Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 20:12:06 -0700 (PDT)

From: "Lonnie Kobres"

Hi Ken,

Good to know you're on the Internet. Either you've come on the Net fairly recently or I have missed finding you. I've only been on the Net since last December. I am located in Tampa and a few years ago you helped with faxing stuff related to the common law court here. The local power-elite put most of the court leaders in jail on March 9, 1996 and they still haven't even been sentenced yet.

The power-elite are out to put me in prison for operating a micro-broadcast station, since they couldn't get me for my court activities. I am in serious trouble. I could go to federal prison for up to 28 years for simply operating a Christian format micro-radio station!

If you still maintain a list, and are willing to help me, you could send out my plea of help. At this point, since I've already been convicted, I just need people to send a brief note to the court asking for leniency in my sentencing. It would be helpful to send out my web site too.

Lonnie Kobres
c/o 1715 E. Fowler Ave., #117
Tampa, Florida 33612

April 22, 1998

Before an individual can be classified as a criminal, there must be criminal intent in his actions. That is a fundamental precept of law. As with most important legal principles today, this precept was entirely ignored during my "trial." Decadent and apathetic, few people even noticed.

I operated Lutz Community Radio as an exercise of God-given religious and political free speech. It was my effort to help protect and defend our One Nation Under God. My action was a 1st Amendment protected right. I certainly had no criminal intent. My intent was to defend the law.

The federal government may not lawfully license private intrastate radio broadcasts. The problem is that most people haven't studied the law, so those of us who have can be made out as right-wing wackos. Simply to avoid these problems, I would have licensed the station if a license was available. For those persons who appreciate the fact that my re-broadcasting satellite radio over the FM band was not criminally inspired, and I am not a dangerous person who should be locked away in federal prison for 28 years, below are the appropriate individuals to send a brief note of support to, in my behalf.

The Honorable Henry Lee Adams, Jr. c/o Lisa J. Lamb, United States Probation Officer United States District Court Middle District of Florida 501 E. Polk Street, Rm. 900 Tampa, Florida 33602

During my "trial" I was never allowed to discuss the well-founded reasons for the broadcasts, or otherwise explain my actions. I was only permitted to answer court-approved questions.

My counsel was not allowed to ask the questions that would have helped me most. If you are brought into one of these admiralty-based courts with the gold-fringed American flag, you will experience this form of court martial too, assuming it continues unabated.

My sentencing is set for July 17, 1998. I am now a convicted felon. I face up to 28 years in federal prison. This has happened because I responded to the challenge that our Christian nation is currently confronted with, using my best God-given talents, and too few people supported my efforts.

Lonnie Kobres

Another message:

If you get your information from major news sources such as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc., I'm sorry, you are not getting the information you need to cast a meaningful vote at election time. That's one reason I started the micro-radio station "Lutz Community Radio." For instance, did you know that the Republican and Democrat parties acted in unison to exclude the Libertarian Party candidates from the National Debates in 1992? Why or how, you may ask? The Libertarian candidates were excluded, because they desire a return to common sense and constitutional law. If you think the two main parties have protected our U.S. Constitution, you are mistaken. The Libertarian candidates were excluded from the debates using the threat of arrest! This is documented in a report and I saw it! The Libertarians should have been invited to participate! They were on the ballot in all 50 states! When they came to the debate uninvited, they were threatened with arrest. As a military veteran who served this once-great nation honorably, I detest this sort of thing. My objective with Lutz Community Radio was to rebroadcast satellite radio networks that discussed such little-known facts and specialized in an all-American format consisting of Bible study, home schooling, gardening, and self-sufficiency. If there are others in our community who feel that what I did was not a federal crime, I need your support now, because the government wants to send me to federal prison simply for generating the radio waves without a license, when no license is available for low-power stations in the first place.

Thanks Ken and ---- ---- - - - - - - ---- ----



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