to leave Golden Valley and Tim's old house.
They said it would only get worse and that there was no reason to stay in Tim McVeigh's house
in any case.  I insisted that I was not important enough for the government to try to manipulate.
Bruce asked if Lee Oswald, Jack Ruby, Sirhan Sirhan, James Earl Ray or Tim McVeigh
seemed important enough to manipulate?  They were nobodies whom the government set up to
bring great and sweeping change to this country.  Bruce insisted that I dispose of my guns,
which he said were identified during visits known and unknown and which the government was
apparently quite happy for me to own.  "Does
Mannlicher Carcano mean anything to you? And
that wasn't even Oswald's!" And, he pointed out, if you're not going to use them, then those
things are just a liability to you now.  This from the guy who started the militia.   But he was right
and I sold them legally two days ago.  Dr. Robbi especially believed that I was going to be the
next McVeigh and kept asking me if I wanted to be the poster boy for martial law and
disarmament? No, I did not.

What really alarmed her were my mood changes and my occasional statements that I just felt
like killing someone.  She's deprogramming me and says that my occasional vacant gazing and
panic attacks are normal and that I will get better.  They both felt that my story should be
written and distributed as quickly as possible for our own protection - hers and mine. Dr.
Robbi has incurred the wrath of the medical establishment for her healing techniques (no profit
there) and for her actual knowledge of corruption including murder and drug dealing and forged
death certificates in the Arizona medical system.  She and Bruce reported this corruption to the
Phoenix police in January, but her factual reporting was suppressed by the police because high
officials in the State of Arizona are involved.

Bruce called my house a dump.  I really didn't want to leave there, although I'd been threatening
to do so for a year!  He said, what's your excuse for living in Tim McVeigh's house in this day
and age?  With no electricity or phone, it was pretty primitive.  But, as we were packing me up,
I had this incredible feeling of euphoria and told Dr. Robbi that it was really okay, I didn't
really need to leave.  She said, "What?! Get serious!" She's been pretty hard on me, I must
say.   But we did have a curious visit just before we left, which prompted her to insist that we
leave NOW.

A pickup truck hauling a technical-looking fifth wheel trailer with antennas and solar panels on
the roof pulled up in front of my house, which is really in a rather desolate location with a
number of double-wides and such scattered around.  The house directly across the street from
me isn't bad but the new occupant is the local FEMA chief, which I admit did alarm me. Next
to him is the lady with the binoculars.  Two guys in matching outfits, complete with black
baseball hats, got out of the truck and went a few yards up and down Hunt Road calling, "Here,
kitty kitty!"  Now, these guys had never been in the neighborhood but they're searching for their
lost cat?  And while they were doing this silly thing, they'd be looking right at my house and
motioning toward it to each other.  Then the binocular lady came out and went up to them, also
pointing at my house.  Dr. Robbi went outside and was about to approach them to ask about
their "lost cat," when she saw one use his cell phone.  They motioned to the binocular lady to join
them behind a bush but I could still see them talking and referring to my direction. She then heard the
one with the cell phone say into it, "Get a truck up here and get it up here now!"  A truck? That
did it.  Robbi turned and came back to the house, telling me that we have to go NOW.
Whaddya mean, I asked.  She told me what was coming so I reluctantly got some stuff into her
car and we took off.  We called Bruce and he came down to meet us in Laughlin, Nevada
where we described the strange situation.  He agreed with Robbi that we had to abandon the
house and just go, which we are doing as this is written.  We're not gone - we're long gone.

Now, I'm going to speculate a little regarding the guy I knew as Tim McVeigh.  I will say first
that the guy we all saw after the arrest was completely different from the Tim I knew.   I'm not
saying he was someone else but just that he never gave a hint of this sort of thing, bombing
children or anything.  His stone-face act made him a complete stranger to me. He really didn't
look like the guy I knew.  A friend of Bruce told him that he'd encountered Tim at a gun show in
Phoenix, selling The Turner Diaries.  Bruce's friend commented on the book being quite
interesting but Tim just looked at him blankly.  Tim didn't have a racist bone in his body as far
as I knew.  Why would he sell a book which was probably quite offensive to him?   Bruce says
he was being sheep-dipped the way Oswald was when he was ordered by Guy Bannister to
pass out pro-Castro leaflets in New Orleans to get him on record as a Communist.  Tim was
re-invented as a racist revolutionary who promoted the blowing up of federal buildings.

I mean, his sister read a letter from Tim to the grand jury in which he told her he was going into
the Special Forces Covert Tactical Unit and would be breaking the law from time to time.   He
thought he would be going against drug dealers. Turned out he was going against the militia.

How could he afford even to buy cases of The Turner Diaries, which probably cost two or
three hundred dollars?  He had no money!  But he was buying tables at gun shows, traveling
around the country to meet with Strassmeir and Mahon and others.  This costs money and he
just didn't have any.  He had to work in the Kingman True Value hardware store just to pay the
rent on the little two-room house.

His legal defense team complained to a friend of Bruce that Tim would not cooperate with his
own defense.  They said that he was convinced that his colleagues in the government would
rescue him and that the trial was irrelevant.

There is no doubt in my mind that he figured he was going to survive the execution.  He'd
negotiated a no autopsy agreement and his "buddies," whoever they were, were allowed to take
his body to a secret location for cremation!  Chandra Levy's journalist friend, a witness to the
execution, wrote that he appeared to be breathing after he was pronounced dead.   Chandra
Levy herself, an intern at the Bureau of Prisons, checked off Tim's visitors at Terre Haute
federal prison.  It has been reported that she noted some twelve or more visits by Dr. Louis
Jolyon West, the UCLA mind control expert for the CIA who pronounced Jack Ruby insane
after he suggested a conspiracy in the JFK assassination.  He also was the government
psychiatrist who handled Sirhan Sirhan while he awaited trial.  I seem to remember that Tim had
mentioned being treated by Dr. West before he was arrested.  He also complained to a reporter
that he'd had some sort of electronic implant in his buttock.  Jolly West was infamous for his
early use of LSD on unsuspecting victims.  He was the head of the CIA's mind-control program
known as MKULTRA and was a pioneer of electronic brain experimentation, as described in
David Hoffman's The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror.

It is now known that the MK (Mind Control) ULTRA program of the CIA utilized various
university psychology departments to experiment on people such as I.  Presumably I was an
earlier victim than Tim was, of the same man, Louis Jolly West, considering that the
University of Minnesota was running just such an MK program .

There is no doubt that Tim was a killer.  He was decorated for his part in the burying alive of
thousands of Iraqis in their trenches during Desert Storm.  Tim's job was to shoot any Iraqis
who tried to get out of their trenches as a Bradley with a mine plow went alongside and buried
them alive.  He was in another Bradley equipped with a .50 caliber machine gun.

Dennis Mahon sent him a taped message at the El Reno federal prison congratulating him for being a
good soldier and for keeping his mouth shut, but wasn't the bomb supposed to go off at night?
Tim responded, "No - we needed a body count." His lawyer's investigator, Richard Reyna,
played the Mahon message for him and it was Richard Reyna who gave the laptop computer to
the Dallas Morning News along with suggestions as to where the good stuff was - including the
confession.  Stephen Jones fired Reyna, who should have gone to prison for this, and Jones
himself should have been disbarred and imprisoned for his part in the malpractice. The strange
confession removed all doubt and sympathy for this anti-government, militia-connected child-
killer.  It resulted in his swift conviction and death sentence.  Oddly, Tim was never accused of
being a White racist by the very sensitive press, even though he'd been hawking the most
virulent blueprint for White racism, The Turner Diaries, ever written.

But who is "we," as in "We needed a body count?" The Special Forces Covert Tactical Unit, a
CIA criminal organization?

Tim's real role in the bombing is something of a mystery to me.  I don't know of any evidence
other than a mysterious rear axle to indicate there was a Ryder truck in front of the Murrah
Building.  And this axle was found by none other than ex-FBI agent and Oklahoma governor
Frank Keating, an opportunistic toady of George Bush I.  Where's the engine?  If a rear axle,
supposedly right under the big blast, could be blown downward and then bounce hundreds of
feet away to be found by the governor, in good enough shape to read not only a part number
but a "serial number" - where's the engine block?  Engine blocks do not evaporate. Where is
any other part of the Ryder truck?  Now, we all know that the building was blown
professionally from the inside, but Tim supposedly put the deadly Ryder truck in front of the
building.  But where are all the security camera photos and films of him doing this? We were
told that they exist but has anyone ever seen one? Can't we infer at this late date that the films
would show no Ryder truck in front of the building?

I'm not suggesting that Tim was innocent in any way, just because I knew him.  He obviously
played some role in this federal or Mossad (or both) conspiracy to kill people and demolish the
militia, as Campbell says.  But where's the bomb crater in front of the building, even if a truck
bomb was coordinated with demo charges inside the building?  How come there was not one
particle of ammonium nitrate found at the scene the way it was floating in the air at the WTC in

Unless he was mind-controlled, Tim deserved to die for any role he played in the bombing, but
was his role simply to pretend to have done it as a disgruntled patriot?  If he was such a
desperado why didn't he kill the cop who stopped him for speeding with a haywire license plate,
instead of meekly handing over his pistol?  And where'd he get the money for that yellow
Mercury Cougar?  Again, Tim had no money when I knew him.  How could he drive a Ryder
truck AND a Cougar from Kansas to OKC?

Maybe it seems dated and irrelevant to be discussing Oklahoma City in this new age of airliner
cruise missiles used against skyscrapers.  But Campbell's idea is that we know that the FBI's
informant built the bomb for the 1993 WTC bombing at the direction of his FBI handlers. The
FBI was willing to destroy one or both of the Trade Towers and to murder 50,000 or more
people to create hatred for Moslems and support for Israel.  But the inept bombers only killed a
half-dozen people.  By that time the militia was growing by leaps and bounds and had to be
stopped somehow.  The OKC massacre certainly accomplished that.  The militia became a
dirty word, as intended.

And then came September 11 and real hatred for Moslems and real support for Israel, as was
meant to happen in 1993.  Now we are reading that firemen in the Trade Towers were
reporting hearing explosions just before each tower collapsed.

Is there any evidence that any Arab was on any of the four airliners?  Seven of the nineteen
supposed hijackers are alive and well in the Middle East!  And what about the Israeli Mossad
officers who were caught videotaping the attack and then dancing for joy as the towers
collapsed?  They were quietly returned to Israel.

It has been charged recently by the Zionist DoD war hawk, Paul Wolfowitz, that Tim was
involved with the Iraqis, as a justification for another invasion of Iraq.  However, in light of the
ADL's strange knowledge of Tim's actions for the two years leading up to the bombing, we
must look at the possibility that he was guided by the Mossad as well as by the CIA's Andreas

If these three crimes can be connected then support for our criminal government will evaporate
faster than that missing engine block did.

I want to thank Dr. Robbi Borjeson and J B Campbell for persuading me to get out of Tim
McVeigh's house.  Whatever the future holds for me, I really do not want to be blamed for a
government crackdown on the American people.  There are doubtless others such as I who are
being manipulated to do something awful to justify the further nullification of the Bill of Rights.  I
believe all of the crazed mass killers who have "gone postal" were on Prozac or Zoloft
prescribed for their "depression."  It is my hope that this information will help someone else such
as I break free from the frightening, helpless state of rage caused by government mind-control.


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Before rejecting the idea that a "mere" intern could have such an impact, the
reader should delve into Chandra's background as discussed in this writer's
article "Chandra's Dangerous Knowledge." The information in that article came
mostly from an in-depth story by Washington Times reporter Frank Murray.
Chandra was not an "ordinary" intern.

Chandra was peripherally involved in the Oklahoma City bombing story as she
worked with journalists and TV personalities arranging coverage of Timothy
McVeigh's execution.

Full Story:

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Execution Eye Witness

Note: Susan Carlson was a friend of Chandra Levy!
Execution Eye Witness - Susan Carlson, Media Witness: 4 min. 27 sec.
"he appeared to be still breathing or what appeared to be shallow
breathing, even after being pronounced dead and his eyes remained open".
(Windows Media Player) - See and hear this first!
Execution Eye Witness

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