Rules of Engagement

From: "J.J. Johnson"

To All Second Amendment Associates,

It's time to have another serious discussion about a troubling pattern that has been developing once again. I'm referring to these recent rash of arrests across the country and a few other things...

It is very easy to take the knee-jerk approach, and say that they were all "set up" by the government. Even I say that, and it's probably true. But we should not have to spend valuable time giving everyone another crash course about undercover agents, informants, provocateurs, etc. Perhaps it's time to establish some common policies for the best-interest of this institution.

1) Let's put it this way: If you can't have a meeting and avoid the discussion of killing people, blowing things up, manufacturing ordinance, or selecting targets, then STAND DOWN YOUR UNIT! You're really not helping the rest of us, and you and your friends are a conspiracy charge waiting to happen.

2) If you find yourself in custody, and you are told to wear a wire for less jail time, use some common sense -- tell your unit that you are wearing a wire. Write a note if you have to. Your unit leader will be more than happy to send false information back to your handlers.

3) As we all understand that it is everyone's responsibility to prevent domestic terrorism, that doesn't mean that we have to make weekly reports to law enforcement , induce crime just to make a case, or end up being a material witness against one or more of our associates in court -- all for thirty pieces of silver. To those who are practicing this behavior, keep in mind that your handlers consider you expendable. They'll have no problem tossing your buns in jail after they're done using you. You also lose friends that way. One can simply read the penal codes to see that many people spend less time in state jails for manslaughter than they do for federal conspiracy or weapons charges. Think about it.

4) If you do not believe that all men are created equal, and are guaranteed certain inalienable rights, then please do the rest of us a favor, and stop using the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to hide behind your "ends justify the means" ideology. Let me put this another way: In this country, Freedom, Liberty and Justice must not be guaranteed to a select few, or determined by pigmentation, religion, or national origin. If you have a problem with this, there are other continents you can live on that is populated with people more suitable to your ethnic background. I only hope your flight out of JFK airport makes it past Long Island.

Who am I referring to? Those who have knowingly justified every false and negative stereotype given to this movement. Those who's rantings, actions, and subsequent arrests have done more public relations damage than the Oklahoma City Bombing itself. Those who claim to be "underground", but their enemies always find ways to "dig them up". As usual, I expect to receive reams of character assassinations, name callings, and false accusations for those remarks. Go ahead. My delete key is armed and ready. But I digress...

5) Public Recruiting Breeds Informants! Maybe we were working under a misconception in the first place. Why try to convince people to join something that they're already a member of anyway? Why try to convince people of a war that is already taking place? Face it, folks: Counter-intelligence operatives are getting paid big bucks for what they do. That's why there are so many of them.

Of course, we all feel our country and our rights slipping away. This fustration naturally gives some of us a tendency to reach for the sword. To some degree, our ability to remain civilized in the midst of an uncivilized authority has ensured our survival to this point. I say with deep conviction that there are enforcement agents who would love nothing more than to have their photos taken while standing over dead patriots, just like Klansmen who gleamed with pride standing over the burning corpses of dead Negroes. Let's not willingly give them the opportunity of that photo-op. There is no need to declare war on them. They have already declared it on us.

Okay...I've spent enough time on my soap box saying what NOT to do. Sorry, but like I said before, the leaders out their need to stop being "cheerleaders".

Stop preaching and start teaching. Queries have come this way asking how could we deal with this problem. Here's my suggestions:

NOTE: many of you believe that the following information doesn't apply to you since you're not "one of us". Unfortunately, your opposition doesn't discriminate any longer. If you've got a problem with government, they've got a problem with you. Deal with it. Even if you have taken the pledge not to advocate the use of force to achieve political or social goals, you are not exempt from government's "situational ethics". Most if not all of the people who have been assaulted by the government never expected it to happen, nor did they ever see it coming. Anticipation of this fateful moment, along with subsequent prior planning is the first step to a sound defense. Anything less is uncivilized.

The "system" is designed to neutralize any group that plans anything or anyway to counter the "system". The enemy has changed the Rules of Engagement. Now, it's time to change ours.

We need to spend more time at Radio Shack and less time at the Gun Show and Gun Stores. We need to spend more time infiltrating and less time being infiltrated. We need to spend more time scrambling communication gear and less time scrambling to hide our gear. We need to spend more time keeping ourselves out of court and less time trying to build new courts. We need to spend more time becoming full informed jurors and less time being convicted by them. We need to spend more time making our own lists, and less time worrying about who's on their list. We need to spend more time becoming the deterrent of the next Waco, and less time being the excuse for the next Waco.

I could go on and on...

Let's take working with communications, for instance. It has a three fold benefit: 1) There's nothing illegal about that discussion 2) It will help provide an early warning system and 3) Operations will be more secure. We know the general protocol of our enemy when we are attacked or assaulted. Communications are the first thing to go. Now is the time to improve our networking skills. To put it simply: Our opposition fears a 50 watt FM transmitter more than it does a .50 cal rifle. Just ask Arthur L. (Lonnie) Kobres of Lutz County, Florida.

We are about 5 to 10 years behind the basic technology of audio, video photographic, and digital use in the field. Our associates in various states have proven that these topics can be debated openly with no fear of a conspiracy charge. Those states that have developed sound, and effective networks, have reaped rewards for their efforts by having no arrests to date. Communication networking as our first line of defense must become our top priority. This will take a major attitude adjustment at many meetings.

Sure, much of this equipment is expensive. But we are better off selling one of our firearms and buying two-way gear than we are *donating* all of our weapons to the other side due to lack of communications. Correct me if I'm wrong, but back in the late 18th century, the Committees of Correspondence were created long before Lexington and Concord ever happened. Think about it.

As far as folks *planning* hostile activities, FORGET IT. Your best friend can rat you out. I've even seen the opposition use spouses , cousins and brothers against one another. If you believe that now is the time to act, you're on your own. If you think that now is the time to take action, then you don't need me or anyone else to tell you. If you are wondering when do we draw the line, well... the chalk is in your hand. If you're wondering who your commanding officer is, get on your knees and pray - then go look in a mirror. If you haven't found your commanding officer by then, you're in the wrong business. YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. It's called Unintended Consequences. Go read it.

Whining and crying about the latest assault on someone's home is counterproductive. Whenever a raid happens, if it can't be stopped, we should at least gather enough information so we could learn from it. How many were there? What tactics did they use? What type of equipment did they use? Who was the informant? How did the media respond? What actions can we take to prevent it next time? Go to any military war college or SWAT briefing. The officers use past battles to learn future combat tactics. Not just victories, but defeats as well. This means less time preparing for the U.N. takeover or the next race war, and more time focusing on the immediate threat: The person(s) who have the hand in your pocket, the foot in your door, and the gun in your face.

Yes, working on these principles is a tall order. It means we don't have time to re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic when the iceberg is in full view -- as we have been doing for too long.

Each of us should be prepared with basic the tools for battle. We should all learn, how, where, when, and why we should use them, and how they should be protected. We should all educate ourselves to be prepared for most emergencies. When a time to respond to a given action occurs, each of us should instinctively know what to. Items such as target acquisitions, times, locations and firearms need not be discussed to formulate these polices.

TO RESTATE: There will come a day when people may have to respond to aggression. At that point, group response must be spontaneous. Each person willing to defend the sovereign must instinctively know what options are available, and how to carry out the operations.

As it becomes more and more obvious that each of us are slowly becoming targeted for termination solely on our political beliefs, now is the time for a complete strategic overhaul. When a raid takes place, we lose another sword. Another safe house. Another voice for freedom. Even if we don't agree with their politics.

None of us are perfect. Nor do I have all the answers. When an event happens, we must admit our errors, learn from our mistakes, make corrections, and move forward. Covers-ups, unnecessary finger pointing, back-biting, and screaming "revenge" must stop. Top priority must be given to protocols, communications, and networking to provide better escape and evasion techniques if and when necessary. This must be done for our own survival before ensuring Liberty in any form.

The Second Amendment alone will not ensure Liberty and Justice nor will it be successful as the only line of defense. Take a good look at the First Amendment. Consider it's use as a first strike weapon -- a necessary enhancement to our overall defense strategy. Discussions of these topics at your next meetings will be much more productive...

...and much less incriminating. J.J. Johnson -- And now, back to the battlefield.

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