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Rep. Charles Key on the Facts of the Oklahoma Bombing




Execution Eye Witness  

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From: "Carlson, Susan L."
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please remove my soundbite from your website immediately.
there should no confusion over whether mcveigh was dead. he was. i saw him.
my comment about him "appearing to still be breathing" was misunderstood.
my point was that his death was anti-climatic. it was hard to tell his exact
moment of passing.
i regret not  making that point clearer.  you're using my words to
deliberately mislead people and i want any reference to me to be removed
from this webpage.

susan carlson


The Terrance (Terry) Yeakey Incident
Terrance (Terry) Yeakey was a courageous young black
Oklahoma City police officer who was on duty near the
Murrah Building the morning of that building's bombing.
Officer Yeakey entered the bombed out Murrah building
and saw things that apparently caused him to be murdered.
The hideous details are within these audio tapes

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Part 2 http://www.apfn.org/audio/tyeakey2.rm




WHO are these people that Jane C. Graham (witness/survivor) seen at the Murrah Building BEFORE the bombing????

Video of Tim McVeigh
from a security camera
at McDonald's in
Junction City, taken
at the exact same time
the government claims McVeigh
was renting the Ryder truck in
another city.

The Unauthorized Biography of
Timothy McVeigh
Brandon M. Stickney

Brandon M. Stickney on KFYI Radio 05-29-01
Audio 14 min: 32 sec

Lead in Oklahoma City bombing

Oklahoma City Bombing Cover-Up

Jane C. Graham's Video Affidavit (47 min, 29 sec)

Download Acrobat Reader here

Jane Graham, witness/survivor, whose testimonial was denied
by the Grand Jury concerning the Federal Murrah
Building Bombing

Although the FBI interviewed Graham, they never showed her any pictures or
brought her before a sketch artist. "They only wanted to know if I could
identify McVeigh or Nichols," she said. "I said it was neither of these two gentlemen.


One such bomb was a 2 X 2 foot box marked "High Explosives" WHICH HAD A TIMER ON IT.
This was confirmed by Oklahoma City Fire Marshal Dick Miller. The timing mechanism
apparently had been set to detonate at ten minutes after nine. Apparently it had
malfunctioned due to the initial blast.

According to Toni Garrett, a nurse who was on the scene tagging dead bodies.
"Four people--rescue workers--told us there was a bomb in the building with a timing
mechanism set to go off ten minutes after nine." According to Garrett, witnesses told
her it was an active bomb. "We saw the bomb squad take it away."

This fact was confirmed by an Oklahoma City Police officer who inadvertently began
to walk into the building when a fireman yelled, "Hey idiot, that's a bomb!" The
stunned officer looked over and saw the 2 X 2 box surrounded by police crime tape.
He then heard the fireman yell, "There's one over there and another over there!
We're waiting for the bomb squads to come back from hauling off the others."

Investigator Phil O'Halloran has Bill Martin of the Oklahoma City Police Department
on tape stating that one of the bombs found in the building was two to three
five-gallon containers of Mercury Fulminate--a powerful explosive--one not easily
obtainable except to military sources.

Citizens monitoring police radios heard the following conversation on the morning
of the 19th:



UPDATE: Oklahoma Bombing Cover-Up

McVeigh's "Confession"

PROOF there were additional explosive charges.

The government, in trying to prove that a single Ryder truck filled with explosives could have caused the damage seen in the Murrah building commissioned an experimental study by the Armament Directorate, Wright Laboratory at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. Intended to be used to bolseter the "lone bomber" case against Timothy McVeigh, the results of the study proved to be an embarressment to the government.


The Aryan Republican Army, Elohim City, and the OKC Bombing


McVeigh: Late Release of Documents Sparks Shock, Outrage
Fri May 11 11:54:41 2001

McVeigh's Lawyers Studying New FBI Papers
Late Release of Documents Sparks Shock, Outrage

By Judith Crosson

DENVER (May 11) - Attorneys for Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh on
Friday were sifting through hundreds of documents the U.S. government said
the FBI did not provide to the defense, as the possibility loomed his
scheduled execution next week would be halted.

The strange turn of events was set into motion on Thursday when the FBI
handed over the documents to McVeigh's defense team, casting doubt over
whether the execution by lethal injection would take place next Wednesday in
a federal prison in Terre Haute, Indiana, and shocking victims of the blast.

The planned execution has put the international spotlight on America's use
of the death penalty, and the latest disclosure was sure to raise the
temperature in this already heated debate.

The Justice Department said the government considered the documents would
have ''no bearing'' on McVeigh's conviction for the April 1995 bombing that
killed 168 people and injured hundreds of others in what has been called the
most heinous act of terrorism on U.S. soil.

But McVeigh's attorneys said they were shocked the material would show up so
close to the execution date and were considering whether to ask for a stay
of execution.

''We're considering all the options,'' McVeigh's Denver-based attorney
Nathan Chambers told reporters. Other options include requesting a new
trial, although seeking a stay of execution would likely be the first order
of business, lawyers who follow the case said.


While McVeigh's attorneys were scrambling to review the police interviews,
photographs, written correspondence and tapes not provided during the
discovery phase of the trial, nobody was expecting McVeigh to walk out of
prison a free man.

In fact, his lawyers could only try to stop the execution if the 33-year-old
former soldier wanted it stopped, legal analysts said.

''All roads run through Terre Haute,'' said Scott Robinson, a Denver
attorney who followed McVeigh's 1997 trial in Denver. In December, McVeigh
halted all his appeals and asked the court to set an execution date.

Robinson said a lot depended on what was contained in the new information.
If it showed others identified as the bomber, it could go to a question of
McVeigh's guilt.

But prosecutors could also point to McVeigh's reported confession of the
bombing and his chilling referral in an interview to the deaths of 19
children in the blast as ''collateral damage,'' Robinson said.

But Robinson said a court would be hard-pressed to turn down a stay of
execution now that the new documents had surfaced.

''McVeigh, the man on death row, now controls in many ways his own immediate
fate. And the government which did so much to take that control away from
him has intentionally or negligently given it right back to him,'' CBS legal
analyst Andrew Cohen said.

A May 9 letter written by Justice Department attorney Sean Connelly to
McVeigh's lawyers said the documents were discovered after an FBI archivist
put out a request for all the material related to the case.

McVeigh was informed about the new documents, his lawyer said.


Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating said reaction in Oklahoma City to the latest
development in the McVeigh case was one of ''stunned disbelief.''

''Obviously, until we know why they weren't turned over, there is a big
question mark over this whole proceeding, and that obviously causes all of
us in this state, at least, real concern,'' the Republican governor said in
a CNN interview.

People who lost relatives when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building blew up
were beside themselves.

''I guarantee you, if this boy walks, some heads are going to roll,'' said
Kathleen Treanor, whose daughter, Ashley Eckles, was one of the children
killed in the building's day care center.

Justice Department spokeswoman Mindy Tucker said, ''While the department is
confident the documents do not in any way create any reasonable doubt about
McVeigh's guilt and do not contradict his repeated confessions of guilt, the
department is concerned that McVeigh's attorneys were not able to review
them at the appropriate time.''

The documents were also delivered to the attorney for Terry Nichols,
McVeigh's former army buddy who is now serving a life sentence for planning
the bombing.

''It's deeply disturbing that such a substantial amount of information that
we were clearly entitled to and which the government admits should have been
disclosed at the trial was not,'' attorney John Richilano said.

Reut05:53 05-11-01

Oklahoma City Bombing
Good Morning:

As you hear the latest "published" accounts regarding the McVeigh case, you
might appreciate hearing first from me that I've been honored with the
privilege of representing two of the survivors in that disaster in a
civil matter in the US District Court there in Terre Haute, Indiana. Jane
Graham and V. Z. Lawton were in the building at the time of the explosions.

We're seeking a stay of execution.

There's no reason to expect that you'll hear much about this, especially
if our requests for relief are denied. But, on the off chance that this new
"revelation" affects positively the matter in which I am now directly
involved, it's possible that you may, at some point, hear about this
particular matter.

In the event that happens, I thought you'd appreciate hearing about this
from me, first.

Please feel free to check the website, http://web.archive.org/web/20020118161601/http://www.legalreality.com/   for
developments. From the Home Page, take the link to the Open Letter to the
President, and from there, the link at the top of that page to the
Updates page.

"Harmon Taylor" - holmes221@earthlink.net

Open Letter to President George W. Bush Re: Stay of Execution


McVeigh 'did not act alone in Oklahoma bombing

attached file is a press statement regarding the release of the Final
Report on the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Contact Information:

Charles Key

phone# : 405-951-5900, fax 405-917-1994

email: okbic@swbell.net

website: http://web.archive.org/web/20030618073328/http://okcbombing.org/

Don't kill McVeigh -- yet
Joseph Farah is editor and chief executive officer of
WorldNetDaily.com and writes a daily column

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"John Doe #2 Identified: But Can We Get The FBI To Arrest Him?"   


Sherman H. Skolnick skolnick@ameritech .net

Fri May 11 17:52:05 2001


by Sherman H. Skolnick 5/11/01 skolnick@ameritech.net


The following further details in this report might be helpful in
understanding the situation:

1. As stated, the head of the McVeigh defense team, attorney Stephen
Jones, prior to the 1997 McVeigh murder trial, filed a Petition for
Mandamus, an extra-ordinary attempted remedy in the U.S. Court of
Appeals, 10th Circuit, Denver. Because of perceived prejudice against a
fair trial in Oklahoma, the case had been transferred to Denver U.S.
District Judge Richard Matsch. Prior to the beginning of the trial,
Jones was attempting to force Judge Matsch to order the release of
secret records in the possession of U.S. intelligence agencies,
corroborating that U.S. dissidents were secretly surrogates for an Iraqi
revenge plot to carry out a major terrorist attack on an Oklahoma City
federal office building. That these records, also referred to in secret
court records, would show Iraqi complicity, as known in advance by U.S.
intelligence agencies, as referred to in Jones' unpublicized Petition of
some 185 pages.

The spy-riddled monopoly press did not bring out an important detail.
Namely, that Judge Matsch was intimidated into keeping these records
secret to protect the Clinton White House cover-up of the multiple
bombings of the Murrah Building as well as protecting the FBI, the CIA,
the NSA, and others of the spy agency Establishment. How? Judge Matsch's
daughter was apparently murdered. She somehow fell into a volcano in
Hawaii. This apparent murder made the Judge naturally distraught. The
apparent murder example also was known to and intimidated the Federal
Appeals Judges in Denver who after the McVeigh murder trial, conducted
without these highly revealing records, upheld the District Court's
guilty verdict of McVeigh. So both the trial judge and the federal
appeals Judges in Denver had been coerced into going along with a cover
up by murder close to home.

Will trial Judge Matsch and/or the federal appeals judges, all
apparently intimidated by the apparent murder, do something at this late
date to bring out the true nature of the bombings of a federal office
building in Oklahoma City?

2. The apparent split in the FBI by which some three thousand records
suddenly showed up also involves the super-secret Federal Emergency
Management Agency, FEMA. Seldom accurately referred to by the
pressfakers, FEMA is not authorized OR FUNDED by Congress. According to
very well placed sources, FEMA secretly funds their covert operations,
planning to run the U.S. FROM ABOVE THE U.S. CONSTITUTION, with huge
funds garnered from the CIA's dope trafficking into the U.S. Vice
President Richard Cheney has promoted the idea that FEMA should take
over all anti-terrorist planning of the U.S., thus excluding the FBI,
and causing a rift between the FBI and FEMA. Yes, FEMA seeks to run the
U.S. from ABOVE the U.S. Constitution and yes, I recognize such a doing
is itself unconstitutional.

[The martial law edict, quietly signed several years ago by President
Clinton and carried over by alleged "President" or White House
"resident" George W. Bush, provides---now get this---that no judge in
the U.S. has jurisdiction to consider any challenge to the martial law
edict. We are about the only ones publicly stating that several federal
judges in the U.S. wear two hats---one as federal judge, and two,
generally unknown, as FEMA official. One such judge sits in the Federal
Court in Chicago. We pointed all these details out in a several hundred
page documented lawsuit, in January, 1991, against FEMA, in Chicago's
Federal District Court. Yes, a federal judge on behalf of FEMA dismissed
our suit in secret, without any legal formality.]

3. Despite the military coup planned against Clinton as President,
referred to in our story, Clinton was never concerned. Why? Because he
had reason to know that his rise to and stay in power was orchestrated
with the aid of blackmail and murder. We mentioned how supposed
"Independent Counsel" Kenneth W. Starr was blackmailed. Clinton
benefitted from an epidemic of suspicious if not sabotaged military
aircraft crashes and from the strange death of those who knew too much
about Clinton and about the military coup plot against him.

One of those who knew too much and was reportedly sympathetic if not
supportive of the coup, was General David McCloud, head of he Alaska
Military District. He died in a sabotaged plane crash. His military
colleagues are aware of the terrible details but refuse to allow a
reporter to publicly identify them or take their position public. His
relatives tend to agree with our details.

4. Some in the monopoly press, who talk to us off the record and we
agree never to identify them as sources, contend such details as in our
stories, which they believe to be true but cannot go in print or on the
air with them, could well topple the U.S. government. Why? Because the
ruling elite, whose faces are seldom seen, are governing us from behind
the scenes in contradiction of the U.S. Constitution and laws.
5. Is there a rationale by the ruling elite for the cover up of the true
nature of the bombings of the Murrah Building? They fear, supposedly, a
full scale war with Iraq which now has chemical and biological weapons
as well as some types of nuclear bomb devices. Furthermore, any ruckus
with Iraq over the Murrah Building inevitably would involve the current
German government Establishment. Why? A German counter-intelligence
agent, on behalf of Iraq, supervised the U.S. domestic dissidents in the
limited role outside the Murrah Building while others had already
planted explosive devices INSIDE the building to go off about the same
moment as the ineffective truck fertilizer bomb outside. That
agent,known to the American CIA, reportedly was Andreas Strasmeier,
whose elders reportedly were pro-Hitler. Little understood: German
industry has supplied much of the weaponry for Iraq. And, they built a
60-foot-under-the-ground bomb shelter for Saddam Hussein as well as
other super-secret buildings, machines, and weaponry for Iraq. All while
Germany professes to be pro-West and pro-U.S.

Also, in our stories about the murder of Clinton White House Deputy
Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., we mentioned that German
Counter-Intelligence [also tied to Strasmeir] in Frankfurt, had advance
knowledge of a foreign team set to murder Foster. [See our website
stories, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", Part Four.] And study our
website story about how Foster was part of a team, trying to assist the
FBI, in arresting international swindler Marc Rich, at the Swiss/French
border [Affidavit of former CIA operative Leo Wanta.]

In an honest world, if McVeigh is to be severely punished for his
limited role in the bombings, also deserving of major punishment would
be William Rockefeller Clinton and his crony, George W. Bush, as well as
the Elder Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, for their cover up
complicity in the 168 murders on behalf of Iraq.

6. Timothy McVeigh, a purported expert in secret code usage,
cryptography, has been communicating in code with author Gore Vidal who
was on an extremely short list of those McVeigh wanted to witness his
supposed execution. {Study Gore Vidal's book "1876" and how it predicted
the strange 2000 election. See our website series on the year 2000
alleged election.] Gore Vidal, a third level cousin of Albert Gore,
Jr.,[they are on the outs with each other] reportedly has a witnessed
Affidavit from Timothy McVeigh supposedly setting forth "smoking gun"
details that could scandalize the American government and Presidents
George Herbert Walker Bush, Bill Clinton, and Bush's son, George W.
How is it that high-level types are so dedicated to destroying and
discrediting the American central government? Isn't this something the
British monarchy and aristocracy have been trying to do since at least
the War of 1812? And British complicity in the murders of President
Abraham Lincoln, President James Garfield, and President William
McKinley, all who opposed the British plans to take back this continent
and its peoples as subjects of a British colonial rule.

[Visit our website series, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush", to which
are attached secret Federal Reserve wire transfer records showing
billions and billions of dollars, from worldwide illicit dope
trafficking and such, to the joint account of the Bush family with the
Queen of England at her private bank, owned by the Queen, Coutts Bank
London, as authorized under the secret codes of Greenspan.]

More coming. Stay tuned.
Sherman H. Skolnick 5/11/01 skolnick@ameritech.net



art b Rosenblum artr@juno.com
Re: McVeigh: Late Release of Documents Sparks Shock, Outrage
Fri May 11 15:56:39 2001

Subject: Re: McVeigh: Late Release of Documents Sparks Shock, Outrage
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 14:51:34 -0400
From: art b Rosenblum -artr@juno.com

To: apfn@apfn.org

Dear Friends,

I'm just running out the door to go to D.C. but this you have to know.
Yes, McVeigh did set off a truck bomb.

However the real killing was done by bombs INSIDE the building and
McVeigh's attornys now know this. Nathan Chambers called me and told me
he knows about this, but did not then have all the details you have
below. See this. McVeigh is guilty of a "token bombing" to call attention
to U.S. evil actions at Waco and he risked his life to do that. Others
are clearly guilty for the 168 deaths.

Subject: US Air Force Confirms Multiple Blasts (OKC)

Date: Fri, 27 Jun 97 06:29:31 PDT

Multiple Blasts: More Evidence
by William F. Jasper

A new study analyzing explosive tests conducted by the U.S. Air Force
against a reinforced concrete structure may provide an important key
to understanding the April 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah
Building in Oklahoma City, which took 168 lives. The report, based on
testing data and photographs supplied by the Armament Directorate,
Wright Laboratory at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida, lends powerful
support to the arguments of those experts who have challenged the
official government position that a single, large ammonium
nitrate/fuel oil (ANFO) truck bomb parked outside the Murrah Building
was solely responsible for the massive death and destruction.

Led by Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (USAF, ret.), former
director of the Air Force Armament Technology Laboratory and one of
the world's premier explosives and ordnance authorities, critics
have argued compellingly that the blast wave from the ANFO truck bomb
was totally inadequate to cause the collapse of the massive,
steel-reinforced concrete columns of the federal building in Oklahoma
City. This fact, together with much other forensic evidence from the
crime scene, they contend, points inescapably to the conclusion that
additional demolition charges had to have been placed on columns
inside the building. Which means that this terror bombing was a much
more sophisticated operation than the federal authorities admit,
requiring more hands, brains, and brawn than any lone bomber could
supply. If that is true, the other bombers are being let off the hook
by the government's insistence that Timothy McVeigh was the sole
efficient cause and the truck bomb was the instrumental cause of
"the deadliest terrorist attack on American soil."

The new Eglin blast study convincingly proves the fundamental points
set forth by General Partin: That air blast is an inefficient
mechanism against hardened, reinforced concrete structures, and that
"the pattern of damage [to the Murrah Building] would have been
technically impossible without supplementing demolition charges."
Entitled Case Study Relating Blast Effects to the Events of April 19,
1995 Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma,
(hereafter referred to as the Eglin Blast Effects Study, or EBES), the
56-page report includes photographs and data from the Eglin blast
tests, as well as extensive technical analysis of those tests,
conducted by construction and demolition expert John Culbertson. The
study relates the Eglin parametric data to the Murrah Building and
presents a serious challenge to the federal prosecutors' official
bombing scenario. The report also contains letters from engineers and
technical experts who have reviewed the study for The New American.

The blast effects tests conducted by the Wright Laboratory at Eglin
Air Force Base involved a three-story reinforced concrete structure 80
feet in length, 40 feet in width, and a total height of 30 feet. The
Eglin Test Structure (ETS), according to the EBES, "while not as
large as the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City, has many
similarities and therefore provides an excellent source for
data." The study continues:

The ETS is similar to Murrah in its basic layout with three rows of
columns in the long axis and a series of narrow bays in the short
axis. The ETS was constructed of six-inch-thick concrete panels
similar to the six-inch-thick floor panels of Murrah. In addition,
a series of 14-inch square columns supported the panels in the
corners of each room and at the edge of the floor panels. This
configuration bears a similarity to the Murrah building's
system of columns, T-beams and floor panels.

While noting the similarities in structural layout of the ETS and
Murrah, the EBES also makes note of the major differences in
construction methods and overall structural integrity between the two
buildings, stating that the ETS "must be considered an inferior
structure in terms of strength and blast resistance," and that
the ETS "is actually more indicative of some structures to be
found in third world countries and is not representative of concrete
structures to be found in the United States." The Murrah
Building's floor panels were reinforced "with approximately
five times the amount of steel" used in the Eglin
structure's panels. An even greater contrast is found in the
columns and beams, where "the steel fill in the Murrah Building
was much higher than the ETS, in most cases by a factor of 10 or
more." The study also observes that "while the ETS did not
use stirrups in its columns and beams, the Murrah Federal Building
did, thereby increasing strength to a level far above the ETS."

Additionally, the ETS lacked a roof panel, which "reduces the
overall rigidity of the structure, and in particular the third story
wall panels, making the third story more susceptible to damage from an
explosive device." Finally, since concrete develops strength with
time, the relatively fresh concrete of the ETS must be considered
weaker than the mature strength of the Murrah Building's

All of the foregoing is of particular significance since, as the Air
force tests demonstrated, air blast alone was singularly ineffective
in causing major damage to the ETS. And if air blast could not effect
catastrophic failure to the decidedly inferior Eglin structure, it
becomes all the more difficult to believe that it was responsible for
the destruction of the much stronger Murrah Building.

Three different explosives tests were conducted on the Eglin Test
Structure. The first test used 704 pounds of Tritonal, which is
equivalent to 830 pounds of TNT, or roughly 2,200 pounds of a properly
prepared ammonium nitrate/fuel oil (ANFO) mixture. The Tritonal was
contained in a light aluminum case and was placed outside the
structure at ground level 25 feet from the vertical surface of the
40-foot side wall. This test most closely parallels the truck bomb at
the Murrah Building and provides important parametric data for
assessing blast-wave damage at the Oklahoma City site. Besides being
external to the ETS, the aluminum casing provided a container similar
to the light shell of the Ryder truck. Like the truck bomb, the
Tritonal test attempted to effect damage to the concrete structure
with an air-couple blast wave without the help of heavy shrapnel.

By contrast, the second and third tests used steel-cased warheads
detonated inside the ETS. The second test used a standard Mk-82
warhead (equivalent to 180 pounds of TNT) placed within the first
floor corner room approximately four feet from the exterior wall. The
third test involved a 250-pound penetrating warhead (having an
equivalent explosive weight of 35 pounds TNT) which was placed in the
corner of a second floor room approximately two and a half feet from
the adjoining walls. As the photographs from Wright Laboratory
graphically show, these two explosive devices, although much smaller
than the Tritonal device, effected far greater damage to the ETS. This
disproportionate destruction was largely a function of three critical
factors: distance, mechanical coupling of the blast wave, mechanical
coupling via shrapnel, and contained pressure (due to being confined
within the structure).

As General Partin has taken great pains to emphasize, the inefficiency
of a blast wave through air is dramatic, particularly outdoors,
where the blast energy is dissipated in all directions with its
pressure and destructive force falling off more rapidly than an
inverse function of the distance cubed (distance expressed in radius
units). This means that the blast wave from an explosive device which
yields a maximum blast pressure of one-and-a-half million pounds per
square inch at the center of the device will have dropped off to under
200 pounds per square inch by the time it has traveled 20 radii. This
makes air blast alone very ineffective against hardened concrete
structures, such as heavy, steel-reinforced columns.

The photograph from Wright Laboratory of the first test involving the
external Tritonal explosion confirms this very important principle of
blast effects. The six-inch-thick concrete wall panels on the first
floor were demolished by the air blast, though the reinforcing steel
bars were for the most part left in place. The 14-inch columns
remained unaffected either by the blast pressure wave or the stresses
produced by the pull of the reinforcing steel in the wall panels as
they broke up. Damage to the second floor wall panels is considerably
less than that to the first floor walls, and very little damage can be
seen to the third floor wall panels, even though there is no ceiling
to provide stability.

A detailed pressure map matrix for the entire vertical face of the ETS
was prepared for the EBES, providing a one-foot grid which gives the
maximum potential blast pressures for any given point on the face.
According to the pressure map, the vertical face in the first test
experienced a range of maximum blast pressure from 34 psi (pounds per
square inch) to 174 psi (page 32). Maximum blast pressure on the
six-inch-thick wall panels for the first floor ranged from 74 psi to
174 psi. Wall panels on the second floor had a maximum blast pressure
ranging from 53 psi to 141 psi. The third-floor panels had blast
pressures of 34 psi to 84 psi, yet experienced no damage even though a
significant portion of the panels was subjected to pressures exceeding
the 70 psi yield factor for the six-inch-thick walls.

Computing the blast pressure for the Ryder truck's estimated
4,800-pound ANFO bomb, the EBES determines that the radius from the
center of the device that would manifest a pressure of 70 psi or more
would be 42.37 feet. It can therefore be expected, explains the study,
that within a radius of 42.37 feet from the
center of the explosive, any six-inch reinforced concrete panel
positioned so as to have a major face perpendicular or nearly
perpendicular to the travel path of the blast pressure wave from the
explosion would be damaged. The study notes that the floor
panels in the Murrah Building were of the same thickness as the ETS
panels and, starting with the third floor, had a similar positional
relationship to the device as the panels in the Eglin test.
Accordingly, the EBES found: A limited area of the third and
fourth floors of the Murrah Federal Building immediately adjacent to
the position of the Ryder truck would be affected. On the third floor
a roughly circular shape extending into the building and approximately
40 feet down the north face of the building from the center point of
the explosive, which was located some 14.5 feet north of the north
face of the building. This circular area contained approximately 1,250
square feet of six-inch panel.... The fourth floor panel that
experienced 70 psi and above was limited to a roughly circular-shaped
pattern of approximately 400 square feet.

The conclusions of the Eglin Blast Effects Study are compelling and
carry stunning implications. With the ETS having significantly less
integral strength than the Murrah Building, the EBES conclusions have
a built-in margin of error that, if anything, overstate the extent of
damage to be expected at the Murrah Building. Moreover, the
computations for the Ryder truck bomb also are overly generous.
=93Because ANFO is also a low-energy explosive (approximately 30%
that of TNT) and due to the inherent inefficiency of eight barrels
forming the explosive assembly [according to the government's
estimates], it is doubtful that the device produced blast pressures
close to the calculated maximum potential blast pressure, the
study asserts. This being the case, it is doubtful that the
radius of damage even approached the 42.37 foot range as calculated

Finally, the EBES concludes:

Due to these conditions, it is impossible to ascribe the damage
that occurred on April 19, 1995 to a single truck bomb containing
4,800 lbs. of ANFO. In fact, the maximum predicted damage to the
floor panels of the Murrah Federal Building is equal to
approximately 1% of the total floor area of the building.
Furthermore, due to the lack of symmetrical damage pattern at the
Murrah Building, it would be inconsistent with the results of the
ETS test [number] one to state that all of the damage to the Murrah
Building is the result of the truck bomb.

The damage to the Murrah Federal Building is consistent with damage
resulting from mechanically coupled devices placed locally within
the structure....

It must be concluded that the damage at the Murrah Federal Building
is not the result of the truck bomb itself, but rather due to other
factors such as locally placed charges within the building
itself.... The procedures used to cause the damage to the Murrah
Building are therefore more involved and complex than simply
parking a truck and leaving....

Mike Smith, a civil engineer in Cartersville, Georgia commissioned to
review the Eglin Blast Effects Study, states:

The results of the Blast Effect Test One on the Eglin Test Structure
present strong evidence that a single Ammonium Nitrate and Fuel Oil
device of approximately 4800 lbs. placed inside a truck could not have
caused the damage to the Murrah federal Building experienced on April
19, 1995. Even assuming that the building had structural deficiencies
and that the ANFO device was constructed with racing fuel, the
air-coupled blast produced from this 4800 lb. device would not have
damaged the columns and beams of the Murrah Building enough to produce
a catastrophic failure.

Robert Frias, president of Frias Engineering of Arlington, Texas,
after examining the EBES, concluded: The Murrah Building would
still be standing and the upper floors would be intact had the truck
loaded with explosives been the only culprit. Moreover, Frias, a
practicing engineer for over 40 years and a registered engineer in
Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana, stated: Explosives had to have
been placed near, or on, the structural columns inside the building to
cause the collapse that occurred to the Murrah Building.

Likewise, Alvin Norberg, a licensed professional engineer in Auburn,
California with over 50 years of engineering experience on over 5,000
construction projects, writes that evidence from the ETS data
verifies that the severe structural damage to the Murrah
Building was not caused by a truck bomb outside the building,
and that the collapse of the Murrah Federal Building was the
result of mechanically coupled devices (bombs) placed
locally within the structure adjacent to the critical columns.

Kenneth Gow of Whittier, California, with over one-half century of
engineering experience in the aerospace industry, writes in his
evaluation of the EBES: The Eglin Test Structure report ...
further reinforces the conclusion that a substantial portion of the
Murrah Building damage was by internal explosions.

The full EBES report is available for $25.00 postpaid from The New
American, P.O. Box 8040, Appleton, WI 54913.




Oklahoma Bombing Invesitgation Committee "Final Report"
Sun Apr 15 21:44:47 2001

Did the Federal Government Have Prior Knowledge of the Oklahoma City Bombing?


Oklahoma Bombing Invesitgation Committee "Final Report"

"Final Report on the Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Building"
by the Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee

You may e-mail us at:

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Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee
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What the US media isn't allowed to report about the OK City Bombing!

By JP Essene

Editor of

Thee Under Ground

What really happened in Oklahoma City on April 19th 1995...

Is Timothy McVeigh a government cover-up? A soldier used to explain THE UNEXPLAINABLE?

We have links on this site to the WARNING DOCUMENTS that were faxed to 60 executives in the US Media days before the tragedy occurred...

Documents that WARNED the top execs and talent in the US media, TO EXPECT A BIG BANG on April 19th 1995...

The producer of the Larry King show was WARNED! Most of the publishers of the top newspapers in the US were WARNED! The FAX that warned them even named the TARGET.

The FAX called the FUTURE BIG BANG that was to occur on April 19th the ALPHA target!

Imagine being ONE of the 60 executives in the US Media that control everything the US citizens hear.

You get a FAX the day before the BOMBING that says BIG BANG on 4/19! Target is ALPHA! Wouldn't you have reported it?

ALPHA is the intials of the ALfred P. murrAH building. The FIRST TWO, Middle and LAST TWO initials spell ALPHA!

A simple CODE!

ALFRED even sounds like ALPHA!

That's why the media originally spoke of a WARNING FAX!

The ACTUAL WARNING! that was faxed to 60 US media exex THE DAY BEFORE the OK City bombing occurred! It is a document in US Federal Court 96-CV1496. A case where the sender of THE WARNING FAX sued the US government for covering up the fact that he had sent this WARNING to the US media! He says the OK City bombing was a strike by higher intelligence against the US government! An energy beam FOCUSED where he warned THE DAY BEFORE, TO WARN THE US GOVERNMENT and US Media, that WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED!

LIST of 60 in US MEDIA that were faxed THE WARNING!

Several other documents were faxed days before the explosion in Oklahoma City occurred, to the same 60 executives in the US media that control what the public hears! All the documents were sent by the same person. We have a link to the list of 60 who got these WARNING FAXES. Call them up and ask them if they remember the fax...

More links to the other WARNING documents are also in the MEMBERS AREA of our site.

Remember the media initially reported they received a FAXED WARNING!

Then they hushed it up!

These same documents were then put into the Federal records of an amazing case in Philadelphia Easter District of Federal Court, months after the Oklahoma City bombing happened! We have a $100,000.00 GUARANTEE the case and documents are authentic!

The same documents then accurately gave the details of another bombing that occurred in the Middle East on the same day of the the year ONE YEAR LATER! On the 109th day!

Is this document the reason that almost no Federal employees were in the Federal building when the Big Bang occurred on April 19th...

Why doesn't the mass media report that this document was sent before the bombing occurred now.

Why have they covered it up...

It's a FACT that even the death count of this tragedy was somehow known and published in Philadelphia ONE month before the tragedy actually occurred in Oklahoma city, by the sender of these WARNING FAXES! We have a link to the actual ad in our MEMBERS AREA, where he put into a major Philadelphia paper the ACTUAL DEATH count in the article! It also gave the date and location of the bombing!

The same man was detained by the US govenment after the bombing! The name of the person who sent the WARNING FAXES is Sollog!

He has recently appeared on many radio shows to discuss how he knew of the Oklahoma bombing before it happened! We have links to archived shows that you can listen to on the net at bottom of this article in our MEMBERS AREA if you click on the Sollog Link.

He also gave in a federal court record ONE year before TWA 800 exploded, the EXACT details of that event to prove he knows the FUTURE!

So, was the tragedy in Oklahoma even a bombing...

The person who knows the FUTURE and sent the WARNINGS says it wasn't!

It was an ACT of WAR with a beam of focused energy transmission!

He says Timothy McVeigh is nothing but a soldier the government is using to hide the TRUTH of what occurred in Oklahoma City...

The man who sent the warning says Timothy McVeigh is part of a government cover up....

He says the claim that a truck explosion did the damage is false...

He WARNED in his case, that a major crater would have appeared if such an explosive device was used...

The type of crater that did later appear outside the U.S. military building that was bombed in Saudi Arabia by such a truck bomb as the US military claimed Tim McVeigh use!

Remember the pictures of the hole that bomb left...

It was so deep it struck the water table...

Wake up America...

Your government is hiding the TRUTH of what happened in Oklahoma City...

What is the TRUTH...

http://www.theeunderground.net/site down

From safannews@aol.com

Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 17:31:35 EST

SAFAN Internet Newsletter, NO. 1126, Mar. 16, 1998

THE SECRET WAR: THE OKLAHOMA TRAGEDY Part 4: Chronological Order of Events [5 Parts] by Ray Southwell, Brutus, Michigan (cofounder of the Michigan Militia) rsout@sunny.ncmc.cc.mi.us (616) 529-6646


Chronological order of events:

198O's.. Caterpillar Corporation Vice President Donald Fites tells members of Congress the company needed an exchange rate of 220 yen~to the dollar to compete with Japan The Weight of the Yen. p.153 1984-1985 CEO's of multiple industrial companies put pressure on the Administration and Congress to do something about the High dollar. The Weight of the Yen p.169-170 September 1985. The G5 (later G7) Finance ministers meet and. agree on what has become known as the Plaza Accord. First they agreed that the dollar had appreciated too much. Second the Accord was an agreement to bring down the dollar. How far they would bring down the dollar was kept secret. The Weight of the Yen p.179 December 1985 the yen closes the year at 200 to the dollar. The Weight of the Yen p.182 March 1986 The yen Trades for 179 to the dollar May 1986 yen worth 160 to the dollar Sept 1986 yen 153 to the dollar The Weight of the Yen p.188-190 1986 The appreciation of the yen causes Japans companies to lose their competitive edge. Japan's companies must receive capital to stay competitive.


The Weight of the Yen, p.199 1986 The Ministry of Finance helps Japan's companies recapture their competitive edge by developing the "bubble economy." The economy ran on easy credit. "The Japanese Ministry of Finance deliberately manufactured the bubble economy... They deliberately set out to inflate the prices of stocks and land with an unambiguous goal in mind: cheap financing cost to Japan's industrial corporations." The Weight of the Yen p 196-199 Winter of 1986 Jim Baker, Secretary of Treasury, had "pushed down" the dollar coming close to harming the U.S. ability to finance its debt. All this effort was to improve the U.S. trade numbers. The Weight of the Yen p.185. October 14, 1987 The yen nears 140 to the dollar despite the efforts of the G7 to halt the slide. The Weight of the Yen p 194. October 19,1987 "Black Monday." Stock Market crash. 1989 The "bubble economy" lasted until 1989 The Weight of the Yen p.218 Christmas 1989 Bank of Japan raises interest rates. Japan's stock Market is at its peak of 39000 yen The Weight of the Yen p.239 November 1992 Clinton wins election for the presidency. He recognizes the need for Japan to do something about the trade imbalances. If significant Japanese markets are not opened, he like presidents before him would talk down the dollar and cause U.S. markets to be more competitive.


The Weight of the Yen p.285-286 February 1994 President Clinton refuses to sign a trade agreement without substance. For the first time since WWII, a U.S.- Japan summit ended without any written agreement. In the long history of trade agreement only one had ever produced any measurable results. The Weight of the Yen. P.290 May- June 1994 Foreign Affairs Magazine. Sumurais No More Deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman declares," the United States would wait until hell freezes over for the Japanese to accept U.S. demands." May- June 1994 Foreign Affairs Magazine Whv Pressure Tokyo. The Clinton Administration is Committed to charting a new course of relations with Japan. Beginning in 1993, newly elected President Clinton jolted the U. S.-Japan relationship into its fourth phase." Mr. Clinton reinstitutes by "executive order" Super 301 trade tool. This tool requires identi~ing, every six months "priority practices in priority countries that violate Section 301 of the U.S. trade law. No country or practice will be designated before September 30, 1994. June 11, 1994 U.S. Senator from Michigan, Carl Levin, after meeting with Walter Mondale Ambassador to Japan, calls on the Clinton Administration to set a September 30, 1994 deadline for Japan to make progress on opening its auto and auto-parts markets. (The Detroit News and Free Press June 11, 1994 Section A p.11 column 6) September 12, 1994 The Department of the Treasury announced a two phase inquiry into the aircraft crash at the White House.


The White House Security Review consisted in large part of an "analysis of the "Secret Service's Intelligence Operations. "The Top Secret report is 500 pages long. The public report is approximately 100 pages long. Dept of the Treasury Public Report of the White House Security Review May 1995. September 1994 The trade agreement finally signed was largely "empty" The Weight of the Yen p.292 December 1994 It is reported that Carol Howe, the informant at Elohim City, identifies Timothy McVeigh and Michael Fortier as visitors to Elohim City.(The New American March 17,1997, pp.17-18) March 15,1995 Eduardo Gonzales head of the U.S. Marshal's Service, sends out a Warning Memo to put all Federal Courthouses on alert. (David Hoffman "A Real Fertilizer Story" Haight Ashbury Free Press) March 19,1995 (March20, 1995 in Japan) Sarin Gas attack at the Kasumigaseki subway station Tokyo Japan.


April 3, 1995 Believing that Japans "economic managers are asleep at the wheel. "Japan's Stock Market "nose dives" falling 768.66 points to 15381.29 yen. This is the lowest level since August 1992. (Wall Street Journal April 4, 1995 Section C p.1 column 6)

April 14,1995 Oklahoma City deputy Fire Chief Leonard Charles Gaines received a phone call, mistakenly transferred to him, from a Mr. Gilmore. Gilmore told him "FYI, there could be something catastrophic happen this weekend." (The Oklahoman 12/03/1 997 "Grand Jury Told of Warning Calls- Deputy Fire Chief," ATF office Manager Testify).

April 15, 1995 A caller to the U.S. Secret Service said "he had a hunch that there was a terrorist threat"( The Oklahoman, September 12,1997 Grand Jury Hears of Terrorist "Hunch")

April 16, 1995 Former Federal Reserve Governor and currently chief economist at Bear Stearns, Wayne D. Angell, states "the dollar can only weaken against gold and other currencies and commodities when the Fed create more dollar reserves than the world wishes to hold." He also states "that a weak dollar causes all major industrial plants to become located in the U.S." The weak dollar causes increases in capital return and a decrease in Europe and Japan. "Japan is on the Borderline of Zero growth depression and a bank crisis." (New York Times Sunday, April 16, 1995 section f pg. 6)

April 18, 1995 Japanese officials said they would withdraw from trade talks. Frustrated by the lack of progress after two years of talks, Mr. Clinton's economic advisors decided to threaten Japan with punitive tariffs if the two sides failed to agree within three weeks. (New York Times April 19, 1995.)

April 18,1995 Debra von Trapp calls McLendons News service in response to Ms. McLendon's question to President Clinton during a news conference. Ms. McLendon had stated to the president, "there is something funny going on out at the CIA.... today we have found out that they are taking their classified documents and sending them by mail to retired former CIA people." She asks the President Why they are doing this? The President response: "I have made it clear to the Intelligence Oversight Board that I want a thorough investigation of all these matters." (Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States William J. Clinton Book 11995 p.546) Les Aspin is chair of this board, he dies May 21,1995. Ms. von Trapp leaves a message on Ms. McLendons answer machine believing she has the answer to her question.

April 19,1995 Debra von Trapp while talking with Sarah McLendon believes she has foreknowledge of a potential threat from the CIA at some federal facility. During their phone conversation the bombing occurs. Ms. von Trapp becomes excited saying that's it that's it. I did not know when or where but this is what I have been trying to say.

April 19, 1995 American dollar plunges to 79.75 Yen for the first time in the postwar era. The Clinton administration threatens sanctions against Japan. New York Times April 19, 1995 section a p.1 The yen has never been that strong since.

April 19, 1995 Alan Gerald Whicher, age 40, assistant special agent in charge, U.S. Secret Service along with 167 others died from the explosion at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Whicher was a member of president Clinton's Secret Service detail until seven months before the bombing. The Denver Post

 American Reporter Correspondent Bill Johnson reported Whicher had spent 19 years with the Secret Service and had transferred to a slower life in Oklahoma City to ease into retirement.

April 19,1995 After the explosion, officials evacuated the area at 10:22 am, 10:45 am, and 1:51 pm, halting all rescue missions while these undetonated bombs, reported to be more powerful than the first, were removed and defi~sed. This procedure was followed closely by reporters and commented on by OK Gov. Frank Keating. Within 48 hours this story changed and then dis-appeared from the main- stream media ( http://www.okcbombing.org (htm1/multiple_blasts.html )

April 19,1995 Architect Ed Kilpatrick arrives at the Murrah Building shortly after the bombing and was one of the main structural safety consultants in the early phases of the rescue effort. In his opinion most of the building was structurally sound and worth restoring. "I thought they were much too hasty in bringing it down." Jim Loftis, the architect who designed the building, also agreed that the structure was sound and could be restored. (The New American Magazine, August 7, 1995 pp.4-6,20-27)

April 19,1995 Multiple witnesses believe they heard more than one explosion. (The New American Magazine August 7, 1995 p.22)

April 20, 1995 Federal Judge Wayne Alley is quoted as saying "Let me just say that within the past two or three weeks, information has been disseminated... that indicated concern on the part of people who ought to know that we ought to be a little bit more careful". His office is across the street from the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. It was a "coincidence" he took April 19, 1995 off to work at home, and was not in his office, during the bombing. An FBI spokesman stated he was not aware of any warning. (The Portland Oregonian A09, David Hogan April 20,1995)

April 21 1995 Carol Howe an ATF informant (August 1994-March 1995) at Elohim City was debriefed by the government and claims that Dennis Mahon and Andreas Strassmeir had discussed bombing government buildings.(Time , February 24,1997) 2000 federal agents interview over 20,000 people, but no agents went to Elohim City. Nine months after the bombing Strassmeir fled the U.S., slipping across the border to Mexico and then back to Germany. When he was out of reach, the federal authorities wanted to interview him and did so by telephone. Since the bombing more witnesses were found who had known "Andi the German as a friend of McVeigh." ( The New American March 31,1997) In 1991 Andreas Strassmeir (from one of Germany's most prominent families) a ex-member of GSG-9, Germany's elite counter- terrorism unit, had moved to Elohim City in Oklahoma.(near the Oklahoma and Arkansas border) Strassmeir knew McVeigh and it was Strassmeir that McVeigh had tried to contact before the bombing. Strassmeir had negotiations for a Lufthansa 747 on behalf of Vincent A. Petruskie, of Petruskie Associates in Manassas Virginia. Strassmeir identified Petruskie as a "former CIA guy who my father had known since he was stationed in Berlin during the cold war."

(The New American June 24, 1996 article by William Jasper)

April 26,1995 Norman Olson and Ray Southwell talk with Debra von Trapp over the phone, at length, concerning her information on the CIA, Japan, and Oklahoma City bombing (recorded conversation)

April 26,1995 Ted Gunderson (FBI ret) writes a letter "To Whom it may concern" He states that Dr. Ken Louzza from the University of Oklahoma Geological dept. reviewed the University seismogram, during the time of the explosion. Dr. Louzza stated there were two surface waves, one at 9:02 and 13 seconds and the other at 9:02 and 23 seconds on April 19,1995. He stated this chart "indicates two detonations."

April 27, 1995, Negotiators from the U.S. and Japan report progress in trade talks. New York Times April 28, 1995 section D p.1


April 30, 1995 Debra von Trapp releases, to the press, a story concerning the CIA, Japan and the Oklahoma bombing. May 1995 Ted Gunderson, former Senior Special Agent in Charge of the FBI, Los Angeles field office, produces his evaluation of the bombing. He believes the FBI is engaged in a cover-up. He shares his investigation showing Seismograph of "two events." (Possibly a second explosion.) Also Mike Riconosciuto's belief that a CIA developed Barometric bomb called an electrohydro-dynamic gaseous fliel device, he developed, destroyed the Federal Building. May 09,1995 Official statement made now by the University was that there were "two events." (Seismograms Possibility Associated With the OKC Explosion by Dr. Raymond Brown Tuesday May 09, 1995) May 23, 1995 Demolition of the remaining portion of the Murrah Federal Building occurs. Dr. Raymond Brown, senior geophysicist, is assigned to lead the Oklahoma Geological Survey investigation. He compares the results of the seismograms from both explosions. He believes that the most logical explanation for the "second event" was "a bomb on the inside of the building." Dr. David Deming, a professor of geo- physics at the University of Oklahoma, agrees that Dr. Brown's assessment is "the most convincing analysis of the event" that he has seen.


The U.S. Geological Survey has not released its data. (The New American August 7, 1995 p.13-16) July 2, 1995 President Clinton reaches an automotive deal with Japan. Ross Perot's trade advisor, Pat Choate, concludes that "the U.S. blinked." (The Detroit News: The We May Have Just Begun (http:I/detnews. com/editpage/5UN72/ledit72.html) July 30, 1995 Retired General Partin publishes his analysis of the Bombing. August 7, 1995 McVeigh attorney Stephen Jones suggests the unidentified leg found in the rubble could belong to "the real bomber" (Associated Press, Timeline of the Oklahoma City bombing case.) October 5, 1995 Hoppy Heldeberg, Juror for the Federal Grand Jury, raises questions about the investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing. (Letter written to Judge David L. Russel) October 20, 1995 The Detroit Free Press, Section A p.10. Reports the CIA had been spying on Japan during "last spring" trade talks. Mickey Kantor, the United States trade representative would "neither confirm nor deny" the charge. The alleged bugging took place at the Intercon-tinental Hotel in Tokyo. October 24, 1995 Hoppy Helderberg, Juror of the Federal Grand Jury is dismissed from his duties by U.S. District Judge David Russell. October 27,1995 State Representative Charles Key of Oklahoma City said he suspects U.S. prosecutors kept a federal grand jury from "a full and complete investigation of the April 19 bombing." He files a petition calling for an Oklahoma County grand jury to investigate federal prosecutors. (Saturday Oklahoman and Times. October 28, 1995) January 2, 1996 Stephen Jones (Timothy McVeigh's attorney) reveals he is investigating a possible connection between the bombing and neo-nazi groups both here and abroad. (http://www.kwtv.com/news/bombing/time_line.htm

January 27,1996 The Pastor of Elohim City confirms that two days before the bombing, McVeigh called the community looking for an "acquaintance," Andy Strassmeir. Strassmeir, a German national, had lived at Elohim City. (http://www.kwtv.corn/news/bombing/time_line.html) July 12, 1996 The dollar now worth 110 Yen. It is 32.5% higher than the 83 Yen it was at last April. Caterpillar Inc. Chairman Donald Fites said a survey of "American business leaders found most would like to see the dollar trade for 90-100 yen." Until a year ago, the U.S. auto industry had a cost advantage of $2500-3000 over the Japanese. President Clinton has offered no commitments to help slow the "dollars' run-up." (The Detroit News. August 6, 1996 "Big three vehicle sales in Japan still short of goal." Sales of US made cars and auto parts are at record levels in Japan, but they lag goals set by the US side during 1995's bitter trade fight with the Japanese government, (The Detroit News) 

December 24,1996 The Oklahoma Court of Appeals granted the request of Oklahoma State Representative Charles key to investigate the federal government's investigation of the bombing. (Oklahoma City update by Oklahoma State Rep. Charles Key) January 27,1997 FBI whistleblower Frederic Whitehurst, once rated by the FBI as it's top expert on bomb residues, was placed on adminis- trative leave with pay and barred from entering any FBI building. Whitehurst alleged in late 1995 that a pro-prosecution bias and mishandling of evidence may have tainted crime lab work.. including the Oklahoma City federal building bombing. (Associated Press Jan 27, 1997)

(The above page is down as of April 20, 2000)

 January 30, 1997 section A p.1 The Detroit News reports "Strong dollar may push Japan to cut car prices in U.S." Detroit Big three auto- makers are worried that the Japanese will cut car prices and steal market share. The dollar hit it's highest point in nearly four years. The strong dollar removes the "competitive advantage" over U.S. automakers.


April 17,1997 Representative Key announces the Oklahoma State Supreme Court decision to uphold the appellate court decision for an independent grand jury to investigate the bombing. May 26, 1997 State Rep. Charles Key's colleagues don't view him as a conspiracy theorist or a right-wing, anti-government advocate. They call him honorable, honest and tenacious. (The Oklahoman 5/26/1997 "Key Pursues Inquiry Despite Sacrifices to Reputation") June 6,1997 Oklahoman County elections officials verified 10,633 signatures of registered voters on a petition calling for a County Grand Jury. State Rep. Charles Key, R - Oklahoma City, who accuses the federal government of covering up evidence in the April 19,1995, federal building bombing, filed more than 13,500 signatures.


By law Key, needed 5000 signatures of registered county voters to call a grand jury. (The Oklahoman June 6,1997 Official Certifies Bombing Grand Jury Petition Signatures) June 11,1997 Oklahoma County District Judge Charles Owens ruled the petition (for a State Grand Jury) was sufficient and ordered the County Grand Jury be empaneled on June 30, 1997.(State Rep. Charles Key update) September 19,1997 During the county Grand Jury testimony, Jayna Davis, a former reporter for K~R-TV in Oklahoma City, said that some of the witnesses have received death threats and apparent attempts on their lives. Dr. Raymond Brown, who earlier evaluated the seismic readings, had been quoted as saying he believes that the most logical explanation for the "second event" was " a bomb on the inside of the building." Now he says it cannot be determined from seismic readings if more than one bomb destroyed the Murrah Building. He is quoted as saying "This is technical and I had a hard time explaining it." (The Oklahoman Sept 19, 1997.) October 28,1997 The New American reporter William Jasper states in an article,"We Want to Know the Truth". that only Edye Smith and Glenn and Cathy Wilburn were the only family members who challenged the "integrity of the investigation.


That has changed." He goes on that many family members are questioning the government's investigation. Some are concerned for their own personal safety or that of their families, others are concerned that coming forward now they may be marked for harassment.(The New American, October 28, 1997) December 2,1997 FBI chemist Steven Burmeister concedes that Crystal of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, found on a piece of Ryder truck, after the Oklahoma bombing, does not necessarily mean the blast was caused by a fertilizer and fuel oil bomb.

 December 11,1997 Judge Matsch allows Carol Howe, a federal informant who testified to seeing McVeigh at Elohim City, to testify, but restricts her testimony. (http://www.kwtv.com/news/bombing/time_line.htm) January 8, 1998 Juror Niki Deutchrnan, (Nichols Case) states that the prosecutors failed to directly implicate Nichols in anything. "I think decisions were probably made very early on that Tim McVeigh and Terry Nichols were who they were looking for and the same sort of resources were not used to try to find out who else might be involved." (Detroit Free Press Jan 8,1998 13A) January 10,1998 The 1995 trade agreement that was supposed to settle a decade of auto indus-try squabbling has turned out to be a big bust. General Motors Chairman Jack Smith calls the weak yen his biggest single concern. Importing cars to the United States was not profitable for the Japanese when they could only get 80 Yen for a dollar (The Detroit News and Free Press, January 10,1998 "Japan Keeps Big Three from smooth sales ride")


"Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God." Thomas Jefferson Take Back Tennessee http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/4218  Project to Restore the Republic http://www.sbacenter.com/proj-1.htm


Dot Bibee ( SafanNews@aol.com ) Ph/FAX (423) 577-7011 Index of Newsletters are available upon Request

Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 08:10:05 EST

Ken, There are many findings that do not match what the BATF, and the US Administration would like the people of the Country to believe. But as one I can not buy into any of the findings, or better yet, the BATF, FBI, or any of the so called agency's have tried their best to have the people swallow. The first news cast of that morning, showed officials carrying out rocket Launchers, and the ammo that goes with them. They also showed two objects that were said to be bombs, that did not explode. Now the administration might want the people to be brain dead, but I choose not to be one. I saw with my own eyes, what was carried, The only thing that puzzeled me was when the news played on, no more was shown on the objects, or mentioned. Even the reporter made note of the objects loudly, "They are carrying rocket launchers, and over there, they have what appears to be some type of explosive device", Why were these things ( rocket launchers & ammo) in that building any way?. Who's unexploded bombs were they? The lies of the Government continue. Did the Administration blow the building them self? Buffalohorse, ( BIG T)


Cover-Up In Oklahoma uses eyewitness accounts, expert testimony and extensive 'live' local newscast footage to prove the 'truck bomb' scenario promoted by the government and the mainstream media does not fit the facts. The video shows:

* The damage sustained by the Murrah Federal building could not have been produced by a bomb on the street without additional charges placed on or near internal structural columns.

* The initial news coverage, supported by statements from state, federal and local government officials, described the removal of multiple unexploded bombs from inside in the Murrah Federal building.

* Blast debris was blown out and away from the Murrah Federal building not into it, as would occur with a truck bomb on the street.

* The truck-bomb 'crater', described in the national media, appears to have been an outright hoax.

* Murrah bombing survivors experienced multiple blasts and describe events consistent with the placement of explosives both on the street and inside the Murrah Federal Building.

The presence of bombs within the Murrah Federal building raises disturbing questions about who might have had the access needed to place bombs inside a protected Federal building. In Testimonial of Murrah Bombing Survivor: Jane Graham a federal government employee and the head of her local union describes unfamiliar workmen inside the building, days before the blast. These workmen had architectural plans, wiring and other materials, that fit the description of explosives. Some of these unfamiliar workmen were in GSA attire. Ms. Graham has been unable to get the government to either identify these workmen or to act upon her testimony, which undercuts the government's 'truck bomb' story.

Jerry Longspaugh, the producer of this video, notes, "Cover-Up In Oklahoma is significantly comprised of broadcast video footage that was recorded in the homes of citizens all across the country...due to the origin of the video footage within Cover-Up In Oklahoma, some of it is of marginal technical quality...viewers are urged to concentrate on extracting the abounding content of suppressed information rather than to be sidetracked by any shortcomings of superficial technical quality."

Viewers who do look beyond the technical problems will find a documentary that will force you to confront the probability that elements within our government and within the media are prepared to sacrifice both the truth and the lives of children to achieve their social and political objectives. 

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Oklahoma City: Two Blasts and Strange Facts

England has a law that its government must investigate the death of its citizens. They did their own investigation of three people killed at Waco. They found our government malignant in its intent and charged the United States with murder! Because of the international picture, (and media coverup) we don't hear what is happening, but with the above information, consider how our government would feel about Former Attorney General Ramsey Clark filing a claim for 84 people murdered at Waco. He would have been entitled to every piece of information relative to Waco, all of it was stored at federal offices in Oklahoma City! A seismograph at Still water (50 miles away) measured two tremors. Bomb experts say there is no way to direct a car bomb to utterly destroy a federal building and leave the YMCA across the street unaffected (window washers weren't even knocked off their scaffolding).



Others Unknown":Oklahoma City Revisited

Oklahoma City blast linked to bin Laden

Fox News
The O'Reilly Factor - MARCH 20, 2001
Headlines: Was Osama Bin Laden Involved in the Oklahoma City Bombing?
Byline: Bill O'Reilly
Guest: Jayna Davis

       The muzzled  tiptop experts agree that the Murrah Building was NOT
destroyed by a fertilizer bomb in a Ryder Truck, but by several contact
charges INSIDE that building and positioned on the critical failed support
columns.  And very soon after the bombing the Murrah Building was hastily
demolished (terminated) and without an independent forensic examination.

        We are now told that Mc Veigh wants to be speedily executed
(terminated) and buried without an  independent forensic examination
(autopsy).  Do we really believe that? Isn't that convenient for the
federal power structure that Mc Veigh wishes to be hastily terminated without
an independent forensic examination entirely analogous to the building he
allegedly destroyed with his one "magic" bomb? (Kind of like Oswald's one
magic bullet?)

      Will Mc Veigh be hastily executed and denied an independent   
autopsy to hide that he was physically and/or chemically abuse to make him a
more compliant patsy?
      Jerry  L. - LONGSPAUGH@aol.com
The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror

The Oklahoma Bombing More than any other event in recent years

"Others Known" to the FBI in the OKC Bombing Case

General Says Four Charges Destroyed Murrah Federal Building

Three John Does in the OKC Bombing Were Protected FBI Informants

It is the same Bob Ricks of Waco fame. Ricks was seen by witnesses including
Mrs. Jane Coverdale who spoke with Ricks in front of the Murrah building
at around 9:15 am on 4/19/1995 too early for Ricks to have gotten there
from a golf tournament he said he was at in Shawnee, Oklahoma (25 minutes
away even by heliocopter!) Coverdale lost two grandchildren in the day care
center of the Murrah Building.

Many of the FBI agents who mishandled WACO in addition to Ricks were
also directly involved in the OKC bombing coverup and were from the
OKC FBI field office.

One FBI agent named Gray was in the FBI communications center at WACO
listening to all the FBI bugs in the compound. Gray was a negotiator
who supposedly retired after Waco. But strangely enough, he was on
the scene at the bomb site by 9;30 am on 4/19/1995 with his FBI
jacket on to do negotiations with McVeigh? Smacks of foreknowledge
doesn't it!

My source of this story is OKC police officer Don Browning who was
K9 unit that found living and dead in the rubble. Browning knows FBI
agent Gray and testified against Gray at the Oklahoma County Grand
Jury investigating the bombing.

The Grand Jury never called Gray to respond to the allegations. The
FBI has immunity in these cases we were told and does not have to
testify before state or county grand juries!! Remember McVeigh said
during his 60 minutes interview that he held the FBI more responsible
for Waco than the BATF. MCVeigh also wrote a letter to the Oklahoma
Gazette with even stronger allegations against the FBI. The FBI had
agents in the Murrah building every day at 9am and dropped off kids
at the day care center. But the FBI was tipped and did not show up
inside the Murrah building on the morning of 4/19/1995. They were
outside instead!

Mike Blair

Truth Dies With OKC Bomber's 'Confession'

Mon Apr 9 23:39:16 2001

Truth Dies With OKC Bomber's 'Confession'

The mainstream media is ignoring massive amounts of evidence that could shed
light on the worst act of terrorism on domestic soil in U.S. history.

Exclusive to The SPOTLIGHT.

By Mike Blair

As the nation awaits the May 16 execution of convicted Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, the Establishment media is hyping McVeigh's claim to have acted alone. The media utterly disregards the overwhelming evidence of a wider
conspiracy that critics of the government's handling of the case are insisting will be buried with the Persian Gulf War veteran.

Contradictory statements from witnesses indicating a well-orchestrated
conspiracy, even with involvement of the government itself, are still being ignored by the national media. It also ignores physical evidence that has disappeared, such as the Ryder rental truck that McVeigh supposedly used to deliver a homemade fertilizer and fuel oil bomb to the front of the Murrah building on April 19, 1995.

Explosions killed 168 people in the worst domestic terrorist event in U.S. history.

Americans are to believe that all that remains of the truck used to deliver the 4,800-pound bomb is the rear axle, a bumper, a few pieces of twisted structural metal, a piece of plywood less than a foot square that was supposedly from the body of the vehicle and the ignition key, which McVeigh conveniently lost while making his escape through a nearby alley.

The huge axle became famous when it was found several times during the course of the investigation, once by Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating, a retired FBI big shot, who supposedly stumbled upon it while surveying the damage around the building. When that story was questioned another was offered that it supposedly came close to striking a janitor from a nearby building when it slammed into the man's car.

The plywood fragment was presented as evidence at the trials of McVeigh and his supposed co-conspirator, Terry Nich ols, in Denver. It was evidence that the bombing duo used the ammonium nitrate fertilizer and fuel oil mixture to blow up the building.

Ammonium nitrate and fuel oil bombs, as any bomb expert will confirm, are dirty weapons, leaving behind residue everywhere around the blast, but not, as Americans are supposed to believe, at the Murrah building. The only remains were found on that square and jagged piece of plywood.

But, ooops! According to the FBI, the ammonium nitrate mixture on the piece of wood was inadvertently destroyed. It just disappeared when it was being examined at the FBI forensics laboratory.

The fact is the government does not have a single piece of evidence from the crime scene covered with any trace of ammonium nitrate and fuel oil, not even on that massive rear axle of the Ryder truck.

There is more evidence to suggest there was not a Ryder truck used in the
bombing than to confirm that there was such a vehicle.

Where is the vehicle's huge V-8 engine, weighing several hundred pounds? You are supposed to believe that it, as well as the differential, frame, doors, rims and tires were vaporized—not even a piston, connecting rod or drive shaft was found— not even a huge blob of melted metal.

The mystery of missing evidence does not stop with the truck.

A roll of exposed film was among the items items McVeigh had when he was stopped while fleeing the scene.

And where is that film today? The FBI claims it has no knowledge of it, although local Oklahoma police officials insist it was among the inventoried items that were taken when the FBI snatched McVeigh from local custody.

And what was on that missing roll of undeveloped film?

Could it have contained pictures of fellow conspirators in addition to his old army buddy Nichols?

Could it have contained snapshots of the Iraqi, who had supposedly fled to the United States after the war, and was recently revealed as being a part of a larger plot by a young reporter from an Oklahoma City television station?

The reporter had outlined her findings on a recent edition of Fox News Channel's The O'Reilly Factor. The show's host, Bill O'Reilly, seemed to find the reporter's story of interest, but the FBI turned down evidence offered to the agency by the TV broadcaster.

The reporter has statements from numerous witnesses of the involvement of foreign terrorists in the Oklahoma City bombing, including a leader of the earlier bombing of the World Trade Center in New York.

Of course all of these mysteries could be answered by Timothy McVeigh.

The trouble is he simply will not—or cannot—talk and may go to his grave claiming sole responsibility.

No one but McVeigh at this point can explain how or why he (McVeigh) has been convinced to cover up the entire truth about the bombing.



 ---- Patrick Henry

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Oklahoma City Unanswered Questions!

This site was created to centralize information concerning the strange events surrounding
the April 19, 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building.  While researching
the State's case against McVeigh and Nichols I came across what I would consider to be very
troubling activities on the part of the prosecution.  On this page I have provided links 
to articles that I believe every American should be aware of.  Please read through these 
documents and make up your own mind.

Articles documenting McVeigh's link to a German named Andreas Strassmeir (ATF agent?)

Articles investigating the possibility that John Doe #2 exists (Micheal Brescia?)

Articles documenting the State's "Lone Bomber" stance (Are they throwing the case?)

Articles questioning whether or not the BATF had prior knowledge (Carol Howe's testimony)

Freeh 'a criminal'?
Klayman, Fitton, Limbaugh, Chastain blast FBI for withholding evidence

By Toby Westerman
 2001 WorldNetDaily.com

Recently resigned FBI Director Louis Freeh “is a criminal” who has committed “acts of gross negligence” and “recklessness” during his eight years as head of the agency, according to Larry Klayman, chairman and general counsel of Judicial Watch, a public interest group.

The actions of the FBI in recent years have also called into question the justifiability of the death penalty, Klayman charges. Referring to the five-month delay between the recovery of the McVeigh files and their release to the court, Klayman asserted, “when the government starts playing games like this, one has to start questioning … the death penalty. What about a similar situation,” he asked, “with an honest individual where evidence is being held back?”

Klayman’s statements were made during Saturday's Judicial Watch radio broadcast.

Klayman participated in a panel discussion on Freeh and the recent appearance of more than 3,000 pages of evidence pertinent to the Timothy McVeigh Oklahoma City bombing investigation.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, and Jane Chastain, WorldNetDaily columnist and talk show host, joined Klayman. David Limbaugh, best-selling author of "Absolute Power," also appeared on an interview segment.

Klayman condemned the FBI’s mishandling of the errant files; the agency took months to release the documents to both the defense and prosecution in the McVeigh case. Reports state that the files, made public May 10, had been rediscovered as early as December 2000.

“There’s no way accidents like this happen,” Klayman asserted, describing as “completely despicable” Freeh’s May 1 announcement of his resignation as head of the FBI without informing President Bush of the existence of the still-undisclosed McVeigh files.

The way Freeh “sits on things and lies to the president of the United States by not bringing it to his attention is, in my view, criminal,” Klayman stated.

Referring to the newly released McVeigh files, Bush stated that “the subject never came up” during the meeting at which Freeh announced his resignation as FBI Director.

“Why did it take the FBI five months to alert the court … that the documents existed?” Fitton demanded.

Limbaugh shed further light on the FBI’s activities surrounding the siege of the Branch Davidian sect in 1993, which cost the deaths of 80 men, women and children.

According to Limbaugh, Davidian leader David Koresh had already claimed a “divine direction to come out” before the attack on the sect’s compound. The FBI, however, informed then-Attorney General Janet Reno that Koresh refused to surrender, said Limbaugh, which then led to the catastrophic attack on the Branch Davidians.

Limbaugh added that Reno, who had originally accepted responsibility for the ensuing tragedy, later retracted her statement, and has recently denied that she was misinformed by the FBI.

Referring to Reno’s statements regarding her participation in the attack, Limbaugh questioned whether she “didn’t care,” was “complicit” in the tragedy, or is a “complete imbecile.”

Chastain, who lived in Florida for nine years, commented on Reno’s earlier record in the role of chief prosecutor in Dade County, Fla., as “deplorable,” and that she had a reputation of permitting “serious offenders to cop a plea and get off the hook.”

During her time as prosecutor in Florida, Reno’s record was “next to last of the worst” of all Florida prosecutors, Chastain added -- “and they make her the nation’s top cop.”

OKC BOMBING = Writ of Mandamus - Part 1

OKLAHOMA CITY (Reuter) - A state grand jury investigating a possible government cover-up in the Oklahoma City bombing has subpoenaed six people to testify on evidence in the case this week, The Sunday Oklahoman reported.  The six witnesses include two men who claim they saw convicted bomber Timothy McVeigh driving through Oklahoma City on the morning of the bombing, and insist he was not alone. Kyle Hunt, a banker from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, has said he saw McVeigh driving light-colored sedan with two other men inside.



Why are witnesses to the Oklahoma Bombing event dying?


OKC Bombing ~ What Is The Government Hiding

Oklahoma Bombing
What You Won't Hear In The News!!


OKC UPDATE: Air Force Photos and JANE GRAHAM

30 OKC Bombing Questions That Demand an Answer

Fed Implicated in OKC Bombing

Mind Control & Timothy McVeigh's Rise from "Robotic" Soldier to Mad Bomber

General Says Four Charges Destroyed Murrah Federal Building

Secret Pentagon Report on Oklahoma City Bombing--Evidence of an Inside Job?

Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing
Still Unanswered Questions

Proof of Bombs and Cover-up

Pentagon Report Reveals Multiple
Blasts in Oklahoma City Bombing

 Oklahoma Bombing Grand Jury Loses Credibility

FBI Scandals and Death Threat Bring No Closure

FBI Still Keeping the Lid on Eyewitness Reports

The Oklahoma Bombing

Timothy McVeigh Convicted but Jury is Still Out

Many, Many Questions Still Haunt Oklahoma


Read excerpts from the book
"Oklahoma Bombing and the Politics of Terror"
and see why it has been banned at...:



Oklahoma Bombing

Those Who Died

More Links Source:
Devvy Kidd




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The Oklahoma City Bombing Trial Transcripts
Terry Nichols



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