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Dear President Bush:

We are most pleased to be able to call a man of honor by the title of
President in place of the ignoble William Jefferson Clinton!  We welcome
you to the nation's Oval Office!

And, now, to the matter at hand!

On February 28, 1993 76 hyped-up agents of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms staged a military-style assault on the Branch Davidian church group outside of Waco, Texas.  They shot the church's minister David Koresh when he tried to talk to agents at the front door and mortally wounded his unarmed father-in-law.  (He'd invited "ATF" to inspect his guns six months earlier!) Agents then proceeded to fire blindly at the building, including from helicopters, even though they knew it contained mostly women, children and the elderly.  They killed five people inside and ambushed and killed another outside a few hours later.  Perhaps a dozen desperate Davidians grabbed guns and started to shoot back to defend the women and child- ren.   Four ATF agents died.

FBI agents had to avenge these deaths and protect ATF agents who could have done prison time for killing innocent Americans if investigat- ors ever saw the insides of the building.  It contained copious evidence of illegal and lethal agent gunfire, including from helicopters.  The FBI had to destroy the evidence.  So agents conspired to frighten and insult the David- ians, to keep as many "witnesses" to the killings in the building until they had an excuse to do what they did on April 19th -- smash away at the building with tanks until it caught fire, destroying the evidence and killing 76 witnesses trapped inside.

President Bill Clinton approved the raid and then prosecuted 11 Davidian
survivors for murder of agents.  However, the jury saw through it all and
convicted only nine Davidians of what they thought were minor charges
(aiding and abetting voluntary manslaughter and weapons charges).
Jurors were shocked when the prejudiced judge sentenced nine to a total of 238 years!

In June 2000 the Supreme Court found that the judge had illegally imposed 155 of those years and reduced them.  However, seven Davidians remain in prison with 15 year sentences (around 12.5 years with good behavior).
This is too long to serve for self-defense against a vicious
military-style attack on people who were prepared to cooperate with law enforcement.

What we find most disheartening, Sir, is the plethora of evidence still in
existence which tends to disprove the BATF version of events.  For
instance, the four agents killed died of injuries inflicted at close
range!  How was this possible if the facts were as was widely
reported?  Many questions have, as yet, remained unanswered or have been dealt with in an inadequate manner!

President Bush, You MUST Reverse the Crimes of the Clinton Administration and Prove to Americans that you Will NOT Allow These Violations of Our Rights to continue unabated!   FREE THE DAVIDIAN PRISONERS!  Restore justice to the nation and honor to the Presidency of the United States of America!

For Freedom,

(Your name here)
(Your mailing address here)

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