Ken Vardon's PICS...

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Baby Ken

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Younger years

Christmas 2009

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Ken and newest grandbaby girl (Sherry)April, 2001

(11 grandchildren) (3 Great-Grandchildren with 2 more on the way)

Jenny & Ken Vardon III

Note the second toes...

The Vardon Family

Left to right, Kenny Sr, Dottie, Claudine, Kenny Jr, Cindy & grand-daughter Adrian.

Grand & Great-Grandchildren (G) (GG)
Left to Right
Sherry(G), Elizabeth(G) & (Alex)

Left to Right
Alex, Elizabeth, Cindy(daughter)
Front: Sherry & Ken

Sherry (Grandbaby)

Alex (Great-Grandbaby)

James (Grandson), just back from Iraq & father of Alex

More will be added........


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