"Pay The Price"

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[Sender's Note - The only way we can better our Lives and rid our Soul of
barriers to knowing the Truth, erected by the forces of darkness,
is to first endure the Pain of your denial of wrongs inflicted upon you.
The Price is Pain.]

This song conveys the conviction that to get anything accomplished of
lasting value for the Lord, we must still "Pray The Price".

"Pray The Price" by "The Lawrences"

Vs. 1 -
There can be no other way for God to move,
There can be no other way for His blessing,
Than to fall on our knees and seek His face,
No other way to the throne room of God.

Chorus -
We must Pray The Price for God to
move in our lives,
We must Pray The Price for His anointing,
The Spirit will dwell where He is welcome,
And there can be no other way,
but Pray The Price.

Vs. 2 -
We may try to serve the Lord in our own strength,
We may hear our fellow man say "Well done".
But without God's approval, it all comes to naught,
No other way can this battle be fought.

While on vacation, and beside the peaceful shore of a lake in Maine, I began
to write the words to this song. Being in ministry for a while convinced me
that while we may do things, and receive man's approval, that it is the
Lord's approval that really matters. This song's message must be heard by
today's ministries.

May the Blessings and Grace of our Creator surround you
during the next three months which will aid you in your decision
to cast out the insidious Evil which has so permeated our Society.

PS:  Please be kind enough to forward this Post to your Contacts who seem so deeply distressed at the events of our Day.

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