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New York Times
Jan. 21, 2001

WASHINGTON - With just hours to go in his presidency, Bill Clinton issued pardons Saturday to more than 100 people, including former CIA Director John Deutch; former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros; and Susan McDougal, a former Clinton business partner who was jailed in the Whitewater scandal.

Others issued presidential pardons in one of Clinton's last official acts were his half brother, Roger, who pleaded guilty to distributing cocaine in Arkansas, and Patricia Hearst Shaw, the heiress who robbed a San Francisco bank in 1974 after being kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army.

Clinton also pardoned former Arizona Gov. Fife Symington and Peter MacDonald, the former Navajo Nation president.

Just as significant were the pardons Clinton skipped. Without explaintions, he declined to issue pardons to one-time Wall Street financier Michael Milken; Leonard Peltier, an American Indian who was convicted of killing two FBI agents in 1975; former Justice Department official Webster Hubbell, who was a close Clinton friend and a former law partner of Hillary Rodham Clinton; or spy Jonathan Pollard.

The pardon of Deutch spares the former spy director from criminal charges for mishandling secret information on his home computer. Deutch, who resigned in 1996, has had his security clearance stripped. He had been considering a deal with the Justice Department in which he would plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of keeping classified data on his home computers. Deutch's lawyer, Terrence O'Donnell, declined comment.

Cisneros pleaded guilty in 1999 to a misdemeanor count of lying to FBI agents about payments to a former mistress while he was being considered for a job in the Clinton Cabinet. By agreeing to the plea deal with independent counsel David Barrett, he avoided a trial on 18 felony charges.

McDougal's pardon came just as independent counsel Robert Ray closed the Whitewater investigation with Clinton agreeing to relinquish his law license for five years and admitting he gave misleading answers in a deposition in the Paula Jones case.

Clinton's half brother, Roger, served prison time after pleading guilty in 1985 to a charge of conspiracy to distribute cocaine. He had tried to sell the drug to an undercover state trooper in Hot Springs, Ark.

Shaw's bank robbery conviction has been challenged for more than two decades. Numerous members of Congress asked then-President Carter to pardon her in 1978 while she was serving a seven-year term in federal prison. She participated in a bank holdup in San Francisco on April 15, 1974, but claimed from the start that she was coerced by the SLA.

William Jefferson Clinton & Hillary Clinton  

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