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Philip Schneider Update 3/11/09

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Please review this new link info on Phil S.... I am still looking over all
the info... we should time this info into the Coscon - Branton info, because
Branton in his letter to me says " This infomation goes far deeper then
the Phil Schneider does.."

We should some how bring all this info together by working with these other
web sites... tie all this info with a page about current message about this
info... etc... whatever... just wanted to put all this in one message right
now... after your review please let me know what you think.

Tribute to Philip Schneider

The Tribute to Philip Schneider is a special section of my Personal Web
Site dedicated to a person who was murdered shortly after he went public giving
lectures on the Grey Alien and Human Battle that took place in Dulce, New Mexico
1979 of which he was one of three known survivors of. Philip also lectured on his
involvement in the construction of Underground Bases, The New World Order,
The real explosive device used in the World Trade Center Bombing as well as
the explosives used in the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing. Philip
also went public on many more subjects he was once actively working in. I
must caution you the reader that what you are about to read by clicking on
link to the Tribute to Philip Schneider section is absolutely true and very
graphic in both size and detail. Continue to this section only if you have
a desire of or can handle the information in a mature manner.

Index of items pertaining to Philip Schneider

Tribute to Philip Schneider

(page is down as of 11/11/02)

This page has the best doc info on Phil then far as I know!

While in Denver for Global Sic... this last month
I talked with Al Belick about all of this for over
an hour.... Al does not have a web page, but he needs
one bad... bad.... Al has been putting out the 26 page
info... sent to me by Branton for a couple of years..
he has been charging $5 for that info... I gave him
three ago... I have Al's home number and will pass
along when I put my hands on it. I expect that I will
be receiving new info from Branton anyday... I am sure
via network contacks he is watching how this info is
be pulled together...I'd like to tape an interview
with Al about this, transcribe and post....etc.

Dean Stoner - - can we put
together a web page will all the Phil S. and Al B.
video and audio of Global Sic. appearances.. and
link this info... this will help investigators and
researchers to see the players...etc...
contact apfn with infomation... What do you


*** Phil Schneider did. He killed several of them.

Message from ex-wife of Phil Schneider

....More on Phil Schneider

Branton files: Coscon (APFN)

For Terrissa
Please send me info on how to contact Harford Vandyke,
SWQW - info is posted on Mark Pitts web page!!!
Thank you,

APFN NOTE: I MEET WITH PHIL AT THE GLOBAL SIC. MEETING IN DENVER JUST.... WE TALKED EXTENSIVELY... I WILL DETAIL THESE TALKS IN THE NEAR FUTURE...We were to meet again, on Friday, of the week Phil got whacked..... Phil had much info on the shadow government.

Kenneth L. Vardon...

" conspiracy can survive eXpose'.............."

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