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This was sent to me, and it relates to the verbal contract we all seem to have with the Federal authority.

Everyone please print, sign, and send the following document to your U.S. Senator & Congressman!

NOTE: I hate verbal contracts. A hand shake and verbal agreement with your government might get you a slick Willie.


From: Claire Wolfe

Subject: Social Contract, Sign here...


Are you sure you haven't signed this, or something like it?


Between ___________________________ and


WHEREAS: I wish to reside on the Central North American Continent


WHEREAS: The Central North American Government controls the area on which I wish to reside and; WHEREAS: Tacit and implied contracts are vague and therefore unenforceable;

THEREFORE, I, THE SIGNER BELOW, agree to the following terms:


I will surrender a percentage of my property to the Government, such percentage to be determined by the Government and subject to change at any time at Government discretion. The amount to be surrendered may be based on my income, my net worth, the value of my purchases, or any other criteria the Government may choose.

To aid the Government in determining the percentage, I will apply for a Government Identification Number which I will use in all major transactions.


Upon Government demand, I will surrender my liberty for a period of time to be determined by the Government, typically no less than two years. During that time I will serve the Government in any way it chooses, including military service in which I may be called upon to sacrifice my life.


I will limit my behavior when and as demanded by the Government, including but not limited to the following: I will consume only those drugs permitted by the Government; I will limit my sexual activities to those permitted by the Government; I will forsake religious beliefs which conflict with the Government's determination of propriety.


In consideration of the above, the Government will: A. Permit me to seek employment, subject to any limits which might be determined by the Government, such as choice of career or wages I may accept. B. Permit me to reside in the area of North America which it controls. C. Permit me to speak freely, subject to limits to be determined from time to time by the President or his authorized representatives, the Congress and/or the Supreme Court. D. Attempt in good faith to protect my life and my claims to any property it may have allowed me to keep. [Note: I may not, however, hold the Government liable, or responsible, or accountable in the event it fails to successfully protect my safety or my property. The fact that the Government may deny me the right, or the means, of self-protection places no responsibility whatsoever upon the government for any injury or loss I may suffer as a result.]


The Government may offer various services to me, the nature and extent of which shall be determined by Government and subject to change at any time, and for which I may be charged at whatever rate is determined by Government.


The Government will determine whether, and when, I may vote for certain officials, and the relative influence of my vote. The influence of my vote will normally vary inversely with the total number of voters, and I understand it typically will be of little or no consequence. I agree not to hold any elected Government official liable for acting against my best interest or for failing to uphold oaths or promises, even if those promises motivated me to vote for them.


I agree that the Government may hold me fully liable if I fail to abide by the above terms in their entirety. In the event of such failure on my part, the Government may confiscate any property that may remain in my possession, and may imprison me for a period of time to be determined by the Government. I also agree that the Government may, at its discretion, alter the terms of this contract at any time.


Signature Witness


Attest (by appropriate designated official)

Rick Tompkins Kathy Harrer

"Repression is the seed of revolution." --Daniel Webster

Hypocrisy is the reigning philosophy of this country, and human suffering has become our post-modern legacy. In 1990, the number of people sent to prison for drug offenses exceeded the number of offenders sent to prison for violent crimes. Drug offenders currently make up 62 percent of the federal inmate population, up from 22 percent in 1980.

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