Waco FLIR Expert's
Strange Death Ruled
'Heart Attack'

The death of Waco FLIR expert Carlos Ghigliotti has been ruled a heart attack. The official conclusion was released on May 11, just one day after the release of the official Waco-FLIR report by the not-independent firm Vector Data Systems, which concluded that rapid-flashes on the 1993 Waco FLIR are reflections off debris, not gunshots (see why they're gunshots )
FLIR expert had 'heart attack' Attorneys, researcher claim 'too many coincidences' 
Witnesses for plaintiffs suing the government for wrongful death in Waco, TX, have had a bad spring:
Dr. Zegel: ALMOST DIED (March) FLIR expert - blood poisoning Dr. Allard: ALMOST DIED (March) FLIR expert - heart attack Ghigliotti: DIED (March-April?) FLIR expert - heart attack Jack Harwell: DIED (March) Waco sheriff - heart attack
The following quotes indicate that death by "heart attack" is a common manifestation of chemical assassination:
...in the case of individual assassinations or low-level attacks, the possibility of disguising the cause of death. In Livingstone's words: "A very high index of suspicion would be necessary for a medical examiner to consider the possibility that an apparent heart-attack or stroke victim died as the result of being infected with cobra venom, shellfish toxin, pure nicotine, or any of dozens of other chemical or biological poisons" ...
Saturday 6 February 99: Assassins and Saboteurs
John Henry describes what happens to the target next - "He feels immensely short of breath, runs towards an open window and usually collapses and dies with a convulsion on the way there." Such technology was unknown in the West. The dead were often diagnosed as having suffered a heart attack.
Immediately after May's death, Raymond Lavas, Ted Gunderson's former forensic's expert, (and a former protege of Robert Maheu according to Michael Riconociuto) wrote a letter to one of Michael's friends, expressing his professional opinion about the death of Michael May. A copy of that letter was faxed to me and the following excerpts quickly captured my attention:
"... I don't understand why it's going to take two weeks to determine May's cause of death. Did you know that certain chemical assassination methods will have been evaporated out of the body by that time?
"Then, the cause of death would be ruled as natural, since the chemical agents are the primary cause that result in a secondary action such as heart failure, kidney or liver damage, etc.
"Some examples of these agents include BZ2, Ricin, Tropodotoxin, shellfish toxia and a variety of methlamine based neurotoxinsthat affect the central nervous system and cause failure of one or more organs in the human body.
"Some, if not most of these toxins are solvent based [DMSO] and may be introduced in minute quantities through the skin. Their effect [may] vary and some toxins take weeks to months to take effect. Others take moments to damage the nervous system, then evaporate within hours.
"Unless the body is immediately refrigerated, the toxins are quickly evaporated, leaving only one or two parts per million in quantity. Unless there are suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, a trained forensic expert would never detect any traces of the toxin.
========================== http://www.csis.org/mideast/reports/terror.html
Table Six Major Chemical Agents - Part One(18)
NERVE AGENTS: Agents that quickly disrupt the nervous system by binding to enzymes critical to nerve functions, causing convulsions and/or paralysis. Must be ingested, inhaled, and absorbed through the skin. Very low does cause a running nose, contraction of the pupil of the eye, and difficulty in visual coordination. Moderate doses constrict the bronchi, cause a feeling of pressure in the chest, and weaken the skeletal muscles and cause filibration. Large doses cause death by respiratory or heart failure. (Can be absorbed through inhalation or skin contact.) Reaction normally occurs in 1-2 minutes. Death from lethal doses occurs within minutes, but artificial respiration can help and atropine and the oximes act as antidotes. The most toxic nerve agents kill with a dosage of only 10 milligrams be minute per cubic meter, versus 400 for less lethal gases. Recovery is normally quick, if it occurs at all, but permanent brain damage can occur: ...
Abiola was poisoned to death: Wole Soyinka ...Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka believes that his countryman Moshood Abiola was killed and did not die of a heart attack, as preliminary autopsy results have shown.
There was also Allan Francovich, who made a documentary film, The Maltese Double Cross, which presents Jaafar as an unwitting bomb carrier with ties to the DEA and CIA. Showings of the film in Britain were canceled under threat of lawsuits, and venues burglarized or attacked with arson. ... Francovich said he had learned that five CIA operatives had been sent to London and Cyprus to discredit the film while it was being made, that his office phones were tapped, and staff cars sabotaged, and that one of his researchers narrowly escaped an attempt to force his vehicle into the path of an oncoming truck. Lockerbie investigators went so far as to ask the FBI to investigate the film. The Bureau later issued a highly derogatory opinion of it. ... On April 17, 1997, Allan Francovich suddenly died of a heart attack at age 56, upon arrival at Houston Airport.
If the axiom "power corrupts" is a reliable axiom, then the Official Story must be suspect on its face. --------- GODDARD'S JOURNAL: http://www.erols.com/igoddard/journal.htm Asking the "wrong questions," challenging the Official Story
Death Of FLIR Expert A Major Setback In Waco Trial
http://foxnews.com/national/0514/d_ap_0514_73.sml 5-15-00
WACO, Texas (AP) νΣ A lawyer representing surviving Branch Davidians in a wrongful-death lawsuit says the death of an infrared expert who contended that shots were fired by the government during the Waco siege is a major setback in the case.
"We're not giving up, but I don't know how we'll replace Carlos Ghigliotti,'' said attorney Mike Caddell.
Ghigliotti was hired last fall by the House Government Reform Committee to review an FBI infrared videotape taken on the final day of the Branch Davidian siege in 1993.
He told The Washington Post that he had determined that repeated flashes on the video came from government gunfire.
Police found Ghigliotti's decomposed body at his office at Infrared Technologies Corp. in Laurel, Md., on April 28 after a building manager became concerned that the analyst had not been seen for several weeks. A preliminary autopsy report showed the 42-year-old died of a heart attack.
The plaintiffs had already notified the federal court that they planned to use Ghigliotti as an expert witness in the trial, set to begin June 19 in Waco.
Caddell said he will take the depositions of British infrared experts at Vector Data Systems, who were among those who conducted a March 19 field test at Fort Hood.
By comparing the simulation to videotapes from the last day of the siege, Vector found that the 1993 flashes were caused by reflections off metal and glass.
"We were unable to identify any gunfire, either from government forces or from Davidians, from either the (infrared tapes) or other collateral imagery available to us,'' their report stated.
Government officials have said no one on their side fired any shots on April 19, 1993, the day that a federal tear-gas assault ended in a fire that destroyed the compound. More than 80 sect members, including leader David Koresh, were killed.


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