Title 42 Suit WINS against Judges?? ~ What do we do with this?

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We're getting closer to having a Court; Let's keep up the good work.

The following is a forwarded message. It is not intended to discourage but to sound the alarm as the trumpets did at Jericho. "Who will Listen ... "; and Paul Revere; One if by land, Two if by sea, what if by Court ??? Who controls the "Money" if there isn't any. Can electronic credits be wiped out? Can F.R.N.s be devalued ? Will the American boys be able to swim home to defend their "Country" ... Very Interesting and really not that stupid. Lane

I am leaving 'some' of the routings so that you can contact the source(s) if you want to. Obviously, if you learn anything, please let me know.

I am going to be in front of Hayden next Monday. I am going to ask her about the contents of this msg.

If any of you have other questions that we should be asking, now is the time to bring them forward.


P.S. I am getting drowned by mail, and - even though I am looking for specific senders, please put something meaningful in the SUBJECT line (like MARTY - this is for you); so that I am not likely to miss it. In any event, I have just learned HOW to 'sort' the file by subject; so I will go to the section beginning with 'MARTY' on every transmission.

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Date: Saturday, March 14, 1998 10:47 PM Subject: piml] Title 42 Suit WINS against Judges???

From: Ralph Charles, Whitley, Sr, Agent@cyberspy.com To: rightwaylaw-l@teleport.com Subject: RWL Title 42 Suit WINS against Judges, Prosecutors,Government Officers..Police.. etc. Date: Saturday, January 03, 1998 9:26 PM

Tampa, Florida 1/3/98 --- For Immediate Release -- RELAY TO ALL AREAS -- A small study seeking WINS for anyone filing a Title 42 U.S.C.A. Section 1985, 1986, 1983, 1988 suit in Federal Court has resulted in an opinion that NO ONE HAS WON as a Plaintiff in ANY action against a Judge, Magistrate, Prosecutor, Government Official or Law Enforcement Official. The only result seems to be the Plaintiff, without an attorney, has the case dismissed WITH PREJUDICE following a Rule 12(b)(6) Motion from Defense Counsels who are Attorneys. NO NON ATTORNEY IS WINNING ANY CASE as a plaintiff in Federal Courts of this Nation. Plaintiffs are finding that an application for Attorney Fees is immediately filed by defense counsels for private individuals who were part of a conspiracy or officials sued in individual capacity who are declared PREVAILING PARTIES under Title 42 U.S.C.A. Section 1988... and thousands of dollars in judment is the only sanction used to destroy the citizen who will perhaps land in Jail for non-payment. Congress gave each citizen the power to file civil rights suits and the Judiciary and Officers of the Court DO NOT WANT A WIN against the system. National PRESS CORPS and FOREIGN PRESS CORPS are unwilling to expose the discriminatory practices against non-attorney litigants in Federal Court. Congress and other Government officials could care less about the failure of the Judiciary and Attorneys to uphold their oaths of office. It has been recommended that litigants ABANDON Federal Court remedies that do not work and seek filing of Negligence Actions or Criminal Actions in State Courts of this Nation. OFFICIAL STATUS = IMMUNITY or ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY PROTECTION --DO NOT CONSIDER SUITS IN OFFICIAL STATUS unless you intend to have case dismissed with prejudice and risk attorney fee judgments against you. IF you can, check with RWL Front Line Masters and see how many WINS by Plaintiffs are out there... Z E R O awards of monetary damages. ZERO ! Present filings are geared to those who are DEFENDANTS ONLY.. not Plaitniffs. I, for one, hope sincerely that future instructiona and documentation will allow Plaintiffs to be guided with half the effort that defendants have received. Until WE WIN and those damaging us are made to pay monetary damages for their actions as well as suffer CRIMINAL PROSECUTIONS for violations of OUR rights... we do not come out winners... only losers in the long run as the establishment will patiently wait for US to make a mistake then send us away. IF I had any money I would buy shares in PENAL MANAGEMENT Corporations... the Government will be building thousands of new facilities for the NWO era which may not be too far behind now that citizens are blocked from filing criminal complaints against Municipal Police, State Police, Federal Police and associated Government Officials who commit criminal acts. For those who receive this post... see how many Title 42 WINS as Plaintiff you can confirm... if the numbers are still ZERO we agree! When WIN comes it is ALWAYS attorney versus attorney in a court of law. Never non-attorney vs attorney defense counsel --- If I am wrong please advise via return e-mail. Remember - THE PRESS COULD CARE LESS ! Until a press member is a defendant who wins against the system and attempts to file suit without sufficient funds. IN FORMA PAUPERIS rights are NOT granted if one has any income or owns property. My meager $200.00 per week makes ME ineligible for IFP status and it is automatically denied by Federal Court Officials. FILE "FEDERAL" AT YOUR OWN RISK FOLKS !!! I wish I could have had someone tell me the full truth about plaintiff lawsuits in Federal Court in 1994 through 1997 when fighting to see very good complaints go to trial. Perhaps this note will help someone NOT make the same mistakes until WINS are a fact in Federal Court without an attorney as a Plaintiff. Until such time as RWL or others can provide proof positive of WINS... be studying techniques and wait.... WAIT..... WAIT ! Call or write your members of Congress and ask them WHY Rule 3, Fed.R.Crim.P. cannot be followed by a citizen? Find out WHY your Congress, Press, Senator representatives National and State will NOT investigate the Judiciary or Bar. Being that over 28 percent of Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branch are now Attorneys voted into office... who is making the Laws and Rules to protect citizens rights!

Question: Who will be next?

Question: Who will EXPOSE the true danger and threat to the United States of America and the citizen who is NOT a government employee? Question: How many citizens over 17 are NOT government employees? Question: Who really... really cares if the Rules are not followed and rights to jury trials or access to courts are denied? Question: Do you REALLY expect the Press or Oprah, Maury and 60 Minutes to expose the "BRM" and what the attorneys are doing against this Nation? Question: Do YOU really think you will WIN as a Plaintiff without involvement with an attorney or money to afford one when a government official is the defendant... even if sued as an individual?

At 57 years of age... I have NOTHING else to lose nor any family to lose... some of you have everything to lose... be darned sure that your actions will result in a WIN... or do not attempt suits in Federal Court by yourself.. regardless of how PERFECT the suit appears! The 12(b)(6) Fed.R.Civ.P. motion is being rubber stamped and dismissal WITH PREJUDICE will follow... Oh.. the judges may tell you to file an amended complaint.. but IF the complaint is not faulty WHY would one desire to file an amended complaint and change anything?

Sleep well PRESS persons. You can report your family getting falsely accused or even yourself getting abused... but your EDITORS will not allow the story to upset your contacts in Government or Police, Whitehouse or Congress, Governors Mansion or Mayors Office.. and that YOU cannot afford to jeopardize for TRUTH, JUSTICE OR SELF PRESERVATION! I remember stories that surfaced during the War that HITLER was killing millions.. who exposed it and stopped them until the tolls ran up to 6 Million Plus? There are over 50 MILLION Americans facing a greater danger in this Nation and our elected officals do not want to lose their high paying controlled jobs to prevent Civil Rights Violations of ONE CITIZEN let alone 50 Million!!! Welcome to 1998 ladies and gentlemen! Don't worry about the computers not working without corrections in 2000.. WE citizens may not be in a position to use a computer outside of encampments or prisons in 2000. ... Now that is indeed scary members of the Press! The Government is building new facilities for hundreds of thousands.. plus opening and refurbishing remote facilities for hundreds of thousands more. Think about it and relay the message to your family and friends... Big Brother is getting more powerful but my only questions would be --- Who is pulling THEIR strings ? Which language will we need to learn in the year 2000?

Ralph Charles, Whitley, Sr., RWL CID # 0573

Tampa, Florida USA -- Ralph Charles, Whitley, Sr., Florida Realtor http://www.cyberspy.com /~agent/index.html

(above page is down as of May 9, 2000)

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