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Marc Rich and then-wife Denise in a 1986 photo


Today's news: 06/21/02

Rich linked to money laundering -- The Washington Times

Rich linked to money laundering

By P.K. Semler

MILAN, Italy — European prosecutors say that documents identifying Marc Rich — the American fugitive who won an 11th- hour pardon from President Clinton — have turned up during a crackdown on money laundering and the Russian mafia. While Mr. Rich has not been named as a suspect, prosecutors do not rule out issuing a subpoena or even an arrest warrant for him as their investigation develops. Magistrates in Bologna said Mr. Rich's name and companies with whom he has been affiliated repeatedly surfaced during "Operation Spiderweb," which was carried out last week by Swiss and European police forces in cooperation with the FBI.

A top executive with Mr. Rich's companies said there was no link
between Mr. Rich and the companies identified in the documents.
The operation led to the arrests of 50 persons, and 150 more are under
investigation in connection with a $500 million money- laundering ring.
The probe, one of the largest in recent history, was born out of the
U.S. Justice Department investigation of the Bank of New York's role in
large-scale money laundering from Russia in 1999. The "Spiderweb" probe focused on the repatriation of funds from the  Bank of New York and offshore centers to Russia through Italian and other
European front companies.

"Basically, the Russians were sending all the money that they could out
of the country, and at one point, many of the same people decided they
wanted to bring the money back," one Italian investigator said.
"The problem was, as they had illegally sent the money out, now they
had to find a way to re-launder, or make their money legal for the Russian
authorities. So they decided to use friendly Italian companies to issue
false invoices or send goods to Russia and make everything look more or less legit."

Bologna's chief investigating magistrate, Paolo Giovagnoli, said in an
interview that his office does not exclude either issuing a subpoena for Mr.
Rich as a "person informed about the facts" — a warrant similar to that of an un-indicted co-conspirator in the United States — or issuing an arrest warrant if incriminating evidence emerges against Mr. Rich.
"Right now, we have 150 people under investigation and 50 people under
arrest and would like to question these people first before naming other
people as suspects. Currently, Marc Rich is not on the list of those under
investigation, but his name has appeared in relationship with those who
are," Mr. Giovagnoli said.

"I cannot exclude that our office will issue a subpoena or arrest
warrant based on the testimony of those under investigation," he said.
He said he would send any evidence he uncovers linking Mr. Rich to
money laundering to Swiss authorities so that they can decide whether to
prosecute him. Because of his Swiss citizenship, Mr. Rich cannot be extradited from the country that he has used as his base since the 1970s, but recent changes in Swiss law have made money laundering a serious offense with heavy criminal penalties.

Mr. Giovagnoli said he first wants to question Grigori Loutchansky,
whose Nordex company has been linked with Mr. Rich.
Mr. Loutchansky, who has Israeli citizenship, is considered by
law-enforcement authorities to be a major figure in the Russian
organized-crime network, Mr. Giovagnoli said. "I have an Interpol report that states that Marc Rich was one of the  founding partners of Nordex," he said. According to prosecutors, Nordex, a company based in Vienna, Austria, with offices in Germany, Ireland, Lithuania, Russia, Switzerland and Ukraine, is accused of having had a central role in the money- laundering operation uncovered by the "Spiderweb" operation.

In court documents in Britain, authorities maintain that Mr. Rich was a
founding partner of Nordex. They say Nordex was "created by the old guard of the communist regime to allow the exodus of U.S.S.R. Communist Party funds before the Soviet Union's collapse."
Mr. Loutchansky was expelled from Britain in 1994. Authorities say Mr. Rich's name also surfaces in connection with Benex, a company named in former U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White's investigation of suspected money laundering by the Bank of New York.

Italian magistrates say Mr. Rich, as the principal director of Glencore
International AG, had a direct relationship with Benex. Although the true
owners of Benex were never conclusively identified in Miss White's
investigation, Benex's offices, located on Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills,
N.Y., shared the same building with two companies connected with Mr.
Loutchansky. U.S. and Italian authorities say that a good part of the money  laundered on behalf of the Russian mafia and businesses passed through Benex's Bank of New York account and that from June to December of 1998 there had been a number of wire transfers from the "Glencore of Rich" to Benex for a total of $178,000.

Authorities were not clear whether the "Glencore of Rich" refers to Mr.
Rich's Zug, Switzerland, finance and trading company Marc Rich & Co. Holding Gmbh or Glencore International AG, one the world's major commodity-trading companies with an annual turnover of $44.5 billion.
Mr. Rich had sold his entire stake in Glencore in 1994, in part because
of a messy divorce with his ex-wife, Denise, a songwriter and Democratic
Party fund-raiser. Both Glencore International and Marc Rich & Co. Holding said they never had any dealings with either Nordex or Benex.
Thomas P. Furtig, the chief executive officer of Marc Rich & Co.

Holding Gmbh, said without elaboration that the company has never had ties with Nordex and that "everyone knows who are the owners of Nordex."

Mr. Furtig also said that he had never heard of Benex until it was
mentioned in the Italian press. Mr. Furtig later issued a written statement that "Marc Rich Holding and its subsidiary companies have never been involved in the transfer of funds or stolen assets from the Soviet Union to other countries."


New York Daily News
News and Views | Opinion | Thursday, February 15, 2001

Jewish Leaders' Unpardonable Role

In recent days, at least one Bill Clinton operative, has been calling journalists with a message: The ex-President didn't really want to pardon Marc Rich. The Israelis or the Mossad or the Jews made him do it.

This is nonsense. Clinton pardoned Rich for his own benefit. But the effort of Rich's strategists to turn their client into a modern-day Alfred Dreyfus — with the active connivance of some of the world's most prominent Jewish personalities and institutions — is a scandal in its own right.

US-President Clinton and Vice-President Gore proudly pose with Jewish world criminal Vladim Rabinovich at the White House


Photo: Courtesy of Jürgen Roth, "The Oligarch", p. 160.
Vladim Rabinovich (center) is one of the worst criminals of the world-wide operating Jewish-Mafia (wrongly called "Russian-Mafia"). He is responsible for thousands of murders, for billion Dollar swindles, for slave trading young women and children etc. The Rich case provided us with an unexpected insight how Western democracies function. Its leaders acting as puppets of Jewish organizations, the Jewish-Mafia and Israel.  as Clinton revealed in a startling statement: "Clinton operatives have been calling journalists with a message: 'The ex-President didn't really want to pardon Marc Rich. The Israelis or the Mossad or the Jews made him do it'."


In last week's congressional probe into the Rich affair, Abraham Foxman's name came up. He was mentioned in internal memos of the Free Marc Rich team as a man who could be helpful.

"Who is he?" asked Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.).

"He's a senior official of some American Jewish organization," said Rich lawyer Jack Quinn. "I'm not sure which one."

Foxman is the national director of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, America's most prestigious Jewish group. He wrote an official ADL letter to Clinton, asking him to pardon Rich.

I called the ADL to ask why its director had intervened with the President of the United States on behalf of a master swindler and member in good standing of the FBI's most wanted list.

"Humanitarian reasons," a spokeswoman told me.

What possible humanitarian reason, I wondered, could there be to pardon a billionaire who lives in a Swiss castle and flies around the world in his own jet? And what did a crook like Rich have to do with the ADL?

The spokeswoman had no further comment.

Foxman's not alone. Led by a Tel Aviv-based former Mossad agent named Avner Azulay, the Rich team put together a Jewish who's who of supporters. They got their client character references from famous rabbis like Shlomo Riskin; from Rabbi Irving Greenberg, chairman of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council; from the chief rabbi of France; from the directors of a half-dozen Israeli hospitals, and from Marlene Post, former head of Hadassah.

Rich also received active support from former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres; Knesset Speaker Avraham Burg; Israeli Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami; ex-Ambassador to Washington Itamar Rabinovich; former Jerusalem Mayor Teddy Kollek; the current mayor, Ehud Olmert, and dozens of other Israeli politicians.

Worst of all, Prime Minister Ehud Barak called Clinton and asked him to pardon Rich.

According to ex-Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit, another letter writer, such enthusiastic endorsements were the product of gratitude.

Shavit claims Rich used his influence in the Middle East to attempt to recover Israeli MIAs and to assist "Jewish communities in distress."

This is unverifiable and meaningless.

Sure, Rich has traded favors with the Mossad. Like other freebooters (the late Armand Hammer comes to mind), he deals with everyone and plays all sides against the middle. If he didn't bring testimonials from Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and the Iranian ayatollahs, it's not because they aren't on speaking terms.

Because the notion of Rich as an Israeli patriot is so obviously laughable, Barak has let it be known through emissaries in the U.S. that he intervened with Clinton because of Rich's philanthropy.

This is a confession, not an explanation; it simply means that Rich bought influence.

There is another, even less charitable, possibility. Barak, like most of Rich's Israeli supporters, belongs to the Labor Party. Rich's ex-wife Denise famously gave Clinton and the Democrats more than $1 million. Barak's campaign finances from the 1999 election are now under criminal investigation.

It may not be too long before we find out the going price for an Israeli prime minister.

As for Foxman, Greenberg and the other so-called American Jewish leaders, they prostituted themselves and their organizations for a rich criminal.

They and the other "leaders" who stand by silently now are guilty of a terrible abuse of trust.

By participating in what appears to be an international conspiracy, they have given life to a classic anti-Semitic fantasy and earned themselves a place on the Anti-Defamation League's list of enemies of the Jewish people.

(Photo insert by this website)

Hasidic Jews' Pardons Included in Probe
NEW YORK -- Federal prosecutors are investigating whether former president Clinton commuted the fraud sentences of four Hasidic Jewish leaders from New York as payback for their community's support for his wife's Senate campaign, a law enforcement source said today.

Rich Was Political Donor in Israel
Jerusalem Mayor, Who Backed Pardon, Says He Had Forgotten '93 Contribution




MID-EAST REALITIES © - www.MiddleEast.Org - Washington - 2/09:
     The Israelis adore Bill Clinton, as all the pollsters know.   Deep down
even the common everyday Israelis know he was their man in the White
  The political elite know very well the real story of how their friends in
the Israeli/Jewish lobby helped bring Clinton to power in the first place;
and once in the White House manipulated him continually to bring about the kind of Pax Israelica they so covet, a "final settlement" with the
Palestinians using Arafat to legitimize their designs.  That of course is what all those visits to the Clinton White House -- continually playing to Arafat's vanity, bank accounts and fears -- were all about.

Jonathan Pollard was too difficult to let go.  Oh Clinton tried.  But
the backlash from the CIA and Pentagon would have been more than he felt he could handle.  Second on the Israeli list it now appears was Marc Rich.  The likelihood is that Rich was at the least a major Mossad "asset", though not an official agent.  Oh yes, one more thing, those rumored Mossad sex tapes of Clinton in the Oval Office and Monica Lewinsky at her Watergate Apartment -- well, just a little imagination is required here to understand what was going on.

                            By Niles Latham

[New York Post - 5 February]:  Billionaire Marc Rich lived a double life
during his 20 years as a fugitive, funneling secret data to Israeli and other
intelligence services about some unsavory governments.

Sensational details about Rich's ultimate high-wire act as a spy for
Israel and other countries were provided to The Post as congressional committees prepare to hold hearings into former President Bill Clinton's controversial decision to pardon the fugitive commodities trader.

Among the issues that will be explored by the House Oversight Committee in its probe of the hotly disputed Rich pardon, according to congressional
sources, are:
* Rich's lengthy relationship with the Israeli Mossad.
* His numerous contacts with federal prosecutors in New York, during which his lawyers offered to provide   intelligence to the CIA in return for

A CIA spokesman denied any relationship with Rich and said no one from the agency participated in behind-the-scenes White House discussions about his pardon.

But Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak repeatedly cited Rich's
contributions to Israel's "national security" in phone calls to President Clinton last month in which he lobbied for Rich's pardon, according to Barak spokesman Gadi Baltiansky. And a letter from former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit to Clinton
confirming that Rich provided "assistance" to the Israeli spy agency that produced results "beyond the expected" was among the documents released last week by Rich's lawyer Jack Quinn to support the Rich pardon.

"The government of Israel considered Rich a critical ally, and the
president took that seriously when he considered the pardon request," former White House spokesman Jake Siewert told The Post.

Rich and partner Pincus Green fled the country in 1983 ahead of federal
charges that they ripped off taxpayers for $48 million. Both were among the 140 people pardoned or given clemency on Clinton's last day in office.

A storm of controversy has erupted over the unusual way the Rich pardon
was handled, as well as over the involvement of Rich's ex-wife, Denise Rich, who raised $1 million for the Democratic party and gave the Clintons $7,000 in furniture for their new homes.

Accounts of Rich's life on the lam - provided by former prosecutors, Rich's lawyers and the Israeli government - sound like a plot from a James Bond movie as the ruthless and nimble Rich extended his empire on five continents and built up a business worth almost $30 billion.

He sold Iranian oil to Israel and Nigerian oil to South Africa.  He
brokered the sale of North Korean arms to Iran and did several deals involving gold, grain, nickel and tin with the Russian Mafia and henchmen of the former Soviet Union.

And it's now clear that Rich also dealt in the most valuable commodity of
all - information. He used what one of his former lawyers called a "mammoth information-gathering operation" to gain entree to governments and to support his businesses.

"He was one of the biggest commodities traders in the world and had
offices and active operations in all sorts of countries. He had friends in all
sorts of places - high and low - and he certainly was in a position to provide sensitive information from a number of places," said Martin Auerbach, one of two former assistant U.S. attorneys who prosecuted Rich and tracked him throughout the years.

Lawyers close to the case say there is no doubt that Rich had contacts
with spies and security services throughout Europe and the Middle East. Those contacts not only helped him make money but may have also helped him stay one step ahead of U.S. lawmen trying to capture him, lawyers say.

Former New York Police Commissioner Howard Safir said he tried several
times to trap Rich and bring him back to the United States, when he headed the U.S. Marshals Service, but Rich constantly eluded the federal dragnet.

Shavit, who headed the Mossad from 1989 to 1996, provided a fascinating
glimpse of Rich's role in the murky netherworld of spies. In his letter to Clinton released by Quinn's office, Shavit said that he had a long relationship with Rich.

"We requested his assistance in looking for MIAs and his help in the
rescue and evacuation of Jews from enemy countries," Shavit wrote.

"Mr. Rich always agreed and used his extensive network of contacts in
these countries to produce results that sometimes were beyond the expected." Murkier still were Rich's efforts to become a superspy for the CIA.

During his intrigue-filled exile, Rich's lawyers made numerous approaches
to government prosecutors, offering intelligence to the CIA about the
terrorists and rogue governments he dealt with in return for being allowed to return to the United States without being subjected to a jail sentence, Auerbach said.

"Whether or not he provided the information, it never rose to a level
where it justified any sort of leniency," Auerbach said.

Asked whether security and intelligence considerations involving the
United States played any role in the Rich pardon, a former Clinton aide said, "I simply don't know."


President Clinton pardoned Marc Rich even though top Justice Department officials didn't know the full details of the fugitive financier's
alleged crimes and his New York prosecutors never were consulted, a
congressional panel was told. ``Knowing everything that I know now, I
would not have recommended to the president that he grant the pardon,''
former Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder told a House Government
Reform Committee hearing Thursday.

Read the original indictments against Marc Rich [PDF]:
US v. Rich (Part 1)

US v. Rich (Part 2)


Marc Rich Tied to Russian Mob?

Billionaire trader may have had dealings with mobsters as recently has last summer

The villa of metals dealer Marc Rich sits near the lake Vierwaldstaettersee in Meggen, Switzerland. (Dani Tischler - AP)

Dateline - March 12, 2001

Information from the FBI, the CIA and an international lawsuit indicates that Marc Rich may have had intimate dealings with the Russian Mafia. Certain U.S. officials say this information was available to Bill Clinton, but that he never requested it.

Several international agencies, including the the Russian Ministry of the Interior, German law enforcement agencies, Scotland Yard and other British police agencies maintain that Rich is connected to Trans-World Group, a London-based company that controlled nearly half of the Russian aluminum industry and has become the target of a massive money laundering investigation. Rich is believed to have provided the seed money for the company, which has also been plagued by allegations of bribery, extortion, fraud and murder.

Rich is believed to be an associate of Mikhail and Lev Chernoy, who headed Trans-World's Russian operations. The Russian Ministry of the Interior claims that both Mikhail and Lev Chernoy are connected to Russian organized crime, and most international law enforcement and intelligence agencies believe Lev to be a major power in the Russian Mafia.

A lawsuit filed by three international companies seconds the allegations that Rich was doing business with organized crime as recently as last summer. The lawsuit accuses the Chernoy brothers and Trans-World Metals of taking over the Russian aluminum industry through murder, extortion, money laundering and fraud.


The FBI is believed to have extensive information on the Russian Mafia and Rich's connections thereto, and congressional leaders have criticized Clinton for not reviewing the material.

Newsday reports that US intelligence officials claim this information was available to Clinton before he pardoned Rich, but that Clinton neglected to request the FBI and CIA briefings. One anonymous intelligence source told Newsday that "Clinton would have found out about the relationships if he had asked either the FBI or CIA... He clearly never bothered to ask."

Mark Corallo, spokesman of the House Government Reform Committee stated, "We know for a fact that President Clinton never asked any of the various US intelligence agencies a single question about Marc Rich. We know this because when we started our investigation we did seek that information and we were told that neither the president nor any of his people had made inquiries."

Foremost among Clinton's critics is Rep. Dan Burton (R-Ind.), chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, who publicly stated that he requested and received intelligence reports on Marc Rich. The information contained in the intelligence reports has not yet been released, but Burton said he found the reports "very troubling" and has filed a request with the FBI to declassify the information contained therein.

Rich has lived in Switzerland for 17 years as a fugitive from US charges of tax fraud and racketeering, and has come under sharp scrutiny since his pardon. Burton's committee is currently investigating the details of Rich's pardon.

Sources: ABC News, Newsday

Marc Rich Tied to Russian Mob?

How Marc Rich made billions from Nigeria's Oil

The Russian Mafia, aka Red Mafiya

 Rich Made His Fortune by Breaking the Rules

Cheney Aide Helped Rich's Legal Case

William Jefferson Clinton & Hillary Clinton

Sources: Ex-Wife of Pardoned Fugitive Gave $400,000 to Clinton Library,8599,98756,00.html

The National Enquirer is accusing Denise of having been a frequent visitor to the White House as a guest of the President -- even while Hillary was away, and that the first lady even knew about the affair!

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